X-LRAD (Banshee)

The Raytech Industries X-LRAD (Experimental Long-Range Acoustic Device), also known as the Raytech Banshee, is a state of the art nonlethal combat system. Based off the principles of vehicle-mounted LRADs used for crowd control scenarios, the Raytech XLRAD is a handheld sonic weapon capable of incapacitating a targets at a range. The X-LRAD has an effective maximum range of 20 meters (significantly less than vehicle-mounted systems) within a 1 meter wide line of sound. At a range of 1 to 5 meters a target in the direct line of the fired XLRAD experiences agonizing pain, disorientation, and panic. This is usually sufficient to drop an adult to the ground until the trigger is released. At 6-15 meters targets are staggered and find it difficult to perform complex motor actions such as aiming and firing a gun or driving an automobile. At 16-20 meters a target is severely discomforted and may reflexively panic and move away from the beam. The X-LRAD is via a cable connected by the grip to a battery pack worn on the waist. A fully-charged XLRAD can fire for up to 5 minutes before depleting the battery. The weapon must be maintained and fixed on a target to keep them incapacitated, and is usually only viable for single-target firing unless multiple targets are standing in the same line.


This bleeding-edge technology is a high-selling law-enforcement grade nonlethal weapon. It is normally only accessible to law enforcement and major security companies or military officials and military contractors. Other interested characters must acquire this weapon from in-scene smugglers, black-market dealers, or the like. Black market characters must file a +request to gain access to this item.

X-LRAD (Banshee)

Currently in the keeping of:

Faction Access
Raytech SESA NYPD d'Sarthe Wolfhound Yamagato Asar Dinu Deveaux
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