Yamagato Predator

The Yamagato Predator is a top of the line electric muscle car designed in classic American automotive style. The Predator has a 260 mile range per charge and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. The Yamagato Predator is a sturdy and reliable vehicle with reinforced suspension for efficient handling at high speeds on rough, urban roads. The Predator lacks the air suspension systems of the Civis-R models, but is a heavier and more durable vehicle.

All Yamagato Automotive vehicles are equipped with steering correction and limited autonomous driving functions.


The Yamagato Predator is a green-energy vehicle introduced to the NYC Safe Zone for public consumers.

Yamagato Predator

Currently in the keeping of:
Sold by Yamagato Automotive

Price Point: $77,000 USD

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