Yamagato Ventus

The Yamagato Ventus is a fully-electric motorcycle designed to navigate the rough urban environments of post-war America. Capable of reaching top speeds of 128 mph the Ventus isn't a racing motorcycle but a powerful cruising vehicle capable of cross-country travel thanks to its state-of-the-art powerhouse, which provides a 290 mile range per charge. The Ventus can accelerate from 0 to 60 in a startling 1.7 seconds and its direct-drive system allows for seamless rocket from cruising speeds to open-road speeding. The cutting edge air-support shock system on the Ventus allows for easy handling in rough terrain and limited off-road capabilities. The Ventus also features a retractable windscreen with modular levels of opacity and full connectivity for electronic devices.

The Yamagato Ventus features gyroscopic automatic stabilization aid, helpful for navigating uneven terrain.


The Yamagato Ventus is a green-power electric vehicle available for sale in the NYC Safe Zone.

Yamagato Ventus

Currently in the keeping of:
Sold by Yamagato Automotive

Price Point: $76,000 USD

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