YX Cestus Prosthetic Limb

The YX Cestus was a bleeding edge prototype prosthetic limb designed for military applications. The YX Cestus was hardwired directly into the recipient's brain through millions of nerve connections. Advances in cybertechnology through the use of SLC-Expressive abilities have allowed engineers at Yamagato Industries to design a prosthetic arm a generation ahead of current science. The YX Cestus allowed for full range of motion and physical sensation, allowing a recipient of this prosthesis to sense temperature, pressure, and other tactile sensations as though it were a real arm. The prosthesis used gold nanowires in a gel electrolyte to create a battery that charges in 3 minutes and lasts for 43 days of standard use before needing to be recharged. For its combat application, the YX Cestus was designed from lightweight nanomaterial-reinforced carbon fiber capable of withstanding direct small arms fire without sustaining any damage. Additionally, the limb was mounted to reinforced musculoskeletal anchors allowing it to benefit from an increased grip strength and lifting capability.


As the world's first recipient of this limb, Monica Dawson tested Yamagato Industries limits of innovation. The YX Cestus was hardwired directly into Monica's mind and nervous system, allowing her to utilize her muscle memory-related SLC-Expressive ability. It was ultimately removed and the prototype disassembled.

YX Cestus Prosthetic Limb

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