Jack And Jill In Harmony



Scene Title Jack And Jill In Harmony
Synopsis Harmony accidentally unintentionally gets in the middle of a marital spat and joins in.
Date October 18, 2010


This street in Queens hoses plenty of stores. There's a pawn shop there, a dry cleaners, a comic book store. Down the street is a bowling alley, and a pelthora of apartment buildings not to mention the doors between buildings that lead to cramped apartments above the businesses and windows that open onto fire escapes.

This afternoon people hurry along the sidewalks, tucking thier heads down and ignoring other people. The perils these days of having any contact with anyone can lead to who knows how many violent acts? What if they're evolved! You could get your skin slaughed off by some evolved with .. with radiation! Or burned off by some Pyro.

Sometimes though, it's the most innocuous and mundane of things that could lead to so much trouble. Or maybe opportunity. Who knows.

She is off and about in the afternoon, squaring some things away for a friend she had been house sitting for. The previous day had been rather eventful for her, and today she is out relaxing just as much as she had been previously. She is still a little concerned about being around so many people and having a panic attack, but someone gave her a bit of advice on that front, so she is out exploring her options. She kept her long blond, curly hair down for the day, and opted for a warmer mode of dress. The girl is actually wearing a hoodie with a pair of jeans, her nails painted with a black polish. With her hands tucked in her pocket in the front, she makes her way for the window of the pawn shop, taking a peek inside to see if perhaps there is some decent music equipment on sale.

Bam goes a car door of a vehicle that has pulled up to a just free'd spot between the pawn shop and it's neighbour, a guy in a leather jacket and jean pushing the door driver side open with a look of fury on his face. "Jesus Jill. There's no one else" He looks up, way up with his eyes going wide as he scrambles onto the sidewalk, starting to talk faster. "Jill, what are you doing?" Above the shop, a window is being opened even as the guy brushes past Harmony before planting himself on the sidewalk behind her and looking up. "Jill, what the fuck are you doing?"

From within the the window up on the third floor, there can be screaming heard. "FUCK you, Jack! You didn't think I wouldn't fucking find out that you were going out and fucking around on me?! I saw you with that stupid little blonde, going into the motel!" From the open window, clothing starts raining, some of it landing atop Harmony's head. Then, more destructive things begin to fall out of the window. A Playstation 3 is flung out of the window, smashing to pieces on the ground.

"You bastard, I've worked my ass off to make this relationship work!" A busty brunette pokes her head out of the window, pointing an accusing finger at the man in the leather jacket, the phone still pressed to her ear, despite the fact that she's screaming so loud, she really doesn't need a phone. She disappears back into the window once more, and more clothing flies out, as well as a few game sleeves, followed by the broken game discs they once held.

Normally, Harmony is pretty chill about things. She also detests drama, especially the romantic kind, which this seems like it just might be. "Geez.." the girl comments with a frown as the guy slips past her. That is the trouble with New York, people don't really care who they knock into. Harmony's bright blue eyes and winsome face shift into a displeased expression while she looks at the guy stepping past her.

It is then that things really get bad for her. She is assaulted by the belongings of someone else, raining down from the window where curse words are flung, "Oh. MY god. Are you serious?" she grumbles as she struggles with a pair of jeans that land on her, pulling them off and tossing them to the side. When heavier things come sailing out of the window, Harmony eeks and ducks out of the way.

"Baby, baby, baby, not the PLlaystaAUGH" There goes half a grand smashed to the pavement and all he can do is look at it and utter a squeak at the sight of something that probably he loved as much if not more than Jill. As more things rain down upon the sidewalk, there go a pair of levi's, Jack is ducking too, clipped by a DVD case, and cowering beside Harmony.

"It was no one! You saw someone else Jill! Swear it baby, I love you, I'd never hurt you!" He's going the placating route. Jack looks at Harmony then back up. "Tell her, Jill, listen to this woman, She'll tell you that I'd never do that to you. I love you baby! It was nothing! You gotta be seeing things!"

Jack grabs harmony's hand and gestures up. Tell her!!!

"Oh, fuck you, Jack!" A few CD books are flung from the window, their contents scattering onto the pavement. There goes his showering and shaving stuff. She's thorough. "You think I'm stupid? Do you think I am dumb enough to fall for that shit?! I heard that little bimbo, sayin' your name, hanging off of your arm while you told her what you were going to do to her!"

Oh, there goes a pretty computer monitor. It's her old one, but that's a statement in itself: she's keeping what she wants, and his stuff was forfeit the moment she caught him. "I want a divorce! Jesus, Jack, I hired a fucking PI, he didn't make those pictures up! He didn't make that damn video up!" She pokes her head out of the window, flinging the phone at Jack's head. She doesn't exactly see Harmony right now, far too furious with the man who is currently grabbing the other woman.

He is TOUCHING her! Without permission! And involving her in his little tiff! Harmony is appalled, and the little surprised squeak she gives indicates so. She yanks her hand away from his grasp and starts swatting at him, "Don't touch me!" she cries, "I don't even know you, dude! I'm not gonna sit here and tell your girlfriend something I have no idea about! You probably did it. Dick.." Harmony frowns, and she rapidly smacks for him to get away from her. Harmony, being a drummer, is pretty good at repetitious beating. This guy is most likely taller than she is, so she isn't getting his face much. She almost gets nailed with the phone, and she ducks a little. Oh THAT is it..

It is out of vexation and reflex, but Harmony presses her middle finger and thumb fingertips together and holds them before the guy's face. She snaps them and creates a rather intense flash of light, quickly radiating bright. It is almost like a camera flash, but a bit stronger.

Assault by phone and by .. evolved ability? Whatever it is that Harmony does, jack the dirtbag if you go by what his wife is yelling from above is lifting his arms to ward off the assault of Harmony's hands after he lets go, followed by a yell when she does the trick with her fingers.
"jesus christ you're all fucking crazy. What are you on your fucking periods!" He's backing away from Harmony, fleeing actually, towards his car, blinking heavily to try and clear his eyes.

"Yeah, you'd better leave, you asshole! Go run to your little girlfriend on the side. I'll have the papers served to your mother's house!" Oh, and there goes the computer, smashing into pieces on the ground. "I can't believe you're still lying to me, even after I already know! Oh, and I'll also be collecting child support from you here in about seven months!"

This is shrieked out of the open window as more clothing flutters to the ground. "Have fun explaining to your mother that you were cheating on your pregnant wife! Asshole!"

Harmony isn't a scrapper. She isn't about to go karate kicking the guy into submission. She manages to get him away from her, which was her initial goal, however, his obvious 'guy' comment about them being on their period strikes her as just a bit too rude to go unpunished. Maybe she and the other girl ARE on the same cycle, and Jack is just the closest thing with a penis to be angry at. Or.. maybe it's a unified woman thing. Like in those empowering 80's videos, where the girls will hi-five in the end.

Whatever it is, Harmony takes a step, and she makes a move that girls are born with. Her foot quickly lifts for a swift kick to the groin. She is normally a nice girl, but she has had jerks like him in her past before, and she didn't get the chance to bust their crotch, so this is for all the times she wish she had done it. "You make me sick.." she snaps at him. He had gone from being just some dude, to public enemy number one, in a matter of minutes.

There goes the computer sailing across the open air and lands right where Jack was, would have hit him if it wasn't for Harmony's mostly unwarranted attack. Her foot connects his hip instead of his actual groin, makes him stumble to the side just as metal, plastic and machinery collides where he'd been. Jack curls over, a groan of pain, it's close enough to be that painful but not incapacitating.

And he's also unwilling to stick around and take the assault from his wife, or this woman on the street who's joined into the beat up Jack day. He's scrambling then running off, fleeing, high tailing it out of there. He'll come back later when there's no other female to insult.

Jill pokes her head out of the window right on time to watch Harmony kick her cheating husband right where it hurts. Suddenly, there's applause from the window, and the busty brunette is cheering Harmony on. "Oh, honey, I have to buy you dinner and let you drink a bottle of wine on his dime, because you are my hero. I could kiss you if coming down there didn't mean being near him." A sneer is turned toward Jack.

"Yeah, run, you little jackass. You didn't even pause when I told you that I'm pregnant with your child. I should have known you were a scumbag from the beginning!" More clothing is tossed out the window, but it seems she's running out of his things that she wanted to throw out. She'll be keeping the rest.

See? She isn't really that good at beating people up. She missed her target, but she still hit him! Harm will have to be content with that, as Jack is beating a path away from the area, like Harmony actually wanted him to initially. He was bigger than she was, so she probably got off lucky with the girl tossing stuff out the window to help drive him away. "God.. what a douche." Harmony frowns as he scampers away.

She looks up at the woman cheering her own. "Least I could do. If he'd have stuck it out and fought back, I probably would have had no choice but to bombard him till he was impotent and sterile…" she thinks about that for a moment, and knits her brows together. "You know what? Nevermind.. You just be careful, huh? He'll be back, with a fresh pack of lies and a puppy face. Don't take him back." she grins to her.

Jill smirks down to Harmony, saluting her. "Hey, if any of that shit is salvageable, you're welcome to it. Feel free to pick up some of the CDs, they're all yours if you want them." She offers a grin. "I don't have to worry about wanting him back. I just need to look at the pictures, and I remember what a scumbag he is." She chuckles, and waves. "Have a good night, girl!" Then, the window is shut, Jill apparently satisfied with removing his things from the apartment.

Hey, free CDs. They're just laying there, so they're either gonna get thrown away or picked up by someone else. Harmony isn't too proud, so she shrugs and decides to pick them up. She'll short through them when she gets home. Never say she turned down free music. "Sweet.." she comments to herself, going on her happy little way, with a handful of CDs.

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