Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south. The characters that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin", which is why Japan is sometimes referred to as the "Land of the Rising Sun".

In the wake of the 2007 revelation of the Evolved by Senator Nathan Petrelli, the nation of Japan entered a feverish state of panic and paranoia involving the potential presence of the Evolved within their nation and among their people. A brave trio of government employees working for the Japanese Self Defense Force — Reiji Nakamoto, Jiro Natsume and Hiroshi Seto — came out to the public that they have known about their Evolved abilities since the 2006 solar eclipse, leading to their immediate arrest and imprisonment by the Japanese government.

Public outrage involving the imprisonment of these JSDF members and the following international outrage resulted in a motion of no confidence sweeping through the House of Representatives, resulting in the resignation of Prime Minister Kazundo Gouda and the release of the "Tokyo Three" as international media had dubbed them on August 25th 2007.

Following their release a tumultuous period of unrest destabilized Japan in the weeks that followed between Gouda's resignation and the Diet's appointment of the new Prime Minister Taro Aso. Aso's first act as Prime Minister was the establishment of the Japanese National Registry, modeled after the Linderman Act's Evolved Registry in the United States. In Japan, the American term "Evolved" coined by Nathan Petrelli finds common nomenclature, however the term Shinka-jin is interchangeable in scientific communities within Japan.

With the intention to keep public security and Evolved affairs under control, the Special Evolved-Crimes Military-Aid Taskforce dubbed the Mugai-ryu were established in March of 2009 to assist the JSDF and local law-enforcement in situations of Evolved presence during disputes or conflicts.

For the next two years the situation in Japan stabilized, until a disastrous Evolved on Evolved battle in Tokyo resulted in catastrophic damage and an international affair better known as the Shibuya Incident. Following this violent incident and spurred on by a growing faction of Anti-Evolved revolutionaries within the poorer districts of the country, the Japanese government instated a state of martial law across Tokyo.

One month later Prime Minister Aso established that the Mugai-Ryu were taking primary control of all law-enforcement within Tokyo's boundaries, resulting in the establishment of the Tokyo Restricted Zone and the beginning of construction of a walled border around the city.

As of July 2010 the city of Tokyo, Japan has been surrounded by a thirty-five foot tall concrete wall and entrance into the city is restricted through JSDF checkpoints.

Relations with America following the Shibuya Incident have been strained.

Important Information

  • Japan has a registry of the Evolved called the Japanese National Registry, it is coded by "Classifications" of Evolved. Class 1 Evolved possess "harmless abilities that cannot cause physical or psychological damage to others nor can be used for espionage applications", Class 2 Evolved possess abilities that fall outside of the boundaries of Class 1, but are not considered significant dangers to public or national security, Class 3 Evolved are considered potential risks to national and public security and possess limited ability to move freely within the country and are required make monthly check-ins with a government sponsor. Class 4 Evolved are "undeniable threats to public or national security" and are required to reside in government-sanctioned residences. Class 2 or 3 Evolved with any criminal record are indefinitely incarcerated.
  • No foreign traveler whose passport identifies them as an Evolved are permitted to enter the country legally.
  • As of July 2010 the city of Tokyo, Japan has been surrounded by a thirty-five foot tall concrete wall and entrance into the city is restricted through JSDF checkpoints. Human smuggling in and out of Tokyo has become an enormous business.

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Japan in the News

May 17, 2010


" — think about just what it means to national security to have the FRONTLINE act passed. When you look at the global scale of things, this isn't that much different from the recently instated Mugai-ryu that the JSDF instated two months ago. While FRONTLINE is going to be a wider-spread pattern of defense, the notion of utilizing the specialized tools the Evolved present for the betterment of protecting our nation's internal defenses is pretty simple. I, for one, think that — "

May 22, 2009

Your local soaps, afternoon cartoons, and anything else you don't want interrupted… are promptly interrupted. Various news shows are reporting the same thing. "Breaking news as video continues to flood in, as well as this live news feed." The Shibuya, Tokyo crosswalk is shown from a chopper camera, with a small store fire, the street incredibly torn up, and a large slab of concrete sticking out of the side of a windowed building.

"While reports are still unclear, various sources are saying that there was a fight between two Evolved in what people are beginning to call the Shibuya Incident." Or, a name she was just fed. But hey, that's what it's called now! "We've edited together various pieces of camera phone footage, to try and tell the entire story."

It cuts to a video of someone who looks like Magnes, for anyone who knows him, but his hair is longer than usual, almost going into his eyes and over his ears. The camera is zoomed in, and he can be heard saying, "Who are you? Why didn't that hurt? Invulnerability, kinetic absorption?" added completely out of context, before it cuts to a totally different wobbly camera of Magnes taking Jake up into the air, then smashing him into the ground with a large cloud of dust and a loud bang.

The cameras cut again, Magnes is standing on the side of a glass building, then the camera moves down and spots Jake right as he hurls a large slab of concerete, and Magnes yells off cam, "Get the hell out of the way!" before a loud explosion of glass and metal is suddenly heard.

The cameras switch, this time looking directly at the bottom of Magnes' shoes, and across the street at the large piece of concrete lodged into the side of the building. Then back to an outside camera, it catches Magnes jumping down to punch Jake, but getting swatted with a large piece of concrete instead, slamming into the ground repeatedly and destroying the poor ground even more.

Then, the last and final camera, that catches audio again, "This isn't over!" Magnes yells, suddenly very cut up with a tattered shirt, revealing a slightly more toned form than one would be used to him having, then the camera starts following his foot as it kicks little pieces of concrete into the air, aimed at Jake, but Jake just starts barrelling through them, even throwing one back that's narrowly dodged, causing a fire in a window full of televisions. This seems to be the final attack, Jake running and kicking up pieces of concrete.

"I have to end this, right now. It's over, Jake, you're giving her back!" then Magnes jumping up and pulling his leg back, seemingly flying in jake's direction with a growing nosebleed. "Give back Kimiko!" Jake is slammed into, hard, but he does little more than damage the ground when he slams into it. Magnes seems hurt when he lands, possibly with a broken foot, saying something about not being able to control his power as Jake grabs him down.

The camera phone footage ends, and it switches to an earlier recording from a Japanese news camera, spotting Jake flying off with Magnes into the sky after hitting him in the neck and knocking him unconscious.

"Still trying to make sense of this footage, some say that kidnapping was mentioned various times, and someone named Kimiko. The older man has not yet been identified, but the younger is Magnes J. Varlane, as seen on this file footage."

Video airs of Magnes jumping around shirtless and telling Abby's life story as Mary-Jane, before switching back to the reporter.

"A few injuries were reported, but no deaths. So far we can only speculate on the details of this incident, but we will keep you updated."

May 22, 2009

TOKYO, Japan — On the 21st of May, CEO of Yamagato Industries Kaito Nakamura was found dead in parklands not a few blocks from his office building. It has been confirmed that Nakamura was murdered, but no suspect has been identified. Officials have not yet confirmed whether the break ins on such buildings owned by Nakamura that have occurred in the last week are in any way connected to his murder, and his family and colleagues have not yet been made available to give a statement on this tragic event.

June 19, 2010

JAPAN — In the wake of the disastrous Shibuya Indicent, Japan's Prime Minister Taro Aso has declared a state of martial law in the region of Tokyo. This move has appointed the Special Evolved-Crimes Military-Aid Taskforce — The Mugai-ryu — as the primary law-enforcement within the city. A mandatory curfew has been instituted, as well as road-blocks and restricted internet access in and out of the metropolis.

The Mugai-Ryu, which number roughly 120, are an elite unit of hand-picked Evolved soldiers drafted from the Japanese military, designed to aid in internal defense and policing. Since their founding in March of 2009, the Mugai-ryu have not yet been mobilized, and this declaration of Martial Law is their first field operation.

In retalliation to the declaration, a group of Japanese dissidents have begun an underground resistance to the Prime Minister's appointment of the Mugai-ryu. Fearful of this as the first step towards a totalitarian regime, this rebellious faction has begun trafficking citizens out of Tokyo and into the outlying countryside, while aiding in the trafficking of relatives of those trapped inside of Tokyo in.

Reports within Japan indicate that all foreign visitors to Japan registered as Evolved by their passports are not having their Visas renewed, and are being forced to leave the country immediately or face stiff punishment by the Japanese government.

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