Japanese Naval Vessels Destroyed

Associated Press
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tensions are high throughout Japan today following the destruction of three Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force warships in national waters. Press sources inside of the Japanese Parliament today revealed that the Kirishima, Kongo and the Chokai were destroyed off of the northwestern shore of Hokkaido. While the JMSDF has not released a public statement about the attack, informants within the JMSDF have reported to the Associated Press that the attack is believed to be the work of Evolved military agents working in coalition with the Chinese military.

Tensions between China and Japan have been increasingly hot since the 2007 revelation of the Evolved and both the governments of China and Japan have been aggressively pursuing Evolved solutions to their military status. An emergency meeting or Parliament was scheduled following the attacks which occurred at 13:47 GMT today. Details of that closed-door meeting have not been revealed.

The Chinese government has not issued a statement in regards to the destruction of the three warships.

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