Jason 'Jase' Hayes
Portrayed By Arthur Napiontek
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Electrostatic Particle Manipulation
Age 19
Date of Birth September 15, 1989
Date of Death ?
Occupation Criminal
Family None
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance ?
Last Appearance ?

Character History:

Jase is the son of an Irish mob leg-breaker and seemed pretty well destined to go into the family business until the explosion at Kirby plaza. His family lived within the kill zone. Both Jase and his father were away from home when the blast happened and both were spectacularly bad at handling survivor's guilt.

In the gang wars that followed the explosion, Jase's father saw the organization he worked for crumble and disintegrate while he desperately tried to hold on what was left of his old life, including sending Jase back to school, maintaining a home and a pretense of what passed for normalcy with them. When Jase's father was shot by members of his own fledgling 'crew' and killed, the teenager ended up on the street.

Jase has survived as a petty criminal since then, making enough of a living to get by but rarely getting fat for more than a day or two. With an evolved ability as an ace in the hole, a serious tough-guy attitude and a general lack of anything approaching morality, he is destined for serious trouble, sooner or later.

Evolved Human Ability:

Electrostatic Particle Manipulation

Jase can control and manipulate fine but solid particles in the air and on exposed surfaces for a variety of effects.


Emotionally encrypted. Stoic. Inclined to sardonic ‘tough guy’ humor. Jase can be violent, but he is rarely visibly angry. He can be affable but there is a wall there that he tries to make bulletproof. He works well with others generally, but will try to establish social dominance if he feels the situation is important enough to do so. He is very, very jealous of his personal space and sovereignty and reacts badly to attempts to pry or pressure him to reveal what he’s ‘really thinking’. A lifetime of hiding major parts of who he is, as a person, have led him to essentially be almost insurmountably guarded beyond casual relationships.

He is a huge believer in loyalty, though for perhaps less than noble reasons. Simply having a cadre of people who won’t shoot you in the head makes life easier. Thus there should always be a core set of people you never, ever screw over.

He has a love/hate relationship with the Evolved. Losing his old life makes him wish that people didn’t have weird powers. And having them himself makes him think of them as an ace in the hole as well as another secret to be kept. He considers Registration as a gross invasion of privacy and yet another attempt by the government, as the most powerful crime bosses, to take control of the lives of ‘regular Joes’. Even if the regular Joe throws lightning.


From football, to baseball, to basketball to wrestling to boxing, Jase was expected to be a jock and he fulfilled that role well, even growing to like it. He has a broad base of athletic skills and generally physical reflexes that make things like extended runs and sudden dodging possible. He also has a wide ranging understanding of the rules, ethics and general overviews of various sports, use of sports equipment, etc


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