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Scene Title Jaws
Synopsis Magnes plays hero and Abby is stubborn; this probably surprises no one.
Date Februrary 6, 2009

Staten Island — Undisclosed Location

A lot of things go on behind closed doors in the Rookery — most of them illicit, some of them sordid, but neither Abby nor Magnes appears to have much to worry about for the time being. Although there are armed guards posted at all the entrances to the harbour-side warehouse where they're being kept, no one has made any threatening gestures at them so far…

unless, of course, you count being forcibly coerced into a van, ferried across the water to Staten Island, bound at the wrists with strips of duct tape and left alone in the dark.

It's been a few hours since Logan and Jack brought the pair in, and apart from the distant sounds of seabirds and waves crashing against the shore, things have been mostly silent. Uneventful.

But that's all about to change.

Logans touch had long since worn off, bliss replaced by simmering anger, fear, worry. It wasn't just her as it had been before. Now Magnes was with her. She'd maneuvered, arranged herself to sitting crosslegged on the floor, the bottom hem of her pink wool jacket spread on either shide of her. "How are you doing Magnes?" Sad to say, she was old hat at this. Though generally, better quarters and nice furnishings than a dirty floor, and considerably warmer usually. She's spokena few prayers while there, one of them to wash away the hurts from stun gun. "Talk to me Magnes. We'll get out of this, I promise okay.."

Magnes has been fairly quiet himself, partly out of fear for himself, another part out of fear for Abby, and the last part, planning. There has to be a way out of here, he has powers, he should be able to break out, but how… Then, Abby speaks up, and his concentration is finally broken. "What? Oh, I was thinking, I know there's a way out, there has to be. I don't know what they want, but I'll protect you. I don't let them take you away, alright?" he assures, not quite comprehending that she's trying to comfort him, so of course he attempts to talk like the hero.

"If there is, it's not going to be in a warehouse surrounded by men with guns. So just sit tight okay? Can you do that for me?" Damned if she was going to let him get shot. She has a pretty good idea of what it is that they may want from her. "Just.. don't talk unecessarily, don't threaten and don't try to run okay? Promise me that Magnes"

"I promise, but—" Magnes sighs, then 'whoas' in sudden alarm. "My skates are gone, someone took my skates!" he says as he's heard struggling against his bindings, but alas, nothing gives, so he finally settles down. "Alright, alright, sorry, I promise. But powers or not, I won't let anyone hurt you. What kind of hero lets the main girl in the story get hurt, just because he's having issues with his powers?" he asks, trying not to alarm her too much.

"Magnes" There's a soft sigh from the blonde. "magnes, I don't want to hear a superhero analogy out of your mouth for the next hour okay?" The blonde in the dark sounds like she just might mean it. "Right now, this isn't some twenty page full color comic. It's your mind that will get you out of this, not your .. ability. Besides, remember. You don't need your skates. Do you understand? Remember the practice? Just stay calm okay. Until we know what they want, we just.. we just need to stay calm. Are you hurt?"

"I'm alright, my head kinda hurts though, feels like I fell or something." Magnes answers, attempting to feel his head before remembering he's bound. "And I'm sorry, I just don't want you to be afraid or anything. I mean, I'm afraid too, but I gotta protect you. Damnit, I bet I could break out of this stuff if I could control my ability though…" He groans in frustration, hunching over and sighing again. "Sorry, I know I don't need my ability, I just feel like I have a swiss army knife and it could save our lives, and I don't even know how to use the damned thing."

"I'm not afraid Magnes. Not too much. This.. this isn't the first time this has happened" His ego's wounded. That's not something she can fix. "But you getting shot Magnes, isn't going to protect me, you realize that right? That'll just leave me alone, and you shot. Understand? The best way for you to help me, is to stay alive Magnes. I need you alive and in one piece. Are you cold? Can you scoot over to me? I"m pretty cold right now" That's a lie, she's okay, but he's in a need to be the man in the situation and to have some self worth.

"You've been kidnapped before…?" This is a shock, and he doesn't sound happy about it at all, but this isn't the situation to complain about it. Magnes closes his eyes, trying to concentrate. He doesn't have his skates, but Abby needs him… "I'm coming, hold on, just gotta…" He tries hard, shifting his body weight toward her voice, then lightly bumping into her and thumping on the floor. "Ouch… Alright, I'm here. And I'll stay alive, I promise. I won't do anything unnecessary." he promises as he struggles to sit up with the bindings, touching his right arm against her left.

Magnes just gets wool, but eventually, with twisting on abby's part, her fingers slide into his hand. "We'll get through this magnes. Want me to sing? I can sing. Pass time. I don't know how long we'll be here. By far this is.. this is not the usual way that I get kidnapped. Nor do I get kept in warehouses but.." Her fingers twist to thread through his. There's another purpose to her offer of singing. To heal him. "Through trials, troubles and care, I know Jesus my savior is there, Giving me faith through darkest days, Keeping me on the narrow way. Jesus savior, mmhhh hmmm, help me each day. Fill me with hope, fill me with faith. Darkness retreats, at the touch of Your hand. Jesus savior, help me to stand" She leans back against him, back to back with him, her foot keeping time with the words. "Jesus lived through darkest pain, Rejected by men, despising the shame, Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, He gave his life so we may be free. Jesus savior, mmhhh hmmm, help me each day. Fill me with hope, fill me with faith, Darkness retreats at the touch of Your hand. Jesus savior, help me to stand." Warehouses make for a beautiful echo and at the start, the healing Magnes has felt before trickles in at it's lowest and constant flow to wrap itself around his hurts and carry them away.

"Abby…" Magnes starts as his hand protectively tightens around her's. "You're amazing, you know that?" he compliments, tone full of affection and admiration as he momentarily forgets the situation they're in. "My head feels a lot better, and, you trust me, right? If I think there's a way to get out that won't get us hurt, will you trust me?"

"Not amazing magnes" Abby replies back in the darkness. "I'm not amazing Magnes. But thank you" Her hand tightens around his reflexivly when the healing tapers off to nothing. "I trust you magnes. But, how about you wait, for the right time okay? And you know, you not get shot"

"I won't get shot, stop worrying." Magnes gently leans his head to the side, attempting to lay it against her's without just outright bumping into it. "I know you probably think I'm totally immature, but I'm not stupid. I'm just thinking about you first. I don't kid myself, I know I'm the sidekick here, and if this situation turns out to be a lot worse than it seems, and I have a way to get you out, I'll do it. But if the situation isn't that bad, I'll try to be more chill about it."

'Magnes. If you have a way to get out, and you can get out, but it means without me, you better blankety blank take it, you hear me? You take it, and you contact Matt parkman and show him where to go. That's Parkman. Homeland Security. He'll come okay" Abby pitches that low, low for Magnes only. Teo and Phoenix had too much on thier heads right now to worry, but Logan, logan was evolved and she had no qualms turning him over to Homeland security. "I think I know why they took me, and if so, then they're not going to hurt me unless they really have to. And I can fix myself. So if you can escape, without getting hurt, then you take it. you hear me? Matt Parkman"

"Alright, I'll remember. I'd argue, but they could do more than just me. I promise, if I can escape, I'll go to that guy." Magnes assures, running it over and over in his head, since she keeps repeating it, Matt Parkman, Matt Parkman, sounds kinda like Pacman, that'd be fun right now, high stress situation… oh wait, remembering the name, what was it again? Oh yeah, Matt Pacman, or something… oh well. "It's in my head, I'll definitely find the guy, and I'll save you."

Abby falls silent then, leaning her head against Magne's on her shoulder. "Thank you Magnes" Abigail murmurs. 'Thank you"

One of the warehouse doors rolls open, metal wheels grinding against concrete, and sunlight spills into the darkened interior, banishing the shadows to the far corners. A moment later, in steps a tall sandy-haired man with a silver-flecked beard — Abby will recognize him as Mr. James Muldoon, associate of John Logan and one-time customer of Old Lucy's. His leather loafers scuff against the cement as he approaches, gloved hands in the pockets of his heavy winter coat, expression vaguely grim.

Not far behind, flanking the man with slightly more authority over this situation, is Logan. He's changed his clothes since the pair on the floor of the warehouse last saw him, which is more than they can say for themselves, dressed nicely in a suit and no gun in sight. Unlike the grimness that Muldoon generally carries himself with, smug victory is written all over the younger of the pair, glancing to Magnes and eyes flashing a little - but not preternaturally, not yet leaving the young man bereft of his ability just yet. "Morning, kids," he says, voice quiet but bouncing easily off the warehouse walls.

Magnes, well, scowls, and it's not often you'll see one of those on his face. He doesn't know who the grim Muldoon man is, but Logan is their kidnapper! "What do you want with Abby? She doesn't do anything wrong, she just helps people, so don't hurt her! I'll do anything you want, as long as you don't hurt her." he offers the men, obviously thinking of that plan off the top of his head.

"Oh heavens" That's muttered on her breath as right off the top, Manges starts off with classic 'take me, not the girl' when the men appear. She knows the two. Save that there's a missing monkey. Her hand uncurls from magnes's hand, and she sits quietly. They'll say what they want soon enough. Abigail offers a polite nod to both men, eyes lingering on Logan, and satisfied to not see the green glow. "Morning"

Muldoon's eyebrows lift at Magnes' declaration, and he slides a sidelong look in Logan's direction as if to ask, Why, he's making this easy for us, isn't he?

"Yes," he agrees, "unfortunately, being helpful gets you noticed, a side-effect that Ms. Beauchamp should have taken into consideration before adopting a martyr complex and registering with the government. There's no need to get bent out of shape — my associate and I mean her no harm." As if to demonstrate his good intentions, he offers Abby a smile that does not quite reach his eyes, coming to a stop a few feet away and crouching down so that he's at her level. "Good morning," he returns. "I really must apologize for the treatment you and your friend have received thus far, but you're a smart girl, aren't you, Abby? I'm sure you understand that it was necessary."

Logan hangs back, sharing Muldoon's glance with a twitch of a smirk of his own. His hands find their ways into the pockets of his jacket, almost overseeing the situation for now. "Well she thinks we should've asked, Muldoon," he cuts in, amusement making his voice rich and lilting. It lessens a little, letting something like apology filter back in. "But that isn't quite how it works around here, is it."

Magnes appears to struggle for a moment against his bindings, though it seems he was only straightening his posture, staring at Muldoon with a piercing glare when the man gets that close to Abby. "Just tell us what you want! And there are much better ways to make money than kidnappng people, if that's what you're after. I know a lot of criminals say that a legitimate job won't make a lot of money, but that's not true! If you're smart enough, if you just study a little, you can really make it in the world! So what do ya say, guys?" he asks, suddenly smiling warmly. This tactic could work.

"I didn't register because i'm a Martyr. I registered because there was a cop dragging me down to the precinct for healing him" They got it from someone. Who? How? Tier 0's aren't slapped up on the website other than a nameless count, which means they had someone who was a cop or access to the registry list. Her blue eyes settle easily on Muldoon's regarding him and his words then flicker to Logan. "It wasn't necessary. If you did your homework, you would have known that" She carefully couches her words, neutral tone, schooled face to calm. "But you didn't and now your in the situation and i'm in the situation, so what are we going to do?" She's ignoring Magnes for the most part since they don't seem to have their attention on him.

"Simple. You scratch my back, I scratch yours." Muldoon reaches out with one gloved hand, brushing his knuckles against the curve of Abby's jaw as he speaks. "I help operate a club here on Staten Island that caters to people like us. We have several doctors on hand who tend to our employees, but even with their unique talents… they can only do so much. You on the other hand—" He removes his glove, exposing the flesh of his fingers and holding them up for both Abby and Magnes to see. There's no visual cue to indicate that something is happening, but when he touches his bare skin to Abby's chin, she experiences a faint tingling sensation as he tilts her face toward his. "You heal people at very little cost to yourself. Such a gift would be an invaluable addition to my business model."

"And you," Logan says, looking to Magnes. "Mr. Optimism. Where's the fun in that?" His eyes don't become any greener, this time, but his gaze is intent. It's nothing like the euphoria he put Abby under, not even close, but it is a calming hand on Magnes's scattered physical reactions, perhaps to quiet him a little, or to make him come around to their side. It is a good, if subtle feeling, and not infallible - just a suggestion of chemical processes. "I never did too well in school, actually. I've never tried to make it in your world, but I'd like to see what happens when you try to make it in ours. Consider it practice. For fighting the bad guys." Pause. "…in a cage, to the delight've loads of paying customers. Sound good?"

"Stop touching her!" Magnes demands, suddenly trying to stand, but instead he completely changes gravity, starting to fall up. Of course, it's hard to tell if he's falling or flying, since he's stil rather bound, but then he slams on the ground again after about three feet, grunting on his ass. He begins to calm at the chemical suggestion, looking to Abby, but still a bit of a scowl at Muldoon being so touchy. "If you don't hurt Abby, at all, then I'll do it. But if she gets hurt, we're all gonna have a 'Big Crunch'." he decides rather determined with an affirmative Power Ranger nod, not caring if either of the men are educated enough to know what he means.

She tries hard not to try and wrench her face from out of Muldoon's hand when he touches, and the same when he touches her again flesh to flesh, the tingle making her swallow hard. "Stop that please. Both of you. I don't know what your doing to Magnes, but please stop" Her gaze goes back to Muldoon, jaw tight beneath his fingers. "No thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I'll have to politely decline it. I'm not in the state of mind these days to go healing those who hurt people and those who decide to kidnap me" It really is couched politely. "Magnes. Be quiet"

Muldoon tips his head, listening to Magnes as he attempts to bargain with them, and for a moment he appears prepared to accept. But before he can say anything either way, Abby's speaking again, and the words that leave her mouth next force the businessman to change his tactic entirely. "We won't hurt Abby," he confirms, hand dropping away from the blonde's face, "you have my word. I wish I could say the same about Isabelle Ashford."

"Having friends is a bit of a double edged sword," Logan says, gently, and his eyes go that more intense shade of green. In this lighting, they don't particularly light up, but the change is there if you know what to look for. He tosses that green glance to Magnes, and says, "Down boy." The manipulation of serotonin in the young man's system ceases, and other chemicals adjust to suppress his bizarre gravity power for the moment, as well as the panic response of fight-or-flight that might normally kick in.

The lack of a panic response is almost a welcome addition, unfortunately it does absolutely nothing for his lemming-like qualities. "You can't just threaten someone." he says rather casually, a mixture of his lack of panic and the 'good vibrations' going on in his head, peering threateningly at Muldoon despite the lack of power. "If you hurt Isabelle, I'll drop you into the sky… I mean it, literally. I won't let anyone hurt my friends, not Abby, not Isabelle, not anyone. Abby…" he addresses her directly now, head clear enough to actually assess the situation, though a tad too calm around these guys at the moment, thanks to Logan. "Just go along with this, we'll get out, I just need time to think. If you keep disagreeing, we might get hurt, or someone else might get hurt, these guys seem like they get dangerous if they don't get what they want, don't test them. They're like Bond villains, they seem calm and charming, but they're actually vicious sharks." he explains to her like some sort of Heroes' Guide to Tropes.

Magnes. Damnit Magnes. "Just shut up Magnes. This isn't a game" Abby's voice rises just shy of yelling at him. "This isn't a fucking comic book Magnes. I'm not some naive little girl who goes jumping into the ocean and thinking there's no sharks. Being brave in this instance, means being stupid. so shut up" She's angry, at him and the situation.

Muldoon rocks back onto his heels, his hands — one gloved and one not — on his knees, curious to see how this little exchange plays out.

Muldoon is curious, and Logan is a little bored with it. He's had a long night. But he's certainly not the one to stop it, raising an eyebrow at Magnes's behaviour and semi-accurate logic, the other one only following when Abby snaps at him. "I dunno," he offers, casually. "He's not wrong, really, is 'e."

"Abby, you're just stressing out way too much…" Magnes lays back, sighing and staring up at the ceiling. He's very calm, this situation is no sweat off his back right now! "They're not even gonna hurt us if we do what they say, so just chill out. We'll go on a date after we get out of this. Hey, you." he calls over, looking to Logan. "You got four bucks for when we get out of here? I'm gonna get her some ice cream. And I don't wanna miss Valentine's Day, I got her an awesome present."

"Lord give me patience" That's her reply to all that Magnes says. She looks back over to Muldoon, his kneeling. "My boss can handle herself. I'm not afeared for her" She still angered by Magnes, but mentally chides herself. Logan's eyes have been glowing, means he's done something to him. "I still won't. I'm sorry. You kidnapped me"

A promise is a promise. Muldoon slides his leather glove back on and balls his hand into a tight fist, fabric creaking under the strain. "In that case," he says, "I can only hope you'll reconsider — if you won't pose as our healer, then we'll have to find another use for you in the meantime." Blue eyes shift from Abby to Logan, and Muldoon gives the other man a small nod. "Until she changes her mind, she's yours to do with as you please… provided your treatment of her doesn't constitute a breach of contract."

"Well then," Logan says, eyes dimming back to something a little more normal. Magnes is handed back his ability, but the calmness lingers as his body works on its own to balance out his bodily chemicals. Logan's attention, now, is on the blonde. He lifts a hand in a bit in a waving signal, and two of the men lingering by the door put away their weapons - one rests his metal baseball back against the wall, the other pockets his revolver - and trudge on over. Abby is hauled up to stand, dirty strong hands gripping arms tightly. "It's unfortunate, I was hoping to win back the girl I sent to 'im as your stand-in," Logan tells her, tilting his head to Muldoon in indication. "Doesn't matter, I suppose. A skirt's a skirt." And he looks to Muldoon, before the man can protest. "Oh alright, I'll be good. Come along, Abigail." And he starts for the door, his henchmen all but happy to drag Abby along after him.

"What are you gonna do?" Magnes asks, alarm attempting to break through somewhere in him, but it doesn't quite reach the surface. "Abby's my girlfriend, you know." he says, for whatever reason. Drastic times and all that, but he's still calm and cool. "If something happens to her, or if you do anything weird, the second I get out of here I'm gonna throw you into the sky. I don't know if you suffocate before you burn up, but it's not fun. Don't hurt Abby, I'm just joking." he warns in his calm seriousness, then lowers his head to his skateless sneakers.

Abigails not coming along quietly. As the men grab for her, there's an aimed kick for someone's balls, whomever closest, fight and kicking like a banshee considering her arms are bound by duct tape. No need to tell magnes to shut the fuck up. worse things to deal with right now. Let him keep blathering off at the cuff. Girlfriend, no, no she's not.

"No one has to get hurt, Magnes," Logan says over the din Abby makes, not breaking his casual stride for the doors that are wrenched open for him. "Don't worry. She is in very good hands." He doesn't try to draw her under euphoria - maybe because Magnes is watching and had reacted so strongly to Muldoon's touch to the girl, or maybe even Logan has a few limits. Either way, it doesn't worry Logan none if his men get a few bruises and scratches - they've done this too many times before to mind it. In one way or another, she's dragged out of the warehouse. The car ride inland might at least feel a little happier, if Logan has anything to do with it.

Magnes begins trying to stand again, but his head is so screwed up, it's hard to concentrate properly, so he plops back down on his butt. "Wait! Let me go, I need to protect her!" he exclaims with a bit more alarm in his tone this time, but he's still rather subdued, not quite riled up enough to pursue. "Seriously, I gotta be there…" he says a bit quieter this time, trailing off and staring down again, unable to watch.

Magnes, is decidedly forgotten, making it decidedly difficult for those carting her away, which is probably akin to an annoying mosquito really. Very little cursing though from the blonde jsut twisting, turning. Make thier life hell.

"Behave yourself, and I'll consider it," Muldoon says, rising to his feet. "There's really no reason for you to continue being detained this way. You seem willing to cooperate, so, in turn, I'd venture to say that I myself am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I'll come back in a few days and we can discuss the nitty-gritty aspects of our arrangement. If all goes well, I'll turn you loose. How does that sound?"

"I just want her safe, that guy looks like some kind of playboy, I don't trust him with Abby." Magnes sighs and nods up at the man, the calmness beginning to fade and be replaced with worry and anxiety. "Fine, I don't care, I'll do whatever you want as long as she's safe. Will I be able to see her and know she's safe?"

Muldoon takes one step back and then another, gradually increasing the distance between himself and Magnes on his way out the door. "If all goes well," he reiterates.

"Alright, but, just don't forget that stuff I said, if you guys go back on your word, then you go into the sky…" Magnes warns one last time, though it's rather half-hearted, the situation quickly appearing rather hopeless, then he just falls back and stares up. Abby's gone, he can't do anything now.

"Into the sky," Muldoon murmurs, voice echoing in the warehouse rafters. "Right. I'll try to keep that in mind." The door grinds shut behind him, light leaking away bit by bit until the shadows are no longer confined to the fringes of Magnes' prison. By the time the lock turns and he finds himself alone, there's just enough left to illuminate the outline of his surroundings and the steel beams above.

In here, it may be hard to imagine there's a sky at all.

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