Jealousy And Rapture


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Scene Title Jealousy and Rapture
Synopsis Kammy is out wandering after a long day. SEveral other people also converge after a long day. Two of them leave.
Date February 28, 2009


All in all, it was a very busy day for Kameron, between going back and forth between the city and the island, meeting people again, getting criminals to white knight - hilarious in and of itself. In fact, there's been a lot of walking for the girl tonight, and it seems that the walking wouldn't be stopping anytime soon. "Sorry boy, you just want to go back home, huh?" Kameron muses to the Collie padding just ahead of her on the leash she uses as her guide. Not really the proper equipment one uses for guide dogs, but oh well. "Just a bit longer tonight, okay?" She needed a walk to think - because she didn't want to go back to the Lighthouse looking troubled and worried.

Eliot is heading for the club — Rapture — which is not that far. Maybe a few blocks further. He'd have driven closer but he likes the parking spot a few blocks away; and his car is expensive enough that he wants it away from anywhere with drunk people driving. And a lot of his clientel are very rich people who get very drunk and then decide they can drive. Idiots. He comes up behind Kameron and the dog, leaning down to ruffle Prince's heaad. "Hey pup." Dogs love Eliot.

It's the whole 'coming up from behind that startles a half-shriek out of Kameron, who hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings. Prince himself gives a wuff of surprise, sniffing suspiciously at Eliot at first, then deeming him Cool by puppy standards. Maybe he has a snack too. "Ah- um!" She stammers, waiting for her blood pressure to go back down and her heartbeat to stop beating a staccato rhythm almost, but not quite, in time with the music coming from the club. "S-sorry!" She turns, focusing her attention on the man currently giving affection to her dog. "You.. you startled me."

It's the shriek that startles Eliot. People don't tend to shriek at him, after all. He rubs the dog's head again and looks up at Kameron, smiling wide. "Yikes. I didn't mean to startle you, sugar. I was just petting your dog. He's such a nice boy, yes he is." He scritches behind the dog's ear. "Anyway, I'm sorry for scaring you. Anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"Um.." Did he really just call her sugar? "Oh- we-well, thank you," Kameron smiles at the compliment, "His name is Prince." She adds, helpfully. Prince, meanwhile, is totally loving on the attention, which is a bit surprising since he's usually more diligent about it. Occasionally. Sometimes. But the Collie is currently getting ear-scritches, which is a personal weakness of his, his tail flagging back and forth happily.
"I'm Kameron," the girl adds with a smile. Anyone who likes animals has to be a good person. Besides, they're not on Staten Island right now, so it's safe to relax. "And it's not anything you have to make up to me, really. I just wasn't paying a lot of attention to what I was doing, that's all." Hesitant, she opens one eye behind her shades- frankly, why she even bothers she doesn't even know. It's not like she can make out details.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Kameron. I'm Eliot." He ceases the scritching for a moment to offer her his hand, though he still makes with the petting with his free one. "Taking a walk with your boy here? What's his name, anyway?"

She hesitates a few seconds before offering her hand in return. After all, she shouldn't even be able to see it. Which is why when she DOES raise her hand, it's not quite on target with the one he offer - sort of hovering in his general direction, based on his voice. "Prince. And.. not named after the singer. Though I don't think his name is that's some weird symbol or something isn't it?" No babbling Kammy. "Oh - um! It's nice to meet you too!" Grins the girl. "And yeah, we've had a big day today, so I figured we'd cool down and go for a leisurely walk." She motions with her free hand, "And hang around outside this place for a while. It's nice enough you can still hear the music. What about you?"

He watches her hand float near his for a moment, and after a brief glance at her face, he slides his hand over, takes hers, and shakes gently before letting it go. "Prince is a good name. And yeah, the singer's new name is something unpronounceable, which just… well, it's stupid if you ask me but whatever." He glances down at the dog, scritching the back of his ears again. "Me? Oh. I own the place the music's coming from." Snap.

Kameron makes a face, "I don't understand the logic behind something like that," she chuckles, lowering her hand. "You aren't the only one who thinks that it's silly, I guess. I'm sure there are othe-" She stops short, tilting her head in her means of expressing her surprise, "Wait .. you own this place? Really?" Suitably impressed, "That's pretty amazing. I've never really been inside, but if the music I can hear out here is any indication, it must be really popular. But.." She has to ask. "It's a little strange of a name for a night club." Beat. "I mean! Not strange bad, or that anything strange IS bad, bu- why Rapture?"

It's been a busy day. Between trying to manage a semi-legally run orphanage while managing a very illegal operation at attempting to free prisoners in the clutches of Homeland Security as well as try to bust a friend out of a whore house, a guy can get pretty tired. But the day isn't over yet. And it just so happens that Brian Fulk is on his way towards Rapture. He has been trying to contact his sponsor, or at least his sponsor's front man. Kain Zarek. And to do so, he has been asking around.

Rapture seems like a likely place that he would be going. So, leaving one of his copies at the Lighthouse to take care of the kids, and this young man is walking away from his beat up 91 Dodge Spirit towards the Rapture. Dressed in a fleece track jacket and a pair of dark jeans the young man tugs his hat down low as he nears the establishment, and the pair outside.

Dialing something into his phone, Kameron goes unnoticed as of yet.

Eliot smiles at Kameron. "Yes, really." He chuckles some and adds, after a moment, "You've never been inside?" He licks his lips a bit and steps over closer to her. "D'you wanna go inside, then?"

Pretty cool, owning your own club, picking whatever music you wanna hear, and making a profit off of it. She's shaking her head with a smile, "No, not really. I've usually kept away from nightclubs..and…and um.." Er. "…side..?" She repeats, a bit weakly, tensing. Oi. The last time she set foot in a club, she had so many tiny heart attacks, she hadn't managed to enjoy the experience. "A..h.. I-I don't know that that would be such a good idea," she stammers, "I mean, aren't they usually crowded? And.. and… well.. crowded? Not that that's a bad thing, but it's a bit of a hazard when you can't see -" Now if there was a nice little area she could hide herself at that wouldn't be so terrible. She'd be able to sit, enjoy the music and not worry about people pushing, shoving and pawing! Prince, meanwhile, suddenly finds his attention taken by the approaching replicator, tail wagging again with a small whine that can only translate to 'o hay!' No barking yet - not until Brian gets closer anyway.

"Flint. It's me. Call me back. I heard some things. Stop by the house man. I hope you're alright."

Pressing 'end' on his phone he shoves the cell back into his coat pocket, finally bringing his attention off of the phone and up to where he is approaching. His eyebrows instantly jump up at the presence of Kameron and.. man. His lips draw back for a moment as he slows his approach. He lowers a hand as if ready to pet Prince, though doesn't fully close the distance yet. Brian's eyes move over to study Eliot while he moves in.

It was a very long day, which was preceded by an even longer day, and before that another longer day.. well, you get the picture. She was about at wits end with this case she's trying to piece together when her boss suggested.. well, if you consider a direct order a suggestion, that she go out and enjoy some of the city's interesting night life. Loosen up, they said. She tries to think back when the last time she loosened up was.. and the answer came back like a Google search. "0 documents found." She was slipped this address from a coworker, and when the cab dropped her off and took off again, Rebecca found herself standing in front of Rapture. She glances around the neighborhood and looks at the slip of paper in her hand. Surely, it must be some sort of prank? The music seems okay. A little loud, maybe, but she could probably stand it. She starts to go in when she hears voices, which stop her.

"It is crowded, yeah." Eliot's laugh is soft, smooth. He shrugs a bit. "But being blind shouldn't stop you. I can walk you through the place." He glances down at Prince and gives a bit of a sigh. "Though the law doesn't let me let animals in, unfortunately." He leans over and ruffles Prince's ears. "I promise to take care of her, though, lil' buddy."

Well isn't that nice? And to think her dad was totally convinced that the only people in New York were murderers, thieves, rapists, and bad drivers. tsk! "That's really ni-" She's interrupted by the faint tug of the leash as Prince starts to inch a little closer towards Brian, tail wagging so hard he could propel himself forward by the force alone. "Prince, what's gotten into you?" She turns her attention to Eliot, smiling, "Sorry, he must see someone he knows." She grimaces slightly at the laws of no-animals, "Even guide dogs?" She shakes her head, "Well, that's all right, I guess I understand the reasoning behind it. Are you sure it's okay though? I mean, you own the place, so you must have a lot of responsibilities, rather than showing a blind girl around." She naturally, is unaware of Brian's approach - although for a second there she could have -sworn- she heard his voice. Hrm. Weird! Of course, with Kammy's eyes closed behind the shades, she doesn't notice Rebecca's approach either, for that matter.

Sidling over to Kameron, Brian bends over to pet Prince, giving him an extra rub down of greeting. But his eyes remain on Eliot, his expression very guarded and wary. Straightening from Prince the man gives Eliot look as if to ask, 'what do you think you're doing?' and it is by no means a friendly greeting. He also for now, remains ignorant of Rebecca.

He is the face that has been on countless magazines and newspapers, Kameron by his side along with Kain Zarek. Though he's not a big fan of his celebrity status, sometimes it helps him out with establishing credibility. "Kammy." He says warmly, his features softening as he looks over her. "I didn't know you were out here."

That's usually the way it is. Unless someone needs some DNA composited against the correlation of the indigneous aspect of the direct analysis of all the suspects in of the last 20 years that have been accused of poisoning others, all in the form of a relationship chart, she's pretty much transparent. Yet, here she is out on the town, supposed to be having fun. When in reality, she's probably lost, at the wrong place. She could be at home, in bed with a book, or.. something. She does dress up nice, though she bought this dress only a few hours ago. The tag is still hanging out from under her armpit. She'll figure it out soon enough. She walks back down the steps, perhaps considering asking for some sort of direction or clarification. She notices the three talking, but doesn't want to interrupt, so she hangs back until she sees a possible opening, or a cab comes by and she can get out of here.

"Not enough responsabilities that I can't take a night off." Eliot's smile can be heard in his voice as much as seen by anyone with eyesight. He glances at Brian and lifts a brow at the look, unfazed. "I guess he was seeing someone he knew."

In Kammy's defense, she's blind(ish), and can't distinguish one person from the other, visually. Prince however, is not blind, but at the moment he is getting pettings! It is a good day - perhaps the best day the dog has had today, on contrary from the others who have had long, tiring, and somewhat frustrating days of various levels. A nice long walk with Kameron, ear scritches from Eliot and a rubdown by Brian. Life is good. The collie, meanwhile, perks an ear at the girl on the approach, barking once, as is his tendency to bark at random strangers. And random dogs. And random cats. And random stray leaves being blown across the street.
"If you're sure it's all right, then -" Just as Kameron is about to agree for a tour, she hears the voice again -and this time it isn't her presumed imagination. "Brian?" She takes a quick glance, spying another male figure - and a female one? Ah! They must have come together. "Prince, shh," Kameron chides the Collie softly. "That's my friend, Brian," Kameron explains to Eliot. "Brian, who's yo-" Oh crap.. She almost addressed the girl. Momentarily panicking, she finishes that sentence with a drawled out, "-uuur favorite baseball team?" Eheh..heh..heh..

Normally Brian would be ushering Kameron away at top speeds, kicking people out of the way if he had to. But he seems kinda nice after you stop glaring at him for a second. He gives a warm smile to Kameron, with the knowledge that she can't see it. He likes to think she can feel his niceness radiating off his face. "Hey." He offers his hand out in greeting to the man opposite them. Then Kameron is being herself again which causes Brian to smirk. Looking over his shoulder at the girl she almosted talked to. "I hate baseball." He answers helpfully before glancing to Rebecca. She does look lost. And he imagines Kameron would already trying to help her if she knew of the woman's plight. "Do you need help?"

The dog makes Rebecca jump. She's not real shy, you see.. it's just.. she's.. really shy. Actually, she didn't expect the bark so she jumps. She glances around. "Well, you see, I was supposed to meet a friend at this address." The paper is held out. The address on it is really no where near here. Though, one could see how it would have gotten mixed up. "I was supposed to meet a friend." She at least knows it was supposed to be tonight, which she doesn't bother to mention. "I'm afraid I don't get out much."

Eliot shakes Brian's hand. "Eliot," he greets, smiling a bit. "Nice to meet you, Brian." At Prince's barking, he turns to Rebecca, whom Brian is already talking to. Nevertheless, he leans over to spy on the address and winces a bit. "Oh, doll, you're so far off course it's painful," he advises. Glancing back at Kameron, he decides to let Brian take care of Rebecca. "So did you want to walk Prince back home before taking a tour of the club?" She didn't even say yes, but he's assuming she will.

"Really?" Is Kameron's surprised response to Brian answering about hating baseball. Well, either way it saved her from botching up things. He's always told her to be more careful, at least she caught herself this time. Fiddling with the leash in her hands, Kameron contemplates just where she's goin to hook the pooch for the time being - parking meter was probably the best bet. "Where are you tryin to go?" Kameron inquires of Rebecca, politely curious. Well, at least her initial assumption that she'd come with Brian was apparently wrong.
She turns towards Eliot next, nodding at the question, which in turn pretty much is a 'yes' to the tour. Good assumption! Of course it didn't help that Eliot seemed pretty nice, and she -was- genuinely curious. "I'll just hook him up to a meter out here for now."

"You as well." He gives a nod after shaking Eliot's hand before looking over to Rebecca. "Ah. You are kinda turned around. We could take you—" A bewildered look is given back to Eliot and Kameron. He like Eliot had just assumed she would have been coming with him. His expression towards Kameron most closely resembles 'bwuh?' as she talks about tying Prince up to a parking meter. Wetting his lips, he glances at Eliot, then back to Kameron.

Finally turning back to Rebecca. "Um, yeah I can help you." He takes a step away from Kameron and towards Rebecca, going to give her sound directions to where her destination is.

Not entirely sure what she walked into her, Rebecca steps off to the side with Brian. "Sorry about that. I gave this address to the cab driver and he brought me out here. I think I'll just go home." she looks like that's where she'd rather be anyways. "How often do cabs come out here? I haven't seen one since I got dropped off.." Yeah, next time she's ordered to go out, see if she does indeed go out. Who's she kidding? She would.

Eliot smiles down at Prince and then up at Kameron, and lets it work into his tone, so she knows he's smiling at her. It's a neat trick; it works on people who can't look you in the eyes, whether because they're shy or blind. "Are you sure he'll be okay with being tied to a parking meter? Wouldn't want him to be uncomfortable or anything." As he speaks, he steps over besides Kameron, resting his hand on hers lightly to indicate he's ready when she is. He asides to Rebecca and Brian: "You need to call a cab for them to come around here." Just so they know. If Kameron is ready, he'll lead her to the entrance once's she's hooked Prince up.

Bwuh's all around! Because Eliot -had- offered to show Kameron around, which was nice. She didn't /want/ to leave Prince outside, but if she couldn't take him in with, there wasn't anything she could do about it. Besides, Brian was helping Rebecca, as Kameron expected. Such a nice guy, that Brian! See, Chivalry isn't dead after all! Kameron's a bit puzzled for a second or two; though it seems Eliot has the same trick as Brian.
She can hear the smile in his voice as easily as she does in her other friend's voice. For a split second, she wonders if she should ask if Brian wanted to come for a tour too - but.. he probably had other things to do didn't he? "Um.. well.." Her hand twitches slightly at the hand on hers, "It's not the -first- time he's had to sit outside. I guess he should be fine." The tour probably won't last long enough for the pup to get antsy. Half an hour, hour tops, right?
She turns in Rebecca and Brian's direction, hesitant, "Are you sure you want to leave? I mean, you came all this way, and the music *is* really nice, I'm sure it's even nicer inside." And there's a Brian! Surely they'll have fun, right? Back her up here, Brian!

His eyes go to the hand going to Kameron's. In a normal situation, Brian would be much more vocal, much more whoooosh we're out of here. But as it is he's way more confused without being able to put a finger on it. Usually there would be a whole lot of rararar anger inside him, but right now it's just.. a defeated sadness. Looking to Rebecca, he clears his throat. "I.. I have a car." He says in a subdued tone. "I wouldn't mind driving you, if you don't mind driving around with strange men." He adds.
Glancing back to Kameron and her Question, the man curls a lip back. And that is the time when he remembers why the hell he came out here in the first place. "I need to see if I can get a meeting with someone and then.. dinner.. at the house." He says before looking directly at Eliot. "You work here, do you know a guy named Kain Zarek?"

The offer is met with a combination of surprise, suspicion and relief. Rebecca is always analyzing everything, and has been very interested in all the interaction her between the three of you. Of course, she doesn't have all the pieces of the puzzle, but enough to know that perhaps she should just find herself a way home. She turns to Brian and smiles. "Well, thanks for offering, but it looks like you've things to do here. I'll call for a cab and get a ride home. It's not a probem. Sorry for intruding." Luck would actually be on her side as a cab does pull up, letting off someone else who bounds up the stairs and into the club. "Oh! Thanks again!" she hurries and catches the cab before it pulls out and she hops in and soon the cab is gone.

Eliot glances at Rebecca as she leaves, and looks at Brian. He smiles a bit, and says, "Kain? Yeah, I know Kain. He's not in tonight, though. Did you want to leave him a message?" Eliot's hand has somehow wormed its way into Kameron's, holding it stoutly, but gently.

Her hand is being held, and it's kinda -weird-, because she's used to Brian leading her along. Her eyebrow twitches slightly- let's see here. She doesn't have her guide pup or her cane - and even if she did, she wouldn't particularly know where Eliot was, so it made sense that he'd have to lead her around. She still has to resist the urge to pull her hand away, if only out of habit. The name though.. Kameron turns a little as she hears Rebecca depart in a vroom-vroom cabbie, then -wait, "Kain?" Bad Kammy, she's so nosy. But she's a little off tonight too, between worrying about Cally, and wondering if Brian was okay. She'll likely be ready to go once Brian's business was sorted out here.

"Yeah-Right." Brian says distractedly to Rebecca as she makes her hasty exit. He most likely won't even remember he talked to her in five minutes. His eyes are glued to those two hands holding each other and one not drawing away from the other. The young man opens his mouth, but it shuts quickly with a click of his teeth. "I'm.. uhh.. Looking for him." Brian murmurs to Eliot. "Brian Fulk. Is looking for him."
His gray gaze pops up to Kameron. "Uhh. Yeah. That guy. You know." He's not awesome at articulation right now. Too busy freaking out on the inside. "Uhh.." What does one do now? "I guess I'll.. see you at dinner.. at home." He says weakly, taking a step back.

Eliot tips his head a bit in a nod. "Brian Fulk is looking for him. Did'ja wanna leave a number with me or something that I can give him so he can contact you, or does he have it?" Eliot is oh-so-helpful. He smiles at Brian amicably. "Huh, you guys live together?" Browraise.

Was it something she said? Or did? (uh // YEAH// Kammy of the Dense Denseness). Kameron's confused expression amps up to positively perplexed, because Brian's always been a lot better at -speaking- than this. "Brian…?" maybe he was upset that Rebecca left so hastily. He /has/ seemed pretty down on himself lately. "You're not going inside?" To the club she means. ", o..okay.." She's so confused!

She waits for Brian to give Eliot the phone number, though she cheerfully fields the latter question. "Yeah, at the Lighthouse. I'm helping him look after the kids there. There was a report about it a week or so ago." She adds, also helpfully. Beam.

For a moment in his head, Brian performs a swift karate chop that severs their hands away from each other. But outside Brian just stares dumbly at the pair. She asked him to come inside. Maybe he should. But then he might get a whole new case of the depressions. Biting down on his bottom lip for a moment he swings his vision over to Eliot. "He should know how to find me." Then he's asking if they live together, he gives a dull nod but Kameron articulates for him better.

Brian gives a little 'hm'. "I should go home." He says, desperately wishing his 'I' was actually a 'we' but it's not. "It was uh, nice meeting you, Eliot."

"Oh, all right." Eliot smiles at Brian. "Well if he knows how to find you, I'll just let'em know you were looking." He doesn't seem against Brian coming in, but when Brian declines, Eliot doesn't exactly go out of his way to get him to change his mind. "I promise I'll get her home in one piece," he tells Brian with a friendly smile.

"You don't have to do that," Kameron assures Eliot, distractedly. "I can get myself home afterward." Frankly she'd been arguin with herself over asking for a rain check to make sure that Brian was all right, but ultimately decided it would be in poor taste and terribly rude to Eliot. So her concerns over why Brian was seeming upset was going to nag at her all day. It couldn't be about Cally or Abby - he'd tell her wouldn't he? Grah - this was going to gnaw at her for hours now. ".. if.. if you're sure," Kameron gives after a moment, reluctantly turning towards Eliot. "Um.. I guess.. we should go in?"

"Yeah. Alright. Seeya." Brian murmurs, taking a few steps back he goes to turn from Kameron and Eliot, tucking his hands into his jacket pockets. Fingering the keys out of his pocket he slumps his way back to his car to make the unhappy drive back to the ferry. Tilting his head back he heaves a great sigh as he goes. The further he walks away, the angrier he gets. But he doesn't turn back, this is going to make for some awkward times at the Lighthouse, to be sure.

Eliot shrugs at Kameron, not that she can see it, and says, "Whenever you want, sugar." Brian gets a smile and a wave. "Later, man." He tugs at Kameron's hand as he greets the bouncers outside. "Come on," he tells her, leading her inside, where the music gets louder; enough that they can feel the beat against their hearts.

Kameron frowns as she listens to the sound of the car getting further away. Should she have gone with him, to see what was wrong? … well, it was too late now, that was for certain. Eliot seemed even more clueless than Kammy was about Brian's mood, and the girl turns towards him when he speaks again. ".. right." There's that 'sugar' again. She squeaks slightly at the tug to her hand, stumbling forward as she hurries after him into the DEN OF EVIL rather, nightclub. "I hope he's all right.." Kameron mutters, though her words are probably not heard over the sound of the music.

Eliot is close enough to hear her. He leans back and says, "I'm sure he's fine. D'you want something to drink?" He's not talking loudly; just firmly. So she can hear him, but not have him scream in her ear.

"A drink? Um..I ….Sure, a-as long as it's non-alcoholic," there was a pretty good chance that they had canned sodas with it being in a nightclub, not a bar, right? She's glad that he doesn't need to scream to be heard though. "He's been going through some rough times lately," Kameron adds, perhaps unnecessarily, "I guess.. it's really weighing on him." And she hadn't the faintest idea of how to help him - besides talking to him. And she -had- been taking the initiative in having people look for Cally, which she hasn't mentioned to Brian yet. Augh, she needed to stop fussing and worrying. "How big is this club anyway?" She asks, to try and keep her thoughts on track.

"Non-alcoholic? Okay." Eliot doesn't seem surprised or upset by her choice. He's very matter of fact about it. He leads her to the bar, and orders a Coke for her, and a bourbon for him; but he tells the bartender to send it to one of the back booths. "It's actually pretty huge. Several tier'd floors, with one or even two dancefloors a piece."

Kameron is relieved that there is no fuss over the non alcoholic drink. And she's about to wait expectantly for it, but - it's being sent to the back booth instead? Buh? Guess that's where the tour ends. "Several? Like.. two or three?" And a dancefloor on each level. She puts a hand to her chin, trying to imagine this. ".. insane," she breathes after a moment. "This club must be more packed than the ones in Miami, wow. How on earth do you manage to manage it all?" She listens for a second, and points, "Judging from the sounds, the dance floor on this level is over that way?" Not that she wants to set foot on it. She just wants a mental map.

"I have managers who manage it," Eliot clarifies with a smooth laugh as he guides her about. "I'm the owner. I can get away with not putting in too much detailed effort. And yep, that's where the dancefloor is. We have a few more floors; but the higher you get, the less hectic the music. Up at the top, we just let the music filter up, we don't have any actual sound."

"Oh!" Embarrassed by her mistake, she gives a short chuckle, "I suppose that makes a good bit more sense than expecting you to run everything yourself. From the sounds of things, it's definitely more than one man could manage. And it really does sound amazing; I wish I could see it." Kameron smiles wistfully, "But my imagination will have to do. How long have you owned the place?" Probably a while, since he likely added on to it over the years. Unless everything was built as is from the beginning.

"A few years," Eliot says. He doesn't so much drag her around as he does let her walk and steers her away from any collisions. "I'm sorry you can't see it, though. I think you'd like it, most likely. Come on." He starts to lead her towards the back booth so they can sit.

"Describing it is just as good though," Kameron notes hastily. "Besides, I've been blind a few years myself - you could say I'm used to it by now. Once in a while I wish I could see things, people or places, but.." that kind of talk is a tiny bit depressing, and she'd rather not bring the conversation down more. She tilts her head slightly at the new direction, and trots forward, "I'm sure I'd like if I saw it though. It seems very nice so far," she adds with a warm smile. And a hand reaches out to find the booth as she's brought over that way, in order to sit down.

Eliot helps her find the booth and to sit down, before joining her. The drinks are already there, and he nudges hers against her hand. He takes a drink of his own and smiles for a moment before asking: "So what d'you do at the Lighthouse?"

Kameron fumbles a bit before curling her fingers around the drink, cupping it with bothhands as she considers her response. "We give people a second chance," she answers plainly. "The idea was Brian's, really. I didn't have a job at the time, so he asked me to help him out at the lighthouse. It's like an orphanage for people with and without abilities. Those who lost thei homes because of the bomb, or other reasons. I know there are some people who criticize because it's located in Staten Island, and Staten Island doesn't have the best reputation anymore.. But I sort of think it's best that way. It makes a point to not give up, just because things seem grim." She smiles.

"Sounds like a noble cause. I don't think being in Staten Island demeans your intentions, though. If anything, it'll give you a place where you can find more people to help. It's easy when the orphans are few and far between; it's when we're all together, one big mass of loss, that people who care and pay attention are most needed." We?

Kameron smiles, "I'm glad you think so. It sometimes seems that the majority of the population writes off Staten Island and the people there, as a lost cause." She chuckles, "Actually, I got scolded by someone else because I was -" She trails off, "Wait, what?" Seems she picked up on that last part there. A bit late, but the important thing is she -heard- it. "What do you mean, 'we'?" Was hea an orphan? And look how successful he became too!

"We. I grew up in the system entirely. I think I was maybe a little over a year old when I was left at the orphanage doorstep." Eliot's smile is still as pleasant as ever in his voice. "I know /alllll/ about it."

"A…" Kameron sits back a bit, turning the drink around in her hand briefly. Um. Awkard? Yes, awkward, "Um - Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up something that might be unpleasant. I mean you don't sound all - wait, no, that's not what I mean," she should just.. stop. But she doesn't. "I mean, most people would probably be a little bitter about being abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage when they were just a baby, but you seem re..markably…" Shut up Kameron, Shut Up. "I-I'm going to stop talking now."

Eliot's smile just widens the further she shoves her proverbial foot into her mouth. When she declares that she's going to stop talking, he chuckles softly and shakes his head, reaching over to pat her hand briefly. "It's all right. Honest. A lot of people would and /should/ be bitter. I'm not saying I'm not. I just don't think dwelling on it and letting it color my relationships with people is the smart thing to do. It's the difference between being bitter, and acting bitter, you know?"

The difference between being bitter and acting bitter. "Yeah…" Kameron smiles, "I understand. Well, not really, because I've never b-" Stop. "I mean -" It's at this point that Kameron realizes that there is NO conceivable way to salvage this line of conversation. "Well, I think it's good - um, healthier? That way; not acting bitter because something bad happened. I mean, I had a bad experience at a club in Miami, and yet here I am. In a club. Hi." She wiggles her fingers to follow up the 'hello'.

Eliot bites his bottom lip and breaks into a huge smile that sounds out in his voice. "Right. And trust me, you don't have to worry about offending me or anything. I've heard it all before." He takes a sip of his bourbon, and asks: "So where're you from? Local?"

"Oh no no, I'm pretty sure I'll stick my foot in it several more times at least." Kameron insists, "I'm - I'm not that great with social conversations. I tend to say the wrong thing, and upset people without meaning to." She lifts her soda, having a small sip as she thinks, "I think that's why Brian was acting so oddly." He's not always like that. "And -" Lori. "Anyway, Me? No, I'm actually from Florida," she answers, "Tampa to be exact. You can't tell right? No accent." She points at herself, "At least, not much of one." She usually gets a touch of the stronger accent after talkin to her folks for an hour or more. "It's nice, but .. nothing like New York, or even Staten Island." Un-der-statement!

"I know; I've been there before. I travel." Beat, and then he wets his lips. "A lot. I liked Tampa, though. It was nice. I think my favorite place in Florida is Saint Augustine, though."

Kameron tilts her head, "Oh, I've never been there. Actually… I've .. never really traveled. Up until coming here I mean. And I can tell you," she holds up a finger, "I'm never setting foot on a flying metal death trap again." She'd rather sit in a leisurely train and enjoy her time that way. Longer, not necessarily safer, but at least it's on the GROUND. "What other places have you been to?"

"Flying is, statistically, the safest way to travel, you know," Eliot tells her, amused. "More trains and cars crash than planes fall." He thinks for a moment, and then says: "In the States, or internationally?"

"I don't believe that," Kameron chuckles gently. "I mean you're up -THERE-, hundreds of feet over the ground. And youhave to rely on th.. the engines and things to keep it up. So many things could go wrong." She shudders. "And .. okay yeah, it's true, cars and trains do crash a lot, but they're on the ground. If you're lucky you can survive a crash in a car or a train. If you're in a plane, it's *splat* and you're done." Ew.

"Ernest Hemingway survived two consecutive plane crashes. In a row," Eliot says. "Hell, he had to shoot himself in the face with a shotgun to do himself in. It's surprising what a person can survive if what they want at the time is to live."

"Yes but -" Kameron pauses, "Well -" … Huh. "You know…" She muses, with a hint of a laugh in her voice, "I don't think there's a thing I can say to counter that. I mean, what could you say to top someone that survived two plane crashes, and only died by shooting himself in the face." She tips her glass in a sober salute. "You win this round, worthy adversary." she adds, as mock-seriously as she can. Worthy adversary indeed. "… but if it were me, I wouldn't get back into a plane after the first crash." She just had to throw that in, cheeks dimpling in quiet amusement. And at the same time, there is guilt to accompany that amusement. Hm.

Eliot grins at her and tips his head a bit. "I aim to challenge people. Hemingway was a bit of an odd-duck anyway. He survived a lot of things he really shouldn't have." Eliot smiles a bit, and takes another drink.

"Ha ha, maybe he was e-" volved. "xtremely lucky." Kameron stammers hastily. "Odd duck? You know, that's .. what does that even mean? Odd duck. Is that like, a duck that only has one leg..? Or maybe a duck that flies backwards?" she smiles, "Don't mind me, it's - I've always found those cute little turn of phrases really strange." She's about to take another sip of her drink, when a thought occurs to her, and she 'looks' towards the wall, apparently thoughtful. Nope, she canna see her puppeh from here. "Do you have the time?" She asks instead, looking back towards Eliot.

"Errm." Eliot checks his watch — you know, the expensive one — and says, "Nine thirty-eight. And 'odd duck' comes from the fable The Odd Duck, about a duck named Emm who became separated from her mother at an eearly age, forgot she could fly, and was raised like an orphan by a group of dysfunctional chickens in a chicken coop." He smirks.

Show off! Kameron raises an eyebrow slightly. "Does it really?" She shakes her head, "I've never read it. Think they'd have a copy in Braille at the library?" Poor little duck. "So it was about a duck that thought it was a chicken." She chuckles, "It sounds cute." Maybe she could buy a copy and read it to the kids sometime. Or Brian. Now -that- thought makes her giggle quietly, behind a hand. Such a silly thought. "Anyway," she stretches a bit, "I should head back before it gets too late." Another smile, "I appreciate the tour and everything. What do I owe for the soda?" What's this 'treat' you speak of?

"Well. It is the story of an orphan who found her way through life. It's pretty much required reading for any orphan, you know," Eliot tells her with a smirk. "You don't owe me anything; my treat. C'mon, I'll walk you out." He doesn't seem eager to see her off; just accepting that she needs to go. Eliot is like a smooth wave; he goes with the flow. Until he turns into the undertow.

Gasp, undertow. "Good point." Kameron grins, sliding out of the booth, "Are you sure? I can pay, it's not a problem," she won't argue the point though. Some people were just nice and wanted to treat - and it wasn't like the drink was terribly expensive besides. "I'm amazed Prince has been so quiet all this time," then again, she couldn't hear him either. "Thanks again for the tour, Eliot, and the talk. I enjoyed it." Once outside, she then hears Prince's barking, and follows the sound to where he's sitting, to untie his leash and give the dog a pat on the head in greeting.

Eliot follows her, and crouches down to pet Prince, too. "See boy? Brought her back safe and sound." He glances back up at Kameron and then says, "It was my pleasure. You come back any time, I'll leave your name on the permanent list."

"List?" Blink. "What list?" Kameron inquires, puzzled. Prince is absolutely ecstatic at the petting, wagging his tail and attempting palm licks when the hand comes in range. Puppy slobber! She pushes a strand of hair behind her ear, "But yeah, I'd be happy to visit again." A plus side of walking back - she can use that time to try and figure out how to help cheer Brian up from job stress and things.

"The invitee list. So you don't have to stand in line." Eliot smirks. "I realize you can't see it? But it's a really long line." Beat. "Now that just sounds wrong and makes me seem a braggart."

There's a line out there now? But it's the last part that Kameron laughs at, "It's all right, I think I understand what you mean. I didn't know there were lines for these things." Mainly because the people she was with just waltzed right on in with her, apparently. "I appreciate the thought though. But I really should be going now, before it gets too much later. Have a good night, Eliot."

Eliot smiles and takes a step back. "Sure thing, Kameron. Have a nice night." He salutes at Prince. "Later, Prince."

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