Jennifer Chesterfield Found Dead
Date February 15, 2010
Relevant Logs One Missed Call

NEW YORK, New York — Just hours after the votes were tallied in the already troubled New York City mayoral race, third place candidate Jennifer Chesterfield was discovered by a member of her campaign staff at Chesterfield campaign headquarters on Broadway collapsed and unresponsive in a stairwell. Chesterfield was reported dead on the scene when NYPD and Paramedics arrived. The Chesterfield campaign provided this brief public statement shortly after the discovery. "Our thoughts are with Jennifer's daughter in this tragedy and we have no other comment at this time."

Sources within the NYPD are telling the New York Times that Chesterfield's death is being ruled a homicide and that they at present have no suspects and that the Department of Homeland Security has become involved in the investigation.

We will have more news about this tragic event as it emerges.

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