Jet Flyin


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Scene Title Jet Flyin' and Limo Ridin' While Stylin' and Profilin'
Synopsis Miles in a hurry to leave Chicago catches a ride with Fedor, the two get to know one another a little better while flyin' high in the skies… A friendship forming perhaps?
Date Jan 29th, 2009


The skies.

Palwaukee airport has a beautiful facility, considering even the janitors look like they're making fourty a year. Executives, senior attorneys, senators and such made up the vast majority of the prospective passengers milling about as they waited. "Thankyou for choosing Chicago Executive airlines sir, checking in or booking a flight?"Note no reservations, because at places like this everyone had learjets on the ready for single passengers if your willing to play. Right upfront, along with the little booths for all the other airlines is the CEA booth which is manned by just the cutest young blonde you ever did see.

Dressed in a rather fancy, tailor-made suit, Miles races up to the counter with the cute little blonde and lays down his 'fake passport' as well as a credit card. "I need a flight, to New York. Now." He pants heavily, looking back behind him, and then to the cute little clerk. "Uhm.. Here." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out not a ten, not a twenty, but a hundred dollar bill and slides it over to the girl. "There's a tip in it if you make it fast. Like. Right now. Seriously. I'm in a hurry."

Of course she smiles, and begins tacking away at her keyboard. "I see one flight, to new york departing in a minute. I'm not familar with, well here just one moment sir I'll call for the pilot directly."she smiles, discretely taking the bill as she takes up the phone"Yes this is, oh yes sir. My mother thought they were very nice sir, it was a very kind gesture. Look, anyway. I have a gentleman here who is, yes sir new york."she pauses, before looking up to Miles."Do you have any luggage, do you get airsick? Its a two seater aircraft, but the pilot assures me sir its one of the fastest aircraft in civilian hands."

Miles looks at the girl a bit frustratedly as she 'chitchats' and then when she asks him, he tilts his head to the side giving her a rather distasteful look,"Does it look like I have luggage? No, I don't. And no I don't. Hurry up and ring it up so I can get going, please. I don't have all day. I'm sorry, but like I said, I'm in a hurry. Anything'll do, just book it and let's go."
She peers between you and the screen"Yes sir, he's"she takes your credit card and swipes. "I understand sir I'll see to it immediately."she hangs up the phone "Your booked, he's waiting."and then she goes about doing all the things that go into buying a ticket only she doesnt give you a ticket. Just a receipt. "this way sir, I'll escourt you through the pilot's concourse."as a lean security guard sort've forms off Mile's wing. "The plane isnt with the normal aircraft, its parked in one of the private hangars right now."

"Okay, that's fine, lead the way…" He looks over his shoulder, then to the girl, then at the security guard, he just lowers his head and starts to move ahead, waiting for the clerk so that he can follow her. He takes back his credit card and passport, shoving them into his pockets.
As he follows behind the girl, he gives her backside a rather perverse 'once over' look and smirks. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a business card and hands it to her. It says on it, 'Financial Advisor' and has a fake name under it, but the number is real, at least it's useable. "You're kinda cute, gimme a call sometime. I bet I can treat you better than any of the low lifes you might date." Okay, so maybe that wasn't the best pick-up line, but hey, he's in a hurry.

She deals with sleezeballs everyday, so really it'll take more than that to bring her ire. "Here sir"she pauses to unlock a door and then leads you outside and across the tarmac. Then into a side hangar, where theres a few helicopters and learjets and all the bor- no wait its not all boring. There set near the doors, being prepped by a pair of technicians is a Mig-21 in plain dark green and trimmed with matte black. Theres already a pilot in the front seat, who seems to be going over a little checklist.
"Hey!" comes a call from one of the techs, as the cute girl abandons you. Said tech, an older guy who could benefit from a diet jogs over to guide you to the Mig. "Listen very carefully, dont hit any switches or do anything with the controls unless the pilot tells you to. Everything is set up for a co-pilot, so dont grab ahold of everything. Here put this on."he snags a bright white helmet from atop the wing and hands it to you"And then up the ladder, go ahead and get inside we're about to start the engine."

Miles nods, listening, well, hearing them but not really listening. He heads up the ladder into the airplane, he looks around for a moment before stepping into the cockpit, looking around until his gaze finds the pilot. He then sits down in the co-pilot seat, glancing over toward the pilot again and nodding his head in a sort of greeting as he says,"Evening. I appreciate the ride, I really do."

The pilot just lifts a gloved hand to sort've wave back at you. This as the tech gets the helmet on, shows you how the oxygen mask works and of course instructs you to leave it on the entire time. The helmets are linked he explains, an intercom. Then theres strapping down, to get you all harnessed up and a quick glazing over the ejection seat and stuff. Fun. "Have a safe flight sir!" before the cockpit glass goes down and the whole thing starts to sort've groan and vibrate below.
Its a somewhat cramped cockpit, with dials and switches mounted pretty much everywhere. "Its no problem, you can call me Fedor."His voice comes in your helmet clean and crisp"We'll depart shortly, and arrive at Teteboro airport before too long. This isnt a commercial plane, so you were only charged for fuel. Even then keep this under your hat, it would make a headache with the FAA. They cant take kindness for its own sake."the guages are begin blinking red then, fwoom the jet finally lights and one by one everything goes green and immediately the Mig begins a slow taxi out of the hangar doors and into the sunlight.

"What? This isn't a commercial flight? Aww man. You mean no inflight movie? What about drinks? I could really use a drink." He grumbles irritably, then sighs dissappointedly, though some of it is sarcasm by all means. He watches all the gauges and switches and stuff, he heard the tech, but again, he wasn't listening, he was just simply nodding his head like he knew what was going on. Okay, this can't be all that bad he thinks to himself. "Dude, isn't this a fighter airplane?" He asks questionably, looking around intently.

"Its a Mig-21UM, so yes its definitely a Soviet designed and built fighter jet. So no, no in flight movie or drinks but we could do laps around the concord."Slowly it taxis out and then down the little road along side the runway."Not many have been around a Mig of any type, your one of like maybe a hundred twenty who've sat in one. Americans that is, prolly a ton who came over from Yugoslavia."

"Uh dude. Does this mean you're going to get me to New York in record time or what?" He asks over the intercoms. He continues to stare at the buttons intently, he has yet to put his mask on or anything. He looks out the window for a moment, watching as they go down the runway. "Okay, I have to admit, I am a /little/ intimidated. You got any live weapons on this thing?"

"Fastest commute ever, dont worry about it."You can hear the smile in his voice, as he pulls the Mig to a stop at the end of the taxiway to wait for a learjet."No, no weapons or anything. Sorta silly if you ask me, we got people runnin around made out've nuclear weapons and fuckers who can fly but the federal government's still bent out of shape over antique jet fighters."he glances to the side to watch the learjet. "Put your oxygen mask on, this isnt a pressurized cockpit. You'll pass out and shit yourself otherwise."

"Okay okay.." Miles looks at the mask momentarily, giving it an odd look, twisting and turning it before he tries to covoer his face with it. "How does this thing work?" He grumbles, trying to hook it in. And then it snaps in, he sighs with relief,"Nevermind, got it!" He smirks a bit cheesily. "Yeah… You got a problem against Evolved or something?"

"Naw, opposite really."The learjet begins to rumble down the runway."I think all governments these days are a little wacked, you know people need to punish actions not devices or abilities. Just because some dude can light shit on fire, doesnt automatically mean he's gonna run around and torch people. Granted, if you treat people like criminals they tend to fullfill expectations. Why, do you?"The Mig rumbles a touch louder as it begins slowly foreward, taxing down to the end of the runway. "Holdon a sec bud." he hits a button, and you can sort've hear his voice echoing in the background but its not on the intercom. A moment or two of that, and he pops back into the intercom with a soft hiss. "There, sorry had to yell at the tower. We're almost gone."

Miles tries to listen, but it's likely too difficult to hear what is being said. He just nods, as though Fedor can see him doing such, looking around the airport for a moment. "I'm all for the Evolved, and I don't like what the government is doing with their damned Registeration. I hate it with a passion. Evolved shouldn't have to register, they didn't have to before they were evolved, why should they afterwards? Right? And you're right, they should base it off the person's actions, not their ability." Miles chuckles,"Though, I guess you could look at it from the other perspective — you don't really want a madman running around blowing up cities and shit right? I can understand that, but is it really necessary to let everybody and their mother know what we are and what we can do?" Ah… Freudian slip. Miles just goes quiet, hoping that that last part is ignored by Fedor the pilot.

"So you too eh?"is all Fedor offers "See those handles infront of you, near the top of the little display infront of you? You need to grab those and hold on really tight, like right now."as he firewalls the throttle, immediately the vibrations vanish. Then the Mig lurches foreward, and it just doesnt stop. Its like sand bags, being stacked ontop of you one by one. The acceleration needlesss to say is incredible, and in just a few seconds you feel it delicately float upwards. Then the loud GRRRRRRNNN of gear as they rise and close with a resounding clunk. On the display, three little lights flash red, then yellow before going into a steady green. The world below all but vanishes in a smooth rush, as he angles the Mig upwards in a steep angle. Two, maybe three seconds of that and the motor picks up a few octaves and the acceleration begins to vanish. The nose takes a few more seconds to follow along, and boom there you are! "So, what is it you do?"

"You mean these?" Miles quickly reaches for handles, but probably not the ones he were instructed to, and he grabs ahold of the sticks that control the plane's movement and then as it accelerates he freaks out a little and pulls on them as he's squashed into his seat from the force of their momentum,"Ohhh shit!"
Miles doesn't let go either, he just holds on tight to them, pulling them back further and further,"HOLY —- WHAT??! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!"
Fedor grunts, as he pushes rather forecefully right back. "Let go of the stick dude, your gonna piledrive us into terra firma."He gives a little waggle of the rudder as the plane slips into level flight, though holding it there is about to be somewhat difficult"Let go, of the stick or we will die."is as clear as he can put it really.

Miles immediately let's go of the sticks,"OKAY OKAY! BUT YOU…er. .." Things seem to go back to what would considerably be normal, he calms down and restarts his last sentence,"But you said to grab them." He grumbles, then he coughs,"Oh man, I think I'm going to be sick." He gags a little.
Fedor ois mentally"take the stick then, just breathe deep. I wont let you do anything crazy but hold us steady, and just use really light inputs. Promise, swear to god you wont get sick if you take the controls. Trust me, I'm a pilot"he's a pilot and he will fuck your shit the fuck up if you puke in his baby. "Your mask is feeding you pure oxygen, so breathe deep and relax. You wont get air sick unless you freak out. So relax, you said your evolved right? So am I."theres his distraction.

Miles takes a deep breath as directed, he shakes his head,"No, no you fly the plane, I will just sit there and try to enjoy the ride…" He takes a few more deep breaths, he looks around for a moment, then back to look at the controls,"Wait.. I never…" Miles shifts around in his seat. "You're an evolved? What's your ability?" He asks inquiringly.

"I asked you first, but yeah I am. Its actually easier now, you know I was around probably before you were born. It was very much a vastly different place, people were dissected alive and burned at the stake. Now I mean people dont love evolved right now either, but at least people have some basis for understanding."The Mig is already at its cruising altitude, and is indeed absolutely zipping along. Slowly it dips a wing as it nears a low cloud, dipping said wing gently into the pillowy cloud to send ripcurls of white cloud tumbling behind.

Miles gives the man a curious look,"So you're immortal then?" He tilts his head to the side slightly,"You have that power to heal yourself really fast or something? Or maybe it's just immortality?" He grins a little at that, a little cockiness in his tone as he talks,"Alright…fine, we'll tell each other at the same time on the counter of three, okay?" He waits a second for him to agree, and then he starts to count to three and says,"Body snatcher… or as some like to call it. Body Posession sounds so much nicer doesn't it?"

"Wow, we're not so different see? I do uhm, well back when I was still working for a living they called it genetic mimicry. I sort've shape change into other people, its a complicated process I'd rather not go into but we're both without our own face anymore huh."he seems almost regretful of that, he'd wondered at lenght about it before but thats another discussion entirely. "Man, what are the odds. Somone must be smiling on us today, are they not?"

"I guess so… Say, I have some friends that might like to meet with you. You wouldn't be interested would you?" Miles asks curiously, still watching the controls infront of him, especially as the stick moves around everytime Fedor does something on his end. "I can't really say much now, best if you meet with them, all I will say is that they are like us and they are heavily invested into ensuring our future isn't a grim one." He smirks a bit, but he tries to sound sympathetic as he says to Fedor,"Having been around such a long time and having gone through such things before, I am sure you understand why that might be a good plan, right?"

"I'm interested friend, and in deed I've been out of things for quite awhile but your going to need to be far more specific about what your actually after. I gather evolved rights, but how. Legislation, protest, activism or are we talking full on direct action here?"he glances either side. "By the way, ever seen a radar screen before? I'm about to turn it on if you want to look, I can walk you through turning your monitor on. We have a flir on this rig too actually, but we'll keep it simple right?"

Miles goes silent for a minute or two, he has to actually consider how to respond to the other man, or woman's question, he's still debating that one right now too, IT could be either of course if they are capable of what they say they are. He glances down at the controls curiously,"To make simple for you. Whatever means necessary, but don't let that fool you, unlike those that came before us, we intend not to get caught." He chuckles lightly, then shrugs his shoulders,"Sure.." He follows the man's instructions carefully.

"Do you bomb people?"Its all he really needs to know"Because I have to tell you, I really cant get behind killing people when its avoidable. I guess I'm just starting to show my years, but you know what? Shit matters, even if you never accomplish anything your life still matters. Everyone has a mother, everyone has somone who will miss them."Goodness, says the KGB assasin/fighter pilot baby killer.

"Bomb people? Not that I know of. We haven't killed anyone yet, but I assume if we were going to, then it'd be for a good cause at least." He tilts his head to the side slightly,"Like I said, it's probably best if you talk to my friends about it, cause ya see, I'm kinda new to the whole secret society deal, and they have yet to ask me to do anything really, so I don't know, but I could certainly take you to meet one of the higher ups." He smirks a bit,"I can tell you this much though. I wouldn't just sit idly by if there was someone out there that wanted to take out all of us Evolved. I assume you're in the same boat I am in. If people were to know about your ability, they'd look at you differently too. At least though, you have the option of being in your own body right? Me on the other hand, I don't have a body to go back to. Ever." He sighs, then looks down at the controls, shrugging his shoulders helplessly,"Sure… we can give it a shot I guess." He reaches for the control sticks and holds them firmly, trying not to move them too much.

"I'll drop by, I'll chat them up but no promises right?"as he throttles up just a touch. "I dont have my own body, well I do and I dont. I lose it every time I change, its not like I can just take any shape I want whenever I please. Anyway its complicated, but suffice to say no I can never go back. I cant be the man I was born, I'm something new every time. "He pauses, glancing about. "right, ok about the radar…"

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