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Scene Title JKwon
Synopsis Still waiting for the meeting Sam and Brian discuss names.
Date February 1, 2011

Washington, D.C., Super 8

"I want like a cool name, you know? Like.. if he.. or she ever has the misfortune of having to be the protagonist of a adventure story, we need to make sure they are well prepared with a badass name. Like. Witt.. Or.. AJ… Jack. Something that could be good on a marquee. Jack Winters." His lips crook down. Yuck. "AJ Winters." He tilts his head the other way. "Jay-Kwon Winters." A bright smile appears on his lips.

Brian has already decided the baby is going to be a boy. Because more than eighty percent of the names he has written on the sheet of paper at the table has boy names. It's been a lot of relaxing today. They've been able to go out a lot, but this is after all: Washington DC. And when you're a Most Wanted Fugitive, D.C. isn't the best place to run around. There's a lot of spooks and shit running around.

Seated at the table, Brian Winters leans over onto the table over his paper. He glances over to the bed where his baby-mama to be is laid out. Pushing back in the chair some he smiles at her. "I like you." He has to pause and say.

More like sprawled out. Sam is taking up as much of the bed as she possibly can, even with her small frame. Her arms stretch out to either side. As do her legs— like a child making a snow angel. Her eyes stare up at the ceiling. The names thing has brought a small grace: a little more confidence and less stress on her nerves. "Isn't it.. isn't it early for names?" she squeaks. But she falls victim to it too. "Maybe… something strong. Like Liberty— " something oddly symbolic. "We could call her Libby. Liberty Winters." She wrinkles her nose as she slides up to a sitting position.

"Or… Amy. I think that's cute. Maybe not badass enough. Or… I always like Lindsey for a boy— " this may be one Brian should try to talk her out of.

She pushes herself to a sitting position and she shoots Brian a half-smile. "I thought you loved me— " her lips tick up to one side. There's a pause as her ankles cross, "But I like you too."

"Lindsey for a boy? Uh. We might as well abort the poor little guy. Jesus." Brian arches a brow over his shoulder at Samara. "So.. I'm thinking we should get married soon. Because uhm. If you tell people you're pregnant." Like Tahir. "People are going to want to kill me." He pauses a moment. "For being the God of Fertility." He boasts proudly. "For real, did I never not use a condom? I'm pretty sure I have. I must be just like. Kabooom." He makes an exploding gesture with his hand. His brows dip down. "One of my fakesisters was named Amy. And she was annoying as shizzzle."

Looking down at his paper, he narrows his eyes. "Liberty? Jesus Christ. You are not allowed to be in on the naming process. Samara." He leans in on the name as if to clearly state the ridiculousness of her own name. He looks up at the ceiling for a minute. "When are we supposed to start naming?" That makes him a little nervous. There are rules he doesn't know about? He lets out a deflated sigh. "Yikes."

"I love my name! It makes people think I'm Egyptian… until they meet me. And then they can't figure out why the white girl has such an exotic name— " Sam rolls off the bed onto her feet. "I don't know… when… when we can tell people we're having a baby?" Not that Sami knows when that is. "And yeah… getting married soon might be a good idea. I don't think Tahir or Dad would be very impressed. It'll be hard enough telling Dad when we are married. I mean… have you met my father? He thinks I'm seven. I swear it's true," she holds up two fingers. Scout's honour.

"Liberty is a great name! And so is Lindsey!! Little Lindsey." She nods as if this affirms her point. Just by saying it cutely.

"Eight." Brian disagrees. Looking over at her with a little smile. He looks back down at his paper, tilting his head. "Fuck no. If you insist on little Lindsey. I will kick the shit out of your belly right now." Winters glares over at her, cementing his point. He takes a deep breath, tilting his head back. "So should we give our child a crazy egyptian name?"

Pushing the chair out from the table, Brian goes to rise. Taking a step over to the table, he goes to set on the foot of the bed. Placing one hand on one foot, his thumb goes to rub at the flat of it gently.

"Well eight is a little better," Sam grins. "Fine. Not Lindsey. I say we both get veto power over names. So.. you veto Lindsey. I veto Jay-Kwon. Honestly. I don't really want the 'What you're not Asian' conversation for him his entire life. And I really do love my name, but…"

Her lips twitch to the side as a hand rests over her belly, just to rest there, developing a closeness to that unseen. She flinches at the thumb on her foot, even if it's meant to be soothing. She flashes him a bright smile as she confesses, "I have ticklish feet." She shrugs.

"What were your parents' names? We could name the baby after one of them, maybe… unless you don't want to.." her nose wrinkles, that may not be the best suggestion. "And if it's a boy I want his middle name to be Brian. Because I like your name."

"Jay-Kwon is a black name." Brian points out. "I knew a kid in highschool named JKwon. Super black." Brian starts out, looking back down at her feet." He smiles down, his thumb increasing its attack at her foot. "My fakeparents? Or my real ones?" He'll opt with the real ones. The ones that didn't have a chance to screw anything up. "Jeffrey and Alison." He smiles a little down. "I wouldn't mind naming my daughter Allison. I've always liked the name Allie."

Releasing her foot, his hand trails up her leg. "You just like my name because you like me. If my name was Seamus, you'd say you like Seamus. But Seamus is a stupid name that sounds like semen. And the child does not need to be reminded his whole life that he used to be semen." Winters scoots forward, going to rest his head on her belly.

There's a distinct spiel of giggles as Brian tickles her foot again, prompting her to wriggle, but not to tug it away. As much as she doesn't like being tickled, she really does like being touched. "I was thinking the real ones— " Her head tilts a little. "Allie Winters. That's pretty."

"Okay, well that's true, but Brian is a good name just the same. I like saying it. Plus it's like his roots or something." Her lips purse to one side as her hand reaches down to play with Brian's curls.

"You've never really told me about your adopted family. Just snippets… Did you know they weren't your birth parents?" She stares up at the ceiling, "I used to imagine I was adopted because I couldn't believe Adisa and I were actually related. Or, I guess I didn't want to believe it. Sometimes I'd tell people I was. Or she was depending on the day— "

"I don't like to think about them." Winters says somewhat quickly. "They were Fulk's family. I'm.. new. Different. I don't really understand why, but I am. When I woke up in that facility. I was Winters. Fulk was dead. I may have most of the same memories but.." He gives a little shrug. "A year or two can do a lot to a person." What that really means he doesn't say. "I didn't know I was adopted until I woke up in the Company facility." He gives a little shrug. "I don't think.. I don't think Fulk ever got to know." His brows furrow some as if sympathy is passing over him.

"It was a big family." He gives a little shrug. "They are probably.. I don't know. They probably know I'm on the run. And are sad for me. I've gone back to the house to steal some of my childhood shit. But I haven't spoken to any of them." He gives another shrug. "And I'm okay with that. Okay?" He asks, looking up at her with an arched brow. He smiles as her fingers curl through his hair. "You lied about your sister when you were little?"

"Waking up someplace like that would be terrifying," Sam says slowly. "To me, anyways. I can't.. I can't imagine. And I have a pretty big imagination. Even now. It was worse when I was little." She nods at the question though, "I know you have Gillian still. I guess she's your family now?" Her smile tightens, "And me. Assuming you'll still have me now that I'm all pregnant and dishonourable~" there's a teasing quality to her sing-song voice.

Her fingers continue to loop through his hair though, "I hope our baby gets your hair. I love your hair. The texture, the colour, you have great hair." Feel the envy, Brian. Feel the envy.

He can feel the snicker in her stomach as she nods, "Have you met Adisa? I'm pretty sure Tahir did it too! She's… like. I'm loopy, right? I have my quirks, I'm a little odd, I have my own issues— well, Addie? She.. she's a good girl. A good kid. She's just.. never serious. About anything. Ever."

He grins a little, stretching his head back. "She was kind of hyperactive chiuaua." Winters murmurs quietly. He gives a little shrug. "I woke up to a bunch of attractive women, carting me around. And people asking me if I wanted to be a secret agent. Then they carted me to another attractive woman. At the time, I didn't really mind." Winters smiles weakly up at her. "Don't get mad. You're prettier than any of them ever could be." He ensures quickly.

A light smile hangs on his lips. "I always hated my curly hair. Like.. a lot. And I hated my name. I always saw fat kids on tv that had curly hair and were named Brian. It made me upset. I always wanted to be Michael.. Or Alex. Those were the cool kids when I was little." One hand reaches up to push into her face gently.

"Bllluuhhh…" He grins a little. Though it pauses, his head tilting to the side as he considers something. "Are we stupid?"

"I love your curly hair. That's what I missed most about Dong-Tian. It would've been the eyes, but.. those were the same." A smile edges her lips as Sam lowers her elbows to the bed to sit up a little. "Michael sounds like a poser name. Everyone and their dog is named Michael! Mike, Micheal, Michal, Mickey. Michel— if you're french."

Her lips purse a little. "You were always one of the cool kids in my head." Her smile tightens and her head shakes, "I wasn't. I was shy and wiry and talked too much when nervous. So I was either saying everything on my mind without a filter OR I was saying nothing. It was a pained existence."

The question causes her to pause though. "I dunno. Are we?" She sighs quietly as she lets her back drop down to the bed again, lowering her arms to her sides. "Do you mean for having a baby in all of this? I.. It scares me. I'm scared of the world this child will grow up in. What it'll be like when he or she is our age. Scared that something will go wrong. That someone would take it from us…" all quietly uttered fears. The smile is long gone as she speaks, replaced by a small frown.

"Mike was a cool kid. So was Alex. Brian iccky. The kids nicknamed me Booger just because my name started with B. I didn't outgrow that stupid name until fifth grade." He lets out a groan. "That will make a kid super conscious about picking his nose for the rest of his god damn life." Pushing himself forward, Winters crawls up to lie beside Samara.

One hand goes to rest on her stomach, the other combing through her hair gently. "I don't know." He answers about his own stupid question. "I just…" He swallows tightly. "I want to be able to reassure you but.. I'm scared too." His lips close tightly, his eyes fixing on her tightly. "It's.. real scary." He adds on, burrowing his head in the pillow.

"I think you turned out okay. Mean-spirited nicknames aside~" Sam flashes him a soft smile as her hand rests over his. Her head turns to watch him, as there's a nearly sad quality to her smile. "Yeah.. it's scary." Her lips press together. "But we have each other. I mean, I don't anything about kids anymore— aside from Paul telling me once I go Puerto Rican I'll never go back— I can't even remember the last time I held a baby."

"Do you think.." her frown deepens, "this is just a waste? I mean, I can think of a billion reasons why this is a bad idea." Her eyes close gently as she considers her own words, "But I.. I.. I want it." Her cheeks flush brightly. "That's weird isn't it? I spent the last few days stressing out about it and I actually want.. even if.. even if it's not great timing. Even if it's gonna be hard. This life, it's.. it's ours in a way." She manages a smile. A slightly sad smile.

"I don't think it was mean spirited. Just little kids saying words that started with B." Brian starts, giving her a sort of smile. He's trying to defend the poor kids of his childhood. Winters tilts his head at Samara. "You've never held Kasha? After all that time?" Brian presses his hands on the bed, sitting up.

Looking down at her, his features remain neutral. And finally his expression goes sympathetic. Settling down by her side, his arm goes to drape over her stomach. "This is ours." He agrees quietly. Head tilting forward to plant a kiss against her cheek.

There's a slight shake of Sam's head, "Not once. I watched her when I couldn't hold her. I talked to her even though she couldn't hear me. And I made the faces. You know the ones reserved for babies that make adults generally look like idiots? Yeah… " she shrugs.

Her eyes close gently at the kiss. "Sorry to say this, but it's relieving to me that you're scared. Like, figuring it out together, knowing it's going to be tough, that I can handle. And for the record, with the worry and the fear, I thought I was already a bad mother." And then with another shrug she quips, "I guess though… it can only go up from here?"

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