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Scene Title Johnny-on-the-spot
Synopsis Once again, six degrees of separation my ass. Graeme blushes easily, too.
Date February 17, 2011

Outside the Dome, Queens

Elisabeth played on their sympathies back there, but she had to walk a fine line — can't look weak just has to look like she tried as absolutely hard as she could. Which isn't hard because she did. She lets Graeme help her out of the immediate vicinity of the tank, around the back side of a couple of cop cars. When she pauses there, Liz reaches up to check her nose, which has stopped bleeding by now. "Thanks," she offers quietly, glancing back toward the tank. Enclosing them in a silence field, she looks up. "What are you doing here?"

"No problem." Graeme shifts on his feet a bit, not nervous, just that he never seems to stop moving, really. Can't stand or sit still for a minute. "I was looking at the Dome for a bit," he says, "until they started putting up caution tape. And then I figured I'd stick around and watch." And then he'd picked up her voice from the cell.

With a bit of a nod, Elisabeth seems to understand. "You all right?" she asks, curious. The way she looks up, though, indicates that perhaps she hadn't been kidding about the fact that her vision is somewhat fuzzed.

Graeme nods in return. "Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it was loud, but apparently, not actually loud enough to bother me, overall." He grins. "Wasn't overly aware that my tolerance included volume." He watches Liz for a moment. "You overdid it, didn't you?" he asks, quietly.

Elisabeth pulls upright a bit more and shrugs. "Not much. Gave myself a bit of a headache." Ugh. Blinding migraine is more like it. "We figured that getting through might require forceful application."

"And you're sure about this?" Graeme raises an eyebrow and bites his lower lip a bit, an expression that goes right with his tone of voice, which is a tone of voice he more frequently used with students than with people he considers friends. "Do you have whatever you take for headache with you, by any chance?"

"About what?" Elisabeth asks with a grin. "The more forceful application? No… not a bit. And as you can see, it went about as well as the guy yesterday who made mincemeat of his arm." She shrugs a bit. "Yeah — I brought migraine pills with me, actually. I was expecting it." There's a pause and she quirks a brow in amusement. "That you can tell what the problem is kind of weirds me out a little," she admits.

Graeme turns his attention away from Elisabeth for a moment, until he can get the attention of someone, anyone, with a request for a bottle of water, which he cracks the seal on before offering over. Then he grins. "Sorry," he murmurs, quietly. The teacher-expression is mainly gone from his face, and entirely gone from his tone of voice. Now he's just teasing. "Just … alright isn't an answer, really. At least, not one I usually take, if I mean it about asking a question."

Elisabeth accepts the bottle of water gratefully, pulling a small bottle of ibuprofen out of her BDU pockets. She doesn't have time right now to take anything stronger, she'll have to wait on those. Swallowing them quickly and chasing them with a gulp of water, the blonde smiles faintly. "You're a regular Johnny-on-the-spot," she admits. "I didn't get to see the tail end, what actually happened?"

"The blue ripples sped up, it made a pretty damn loud boom, and then suddenly the tank was covered in white stuff and upside down," Graeme says, stretching again. "Sorta weird. A lot of people who were standing right at the caution tape got knocked over a bit."

There's a nod and she looks relieved. "Sounds about like what we expected," Elisabeth says. "Or at least what I expected." She sighs and says, "Not what we'd hoped for, though."

Graeme nods, quiet. "I got video on my cell phone, though I'm pretty sure that the boom blew the crappy microphone." He laughs. "And I hadn't even had this one that long, either. My last one got destroyed by accident when I forgot it was in my pocket, now this one…" he grins, chuckles.

Elisabeth smiles at him. "Well…. being as this one's actually my fault, I'll replace it if you want me to," she replies.

Graeme shakes his head. "This, in general, is why I pay a few dollars more to the provider for the insurance on it. Means I can replace it." He grins. "I don't precisely have the best record with not breaking things. I don't have careful enough in me, or I forget, get excited, whatever."

Shaking her head, Elisabeth smirks. "You and Felix'll get along like a house on fire," she murmurs. "He breaks things for the fun of it. Broke the first set of armor we gave him too. Never saw techs cry in the middle of a field test before," she quips.

And now, Graeme blushes. Really, truly blushes, while he's trying to figure out how to say that he's already met. "That's what he mentioned," Graeme says. "Sounded proud of himself, too. We uh … my roommate had taken me to dinner as celebration, and took it upon herself to uh …" There's a pause. Graeme just can't continue his train of thought. Instead, he turns away, face in hands as if that'll spare himself a small amount of embarrassment.

Both eyebrows shoot upward, and Elisabeth starts to laugh. "Ah…. I see you've met Felix." She pats Graeme on the shoulder with a chuckle. "No worries. He's pretty harmless generally." There's a pause and she says, "And I was referring to being friends you realize — though, hey, if you two are going to flirt, I'm still going to watch." There's a theatrical roll of her eyes. "It is my unique kink to thoroughly enjoy watching two cute guys be all silly around one another."

"You're nearly as bad as Remi," Graeme says, rubbing his forehead a little. The drawl comes out in his voice, and he seems to be at an overall loss for words at the moment; he just shakes his head, still blushing but no longer trying to hide it.

Now there is a blink. "Wait… Remi… Davignon?" She knows the other woman lives in the building. Elisabeth is surprised, though. Once again, six degrees of separation my ass.

"Remi Davignon," Graeme says, shaking his head. "Otherwise known as my roommate who sleeps lightly enough that if I'm awake too much in the night, she wakes up." There's a grin. "She's a good kid, though."

That brings a peal of chuckles from the audiokinetic. "Nice," Elisabeth murmurs, truly amused. "Tell her I said hello. She promised me show tickets." One crystal blue eye winks at him and she looks very cheeky. "You're really in trouble if you've got both of us harassing you."

"Oh dear, yes I suppose I am," Graeme says, hiding his face in his hands once more after he nods. "I'm … really less used to environments where who I am is accepted," he admits. "It's very, very different from New Mexico."

Elisabeth shrugs slightly, giving him another pat on the shoulder. "Welcome to New York. Where nothing makes most of us blink." She gives him one last grin, the few moments of quiet and camaraderie doing much to restore her equilibrium. "I better get back. I have a job to do and a meeting to attend in a while." She caps the bottle and murmurs absently as she heads back into the fray still sporting a massive headache, "That poker game's going to be right amusing if or when we ever get to have it."

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