Julian Kuhr
Julian Kuhr
Portrayed By Norman Reedus
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Degeneration
Age 27
Date of Birth October 29th
Occupation Terrorist; Broadcaster
Family Paul Keller (father); Rosarie Kuhr (mother); Delphine Kuhr (older sister; Tier 0 Evolved)
Significant Other(s) No one.
First Appearance ???

A Homeland Security ex-detainee who isn't on the run. Rather, he's sticking around to make a point.

Character History

Born and raised in Belfast, I haven't gone back there since I was kid. Don't really wish to. When you get right down to it, no place is different from any other - buildings, clothing, skin colour, that all changes. Food, language, religion, politics, all the surface stuff shifts, but you know what? We're all the same. Difference is only skin deep. Everybody bleeds.

But back to Belfast! Fucking Belfast, am I right? No wonder I'm where I am today.

My dad's name's Paul Keller, and my mom, at the time, Rosarie Keller, a journo, but you'll probably find more on my dad. Successful lawyer-turned-businessman, made a fortune from nothing, rags to riches, and one of the most infamous white-collar criminals in Belfast. He got sentenced for every kind of financial fraud you could think of and put in the slammer for how many years. Mom, originally American, she divorced the hell out of him, changed our last names to the one she had before marriage - Kuhr - and sent us (me and my older sister, Veronica) packing to New York, her hometown. I was something like sixteen when we moved.

Before that, I didn't have a lot going for me. I wasn't particularly bright, but didn't do so bad at school. Besides phys ed, which mostly meant kicking a football around for an hour, science was best - biology, chemistry. Not so much physics, too much math, but the other stuff was alright. English was the worst, I hate writing, reading. Leave it to the pros. I'm more of a talker. I got interested in media studies, once we switched to New York, journalism like my mom. Lots of writing there too, but I struggled through it out of sheer interest. After highschool, went ahead to attend a broadcasting school where I learned the ropes about being a radio host. Got a fleeting interest in music but I'm more interested in news, current events, and the like. It's a job, right? And it's not like America doesn't have news.

After scraping together something of a resume, me and a mate of mine from broadcasting school started up our own little radio station. Started out like we got 3.5 listeners a day (we'd joke about it being three fuckers and their dog), but it caught on after a while. We talked politics, philosophy, played the music local bands, got local business to pay us for advertising. Those were some of the best years of my life. The circle of people I hung out with were free thinkers, you know? People that didn't believe in the system anymore - the disillusioned. Smart fuckers. Defined most of my adult life.

Then 2006 happened. Even before New York City got blown to hell, I discovered my ability - merely a month or so before. I don't even know what to call it - later, HomeSec would call it 'Degeneration', but that's a later story. I put a bloke in hospital, anyway, during a fight - I didn't mean to do it with anything but my own fists. It was nasty, man. Wounds I didn't even know were there started opening up on this asshole, I could feel it, but not like he was feeling it. He got sick, too, I don't even know if he lived, it's not like I check up on people I have altercations with, right?

Since then, I started sensing it, you know? It was just there, like getting a new arm or something. I could feel the weak points in people. I knew that all I had to do was think and those weak points would get exploited. Hell of a gift. I didn't hate it, either, made me feel powerful.

Then some idiot decided to explode the city. I was in the fucking city at the time - well out of range of Midtown, at least, not a scratch on me to speak of the event, but I was evacuated along with everyone else, scared and in shock. That's when the world changed, when I found out there were others like me - Veronica, too, she had something like I could do, but in reverse. She made people better. She's also the one who convinced me to Register when I opened my stupid mouth and told her about what I could do.

Do you know where they put Tier 3 people? Underground, under lock and key. It was a long six months, let me tell you, but I had a lot of time to think. When the break out happened, I didn't hesitate. They'd either shoot me dead or I'd escape and to be honest, I was fine with either, but it was some sort of coordinated attacked between a couple of fellow inmates and some hell and brimstone terrorist group named PARIAH. It was a statement. At the time, I didn't care what they had to say, I just wanted my freedom. One of the blasts knocked me seven feet sideways, and when I woke up, I was underground once more. Bruised, bandaged, but free.

I didn't join PARIAH right away. I'm no warrior, I don't know why way around guns and explosives. But they helped me hide away for a time, and I did what I could to get by - did a lot of stuff I never thought I'd do. Steal, cheat, attack. Got good with a knife. And it's all because the government couldn't handle people with power and drove me to this, a runaway criminal.

And I fucking hate them for it.

Got back into contact with PARIAH a few months back - for something like charity as well as a need to get back at the world for what they've done to me and countless others. If anything, I wanted to spread the word - I've seen their camps, what they do to people like us, what they'll do to everyone eventually, just watch. I might not be into exploding buildings to make a point, but I'm a broadcaster - I tell the news. Maybe if I get enough money, I can put the word out there in my own way. In the meantime, I can help their cause their way when I can - I have a talent, after all, and I've learned a few things.

Because we're all the same, in the end. And I'm gonna help show America, the government, that we're all the same, they can't divide us - everybody bleeds.

Everybody bleeds a lot if I want 'em to.


Evolved Human Ability

Degeneration is an ability that can probably be summed up as thus: reverse healing. Wounds both old and new, sicknesses, disorders, ailments, infections, these all start to become worse when Julian activates this ability. It's dependent on distance, on what the victim has suffered in their life, and Julian can turn it off and on again at will - unless skin to skin contact is involved.




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Memorable Quotes

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Trivia and Notes

  • Julian is a Tier 3 Evolved, which means the government has all kinds of information on him. He's an escapee and reportedly living in New York City, but he's good at making himself scarce. If you are an agent of Homeland Security or the FBI, you have access to his information including his name, his home address for when he was first abducted, and photographic identification, as well as a psychological profile and a report on his ability.
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