July In Christmas


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Scene Title July In Christmas
Synopsis The Illusionist shows off a little.
Date May 04/05, 2010

Gun Hill

This apartment is decorated in soft blues and tans, the wall color alternating from room to room, with the furniture and other accessories in the opposing color. It's clean and orderly, with a living room, a kitchen, one bathroom, a bedroom and an office that seems to always be locked. It is the home of the building's landlady, and seems both homey and comfortable.

Once upon a midnight, as you watch the weather dreary, over many cold and horrid nights, like those of yore. While you wander, nicely heat-wrapped, suddenly there comes a tapping. As of someone gently rapping. Rapping at your 'partment door.

After a short wait, the door opens a bit, stopped short by the chain lock on the door. An attractive blonde peeks through the opening, looking out into the hall. "Yes?"

Tis some visitor, coat wrapped. Knocking at your 'partment door. Only this, and nothing more. Indistinctly he then utters, from beneath his woolen shutters, "I heard you still had heating." He unwraps his face and, gives a smile he hopes can, unbar the door "I caught the Ferry, man." So, they're behind this meeting. For this doorstep greeting, meeting you with words a-cheating.

"For the moment, it seems," Lynette says at the remark about heat. At the name drop, she eyes him for a moment longer before the door closes. But, it's only so she can slide the chain off and reopen the door, wider this time. Dressed in a few layers, she gestures him in with a hand. "Don't mind the boxes." Indeed, it looks like she's in the middle of unpacking still.

Tony steps inside, and then, once the door has closed, shoves his hand out, "Tony. Good to meet you. Need a hand with anything, or are you good?"

Lynette takes that hand, her side of the shake rather delicate, "Tony. Nice to meet you. I'm Lynette. They send you to check up on me?" She smirks a little at that and leads him over to the living room. "Well, if you're in the mood to move furniture, this is all where the moving guys left it. Would you like some coffee?"

Tony says, "Coffee would be brilliant." He gives a slightly lopsided smile, "And sent? No…. no, I figured I'd come check you out." A beat. "Check out the new place. Not least because every place else is freezing!" He gestures towards the furniture, "Muscles my specialty. Where do you want it?"

"Coffee it is. And be sure to look when I walk away, I'm told the ass is worth a look over." Lynette leans a hip against the couch, chuckling a bit, "Everywhere else is freezing. If I'd known how bad it was, I would have invested in a snowmobile." As far as the furniture, she eyes it a little, "Everything against a wall. The couch opposite the entertainment center and other than that, I'm not picky. Cream and sugar?" She does turn then to head for the kitchen.

Tony laughs, cheerfully, "If I'd know this was what it was like over here, I'd never have come." And yes, he does watch the retreating ass. "Just black and hot please." He lets the obvious add on pass, for once.

"Well, hooray for ignorance, then." Lynette nods to the order before she disappears. It's just a few moments before she comes out with a pair of steaming coffee cups. One she passes his way, "Hot and black. Have a seat, if you'd like." And it seems she does like, as she moves to the couch to sit down.

Tony does likewise, "Alright… I'll get stuff moved in as soon as I've warmed up." He gives that lazy grin again, "You've not got anyone else staying at present? When word gets around you've still got power you won't be able to move for folks!"

"Good enough," Lynette says with a crooked smile. It's a bit appreciative as she looks over that grin. "Nope, no one for now. My suspicion is that people can't actually get here through the snow. But I'll see what I can do about making a way. Unfortunately, the electric company hasn't seemed too confident about the power staying on, though."

Tony makes a face, "Typical. I'll just have time to get warm, and then…." He takes a swig of coffee, and then says, absently, "… it'll be time to huddle together for warmth."

"What keen survival skills you have," Lynette says with a smile. "I used to live in California. Southern California. They told me it was going to be cold, but if I'd known this is what they meant…"

Tony nods, in sympathy, "Yeah. I had _no_ idea it got like this over here in the winter." He shudders, "What a mistake to make when I coulda come anywhere!

"And the spring, apparently." Lynette chuckles as he goes on, her head leaning against the back of the couch, "But who can resist New York City, huh?"

Tony's lips twitch, "Yeah. Almost the summer, come to that." He rubs his hair, "Well, should have known better, but there you go." He glances around, "So, what got you into all of this?"

"What, this glamorous lifestyle?" Lynette chuckles a little before she takes a drink of her coffee, giving it a moment's thought. "I had the right set of skills. Knew a few of the right people. And had just become unemployed. I guess the pieces just sort of fell together."

Tony nods, absently, and asks, after a long moment, "Do you mind if I ask what you can… you know…. assuming you can?"

Lynette chuckles at that question and she lifts an eyebrow as she looks over at him, "You really want to know?" She offers a hand out toward him, palm up. And actually, she looks a little excited about being able to show off.

Tony pauses, and then nods, reaching towards you with his own hand.

Just before those hands touch, there is a flicker of electricity that sparks out of Lynette's fingers, sending a shock through his. It's nothing more than one might get from too much static electricity, but those sparks light from her hand for a long moment before she shuts it off. "Of course, that's just a taste."

Tony jerks his hand back with a rather undignified little gasp, "Hey!". And then after a beat, he adds, "That's pretty cool. So, we can always manage to run an electric heater, right?"

"For a while at least, yeah," Lynette says with a smile his way. "What is it… that you do? If you do?"

Tony grins, for a moment, and then stretches luxuriously out on the couch…. on the beach lounger. You're on one too. In a rather fetching red bikini, with the subtropical warmth running over you, and the sound of seagulls and the lapping of the sea in your ears.

Lynette blinks at the scene change, and looks around a bit with a smile on her face. "Well, well, well." That smile turns crooked as she looks at what she's suddenly got on, but she leans back on her lounger and looks over his way. "Red always has been my color. That's a handy trick you've got there."

Tony stretches, "Yeah." He yawns, "And that's just the start of it. But yeah, I always liked this beach. And yeah. Red looks great on you. You'll have to tell me if I got any details wrong. You know…. moles…. tattoos…. skin tone… that sort of thing."

"What beach is it?" Lynette's smile turns a little sly as he goes on, though, "Hmm. But a girl has to keep the mystery, doesn't she? It's a flattering guess, at any rate."

Tony says, "This? Place on the Gold Coast. Went there years ago. It's probably all high rise hotels by now." He grins cheerfully, "And let me know if you want to go back to the apartment."

"The cold apartment in a snow covered New York City? Forget it. Feel free to leave this up as long as you like." Lynette grins right back at him before she lifts a hand to gesture to the beach, "It's very beautiful. How long has it been since you've been?"

Tony says, "Oh… what… Fifteen years or so?" He shrugs, and stretches, "And, you know, anything you could do to lessen the workload… you know, by actually baring the skin, that'd help."

Lynette laughs, a gentle, rather delightful sound, eyes sparkling a bit as she looks over at him. "Is this how you welcome all the girls to the city?"

Tony gives a lazy grin, "Only when I feel like it. And only the evolved, anyway. This would… well…. kinda freak out a normal, right?"

"Mm, no doubt. But that's not the part I meant," Lynette looks over at him with a raised eyebrow. "And hey, their loss if they lose it, right? I mean, look at this."

Tony gestures, "It's pretty amazing, isn't it. Beats the hell out of the real thing. You can even go swimming, if you want. At least, I _think_ you can."

"Really now?" Lynette sits up at that, looking over at the water curiously. "Doesn't that mean I'd be like, miming splashing around in my apartment, though?"

Tony grins, "Probably, yeah. Is that a problem? I mean, unless anyone saw you who wasn't effected." It's a teasing smile, "The good news is you don't need suncream rubbed into your back."

Lynette thinks about that a moment, "Depends. Do you see the real world or do you just see this?" Those last words get a bit of a softer smile, "That's supposed to be good news?"

Tony laughs, "I could rub some massage oil in, and pretend, if you wanted. And I can see either. At the moment, I'm choosing to believe I'm somewhere warm."

"I can't argue with that," Lynette says, to those last words. She does move to turn her back toward him, pulling her hair over her shoulder, "After this, though, I suggest we both go and see if your water is real enough."

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