Jumper Leads to Unexpected Death

MANHATTAN — Late Friday night, amid the terrible fog that blanketed much of the city in the evening hours, NYPD officers responded to an emergency call of a jumper sighted on the George Washington Bridge. Authorities closed both ends of the bridge for over an hour in an attempt to deal with the man.

While this isn't out of the ordinary, it seems like Friday night was an unfortunate night for most bridges in Manhattan, as a three-car pileup on the Brooklyn Bridge locked it up for an hour and a half. While the jumper (who's name has not been released by the NYPD) was safely recovered from the George Washington Bridge, another tragedy befell motorists traveling to Manhattan that night.

An Emergency Response Vehicle coming from New Jersey into Manhattan with a patient bound for a Manhattan hospital died when the ambulance was unexpectedly caught in the chaotic traffic jam following the closure of the George Washington Bridge. Authorities have not released the name of the deceased, only that they were being transported from New Jersey due to the lack of active hospitals in the area, even in the reclamation zone.

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