June Cleaning


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Scene Title June Cleaning
Synopsis After wandering for weeks, someone takes pity on the homeless wanderer of Staten Island.
Date August 21, 2009

Antonio's Auto Body

Things aren't that busy at Antonio's, a little mechanic shop on Staten Island. In fact, the only person there right now. At least out in the open is Thalia, the garage door is open and it lets in some much needed air to the place.

Currently Thalia is leaning over the hood of a old beat up car, twisting something, moving something. Ah there's the part she needs. Thalia is dressed in a pair of black cargo shorts and a black tank top, sweat drips down her brow and she wipes it away as she moves away from the car for a second.

It feels like it has been weeks since she was urged to flee Pinehearst. No where to go, and the 'hospital', as she recognizes Pinehearst, was the only place she knew as a home. And yet, somehow after fleeing, she found herself on Staten Island. No job, no money and no place to live, June has been finding shelter where she could. Her hair, dirty and unkept, has been at least pulled back into a pony tail. The clothing that was thrust into her arms, a pair of jeans and a oversized T-shirt have been attached to her form through sweat, dirt and rain. She has a backpack in which she holds practically nothing, but carries it around none the less.

She has spent her days looking for work, unsuccessfully so. But as she wanders by and sees some of the damaged buildings, neglected street signs and the unfunctional parking meters, she given a small amount of joy in stopping to fix them. And by fixing, she places her hand on the item and it begins to morph. It may not actually work properly, but at least it's no longer broken or disfigured. Cracks in glass disappear. Bent metal is righted. Chipped concrete is.. well, unchipped. Just with a touch and a little concentration on part of the homeless lab rat.

She nearly passes by the shop, because she had been paying attention to the lines in the sidewalk. "Two hundred and twenty seven. Two hundred and twenty eight. Two hundred and twenty nine." Her attention is turned towards the mechanic leaning into the hood of the car. June turns her head and walks in without invitation and comments on the obvious. "The car is broken." she says. There's very little emotion in her voice as she speaks.

"That's right. And I'm fixing it." Thalia says without turning around, her hand is on her hip as she taps the different parts on the shelf. She finds what she wants and turns around to walk back to the car.

Then she is presented with the sight of June, one of the homeless crazies on Staten? "Heya." She says with a grin and she leans back under the hood, "What's your name?" she says as she begins to fit the part into the car.

There are so many things in a garage that would catch the eye of the woman. She looks to be mid-20s, perhaps. Her blue eyes glance at the wall and she notices the rack of tools hanging on the wall. "You have twenty-two wrenches and seventeen screwdrivers. I think one is missing." She finds a small scratch on the front of the car and places her hand over it. When she pulls her hand away, the scratch is gone. "June." she finally responds as to what her name is. She turns to walk away, then stops when she sees an oil stain on the ground. It seems to fascinate her as she stares at it for a bit. "Someone spilled something."

"One missing?" Thalia rises from the hood, she didn't see what June did. Being under the hood and all. Thalia smiles at June, "How'd you know that hm?" The mechanic leans against the car and shrugs her shoulders. "Things spill at places like this." Said idly, Thalia then nods her head at June. "Name's Thalia. Looks like you need.. clothes.. and a shower too." She says with a soft grin.

"I haven't found one yet." she notes as she walks over and picks up a rag. June returns to the oil spill, having set into the concrete long ago and squats down. She just holds the cloth to the stain with one hand, and places her other hand with on the stain. Soon the cloth begins to soak up the oil from the concrete. It doesn't take very long, but there's still a dark spot on the floor as June looks it over. "The black is stuck." she says as she sets the oil soaked rag down. She places both of her hands on the concrete. If one looks closely, it totally looks like the stain just sinks into the concrete and disappears underneath. She stands, somehow seeming pleased with being able to help. "The black is gone now." She wipes her hands against her jeans, leaving oil smudges to add to the already accumulating layers of dirt and sweat on them.

Thalia nods her head thoughtfully and grins at June. "What else can you do with that?" She asks and tilts her head, hands on hips. "Don't worry about the shower, I have one. And some clothes for you too."

She shakes her head. "Where'd you make the black go?"

June is still wiping off her hands on her clothing. "The black went underneath. I couldn't get it off, so I just moved it." She picks up the rag and finds a trash can to drop it in. Some strands of brunette hair have come loose of her ponytail and tickler her face, so she brushes it aside, leaving another smudge of black on it. "I just like making things look better." That's really how she explains what she does. June begins to look around now, as if there were something in particular she were looking for.

"Well then, let's go and make you look better, ok?" she says and reaches out a hand. "Do you have any family? Friends? Where did you come from?" Thalia knows it might be a longshot, asking her all these questions but the answers will decide what she can do for the woman.

"I came from Pinehearst." It seems if she doesn't know the answer to a question, she just ignores it, so the other questions get no response. June places her hand inside Thalia's hand as it's reached though it's really all she does. Set it there. "I can't find your shower. Did you lose it?" The question seems to be a serious query, as June looks rather concerned about the missing shower.

Pinehearst.. never heard of it. "Is that a city? Where is Pinehearst?" Thalia grins and grips June's and gently, "Don't worry, I know exactly where my shower is. Don't you fret." Thalia looks behind her shoulder to nod at one of the boys, one of them is going to have to take over this car.

June glances at Thalia for a moment. "It's not far, but I'm not supposed to go back. I'm supposed to stay here. But there were three thousand and forty six cars." She's very pliant at the moment, if she's pulled, she'll go. She does seem to be relieved that Thalia knows where her shower is.

"That's a lot of cars, June." She says as she goes to pick up her bag by the door, she waves goodbye to her fellow mechanics and she takes June's hand again. "Alrighty then, let's get out of here and get you cleaned up." Thalis leads the way out o the garage.

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