Just A Busy Day


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Scene Title Just A Busy Day
Synopsis It's hours before the superbowl and customers are stopping by oh so sweet to pick up stuff for the big game.
Date February 6, 2011

Oh So Sweet

The superbowl is not on yet.

Though you can be sure that the screen in the back of Oh So Sweet will be turned to the game when it is on so that Brenda can watch it while she works. That and the other employee's at Oh So Sweet. You can tell who they are, the raspberry, blue or brown shirts with the name splashed across the front. They're also the ones dishing out the desserts that rest inside the cooler that a group of little noses and hands have pressed up against, brought by their father for a treat.

Cupcakes piled high with icing and sprinkles or edible glitter waits. Squares of brownies, waiting to be plied with fresh made vanilla ice cream and fudge before it's consumed. Sky high apple pie and even a pile of croissants all golden brown and a hint of chocolate inside that once you microwave it for a few seconds promises to oooze out.

A handful of cops sit near the front, latte's and drip coffee's in front of them, muffins and cake spread between them all, a quartet of college students hammer away in the back room on their laptops, picking away at projects that have to be done in the morning and they'll likely be here till just before closing.

You can tell where Brenda is, look for the fire hydrant red hair, or look for the hottest guy in the room and that's where she'll be. Usually. Today, there's a pair of asian tourists who are at the counter, a map spread on it and trying to communicate with Brenda in non-existant english.

Marcie enters the sweet shop, looking forward to a treat after braving the cold outside to make a delivery. She browses the display case, waiting for the girl behind the counter to finish with the tourists and take her order.

Today's been a largely lazy day for Robyn Quinn. Sure, the Super Bowl is on tonight, but- American Football is boring, really. Still, that doesn't mean that she can't make an event out of it, even if she's not really planning on paying attention to it. Any excuse for a night of good food and fun, right? Which, of course, is why she'd pick Oh So Sweet as her go to place for desserts for tonight. But she has other inquiries as well.

Hands slide across the display case as she looks over the desserts, settling in place next to Marcie. She looks in decisive, looking voer the various sweets. hopefully… hopefully they have something both her and Elaine'll like for later tonight. And anyone else she can manage to get ahold of.

There is a bit of a rush to the man that slips into the store, pale green eyes giving the store as sweep. It's superbowl and Thomas Cooper is a fan of sports in general. His apartment reflects that. A hand lifts to the cops, with a lopsided grin. "Hey guys! Long time. Jerry, dude, what happened with the diet?" Teeth flash in a knowing way, hands spreading a little.

But he doesn't stop, he claps the guy on the shoulder and moves on. He's gotta get back to his apartment, this was just a last minute stop. His sweet tooth taking over his own senses.

Focusing on the counter, Cooper makes his way to counter, rubbing hands together. He cranes his neck to peek past others to see what peeks his interest, looking like a kid in a candy store. Brows shoot up as he looks over the selections. "This is gonna be harder then I thought."

The Super Bowl. Bah. A largely American sport that really holds no interest for Soleil Remi Davignon in the slightest. The commercials are amusing, at least. Which is probably why she's out here at Sweet Stuff. She plans on getting something for herself and Graeme, then going home to curl up with her gay room mate and eat sweets and laugh at commercials. Probably with chatter while the actual game is playing.

The redhead, decked out in her standard attire of designer label clothing. Today, it's a pair of designer jeans, boots with fur, a nice blouse, and a fur-lined coat. Stepping in, she raises her hands, removing her sunglasses and letting them rest on top of her head as she quietly examines the menu. Occasionally, she pauses to glance at those within, though she keeps her ability shut down tight— for now.

Maybe it's knowing that superbowl is coming that has Brenda with more folks on staff, so when the woman and her two children are taken care of with eclairs and carrot cake, the two behind the counter are beckoning Quinn and Marcie forward with "What's your order, here or to go?" with bright smiles. Abigail Caliban would smile knowing that things were going well without her.

The cops all joke back at Cooper before he disappears, threats to make sure he gets some parking tickets if he doesn't come down more often to visit his old friends instead of being all high and mighty in his DHS office on high. Brenda's still haggling with the asian tourists, and getting nowhere. They keep saying something and pointing, and she keeps asking them to repeat, a failure to communicate happening.

Marcie can sense the Evolved woman before the woman even enters the shop. As she's on the street, Marcie hopes she'll just pass by. But, of course, she comes in. Marcie can't help but look to the door as it opens and the woman enters. She keeps an eye on the woman's reflection in the glass display case as she browses the desserts.

She also looks up when the older man enters, but quickly dismisses him from her mind. He, at least, doesn't make her nervous. When the redhead enters, Marcie can't help but think sarcastically, Great, a Telepath. She suppresses the urge to stare and continues to watch both women in the glass's reflection, now no longer focusing on the desserts at all.

Marcie doesn't even notice the cashier calling to her until the first woman starts to move. She quickly steps up to the register. "Here. I'll have …" She points to a dessert in the case. "I don't know what you call that, but one of those." With practice, she stays calm and doesn't let on her wariness.

After paying for her treat, Marcie walks over to a table, positioning herself at the far end of the room, with her back to the wall, so she has a view of the room and no one can get behind her.

Watching the woman in front of her, Quinn rocks back on her heels as she waits. Those red velvet cupcakes are looking good, but- she could get creme brule back home and in the freezer fast enough if she doesn't dick around about it. Really, there's just too much to choose form, she's going to have to pick out a few things!

Hands at her hips, she looks around the room, offering Remi a bit of a smile. Crowd definitely looks better than the last time she came here with Elaine - at the very least, no one's asking to have pot mixed in with their ice cream, that's a definite improvement.<aybe she should pick something up for Ygraine and keep it until she gets out fo teh dome, too…

"Uh… can I have a moment? Jesus, I always forget the kinda sutff you gies ahve!" She looks over at Remi, motionig towards her. "You can go on, if you want. Not as ready as I thought I'd be."

When a bit of space opens up at the display, Cooper slides into that space and with a pop of his knees crouches. There is a bit of a grimace at that pop, but his focus on the food. He catches his lower lip in his teeth as he tries to decide. Eyes squinting at the labels.

"Oooo." Cooper perks at the sight of a certain dessert, looking like his decision has been made. Pushing to his feet he moves behind the others in line, tugging his gloves off. His pale gaze follows each as they get their desserts.

Quinns indecision has Cooper leaning over a little. "I don't know about you. That strawberry shortcake… that looks like a gotta have." Then he spots something else. "Or that Eclaire…" There is a pause.

Lips press into a fine line and Cooper suddenly gives a huff of irritation, "Crrrap." Thomas gives Quinn an semi-amused look. "Now I'm undecided."

First things first— once she notices that the place isn't too horribly packed, Remi releases some of that clamp she has on her ability— just enough to be able to pick out the thoughts of those around her. And it is right on time to hear quite a few interesting thoughts. Quinn's smile is returned with a charming one of her own, the woman making eye contact.

Then, suddenly, blue eyes snap over to Marcie, the woman suddenly raising her brows for some unknown reason. She heard that. Remi simply stares for a moment, before she offers Quinn another smile, this one fainter, as she steps around the woman. "Oui, merci beaucoup." She murmurs this to Quinn as she lips up to the counter, promptly ordering a few various desserts (unsurprisingly, she sticks to those with French names) to go, and— Cooper's wandering aloud prompts her to order a strawberry shortcake.

She seems distracted while she does so, though. Probably because she's currently about to undergo a mental Spanish Inquisition with miss Marcie. And how did you know that, Peste? It is something that I can't recommend enough for you to keep to yourself. Blue eyes glance briefly over to Marcie, before Remi pulls out her credit card to pay for her order.

Marcie's eyes meet Remi's. She's no longer making any pretense that she's not watching the red-haired woman. Don't worry, I have no reason to tell anyone what you can do, Marcie thinks loudly, assuming the woman is still listening. She'd never had anyone speak into her mind before, but, since she already knew the woman was a Telepath, it wasn't all that surprising or hard to determine the source.

There's a bit of a smirk when Quinn hears teh French, looking up at Remi with a grin. «It's no problem, really,» is replied in poor French - good enough to be understood, but you wouldn't know her mother's French by any stretch. Laughing, she turns to Cooper. "See? You can't win with this place. Just when you think you know what you want… nope"! she giggles, sliding a bit further down the line towards Remi and Marcie. "Man, those eclairs, though… I bet my flat mate would love one a' those, you may be on t' something." She looks up at Brenda, flashing her a grin. "I ave a bit of a question for you, if you don't mind?"

When you find yourself with a touch of indecision, what does one do? "Well…" A hand slaps against his leg and Cooper shrugs. "I guess I'll be getting both," he states rather brightly. It's not he's a girl having to watch that figure or worry about counting calories.

He turns back to the wait. Though the foreign accent has Cooper glancing at Remi with a slight upward tilt of brows, curious.

Brenda abandons the asian couple, who are in turn abandoning her, heading out in the hopes of finding someone who can translate for them. The red head with her piercings and her short skirt leans towards Marcie. 'What can I help you with Girlie?" Looking the woman up and down, no older than her in all truth.

At the door, the asian couple leave, the woman and her two children are done, plates and mess at the table for the waitresses to clean up which one does. In the back someone's cursing as their laptop apparently crashes or the wifi connection does, one of the two.

But back at the door, a gaggle of women come in, dressed to the nine, a sash across the torso of one that reads 'Bride to be' and a tiara on her head with a little veil coming off the back. It's not uncommon for something like this to happen. What is uncommon is that it's a gaggle of evovleds and all nine of them are entering into Oh So Sweet to celebrate before moving on.

Soleil Davignon's blue-eyed gaze remains on Marcie for a moment, brows raising. Then, she turns back to the counter, smiling as she is handed back her credit card, which is slipped right back into her purse. She's not done bothering Marcie yet. Good. I very much appreciate it. She slides down the line, to allow Quinn and the others to place their orders, while she waits for hers.

A glance is turned toward Quinn, the woman tilting her head to one side. Elaine and Ygraine. Two familiar names. She's half tempted to ask this woman if she is Quinn, the woman whose concert she is supposed to attend this week, by invitation of a woman named Elaine. She'll wait, for now— at least, until she has an opportunity to say something without betraying her ability. The French, however, prompts a smile. "«Ah, another French speaker! It is good to find those who speak the language of love in New York.»" In turn, a polite, charming smile is turned toward Cooper. Oooh. He is handsome. She can't help but flutter her eyelashes at him, just a little bit.

She hears the bachelorette party before they actually enter, Remi turning to watch them all enter with raised brows. That's a lot of girls. Remi's immediate reaction is to clamp down on her ability, instead directing it toward…hmm, Cooper and Quinn are cute. They're the best option.

Before Remi begins speaking French to the Light Manipulator, Marcie thinks back at her, I'd appreciate it if you'd return the favor. She doesn't want knowledge of her ability getting out any more than the Telepath does.

It takes a lot to distract someone from a strange voice echoing in their own head, but the bachelorette party does it for Marcie. As the excited girls bubble over to the desserts, unknowing of how nervous they're making a lone girl in the back of the shop, Marcie focuses on each in turn. None of their powers are really enough to raise alarms. Nothing truly dangerous. Most of them aren't even "on". But Marcie suddenly desperately wants to get out of the innocent-seeming sweet shop.

She looks down at her confection, as yet untouched. There's nothing actually wrong, she tells herself. No reason to let this go to waste. Keeping outwardly calm from long practice, Marcie walks over to a corner of the counter. Though, she makes sure that she can keep an eye on the assembled party. "I'm sorry, could I get this to go, after all?" She wished the cashier would hurry.

"Both?" Quinn replies to Cooper with a bit of a michevious smile. "You're thinking too small! T'night's a party night, you should stock up! Me? I'm thinkin' about cup cakes, rushin' some creme brule back home, maybe gettin' an' eclair or two, some rolls…" She goes on listing things for a good minute before she shrugs. "It means workin' out extra hard, but I need t' exercise anyway. Eatin' more crap is hopefully goin' t' motivate me more, and I get tasty treats in the process. It's a pretty good deal!"

The musician giggles, but her attention is quickly grabbed by Brenda, which has QUinn reaching into the bag over her shoulder, pulling out several pieces of paper. "I was hopin' I could leave a few flyers for a concert around? Don't think the owner would mind a few isttin' around…" Laying them down for Brenda to see, they're several flyers, all identical, promoting an upcoming show at the Rock Cellar - and featuring a picture of her on them. "If not it's cool! Oh, an' um'…" She begins to list off everything she wants - it's quite an order, sure to be expensive, but totally worth it.

Satisfied with that, Quinn eyes Marcie as she slips down ot the take out line, a curious look moving from her to the entering group of women. Oh goody, more people! She sighs, looking up at Remi a bit sheepishly. "Ah, I- only caught part a' that. I don't actually speak French that well. Mum never gave me lessons taht stuck, an' the other person that's teachin' me hasn't been around lately." She smiles a bit, shrugging. "I know someone who would love talkin' with you, though."

There is a chuckle from Thomas, his head shaking a bit. "No no… I need plenty of room for buffalo wings." Her grins brightly, a hand patting his stomach, with a sort of an enthusiasm that comes from it being Superbowl Sunday! "Wings and beer… maybe some greasy chips. Oh yeah."

Pale green eyes drop to the case again, "Tho'—-" He trails off, tho Remi gets to hear all the comment tary. Audrey will be there, she might gank the eclaire… maybe the shortcake as well. Is she bringing Pak with her? Maybe I should get more. Three each? Something catches his attention. Ooo! Blueberry muffins!

Cooper's mind is a sad sad place. Oh my god… is that Pie! His nose wrinkles a bit. No. Wait. Eww. Coconut. Pass.

"Sure, I'll put one up in the window, drop some off with a few folks I know" Brenda's looking interested in the band itself if the one she folds up and puts in her pocket is any indication. One of the other servers in the bar takes Koshka's food from her, moving to the back to box it up for the woman. Those 9 hen party ladies though are making their way to the back and upstairs, disappearing from sight - but not Marcie's mind - to join what seems to possibly be a second floor and a private room upstairs if the waitress disappearing behind them is any indication.

Remi can't help but smile over to Quinn, her brows raised slightly. Hmm. Definitely the Quinn that Elaine was thinking about. Sweet girl— pretty adorable, too. Blue eyes turn briefly toward those flyers to the show she's already been invited to by Elaine, before the redheaded telepath smiles back to Quinn. "Oh, it is okay." She offers a smile. "Zat show— is it your show?" She offers a gesture toward one of the flyers.

Then, she turns those blue eyes toward Cooper. She can't help but chortle a little. Oh god— definitely good thoughts to tune in on. The bachelorette party is ignored fairly easily— she's purposely avoiding their thoughts. That would be a headache waiting to happen.

Marcie resists tapping her food impatiently, but it takes effort. She can sense the bachelorette party upstairs. Behind her, above her. It feels like she's being watched from all sides. Damnit, won't she hurry up! All Marcie wants to do is to get away. What is this place, anyway? Evolved central? She somehow keeps her breathing even. I need a smoke.

When you got someone looking at you, one can't help but notice. It's like an itch at Cooper's back and has him looking over his shoulder, spotting Remi there. His brows tip down a bit. Is she looking at me? Nah.. He starts to look away, but then stops and glance back again. Dude. I think she is. Oh shit, I'm probably look like I'm staring.

Cooper turns back to the counter, a bit quickly, as one of the works comes to stop in front of him. He breaks into a bright smile. "Hi. Um… yeah. I'd like to get three of these… and three of…" His finger taps the glass of the display case. "That… and three of those." Finger taps further down.

God, I hope Audrey doesn't invite Daisy./ Cause last thing he needs is a stripper ex there. Tho' she was always hot in that jersey shirt. STOP IT, COOPER! That thought is smashed down, all thoughts even, as he's pulling out his wallet and fishing out a card to pay for it. That goofy grin still on his lips.

Quinn smiles as she drums fingers on the counter, nodding at Brenda. "Fantastic!" she enthurses with a grin, before leaning back a bit. "I really appreciate it. I'm hopin' t' have a really good turn out, an' it'll be a lotta fun!" Arms cross, Quinn reaching into her bag and pulling out - not paper this time, but an iPad. A checklist is brought up, Quinn tapping the scree few times. THis is great. Every place so have has been willin' t' put up flyers! Now I just have t' talk Kristen into some on air promotion…

She blinks when Remi speaks to her again, looking up at her with a smile. Mm. I hope she's interested in comin'. Cute girls in the crowd are good for everyone. Do I have another… "Yeah, it is!" Quinn replies enthusiastically, reaching and fishing around in her bag until she pulls out another flyer, handing it over to Remi. "Open admission! Bring that flyer an' it's free," she remarks with a smile. Okay, so… now I have to tell the ticket takers that that's a promotion. Hmm.

Marcie's order is returned fast enough, boxed, bagged, napkins and a fork all tucked in and ready to go. Quinn's order is up and coming too, many as it is. Pink boxes for everyone.

Reaching out, Remi takes the flyer from Quinn, looking it over with a faint smile on her fae. "Oui. I was going to come to zis any'ow. A young lady named Elaine invited me to ze show." A bright smile is offered to Quinn. "But it is good to see zat you are making sure zat people will come, oui?" Remi takes her pink boxes, before taking that for-here strawberry shortcake and gesturing toward a seat.

"Care to join me, madame…?" She both asks Quinn to join her, and asks her name at the same time. Even if she's fairly certain that she knows who the woman is.

Another bright smile is cast toward Cooper— she'll keep listening to him. He has a fun train of thought.

"Thanks," Marcie says, a little more curtly than is strictly necessary. With a parting glance toward the Telepath's table, and a nod, she leaves the sweet shop. A little bit down the sidewalk, she stops and takes out a cigarette, lighting it and leaning against the side of a building. She's finally able to breathe easy. She'll relax for a few minutes, then head home and eat her pasty there. She takes a drag on the cigarette and lets it out slowly.

Fingers tap on the glass of the display's top as Cooper waits patiently for his orders, eyes lift upward and then further. Wonder how old this place is? Probably pretty old. Is that a spider web in the corner? This is how he thinking goes as he waits. Little thoughts, internal commentary.

Even when it comes to the workers. B cup… noooo…. C. Definitly a C. Didn't I date her once? No. I'd remember a nose like that.

When the boxes are brought to him, Thomas takes the slip of paper and the pen. Brows lift a little as he reads it. Whoa. Holy crap look at that price. That strawberry short cake better be orgasmic. // Cooper signs his name on the line flashes the girl a grin and moves to gather the boxes. //Audrey better appreciate these… like paying for a lobster dinner and not getting se…

The thought cuts short as he turns, catching another glance from Remi. Thomas can't help but look down self consciously. No… everything is tucked away and zipped. No free willy here. Then why the looks? Eyes narrow a bit at her, curious as he starts slowly making his way to the door. Odd. I do remember putting on deoderant. So not that… He starts running down a mental check list as he moves to leave.

Barbara says, "Elaine? /?Darrow? She my… flatmate," Quinn responds with a bit of hesitation, looking over and flashing Cooper a smile as he gets his food and makes his way t' leave. //Flatmate? I guess that works, since nothin's official yet. She looks over at Brenda, smiling. "I"

Wait, what? Yay, Elaine! Pimpin' the shooooow~ Wait, did she just ask me to join her? Ummm… "Elaine Darrow? She my… flatmate," Quinn responds with a bit of hesitation, looking over and flashing Cooper a smile as he gets his food and makes his way t' leave. Flatmate? I guess that works, since nothin's official yet. She looks over at Brenda, smiling. "Ill pick up my order on m' way out, if that's not a problem?" The iPad is slipped back into her bag as she turns to follow after Remi. "Sure, why not. I have time t' kill until t'night. Just gotta not let those creme brules sit too long."

Cooper gets a Frenchwoman staring at his rear when he's making his way out. Maybe she's trying to be obvious, just so she can set his mind at ease. It's really nothing he's doing! Remi is just— strange.

So it is the Quinn that Elaine was thinking about. Oooh, it's really a small world. Remi settles into her seat with her strawberry shortcake, smiling to Quinn.

"Oui, Elaine Darrow." She nods slowly. "Nice flatmate you 'ave there."

Once Quinn seats herself, the redheaded Frenchwoman extends a hand. "I am Soleil Remi Davignon."

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