Just a Job


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Scene Title Just A Job
Synopsis After Agent Winters' seizure, Veronica gets him to the Company's facilities so he can be evaluated.
Date March 3, 2009 >

Veronica's Apartment to Primatech in a cab

After a few moments of talking to Goodman, keeping a surreptitious eye on Brian from where she stands in the kitchen, Veronica enters the room. "All right, Blue Boy, we have to go to Primatech and get you checked out," she says in a cheerfully Un-Veronica-like tone, tossing him his coat as she grabs for her own and finds the keys in the pocket. "No arguments. Goodman's orders. You want some tylenol or something for the road, or you good to go?"

A dull groan emits from the man who has barely moved since his little episode. Brian frowns as the coat lands on his chest. "I'm going to need your help." He murmurs, "Walking." The words are said weakly. Not that he's injured. He's just, drained utterly and completely. The young man tries to push up on the couch to get himself up. He fails, his back going straight back into the couch. He lets out a soft groan.
Veronica moves to the couch and crouches so that her shoulders are level with his, then wraps an arm around him, tucking beneath his far underarm. "Slow and easy. And the story for the door man and whatnot is you're sick and I'm bringing you to the doctor." Well, that's true enough, right? "So… did you learn anything about that other guy when he snooped in your brain?" she asks casually — ever on the job. "You can't feel him — see him — now can you? What he sees?"

Slowly getting to his feet, Brian leans heavily on the woman as she helps him up. He gives her an incredulous look, "What else would we say?" He asks with a frown. As far as the other questions, they go ignored and avoided for now. He makes a show of concentrating too heavily on his labored walking and leaning against her that he doesn't hear them. Putting most of his weight on Veronica, he tries to help, but fails mostly.

She takes his weight and holds him tightly, not stooping under his weight at all. "It's okay. You don't have to tell me," she says quietly, her voice seemingly sympathetic. They make it to the door and to the elevator. In the lobby, she asks the doorman to call a cab. "He's just feeling a little blue," she says with a wink, a joke at the expense of the remaining blue in Brian's hair, in an attempt to making him laugh. She gets him settled into the cab and gives an address to the cabby — Primatech.

A sharp exhale of a breath is given at the comment of him being blue. His gaze flicks over to her as she helps him to the cab. Practically collapsing into his seat. He lets out a sigh as he settles into the seat, barely able to move his arms much less coot over. Though his gaze slowly roams over to the woman beside him. Brian is able to murmur, "Thanks, baby." A tiny smirk playing on his lips.

She lets her hand drop from his shoulders, but allows it to fall over his hand, delicate fingers curling over his larger ones lightly— Not quite "holding," but close. Her dark eyes flicker here and there on the streets as the cabbie drives, giving them some curious looks in the rear view mirror. By the time they pull up at Primatech, she's already got the fare ready, plus tip, and hands it to him, before scrambling out the door and moving around to Brian's side to help him out. "It's nothing." she says, helping to hoist him up, then shuffling toward the front door of the paper company.

"Hey lady! Don't you think you should get him to a doctor?" the cabbie asks.

Veronica smiles over her shoulder. "He just needs his medicine, and left it here, earlier. Thank you though!"

If he could turn his hand over to take hers, he would. But even that seems like some ridiculous amount of effort that he just does not have the energy to expend. Once the car stops and she's coming out to get him, Brian allows her to lift him. Most of his weight going on her once again. Practically just attatching to the woman and being dragged along, he mutters. "You're stronger than you look." He lets out quietly, his head flopping on her shoulder groggily.

"Nah, you're just a lightweight," she teases him, struggling to open the doors. Inside, once she's past the front reception area, with the proper people immediately called by the receptionist, the hubbub begins. A wheel chair suddenly materializes with a white-coated doctor, and Brian is swept away from her, to be ferreted off to some lab most likely, where doctors and telepaths can assess his body and mind, to see what damage the other replicate did to him. Veronica stands looking a little worried, her brows furrowed… but then she shakes her head and heads off to the offices, to no doubt find Goodman, and learn what she should do next. After all… it's just a job, right?

His hand slides off of Veronica's arm, as he casts a glance up at her, as if looking for a glance from her saying it was okay, or something like that. Watching her his hands drop as he is put in a wheelchair. Nothing is said, though his eyes remain on her until he's taken off, where he procedes to go ahead and drift off until they take him to his old friend the telepath.

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