Just a Little Nip


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Scene Title Just a Little Nip
Synopsis Minea uses her pull to get in to see Sonny about a little makeover
Date December 5, 2008

The Bianco Clinic

Doctor Bianco's office could be mistaken for a spa. It uses up one side of the 16th floor of a Manhattan high-rise. The private elevator opens onto a sprawling, modern space with a crescent-shaped reception desk with an impossibly pretty women in smart business casual wear and wearing a headset to take calls. Glass dividers create a prismatic effect and reinforces the spa-like feel. This is what the clinic of New York's most sought after cosmetic surgeons looks like.

Minea's black heels click along the floor when she enters. Odss of getting an appointment in the new few minutes for a regular person is slim. Odds of her getting one, maybe not so slim. She's impressed, but then, this is Dr. Bianco. Must have been fate when she ran into him on the street. Tailored suit, high waist skirt that falls to knee and a fine lawn shirt beneath, Minea's steps carry her to the receptionist and offers her a non patronizing smile. Be nice. They're the guardians to the den that is the good Doctor.

The woman looks up from the desk and smiles a perfect, pearly-white smile. Must be caps. "Can I help you miss?" The woman's got state of the art, high tech LCD displays. Their booking software appears to have its own look and feel. She's wearing a nametag that says 'Wendy'. Behind her is a cappuccino machine and a wine bar.

"My name is Minea Dahl Wendy, and I was wondering if there was at some point today when I might meet with the good doctor Bianco and take up five minutes of his time, no more, no less." Her ID is taken from out of her purse and slid across the counter to her discreetly. "Not the end of the world if I can't, but it would truly be appreciated if I could be squeezed in between an appointment"

Wendy looks at the ID, then looks Minea over. "Just one minute." She hits a button on a touch keypad. "Kelsey? This is Wendy at the front desk. There's an…ISA agent here to see Doctor Bianco. Is he available?" A beat. Wendy smiles at Minea and mouths 'one minute.' "…I see. All right. Thank you dear." She turns back to Minea. "Please have a seat. Doctor Bianco is just with a patient. It should be about ten minutes. Can I offer you a drink?"

"Oh, no thank you Wendy. I just had a coffee before coming, but thank you for your expediency. I really appreciate it" The ID is taken, tucked away in a pocket on the inside of her jacket and turns to go take her seat and wait. Legs crossed at the knee, one of the other, she's a patient patient woman.

Seated to either side of Minea are people she may recognize. One is the wife of a CEO, one a new anchorman and another, a wealthy socialite. The socialite can't be more than 19 or so. She looks terribly excited. The CEO's wife looks her over, then leans in to ask, "What are you getting done, dear?"

Minea leans in to the CEO's wife. "Divorcing my husband. I decided to get a gift to myself and seeing about getting my eyes touched and perhaps a little more in the chest. Make him regret what he's lost. Bastard cheated on me" There's a conspiratorial look on her face. "Taking him for all I can get and making him pay"

The CEO's wife looks at her for a moment, then clucks her tongue and pats Minea on the shoulder. "Good for you, dear." She flicks the pages of a fashion magazine. "That's what I did to my first two husbands."
It's sooner than ten minutes before a woman with a dark black bob wearing a lab coat comes out for Minea. She's pretty, but not nearly as artificially so as the receptionist. "Miss…Dahl?"

"Good for me" Minea smiles, waiting patiently till it's her turn. She rises smoothly, purse in hand when her name is called. A wink for the CEO's wife and off she goes merrily clicking her heels.

"Miss Dahl, I'm afraid you might not have long to talk to Dr. Bianco. His schedule is very tight. I also have to warn you that his procedures take a lot out of him. So you'll have to forgive him if he seems a little…lagged." She speaks and moves in a brusque, efficient way. She leads Minea down hallways, through glass corridors. They pass by a room that is well-lit by large windows and artificial lights. It has a table on it that looks like an extremely plush version of a dentist's chair.

As they pass, a woman moves past them, escorted by her husband. She looks to be in her 40s, but a very glowing 40. She keeps touching her face in wonderment. Her husband can't stop staring.
Then they come to an office at the end of the hall with 'Dr. Salvatore Bianco' on the door. "Go on in."

"I understand completely, and I appreciate that he's taking the time to confer with me, I'll be completely understanding about his current state" It's why she's here. What damned luck to be in the city with this evolved. Matter was, would the man help, or not. Through the door into the office minea steps, purse held close, perusing the room.

"Doctor Bianco makes it a point to allow government agencies access to him." It just makes good political sense when you're the mayor's son. Then the bobbed woman moves off, down the hall, to deal with all the things Sonny can't.

In contrast to the rest of the clinic, Dr. Bianco's actual office is very sedate, very professional. His clients might want miracles performed, but they prefer to be reminded he's actually a doctor on top of being Evolved. The furnishings are all very nice, but it's not slick and spa-like. The chair at the desk is turned to face the window and doesn't immediately swivel back even when the door opens. It takes a second. A very exhausted-looking Sonny comes in to view. He also looks a little green around the gills. He blinks at her, and the other day registers. "I should have guessed you weren't an art dealer. Please, have a seat." He motions to a chair in front of his desk. "What can I do for you?"

Well. She actually hadn't been expecting him to be in the room. Most usually aren't. "Because of the company I keep. Actually. I am. If you had called the number you would very well have gotten me, it's a pleasure to meet you Dr. Bianco, and not on the street. Thank you for sparing a few moments to speak, I understand you very busy and a skill like yours can be very taxing"

"Please, you're not a patient. Just call me Sonny," He attempts a smile, but he can't really hide the fact that he's worn down. He reaches for a mug of coffee and sips from it. "I'll be fine. I do this a half dozen times a day. I just need a little downtime, is all. It's getting easier to recover the longer I do it. So…" He folds his hands in front of him on the desk and leans in. "How can I help?" For a man who essentially works in an overblown spa, he seems fairly genuine.

"Your name came up on the database Sonny. Your skill particularly. What's spoken here, goes nowhere else. Before I speak further.." She's reaching into the shoulder bag, producing a set of papers, legalese looking documents. "I need you to sign this stating that whats spoken here goes no further than you and yourself. If you will not sign it, than I will thank you for your time and let you get back to resting" The document, replete with a pen that's produced from same purse is slid across the desk to him. A national secrets act form is what it seems to be, which indicates really big big trouble of the nasty kind if he speaks.

Sonny looks down at the papers, then up at Minea. "If you feel it's necessary. But my profession and…" he hesitates. He hates name dropping, "…my father's position would both combine to make it very foolish for me to go tossing around anything a government agent told me. But…" He draws the papers towards him and takes a minute to read them thoroughly.

"I appreciate it and I understand, btu I still require that it be signed. No offense intended. Crossing the T's and dotting the I's as they say. You still make a patient sign in, even though they're already in your system, and they're parked in a waiting room Sonny" Minea waits patiently, her knee's crossed again, perfectly patient.

Only when he's sure he isn't signing anything but a non-disclosure agreement does Sonny put pen to paper. He caps the fountain pen, then slides the paper across the table to her. "So. I take it you have a job for me?" This isn't the first time this has happened.

"I have a witness who is in need of your skills and services at your soonest possible convenience. Needless to say it needs to be done more discreetly than any starlet or famous model who wants to pretend they didn't get a rhinoplasty. We will provide you with transportation to the location of said witness, provide with what equipment you will need if any, and then return transportation. You will likely need to clear a day, for that I apologize, but it is important for yoru safety and for the witness's. Time is of the essence and we can't afford to wait for traditional healing times. Are you interested Sonny? If not, I'd really like to not waste your time" She's very down to business, even as she's speaking all this, the trifolded piece of paper is signed by herself, dated and then slid back into her purse.

"It's been my experience that these kinds of things aren't actually requests." Sonny raps his fingers on the desk and gives her a rather knowing look. "I have no doubt there's things on me that your clearance can't see either. Either that or it's just the usual case of departments not communicating. I know how this goes. I did a job like this for the FBI once. Though of course, I can't say how long ago or why." He reaches for his mug of coffee. "But your files should show at least, that I have a history of cooperating."

Minea leans forward. "I'm not them Sonny. You do have a choice in this. This is just a request, not an order. I'm just hoping that you'll say yes" She leans back, arm resting across her knee. "Do it, and i'll free of charge, help you find the next piece of art for your building here, or for your home. I really do take an interest in what I do when i'm not doing this. Call it a passion or a hobby, but… It runs concurrent and what you do" there's a pause. 'we both create art, but not in the traditional sense"

"You don't need to offer me gifts, Miss. I'm willing to cooperate. I know my services are only called in when the situation is dire." Sonny inclines his head. "Just tell me when. My clients wait years to see me. One more day wouldn't make a difference."

Minea watches Sonny, one second, two before the chesire smile on her face turns to one of sheer pleasure. "I was hoping you'd take me up on it Sonny Bianco. Would be a coup for me businesswise, but also personally. I'll leave you be then, get your rest. You have my card already. From this point on, please consider yourself on call, though i'll try to give you as much advanced warning as we can manage" Minea closes the purse, uncrossing legs and standing up, smoothing her suit down. "For the record, there's a CEO's wife out there who thinks I'm getting an eye lift and breast augmentation. Think she'll be diappointed when come out without a follow up appointment?" The corners of her mouth turn up in a quirky grin that doens't quite match the cultured exterior she presents.

Sonny smiles a tired smile. "If you're looking for a little free nip-tuck, I'm afraid I can't oblige, Miss Dahl." He draws in a deep breath and his shoulders drop. Sure, it's great being rich, but hard when you have no time to actually enjoy it.

"Hardly Sonny. I like myself just the way I am. Sometimes, perfection means being slightly flaw'd. It was just a joke. I truly hope that I never have need of your services. I prefer to just age gracefully as nature intends me to." THe bag is hooked over her shoulder and her hand extended to shake his. "I owe you one. Your making my job infinately easier. I really do appreciate it. Fax your rider to that number, we'll take care of the things on it"

"Forgive me for being cynical. But I do get asked for 'quick jobs' all the time. People don't seem to realize that I could spend my entire life doing 'quick' jobs." Sonny stands and reaches out to shake her hand. "I do admit it's refreshing to meet a woman who is happy with herself. I…don't meet many in my line of work." He nods to her. "Always happy to help the government."

"That's because many have a low self esteem. What you do Sonny, is cruicial in that process. You give it to them in the form of what you do. But I like my mothers nose and my fathers chin and my grandmothers ears. Some people, are more better suited to what they were born with as opposed to what can be created for them. Till next we meet, I'll ensure there's coffee waiting. And I really am serious about the other offer. I do know a good artist who has a canvas that would look good in here. Discreet, tasteful. Not… gaudy. Rest well Dr. Bianco. Thank you" His hand is squeezed firmly and then released as Minea starts to head for the door, this task mentally checked off in her mind.

"I'm afraid you'd have to talk Wendy in to it. She's responsible for the look and feel of the clinic." Which might be why Sonny's office looks so normal compared to outside. It's the one part various designers had no control over. "Notice would be…potentially necessary. Otherwise you might catch me after a full day of work. Then I'm liable to disfigure your man instead of fix him. Have a good day." He sits back down. And once she's gone, she might note that the lights in his office dim. He just needs to rest his eyes for a minute.

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