Just A Reststop


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Scene Title Just A Reststop
Synopsis Abigail's making her way to the other infirmary courtesy of Megan and Huruma is sniffing around.
Date April 10, 2011

Bannerman's Castle - Hallways

She feels human.

Which doesn't really take a great much to do to help Abby feel like such again, shuffling beside Megan, arm around the womans shoulder. For the most part, her legs are working again, though her left one tends to give out a bit at the moment, but damned if she wasn't going to have a bath/shower, feel human again.

wash off the evo infirmary, be presentable for the other which is where they are going on a Monday morning, insistence on at least trying to make it there under most of her own steam. Yoga pants hanging a little on her waist, woolen sock, shirt and sweater, layered up for warmth even though spring is on it's way, there's a gesture to stop so she can lean against the wall, catch her breath. "I demand a window" She's not in a place to demand anything. "Big window, view of. The river. I deserve it for. Not dying on you"

Megan keeps her arm around the other woman's slender waist. Abby's a wisp of nothingness right now against the wiry muscle the redhead has these days. "You do, in fact," the nurse replies in amusement as they stop for a rest. "Unfortunately for this moment, it's still too chilly to have the infirmary up next to a window. So…. once you can sleep in a room on your own without me worrying so much, we'll put you on the river side of the building in a room you can stare out of to your heart's content." She grins.

"I hit that point" Abby looks over. "I'll take just. Being back in my corner. And my window" She still gets winded easy, still finds herself coughing to clear her lungs, but she's now well on the road and another week possibly bit more, she'll be free as a bird. "You're hair sucks by the way" Eyeballing the shorn locks. "I know a hairdresser"

Megan puts a hand up to the locks that she cut to the nape of her neck, leaving it only long enough to clip back out of her way. "Yeah, well… it was getting too long," she says mildly. Offering a bit of a smile, "No one out here's a hairdresser. I'm almost sure of it. It's fine… just needs a little evening out."

"Give me a day, and I can do that for you." Abby offers the nurse, sliding down to sit on the floor, damp hair tucked behind her ears. There are no blowdryers here unfortunately. Most people more concerned with living that with looking fresh from a salon. Abigail and Megan are in a hall, the former being escorted by the latter to the non-flu infirmary. Though Abby's currently parked on the floor, gathering her breath and taking a break. Huruma can feel the elation in the brunette, simmering contentment. SHe's glad to be out of the other infirmary. The meaning that comes with the transition to the normal one.

Megan's own feelings are primarily joy. At being able to banter with Abby this way. There are others — worry for those still ill, loneliness. She stands apart from many, by her own choice it often seems. But she's beyond thrilled about the recovery of the two women who've been released. "That sounds like a plan," the redhead replies, apparently not in a hurry to get anywhere. She lets Abby just rest as long as she needs to, content in the younger woman's progress.

The castle floors are still a confined space- so picking up people has become quite easy over time. Huruma knows the halls like the back of her hand now, and when she sits and listens to the minds shifting, she is lucky in being able to figure them out by where they are. Megan is always down here. Abby. Hannah. The sickbies. The death was down here too. Listening to the emotive force ebb away from someone is disconcerting only when it is a child.

It comes as no shock that Huruma does avoid the infirmaries if she can. There is always an exception. Today's is Abby- Huruma heard that she was getting better enough to actually move and be not- contagious- and Huruma took it as a sign to finally go see her. The dark woman is able to avoid prying into the infirmary by finding Megan and Abby's presence in the hall towards the other one. She is a shape of heather gray shirt and dusty denim when she finds them, hovering there at the corner before coming closer.

"I don'think you are there yet." Jokes are not Abby's strong suit, but even now Huruma has a playful look all over her face as she nears them.

Creepy black women, creeping around the castle. Abby looks away from Megan and toward Huruma when she makes her presence known and her elation perks just a fraction more. "Huruma" She smiles wide at the woman, might even hug her if she wasn't waaaay down there on the floor and Huruma wasn't waaaay up there. "Megan's walking me to the infirmary. It's moooving day" All breathless and southern.

The redhead's gaze also comes up and Megan smiels for Huruma. "She was starting to make me crazy in there," she teases. "Pretty please, Megan, I wanna hang out with all the kiiiiids!"

"Have you noticed you are sitting down?" Huruma tries not to laugh, and instead gives the blonde-gone-brunette a warm little smile. She is uncertain of if Abby is just tired as hell or if Megan has her on something, but suddenly she finds herself immensely happy that she is seeing Abby lollygagging about a hallway and not lying in a pine box. Perhaps Huruma did not want to think about it as much, when it was a possibility.

"I take it that this is a rest stop?" She says softly now, crouching down so that she can be there on Abby's level instead.

"Mhh hmm, catch my breath before we get back. On the highway. I refuse to be carried" She's a big girl, has use of her legs for the most part back. "Had a shower. Going to my new bed" That isn't a pine box. "Floor isn't bad anyways." This from the string thin brunette perched on the floor in clothes that will fit her again easily enough with some feeding. "How's Kasha. Megan doesn't know. Rhett too, where is he?" The baby - not so much a baby - and her dog.

Megan remains leaned back against the wall, simply monitoring Abby's state. Letting the two talk.

Huruma did, for a moment, debate asking if Abby wanted a ride down there- but just as she reiterates her stubbornness, Huruma remembers that Abby is much too independent for it. Very well. "Kasha is with Brian, on th'mainland. I think tha'she is also with his girl." Whose name slips her mind. "Rhett is with Delia." And she kindly does not say where, except that it is obviously not here on Bannerman. "They are both okay, as far as I know. Delia loves dogs an'Brian loves babies." A small shrug of one shoulder comes off as a familiar calm.

So both are safe, fine, relatively speaking, which makes Abigail satisfied that nothing has happened to two of the important people in her life. Though Megan gets a belated roll of her eyes. "Megan, my left foot itches, Megan, I want a shower, megan I'm hungry, megan, can you get me some water, Megan, this water isn't cold enough" Imitating herself, halting at the end to bury her face in her elbow and cough, loosen stuff in her lungs that at least doesn't come flying out.

Megan laughs at Abby's complaints. She's definitely heard those ones before. "Yeah… the left foot thing is a pain in my butt. Seriously. I mean, c'mon now!" But the tone is affectionate because the redhead cannot help but like Abby. Almost everyone likes Abby so far as Meg can tell. The young woman is a joy to be around. "C'mon, you… let's get you to your feet and see if we can get the rest of the way," she adds when the coughing lessens.

"If you need something while you are still recovering, please, let m'know." Huruma allows herself a moment's chuckle at the exchange between doctor and patient, lifting out a hand for Abby to take for help standing, since she is already down here. "Soon enough you will b'able to scratch your feet t'your heart's content, hm?" In no time at all.

"I don't really say all that" Abby for once, has been a well behaved patient, though she accedes to Megan and Huruma's directives, wrapping her hand around Huruma's offered one and getting the help to be upright once again. Get her feet back under her and steady. "Huruma can get me settled Megan, if you want to get back to the others"

"If you want to get rid of me, you can just say so," the nurse retorts. "The others are holding their own. And you and Hannah will be duly entertained by the kids I'm sure." Megan lets Huruma take the thin young woman. "I can come by and see you in a while if you like. I know that they have a fresh bed just waiting for you."

Huruma keeps Abby steady as they stand up, providing a pillar for her to lean on. Her other hand is hovering halfway between them though, poised to have to help her if necessary. "A fresh bed is something else around here." Sounds like Huruma could use one of those for herself, even. Her hand eventually finds Abby's shoulder, firm and warm. "I am glad that you have gotten well, Abigail." She practically murmurs, as though it were a secret meant only for the youngest of the three in the hall.

"I'm grateful, that the lord, didn't see fit to take me" As are likely, many others. "Go, if no one needs you Megan, go sleep and rest and just be. Huruma will get me to my bed, maybe steal it from me" Abby smiles, she'll give Megan a hug another time, when she can do so under her own steam. Till then though, she's nodding to Huruma and down the hall, where more comfortable rest and a bunch of kids, await.

Megan hesitates just a bit longer and then smiles. "You know what? I think I will do just that." It's the first time in ages she really feels like she might be able to sleep. All the way down in the deep sleep. "I'll check in on you in the morning, Abby. Enjoy." She glances at Huruma and smiles. "See you soon."

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