Just Another Night


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Scene Title Just Another Night
Synopsis A communing of many people over one night. Both customer or employee's
Date January 15, 2009

Old Lucy's

Well after opening time, ladies are behind the bar, working, men, ladies mingling, the noise is getting up there, music blasting, Old Lucy's is in full swing. The ladies just finished one of their dances on the bar, and back to proper drink serving. Well, as proper as it gets in this place. That included abby pouring rum into the waiting mouths of both men and women while the others danced. Eight o'clock and the funs just started

Roselyn walks into the bar looking around at all of the people. She makes her way to the bar and tries to find Abby so she can give her resume to her. She stands towards the end of the bar closest to the stairs watching the girls and taking in everything. She waves down one of the bartenders and orders a shot of Goldschlagger and an Irish Car Bomb.

Al should be hiding. Is he? Far from it. Lucrezia's busy tonight, and Al intends to drown his sorrows or his general truculence in booze. He's in his army parka, white long-sleeved t-shirt, fatigues, and combat boots, tucking gloves and watchcap into his pockets as he bellies up to the bar. The blue eyes are about as chilly as the winter night outside, at this point.

Its an unusual entrance, well for Elvis that is. Its so very alien that you might not recognize her, because you see there is no cigarette between her lips. Granted everything else is there, the leather, the bad attitude and the ever present silk scarf. Well no, actually the scarf is gone too if your eyes are sharp. No this is a -new- scarf, one that doesnt smell like so many cigarettes so as to choke a horse. Elvis pauses just inside, fiddling with her collar before approaching the bar good in a stealthy manner not unlike a ninja. "Hey, Abby!"ok, so maybe less like a Ninja that I said.

'hey" Abby spots roselyn at the other end of the bar, a wave to her while the pretty brunette serves her. But in comes Al and look there's… Elvis. "Al. Elvis, over here" A smile bursting forth from the blondes face, even as she serves up a couple drinks, grabs a bottle of beer and passes it off to another, taking the money in return. It's a good night it seems.

Roselyn smiles and waves at Abby. She takes her Goldschlagger and drinks it all. She holds up her resume for Abby to see so she can give it to her once she isn't too busy. She grabs the shot and drops it into the pint of Guinness and chugs all of it in one go then slams the glass down, not hard enought to break it, just hard enought to make a loud slam noise.

Alexander's expression softens, as he lopes over to where Abby is. "Hey, doll," he says, more gently. "How's tricks here?" Elvis gets a polite looking over, and an affable nod. His bad mood is not her fault.

Elvis saddles on up to the bar like the buckaroo cowgirl she is, on the weekends, when nobody is looking, with -naughty- boys but she doesn't talk about that stuff in such polite company."Hey babe, I reckon I could find myself thankful if you would be ever so kind so as to procure for me a Hendricks Martini? No garnish, and if you shake it sweetums I will break your arm."she smiles though, and for once its pretty easy to judge she's far from serious. Peering at Alex finally after a moment"I know you, I think we go to the same gym?"

Abby darts down, a motion for roselyn to come join her end, snapping up the resumee so she can tuck it somewhere for isabelle. "Elvis, meet Al, Al meet Elvis, The tricks are good. No fights, no bad stuff. It's going good" But alas, Elvis asks for a martini and abb just shakes her head. "Martini?' new one! but the blonde sets about to making the drink.

Roselyn nods and smiles then makes her way to Abby's end of the bar. "Hey how are you doing?" she says loud enough for Abby to hear her. "Could I get a shot of Goldschlagger, and Irish Car Bomb, and a Screwdriver please?" she says to one the ladies.

"I think so," Al opines, after a moment spent squinting thoughtfully at Elvis. And then he extends a hand. "Well met either way. If you're a friend of Abby's I'm sure we'll get along just grand," he notes, in his lazy drawl. "Abby, I'll have a jack and coke when you get to it, no hurry at all."

Elvis shakes Al's hand firmly. "I'm Elvis, more of an old room-mate to be plain about the relationship. Yeah indeed, either way its a pleasure. You look like your having something of a positively splendid day?"Her smile is fake, but its the good kind of obviously fake.

'Rose, if you drink like that while your working here, you'll spend all your paycheck before you even get it" The religious blonde cautions. But she sets about to fulfilling roselyn's order first after whipping up Elvis's drink. Not shaken! "She's like a sister" A sister who, after pouring the Guinness in preparation for the car bomb leans over to Elvis "hun… are you… on drugs right now?" a concerned look for the fake smiles and everything. Not the Elvis she knows.

Nicolas pushes open the doors to the bar, stepping inside as he looks around the bar. He moves towards the bar, heading towards his usual stool, taking off his jacket as he moves through the crowd. As he nears his seat, he frowns slightly as someone else is already sitting there. He shrugs and moves down to another empty stool and sits down, setting his jacket on the bar top.

Roselyn smiles, "I wouldn't be doing this while working, I would save the getting drunk for after work." she says to Abby, "I'd have too much fun being on the other side of the bar making drinks and dancing." she says with a smile then takes the shot of Goldschlagger.

"I had better, you can say that, yeah," Al agrees, giving her a crooked grin in return. "It all balances out. I been lucky, but right now definitely down low on the turn of the wheel."

Elvis 's smile falls instantly, to that familiar scowl. "Abby, what the fuck did you just fucking ask me? If I was fuckin -No, no I am not on drugs. Chrissakes see and people wonder why I don't bother bein nice n'more!"She snorts, more than a touch irritated as she pointedly turns back to Alex."Its a Pleasure then dude, aint too often I bump into good folks these days."

Well, Elvis shuts the blonde up. Making her leans back and dispense with the rest of Roselyn's drinks and Al's coke and rum. "I'd hope you wouldn't rose. Nico's here, I'm gonna go say hi and take my break. Roselyn, meet Elvis, and Alexander" A gesture to the other two. "Friends of mine" And with that, Abby inches away from Elvis and the scowl.

Roselyn nods, "I would never drink all of my paycheck away, I would take you out shopping and go hang out and have a girls night." she says with a smile. "Okay, I hope you're break is good." she says to Abby before turning and looking to the others then gives them a smile, "Hi." she says before taking a drink of her Screwdriver.

Nicolas lets out a sigh as he looks back to the man who occupies his accustomed stool. "Bastard is ruining my ass groove." He says to no one in particular, before he looks up and down the bar, spotting Abby and Roselyn. He offers them both a nod in greeting and a smile.

"I don't know if I qualify as good people anymore, if indeed I ever did, but it's a kind thing for you to say," Al says, easily. And then he turns to Roselyn, and proffers a long, pale hand as well. "Hey, you. Roselyn. Pretty name," he notes.

Elvis is suddenly feeling less social than she was before. So she offers Roselyn a forced smile and a little wave, before she turns back to Al."Hey, dont be so damned hard on yourself darlin. Its everyone elses job, it aint'cher own you know."she nods, lifting her Martini finally to chance a sip.

'Aww Nico, only your third time here, it won't be that off. Just haunt this spot till he goes, or you can go console yourself with Roselyn. Can i get you something besides your usual before I go on break?" Abby offers to Nicolas. "Guy at the end is Alexander. The girl, is elvis. Friends of mine. You can go make nice, careful of Elvis, she bites, but she's good people, likes bikes. Al's good people too. Roommate." Abby draws up and pours the necessary drinks for nick, looking over to the other end and keeping an eye on things.

Roselyn extends her hand , "Hi. Thanks." she says with a smile, "How are you doing tonight?" she says looking to Al and then smiling at Elvis, "Nice to meet the both of you." she says then takes a drink of her Screwdriver.

Nicolas chuckles as he nods. "Yeah, I'm not too worried about it." He says to Abby before he smirks. "Uhh..no, but make the shot something that you like." He says as he looks towards Alex and Elvis, offering a wave to the two as they're introduced to him. He looks back to Abby. "Do you have that info that I asked for yesterday?" He asks her, his voice lowered a bit.

"Doin' better now that I've got a drink in hand," Al says, bluntly, shaking her hand. Elvis gets a chuckle. "Don't I know it, doll. And pleasure to meet the both of you."

Elvis suckles her tooth, considering the drink before she sets it back down. "Certainly very chummy in here, isnt it? I didnt realize folks conducted such business in public establishments."She doesnt say that to anyone in particular of course, partially because she has a suspicion Al already agrees.

"I won't have it for a couple weeks Nick. two maybe. But i'll give you fair warning. I haven't even picked out a name yet. That's the hardest part. Why don't you think up one for me, for the next time you come in and i'm working" Rum, in the shot glass is poured for the shooter. "Not old enough to drink Nico, but when I do, it's a rum and coke. Easy on the rum. I'm on break, I got some errands, go make nice huh?" Giving Nicolas a wink before she turns away, taking off the apron as she heads for the back room.

Roselyn smiles, "I know how that is." she says to Al, "I feel the same way." she takes her shot and drops it into the pint of Guinness and chugs all of it in one go. "Damn that's a good drink." she says after finishing it off and setting the mug down on the bar.

Nicolas nods his head. "Well, that's always a personal thing. I'll let you pick it. Just let me know when you have the info." He says before he takes his drink. "Alright. I'll go play nice." He says with a chuckle before he takes the shot for the Car Bomb and drops it into his Guinness and downs the hole thing. He sets the empty glasses down and picks up the shot and beer, heading towards the others.

Alexander puts on his best pokerface at that. "Depends on what sorta business you talkin' about. Sometimes a bar's the best place, y'know?" He mutters to Elvis, out of the corner of his mouth like some two-bit hood in a gangster movie.

Elvis frowns, glancing back at Alexander"the sort've business we're in."She clarifies lowly mind you. Turning back to sip at her a particularly flavorful Martini. "I thought Teo handled that sort of business."Now granted, Elvis may not have said a single god damned thing if she knew about the whole Alex and Teo thing. Truth is, Elvis doesnt know shit about Teo.

Roselyn takes a drink of her Screwdriver then takes a look around the bar then sees Nicolas and offers him a wave, "Hey you, How are you doin?" she says with a smile. "Figured I'd see you here tonight." she tells him giving him a wink.

Nicolas moves to the others and smiles to Roselyn, chuckling softly as he looks at her. "Yeah, but I'm here every night." He says with a smirk before he slides onto another bar stool, setting his drinks down in front of him. He looks back to Roselyn. "How have you been?"

Roselyn smiles, "Yeah, should have known that." she says with a giggle, "I'm great right now. How about yourself?" she says with a grin taking another drink of her screwdriver.

"Teo generally do," Al agrees, quietly. "Listen. Buy you a drink, Elvis?" he says, as if dismissing all that from his mind, at least for now.

Elvis lifts a hand"Just coffee, I still have to ride home after all of this. Coffee'll keep me nice and warm until I take my third possibly even fourth step outside. Your a proper gentleman Alex, so thank'ye kindly."Thats got a smile, a genuine one no less. Goodness, how rare are those?

Roselyn smiles, "Yeah, should have known that." she says with a giggle, "I'm great right now. How about yourself?" she says with a grin taking another drink of her screwdriver.

Nicolas nods his head. "I'm pretty good." He says before he slams back his shot, setting the glass down. "Much better." He says before he glances to the other two. "Hey." He says to them, raising a hand slightly.

Alexander gives Elvis the big puppy eyes. "Just coffee. A big girl like you?" he says, half-teasing. "But if you insist, fine," He's only flirting half-heartedly, as if to keep his hand in. He glances at Nicolas, one copper brow arched. "Hey," he says back, tone more or less neutral.

Isabelle has arrived.

Elvis smirks, nudging Alexander softly. "Yeah I'll freeze to death, one Martini is plenty. When its a little warmer, sure buy me a drink good and proper. This time of year though darlin, well ya'll aint a biker you dont really know but thats alright."

Roselyn smiles, "That's good. I'm still hoping to get a job, just waiting on a call from the owner, or at least catch her here." she says looking at Nick, "So hows about I buy you a drink, what do you want?" she sasy with another smile.

Nicolas chuckles and nods. "I'm sure you'll hear from her soon." He says before he takes a drink of his beer. "Well, I still owe you one, so why don't I finish this one and then I'll buy us another round." He says before he takes another drink from the beer.

"No, not a biker," Al concedes, with mock mournfulness. "Never did have the money to get me a hog of my own. Someday, perhaps. Insh'allah."

Elvis mmms, shrugging. "Even then it aint for everyone, hogs or not."She eases back a touch, digging around in her jacket before she pauses. "I keep forgetting, I dont smoke anymore."she admits, with abit of a grimace. Sweet, sweet tobacco how she missed you.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Okay, then I'll buy the round after that." she says giving him a wink then finishes off what she had left of her screwdriver. "So, How's work goin for ya?" she asks with a grin.

Isabelle comes in from her apartment, dressed normally, or normally for her. Tight black top and a miniskirt with her boots. Izzy's hair is up in a ponytail and she grins at everyone in the bar as closes the door behind her. "Hey everyone." She calls out.

Nicolas nods his head. "Sounds like a plan." He says as he chuckles. "Work is there. Doing pretty good." He says before he hears Isabelle's voice. "And speaking of the boss, there she is now." He says, turning back to looks to her. "Hey Isabelle." He says, offering a wave.

Alexander pulls a pack of Camels from a pocket, offers Elvis one reflexively. Apparently he's quite prepared to be the voice of temptation. And then there's Izzy, and Al is blinking, sitting up and peering at her.

Roselyn smiles, "Okay kool." she says to Nick and turns then looks to the woman he waves at, "Wow, She's got my skirt." she tells Nick jokingly.

Elvis declines the cigarette with a grimace."Naw, I should probably be going to be honest." She polishes off her Martini, and slowly starts to rise. Working her gloves back on before she even bothers with her zipper. "You have a nice night though alright Alex?"Out come the bills, and -then- up goes the zipper.

Roselyn smiles, "Okay kool." she says to Nick and turns then looks to the woman he waves at, "Wow, She's got my skirt." she tells Nick jokingly.

As soon as Alex stands up Izzy's gaze becomes fixed on the man. "You. You're the one that helped Hagan." She says simply and puts her hands on her hips. She looks to Nicolas and Roselyn, "Hello." She smiles at them and returns her gaze to Alex. Her eyes flick over Elvis. "Never thought I'd see you here I admit." She says to Al and tilts her head at the man, she doesn't know what his reaction will be, violent or not?

"I did," Al says, rather warily. "That was a…." He really doesn't have a good description for it. "Unique evening?" he finishes, lamely. "Later, Elvis," he says, giving her an almost wistful look.

Nicolas glances back towards Elvis and Alex as Isabelle speaks to them. He raises an eyebrow slightly before he takes his beer and takes a long pull from it.

Elvis has left.

Roselyn smiles and looks at Isabelle, "She seems nice." she tells Nick, "Think I have a chance of getting hired?" she says with a hopeful face.

"Yeah.. a special night. Full of all kinds of special things I would say. Just to let you know.. I don't normally do that to people who are mean to my friends.. well on occasion but not like everyday." Izzy winks at Alex.

Alexander says, drily, "I should hope so," He's still eyeing Isabelle a little warily, one brow cocked.

Nicolas looks back from Isabelle to Roselyn. "Yeah. I think you have a shot. Did you bring in your resume?" he asks as he takes a long drink from his beer, letting Alex and Izzy handle their thing.

Roselyn nods, "Yup, gave it to Abby, and she put it somewhere, where Isabelle can find it." she says with a smile, "I sure hope she gets it and likes it, I would love to work here, I need a job really badly." she says looking at Nick.

"I just got a little angry. I consider Hagan a friend and that guy was really being an ass." Isabelle shrugs her shoulders.

Alexander notes, nursing his jack and coke, "Remind me never to offend any of your friends." His tone is good humored. And he nods at Rose. "Tell me about it."

Nicolas looks back to Roselyn and nods. "Yeah. I need to find a steady job at some point. There's only so much one can do in my line of work." He says with a chuckle before he takes a drink from the beer, killing the last of it. He sets the bottle down on the bar top.

Roselyn nods, "I know what you mean, sorta. I'm not a wiz at that kind of stuff but I'm pretty good at what I do." she says with a smile, "Think you could get Isabelle over here so I could possibly ask her for a job? She seems to know you and like you a lot anywayz." she says with a grin.

"Well I've looked at your resume Roselyn and honestly I do more of a audition and then you get the job." Izzy grins and extends her hand to Rose as she walks over hearing the woman talk. "Isabelle Ashford here." A glance is given to Alex, "Oh and yes you might just want to not do that." She grins wickedly.

Alexander offers a neat little salute. And then takes care of tab and tip. Perhaps he won't finish his drinking here, tonight, but in the shelter of his little apartment.

Nicolas looks to Isabelle as she approaches Roselyn and smirks. "Well, there's your chance right there." He says before he looks to the bartender. "Can I get two more?" He asks, lifting the empty bottle before him.

Roselyn nods and smiles, "That's fine with me." she says to the Isabelle and extends her hand as well, "Roselyn Falke. Nice to meet you." she says to Isabelle, and offering her a grin.

"Awesome, well you can start tomorrow night and if you do a good enough job then you'll be hired full time. Sound cool?" Isabelle looks to her watch. "I actually need to go and do something with a friend tonight." She looks at Nicolas and smiles, "I need to talk to you, tomorrow ok?" she grins at Nicolas and nods at Roselyn.

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to Isabelle. "Sure thing. I'll swing by. Any particular time you wanna talk?" He asks her as his drinks arrive.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Sounds perfect." she gives Isabelle a wave, "Thank you so much." she says before turning to Nick, "Can you believe it, she's going to start me off tomorrow night and see how I do. I sure hope I am good, I would love to work here full time, then I would definitely see you everyday." she says to him with a grin.

Isabelle taps her chin as she walks closer to Nicolas and leans forward, what she does next can only be described as something spontaneous. That's because she dips her head and kisses Nicolas full on the lips, the kiss would have lasted for a few seconds before she pulls away and winks at the man. "It doesn't matter when, I'll be here all night." And with a nod and wink at Roselyn the pyro walks away and then out of the bar, her hips switch just a tad as the door is opened for her.

Nicolas is… what's the word? Shocked? No. Surprised? No. I don't know. But he's caught off guard by the kiss and blinks a few times after Isabelle pulls away. "Umm…uhh..okay. What?" He looks to Roselyn then back to Isabelle and then just takes a drink from his beer. He looks back to Isabelle. "Thanks?" Yeah, he wasn't expecting that at all.

Roselyn looks at Nick and smiles, "You should have told me you were Dating the boss." she says looking at him, "Guess you didn't want anyone to know." she says with a grin, "Should've known though, all the good looking guys are taken. Oh well, guess I'll just have to stick to myself." she says with a wink.

Isabelle has left.

Nicolas looks to Roselyn and shakes his head. "No. I'm not dating her. That kiss threw me off guard a bit." He says before he drains the last of his beer. "But, I should be getting out of here. I'll see you tomorrow though?"

Roselyn nods, "Okay, I believe you." she says with a grin, "Me too, I've got some things I have to do in the morning, that is if I get up in time." she says with a smile, "Yup, but I'll be on the other side, and possibly up on the bar." she says giving him a wink then standing up and putting on her jacket and walking towards the door, "Good Night, see you tomorrow." she says before she leaves.

Nicolas nods his head and puts on his own jacket, leaving a few bills on the bar for his drinks. "Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then." He says, offering her a wave before he heads out himself.

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