Just Don't Tell Her I Said So


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Scene Title Just Don't Tell Her I Said So
Synopsis Nick finally gets a chance to thank Kaylee for saving his life.
Date October 04, 2011

Pollepel Island

An early morning run up the Hudson River in fall is beautiful, thanks to the changing colors of the leaves on the trees lining the river bank, and the silvery fog that floats along the water.

It's also fucking cold.

So it's with relief that Nick's motorboat comes to the docks fronting Pollepel Island. His boat's familiar enough sight that won't raise too many alarms, especially when whoever's on watch sees the familiar captain, trying to keep warm with the help of gloves, toque and peacoat. Once he gets to the dock, he hops off to moor the thing and ring the little bell to announce his arrival. Then he starts to unload the crates of food and other supplies he's brought for the residents of Bannerman.

The tinny ring of the bell does catch the attention of a recently arrived blonde; having just come in from a trip to Grand Central, bringing with her some of the supplies to be relocated. Kaylee seems to be in a decent mood as she steps back out of the castle, feet moving quickly down the stone steps and wrapping her scarf around her neck. Once it is there, she quickly ducks her nose down into the soft yarn against the cold.

"Oh my god Why did I have to volunteer for this?" The telepath grumbles softly, though she isn't really - really complaining. Just a good-natured gripe.

Her steps slow when she finally gets a really look at who has arrived, Kaylee seems a little hesitant; but, she still offers a small smile. "Nick," she offers politely. "You look much better."

Nick looks up from his unloading at Kaylee's approach, and his usual smile becomes a little shy, somehow. He stands up, hefting one of the boxes. "Hey, sorry to pull you down from the warmth of the…well, it's not really warm in there, either is't?" He's long given up the American accent while at the castle, and gives in to the familiar sounds of the East End. "I just didn't want to get yelled at for not following protocol, you know?" The man is recovered fully from the flu, it seems, having put back on the weight he'd lost in the months where he was almost devoured by the illness. "How are you? It's good to see you again," he says, and it doesn't seem to be out of mere politeness, where it may have been in the past.

Shoulders seem to relax at the greeting, even Kaylee's smile brightens a little. "It is cold in there, but not half so out here." She quips, pulling her gaze from the man, to the boxes, possibly deciding which would be easier to carry. "Grand Central stays much warmer though." There is a small grimace at her own mention of the soon to be abandoned safehouse, but the smile returns.

"Beyond cold, I'm good. Busy as ever. Everyone needs a telepath it seems," she muses softly. "But, better even knowing that you are doing okay." Kaylee hesitates here again, "I'm sorry, I didn't at least check on you after." She is normally better then that, but she had her reasons. Like avoiding his sister, isn't said.

Her words make him smile, glancing down at the box in his hands, a little uncertainly. Perhaps the correct response is on the old label somewhere. "Actually," he says, his voice a little quiet, and he glances around at the sky and nearby trees. "I wanted to talk to you about that. I wanted—"

He glances back at her, seeking eye contact for what feels like an important task. "I wanted to thank you." He clears his throat, as if the words are hard for him to say. "I think you probably saved my life, actually. I owe you." His cheeks actually flush a bit. "And I'm sorry you had to see whatever was in my head. It's not a pretty place to have to be, I know."

Having started to sort boxes, Kaylee pauses hands still gripping one box, her own eyes on the way the tape goes across it. It is a rather well-done tape job. Mainly, she is trying to avoid eye contact, with Nick. The last time she reacted to what was in his head, she got a hand to the side of her face.

However, the natural curiosity in the woman, has blue-eyes finally lifting to consider his. She straightens from the boxes as he speaks. However, Kaylee fights with her emotions, her eyes might seem a little brighter with tears, but they do not fall. Once his peace is said, she gives a little shake of her head and glances away, looking out over the river instead of him.

She gives a little dismissive wave of her hand. "No need to be sorry or to thank you." The words seem a little strained - even crack a little; but, they are light enough to convey that she did not regret helping.

"Shit," Nick says, when he sees the tears, his own eyes widening a little. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up. I just… I wanted to let you know I know and appreciated the help. And I am sorry — for what you had to see. I don't remember details. But I can imagine. And…" he looks away, hands tight on that box, threatening to crumple cardboard. "I'm not that person now. Not that it matters. I understand if you don't want to talk to me, or…" he flushes again and turns away, seemingly intent on moving away from her, to give her space.

Something stays him, though. "Lee doesn't know," he says over his shoulder. "Don't tell her. It'll be easier."

A delicate, long fingered hand goes up to stall anymore words or stop him from moving away. "Nick." There is a firmness to the words, even though emotions hang behind them. "You have no reason to explain yourself." Kaylee sighs and looks his way again, finger rubbing at the corner of her eyes. "I should be sorry for reacting at all. Eileen was kind enough to remind me that." A grimace tightens the corners of her eyes, but only for a moment. " I shouldn't, but sometimes when I'm in there…" She trails off, going quiet for a moment. Again, she gives a small dismissive flick of her hand.

"Besides, I can't throw stones." That is code word for, I've done some pretty bad things too. "Doubt there are many of us who could."

He stops, turning back to listen. "I deserve the stones cast," he says with a shrug. "I wouldn't blame you if you did. But you didn't make me feel like that," he says quietly. "It was nice — to live without the weight on me for a bit. A gift I probably didn't deserve." He's quiet again, glancing back down at the label on the box he holds.
He glances up. "You shouldn't what?" he asks, not following her train of thought to its destination. "I only have a hazy memory. I don't know what she said to you or what happened, just… sort of got memories coming back now and then that made no sense. Until they did."

He shifts the box to get a fresh grip on it, no doubt starting to feel its weight. "She asked you to do it, then?" he asks, a little tentatively.

"She did," Kaylee confirms blandly. "Rightly so." Else he might not have been able to get better.

Maybe it is on purpose that she doesn't answer his question. It is danced around lightly, turning the subject slightly askew. "The memories will continue to come back," the telepath warns him, crouching to wrap arms around a box and lift. "All of it. A true gift would be taking it away, permanently." But she can't so… "Just be prepared." Her own box is shifted into a much more comfortable position. "However…" she starts gently, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye, "if it gets to be too much again, come see me. I can give you time… To process."

Nick nods at the first affirmation. "That means a lot. Thank you," he says quietly. She'd seen enough to know what it likely means to him — to know that his sister was willing to invite someone in to their worst, most shameful memories in order to try to save his life or at least give him a peaceful end.

He glances down — surely he has that label memorized by now. "I remember the worst of it, but…" he trails off, looking away and then back at her, "it's easier than it was before." He nods his head at her. "So thank you. It did help. It does help. And I appreciate it." He smiles crookedly. "Just don't tell her I said so."

"Good." Kaylee states firmly, moving to lead the way up the path, pausing to glance back to see if he follows. "And your welcome," which comes out a touch awkwardly. She isn't often thanked. Not really. "And trust me, I won't be telling her." There is a bitterness to her tone, that speaks of more, but also attempts to reassure him.

"She does not need to know everything." Kaylee offers a little reassuring wink. "It'll be our little secret." Already other refuges are piling out of the castle to come help, so she lowers her voice on that last.

Kaylee's words offer a real smile from Nick. "Agreed," he says. He moves the box to get a better grip on it yet again before following her up the path. "And remember, I owe you, and I'm not a welsher. I can't repay you totally — unless I get to save your life in turn, and I don't want to need to do that." He nods to those coming down the path. He's a familiar enough face that he even gets a few hellos. "But I can do a lot of little things and pay off the debt a bit, yeah?" So let me know what you need, and I'll do whatever I can to help."

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