Just In Case


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Scene Title Just In Case
Synopsis In a very long distance phone call, Veronica tries to warn Brian to higher ground "just in case" while Brian tries to chase away her fears and encourage her to have faith.
Date January 9, 2010

USS George Washington and Manhattan, Veronica and Brian's Apartment

A DVD case is tossed at the coffee table. It is overshot, of course and lands on the other side of the coffee table. A light groan of irritation at the errant dvd case as Brian settles deeper into the couch. A bowl of spaghetti, a few hours old sitting on the corner of the table. Bleary eyed, he glances at the TV which has been idle for fifteen minutes now.

Shirtless, the young man hasn't slept for a long time now. At least, not with this body. Slowly sliding to the edge of his couch, Brian opens his mouth to let out a slow yawn. Finally he flings himself forward at the ground. Hands slapping against the carpet, his back dips and then raises back up again. Morning work out time apparently, at least, until the phone rings…

Halfway around the world, Veronica sits alone in a small room meant specifically for making phone calls. It's private, though there is a clear window on the door for people to peek in and see if it's available before entering. She really hopes one of the Brian's is still in her apartment. She's only called him a couple of times — from Argentina, when she first arrived in El Palenque, and when they finally got off the mountain weeks later. It's been a few days since then. She's spent a couple of days in the Infirmary, due to a minor infection, and then the rest just getting "plenty of fresh air" and starting today "exercise" while they played the "hurry up and wait" game until tonight. The briefing.

On the third ring she sighs, knowing the answering machine will pick up on the fourth, and she can't say what she has to say to the answering machine. "Come on Brian, pick up," she says softly, eyes closing to make the plea a prayer.


Laying his back against the unoccupied section of the coffee table, Brian tilts his head back once he's finally in position to click the answer button. With the number being weird and definitely not from America, it's pretty safe to assume who it is. "Vee, that you?"

"Brian," Veronica's voice through, huskier than normal at just the sound of his voice, on those two syllables. She swallows hard and brings a hand across her eyes to wipe away the threat of moisture. "Hey, baby. How are you? I just… I needed to hear your voice. It shouldn't… we shouldn't be too much longer. The next phase starts Friday, so… another week or so, I think," she says, making herself speak up, knowing the connection is likely not that strong.


The adoration is clear in his voice, his eyes closing tightly for a moment. "I love you." He says quickly before anything else can be said. Then he falls silent to listen. "A week or so?" He says eagerly, sitting up on the coffee table quickly. "I. You're okay? I miss you so much. I mean, I know you know that. But… God. It's good to hear your voice."

"I love you, too," Veronica says back, and there is a flood of emotion there. All the fear and pain she's tried to hide, all the doubts and insecurities. "I'm hoping it will be done in a week. I'm all right. Nothing's happened since the last time I talked to you." She downplayed her injuries, of course, to keep him from worrying, because they were healing and sounded worse than they were. Knife to the sternum, robot claws lacerating her thigh? No way to make those sound less dangerous than they were, so she glossed over it all.

"Listen… we're going in Friday. They say if the bomb goes off, the planet's waters will rise, flooding most major coastal cities. You should get the kids away… just in case. Go camping in the Ozarks or something, I don't know. Just in case."

"Vee. I've been through this before. Get everybody out, the bombs are gonna go off. We're all gonna die."

"Don't make fun of me, but maybe there was something to all the crap Fulk was talking about. Like.. Faith, and stuff. I know you're gonna protect us Vee. I know you're not going to let us down. And I know you're coming back." Brian murmurs softly, practically leaning into the phone as if she were there. A slight grin forming on his lips, "And I know I'm going to have you on the bed for thirty two and a half hours straight."

"I wouldn't laugh," she says quietly, hugging her knees to her chest as she curls up on the uncomfortable plastic chair. They really try to make the room as uncomfortable as possible, to keep people from hogging the phone, apparently. "But you still might want to get to high ground, just in case, Brian. If … if I don't come back, if Gillie and I don't come back," her voice cracks on Gillie, "I'm sorry I failed you." The threat of moisture makes good on itself and she swears under her breath as she wipes away tears.

"Shutup." It's as casual as it would be if Vee said she thought she was getting fat in the mirror or something. No maliciousness, no venom, just a quiet metaphorical slap back to 'reality'. "You're coming back. And we're going to do it, a lot." He smiles a little, as he leans forward to place his elbows on his knees. "So stop crying. Because, I know you are." A broader smile, "And say it back to me."

"I'm not crying." So that's a lie. But they've never been honest to each other. Maybe that's why she doesn't necessarily believe him now. "At least… I know I'm doing something good for once, Brian. This is something important and good and even people… your friends, people that would hate me in New York, we're working together on this, you know? Because otherwise we're all screwed."

She pauses and smirks a bit. "I'm doing nothing for the first 72 hours when I get home but take hot showers and sleep, I'll have you know."

"You are too." Brian assures her. Tilting his head down. And at times, they're both good at figuring out when the other is lying. "I know Vee. You're saving me." He smiles brightly. "Myyy heeeero.~" Going to switch over and plop back down on the couch, he leans back into it, pressing the phone tightly against him. "You're going to do great, baby." Letting out a cut off laugh, he shakes his head. "Good luck with that. You might want to find a different place if that's what you're gonna do."

"I'm not saving you. My part in this is … minimal. I'm a grunt. I'd be dead if it weren't for Varlane of all people. We'd all be dead if it weren't for him and Gillian." She sighs and glances up, noticing someone waiting outside. "I should go, Brian. I love you. Please… if you're not going to listen to me regarding the kids, do me a favor and get one of You to high land. I'll feel better if … if it all goes south, knowing at least one of you will be around to help pick up the pieces."

"I love you, baby." Brian murmurs, moving his head his lips brush against the phone. "So much. Be safe, alright? I'll get the kids to a safe place and… I've got myself in safe places, don't worry."

"I'll try to call again," she says softly, though there are never promises in such situations. "Thanks," she adds, closing her eyes with some relief. "If the world needs rebuilding, you need to be a leader. I love you." She hangs up the phone, wiping her eyes before uncurling herself from her nearly fetal position and opening the door for the sailor waiting for his turn to call home.

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