Just Keen


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Scene Title Just Keen
Synopsis This year, Quinn makes sure she celebrates her birthday surrounded by as many of her friends as possible.
Date September 27, 2011

The Rock Cellar

To the untrained eye it might look like, from the outside, that the Rock Cellar is closed tonight. That’s sort of the case – it certainly is closed to the public. But inside, despite the closed doors, dimmed light, and lack of sound coming from within, there is very certainly something brewing inside. Inside, Robyn Quinn sits at the edge of the stage, a smile on her face as she holds an unplugged electric guitar across her legs, strumming at it.

There’s many things that the indie musician takes seriously – and most all of them she wears on her sleeve, in some for another. But above almost all of them, there’s one thing Quinn loves more than almost everything else – birthdays. Particularly her own. And would you look at that, it just happens to be September 27th! The Rock Cellar has been rented out for the night, for Quinn to use to her own nefarious purposes (which mostly add up to music, fun, and alcohol). She’s brought down all the instruments she could easily get down, Royce is plugging a projector into their video game system, Rock Band controllers predictably set up beside it, and several vinyl records – on top, one in a black on white sleeve that reads “Neighborhoods” – sit ready to be played on the sound system that runs throughout the restaurant-slash-concert venue.

The kitchen is still open, offering attendees with the food that Quinn would never be able to cook for the occasional. Some people might think it odd to throw ones self their own birthday party, but every indication is taht Quinn has every intention of making sure this year is awesome for her and for everyone else she’s come to know over the last year. Plus, she didn’t have one last year. She’s entitled, right?

Elaine's certainly not on Quinn's sleeve, but she's definitely nearby. At a house party, this would be the part where she's frosting the cake and playing all domestic… mostly because it gives her something to do. Stripped of her sugar-laden duties (she's certain Quinn did this on purpose!), Elaine finds herself settled not too far from the Irishwoman on the stage, eyes settled on Royce and the Rock Band setup. Yeah, she's trying to think of what songs she's snagging to sing before anyone else gets to them and shows her up.

Not too long ago, someone else had a birthday. Though Adel's not really sure how to celebrate a birthday for yourself when you haven't been born yet. So it never came up! And she didn't really mind. Carrying a bag in one arm that no doubt carries her present, her other arm is linked with her date for the night. Or at least her psuedo-sister date. Her other date was working, as he often is.

"Oh look Rock Band!" Adel says with a cheerful smile as she gets far enough into the room that she sees the set up. "I totally get the drums," she says immediately, just in case anyone had any doubts. Before they get much further she pushes the bag further unto her shoulder so she can wave wildly at her mom. And then her other psuedo-mom. Who's more the mom of the girl her arm is hooked with. But family none-the-less. "Did Robyn make you play Rock Band yet?" she asks the girl with her.

The tall redhead has a stack of presents precariously piled in her arms, each as poorly and hastily wrapped as the next. Lene has a long list of things she's not very good at, and apparently wrapping presents is one more to add to it. But what she lacks in finesse and meticulousness, she made up with a mile of metallic curling ribbon in all colors, and the combinations of wrap and ribbon are garish but cheerful.

"Unfortunately. Her neighbors are probably still complaining to the super," Lene says with a shake of her head. She begins to wave to those assembled already but her stack of presents starts to slide, and she hastily re-grabs the avalanche before moving to the stage to set them in an untidy pile. Arms free, she moves to Quinn to offer a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Happy Birthday!" she exclaims, and a shower of confetti made of light seems to fall around them.

Show off.

It's always nice to see one's friends, particularly on a day like today, but Quinn's smile beams extra bright when she sees Adel and Jolene enter, nudging Elaine to make sure that she catches their arrival as well. And behind them, another arrival - one of Quinn's "other friends" she speaks of now and then, not part of the small group she's carved her place within the last year or so. They get a wave and a shouted "hello, thanks for coming", but once that's done her attention turns almost entirely to the two newest arrivals.

"Jolene, Adel, I am so glad you two could make it," she says happily as she hugs Jolene back, laughing at the display of light. Sometimes, Quinn wonders if Jolene being the show-off she's heard she is has anything to do with who raised her - she's been called the same more than a few times.. "Though I think you guys might ahve overdone it a bit," she remarks as she looks at Jolene's small pile, head tilting a bit. "I really hope neither of you have anywhere t' be, tomorrow. At least, no place that you can't go in late to."

"Well, now I feel like a bad fiancée. I only got Robyn one gift," Elaine points out as she notices the two making their way in. She moves to go snag a quick hug from Adel, peeking back towards Quinn. "Yeah, you should totally stick around. Robyn and I could definitely use the company and there's nothing like a party that doesn't stop until everyone's fallen asleep. Or passed out." That kind of partying with your kids might be kind of weird, but Adel and Jolene are special cases.

"I only got the one too," Adel quickly says, not wanting to take credit for the pile of presents when she didn't get more than one— one that she pulls out of her bag, about the size of a normal clothing box, all wrapped up in shiny gold wrapping paper, which also holds a small card on the top. Gently she sets it on top of the pile and shakes her head at her psuedo sister.

"Lene-ie's just a show off. And we're totally staying. I have clothes in my bag!" Which happens to be rather big and yellow, the modern purse of holding.

Lene's cheeks color a touch at the talk of how many presents, and she shakes her head at Elaine, moving to give the "real" redhead a hug, too. "I made up for my questionable taste and lack of funds with quantity, that's all," she teases. "And you can give her plenty I can't."

She moves swiftly away before she can be swatted, and migrates to peer at the food. She holds her hands behind her back and just looks for a long moment before grabbing a handful of something to nosh on. "You didn't realize we'd totally make it a slumber party, did you?" she says with a smirk to Quinn.

The door to the Cellar opens and Tasha comes in, looking a little uncertain, all on her own. The last time she made an arrival here, it was for another party, with another birthday girl on her arm — the uncertainty is understandable as she smiles upon the sight of those gathered. "Happy birthday," she adds her greeting to the mix, along with the present. "I can't stay too long. I'll need to leave before curfew to get back to my mom's."

"Slumber party?"

The words come from a short blonde haired man dressed in a suit that's just a little too expensive for the smell of the alcohol that wafts in ahead of him. Dark sunglasses covering the pale man's eyes are lifted to reveal a striking shade of blue that focus on Quinn for just a moment before they slip down again. "Someone should have told me— I guess I can always just sleep naked."

Dirk leers as he reaches into his pocket to retrieve a crisp white envelope. It's not the kind that comes with a card, it's official and from the office. Through the plastic window a suspicious pink color can be seen with Robyn's name and address typed in. "I wanted to deliver this personally, hope it's not a bad time."

""Holy shit," Quinn says with eyes widening a bit at Tasha's apperance, making it clear she didn't expect an apeprance by her friend even if she'd sent out an invitation to where she'd heard she was staying now. "Tasha, I'm so glad you could come! How've you been, anyway? I haven't really had the chance t' come around in a bit…" There's that cheeriness again, Quinn moving to give the artist a brief hug. Which, of course, is almost immdiately followed by Adel receiving the same, something she had neglected to do earlier.

"Well, hey, I just knew someone was going t' suggest it. I just didn't know if it was going t' be you guys or one of us. I'm glad you came prepared, though." And then, of course, Dirk chimes in. Quinn had more than willing extended the invitation to her boss, but she hadn't actually expected him to come. So, despite the comment, it's a bit of a pleasant surprise to see him, Quinn laughing clapping her hands slowly at his joke. …she hopes it's a joke.

“Sorry, Dirk. It's a family outing. Besides, I think you'd get bored. I don't think there'll be any sexy pillow fights at this particular sleepover," she retorts with a grin, hands on her hips as she looks down at the envelope. It's not a bad time, but, Dirk…" A look of mostly feigned worry forms on her face as she takes it, moving to sit back on the edge of the stage as she opens it. "If this is pink slip or a love confession, I'm afraid you're outta luck, 'cause I'm gonna keep working there for free if I have to, an'- well. You know the rest."

With that, her focus turns to the envelope, quickly and not-so-delicately pulled open. Nothing is ripped inside, and the dubious pink slip of paper turns out to be just that, totally innocuous. It's the letter behind it that has Quinn reading quietly for a few moments, surprise quickly forming on her face. "Dirk… you're sure this is right?"

“Tasha!" Elaine exclaims, offering the girl a genuinely warm smile. "It's really good to see you. It's good that you're here, even if you can't stay terribly long. We'll all make sure you have a blast." Her attention turns happily to Adel's yellow bag and she grins. "Perfect! It's been ages since we've had company around the apartment and I think I'm getting a bit of cabin fever."

It's the letter that suddenly has Elaine looking worried. She's already starting to try and figure out what the future will be like if it's a pink slip, mentally calculating the best course of action as she studies Quinn's face. It's a joke, right? Considering Quinn looks surprised, though, Elaine's expression turns to one of confusion. "What's going on?"

At the appearance of Tasha, Adel sprouts a huge smile and looks around as if trying to see if someone else has come along with her. Sadly she doesn't see her teacher, which settles her down on her heels a little. She can't exactly go out and say 'WHERE'S COLETTE?' to someone she's never officially met.

And she gets distracted by old guy naked talk. "Ew gross," is her poetic response, nose wrinkling. She may like men more than her moms, but she isn't attracted to old dude.

Even then, she does inch closer to Robyn, going up on her tip toes to try and sneak a peek at this surprising piece of paper.

"Totally ew," agrees Lene, as her brow crinkles. She looks from Quinn to Dirk, and moves closer to the latter. "If that is a pink slip that has any significance other than happening to be pink paper, and you had the gall to bring it to a birthday party…" she begins, shaking her head and balling her hands up into fists as she gets closer to him. She's sort of tall and he's sort of short, so she's basically nose to nose with him, green eyes narrowing as she waits for confirmation or denial on what the paper is or isn't.

Tasha glances at the two unfamiliar women, swallowing — she knows who they probably are, but hasn't met them yet, and it's a strange situation altogether. "Hi," she says awkwardly. "Thanks, it's good to see you guys too," she tells Quinn and Elaine.

"Simmer down sweet tits," Dirk slurs as the letter is opened. His eyes drift downward to assess whether or not the nickname is suitable and shrugs as he ducks one of his hands into the pockets of his dress pants. "I got a little pink for you too, if you want it." Not pink slip. Looping the other around Lene's shoulders, he maneuvers himself to stand alongside her.

"Got a question for you there, Sweet Tits," apparently it suits enough, "do you have a little scandinavian in you?" There's a slight pause before the glasses are pulled off and folded into his breast pocket with a smile. "And if you don't… want some?"

"Calm down, everyone," Quinn repeats, sounding a bit nervous as she smiles and looks around at everyone. The piece of paper is folded into her lap, and she stands back up, opening her mouth to speak - but pausing instead to look at Dirk, shaking her head. "Sorry t' spoil your fun, but she's off limits, Dirk, sorry," she notes, waggling a finger at him. She takes a deep breath, laying the piece of paper down with the rest of the presents. "I'm just a little- surprised. I… am sure there's some legal shit I have t' go through, but I think I just got left partial control of Studio K's radio division?" Quinn isn't exactly good with legalese - she's definitely going to have to ask for clarification on what "controlling interest" exactly means later.

"Thank you, Dirk," she says with a smile as she looks over at him. That's certainly a hell of a thing t bring t’day." Hesitant to call it a present because of the circumstances that brought it on, but she's certainly not ungrateful. "I'll have t' send her some kind words tonight before I go t' bed."

Clearing her throat, Quinn looks back at the stage, then to the door, in case anyone else decides to show, and then over to Royce. "Alright. So! Who's up for something fun? I think that's exactly what we all need now. You too, Dirk, if you want."

Elaine's raising an eyebrow at Dirk about the time the words "sweet tits" come out of his mouth. The tall redhead looks a little wigged out at the slight mental image of Lene and Dirk, then shakes her head vigorously. "Off-limits," she agrees. It's Quinn's revelation that has Elaine looking back towards her fiancée. Well, that's certainly not something she ever expected.

"Partial control?" She repeats, looking back towards Dirk. Okay, maybe she doesn't hate the guy as much now. She'd offer him a drink but she figures that's a bad idea. "You can always join us on Rock Band," she suggests.

Adel is still making a grossed out face until the announcement of the present is made. There's a wide smile and she jumps over to hug Quinn from the side in a congratulations. "Now we'll have to do a special show just for your station~" she says in a sing-song voice.

Suddenly there's another voice from behind Dirk. "Dirk is starting to learn the art of delegating," Kincaid says with a smile, reaching over to slap the other man on the back, just a little harder than necessary. He won't admit to being a little over protective of the girls who came with them. At least No' isn't one of the ones invited or he'd be extra careful to keep Dirk away from her. "Happy Birthday, Quinn," he says, dropping a smaller package down on the pile, still wrapped with a sticker saying who it is from.

Oh no, Rock Band. "I think I'll sit out of that, but I bet it will be fun to watch."

Luckily too for Dirk that Lene isn't Nora, or he'd be on the ground writhing by now — Lene's mouth drops and she seems a loss for words, between Dirk's words and Quinn's revelation. "Controlling wha- Caidy!"

Kincaid's presence is met with a squeal and Lene throws herself into his arms, a move that manages to also get her out of Dirk's. After hugging, kissing, and hair tousling Kincaid, Lene stays closer to him. "I'm afraid your Viking blood might be too much for me. I'm a frail and demure thing," she murmurs to Dirk from afar. To Kincaid, she grins. "I'll sit out with you and we can drink and heckle them instead. Are you going to slumber party with us too?"

Kincaid's appearance has the smaller man reaching into his pocket once again. The envelope he pulls out this time doesn't have the pink hue in the window, it seems the joke was solely played on Quinn and no one else; at least not Augusso. The name on the front of the envelope, Kincaid Augusso.

"She left you thirty five percent shares in the video production portion… don't spend it all in one place. I know I will." With that, Dirk claps his hands together and rubs them quickly. Looking around he begins to step toward the bar and away from the crowd, muttering something about how no one wants the pretty ones to sleep over.

Hugging Adel, Quinn gives a bit of a shrug ."I think? I'll have t' talk with lawyers, I figure…." Again, Quinn looks over towards Dirk - just in time to see Kincaid, and whatever she was going to say next is more or less forgotten, and whatever was in her hand is tossed back on to the stage as she moves to join Lene in hugging him. "Man, you folks are coming out of the woodwork t'night. Glad you were able t' make it, Kincaid! You're just in time for some food. Maybe some Rock Band," she remarks, intentionally ignoring his desire to sit one out.

Separating from him, Quinn moves back over to Elaine, hooking an arm in hers. And it seems like she's going to head off towards one of the tables, when instead she turns, looking back at the stage. "…Or I can open a few presents now, then we eat. Which sounds more exciting to you guys?" Either way, Quinn'll be happy. She's thrilled with who's here so far. A few loved ones and cared for folks missing, but nothing is going to detract from the friends she's had come out tonight.

Elaine leans against Quinn lightly, but then glances back towards the presents. "I definitely think you should open stuff. Then eat. I'm a big fan of watching people opening presents, and your reactions to things are pretty priceless.”

So much love and affection seems to take Kincaid by surprise. And so does the touching announcement that she left him a percentage of the business. Dirk had to wait and tell him in front of people, didn't he.

Adel rather unsympatheticaly asks, "Does this mean you're rich now? I guess we know who to hit up for money now!" And then she bounces up and down, clapping her hands at the idea of Rock Band. "This is one thing Lene-ie can't show off at." And something Adel can, cause she's musically inclined.

"Thank you, Dick," he recovers enough to say in response to the envelope name. And no, he didn't missay the word. His arm goes around Lene and stays there, perhaps to attempt to protect her from Mister Dickson. "And I'd never call you frail," he adds a little softer to the younger woman as he tucks his own envelope away into his suit jacket.

"You couldn't have been rich earlier so I could have gotten Robyn better stuff?" Lene teases Kincaid, leaning her head back on his shoulder affectionately. "Presents sound good. Food sounds great. Maybe we can eat while you open." Apparently she's hungry.

Tasha meanwhile checks her cell phone, and makes a face. "I gotta run. Just wanted to drop off the present and wish you a happy one. If you need some legal advice at all in regards to your little windfall — it's not necessarily her thing, but my mom can help you," the brunette says, moving to give Quinn a quick hug, then Elaine, and then waving at the others before making her way to the door.

"Oh yeah, we're both rolling in it now," Quinn replies somewhat dryly to the comments of being rich, even if they weren't entirely directed at her. "Wait, hey, yeah!" she suddenly backtracks, looking up at Kincaid with a grin. "Don't you want me t' have better stuff?!" And she can't help but giggle at her own joke, even as she motions for Royce to come over and join them. "Royce, don't be a wall flower. Get yourself over here! Bring some food too!" Because Quinn’s not above making use of her friends and bandmates as manual labour - have to prepare for that rock star lifestyle somehow, right?"

Tasha's announcement that she has to run is met with a bit of a sad look from Quinn, but she nods anyway, offering the younger woman another small hug. "Be safe, Tasha. We should get t'gether sometime soon, okay? An' yeah, if I need it, I'll talk t' your mum." And she figures she will. She hopes she won't, but she figures she will.

With that, she moves and plops down on the stage, just in time for Royce to come walking up with what appears to be a platter of chicken fingers, probably cooked right in The Rock Cellar's own kitchen. "Alright, then, presents it is! I think, uh…" She looks amongst the small pile that has formed - honestly more than she had ever expected - and tilts her head as she reaches for one in particular. Elaine's gift, Quinn was never one to save what could potentially be the best for last, is the one grabbed, and immediately she sets to opening it. It's contents are revealed to be a set of vinyl records, almost entirely composed of old classics - an old Beatles record, a Queen one Quinn doesn't have, and a Pat Benetar one slipped in the middle. But it's the one at the very end of the stack that makes her face light up the most - Dreamboat Annie, by Heart, an album Quinn's never been able to find in as good condition as the one that Elaine has managed to pick up, which results in her fiancée getting an excited squeal and a strong hug.

"Jolene, I'm saving your little pile for last," she notes with a chuckle as she reaches over and grabs another one. "I want t' tackle all of those in order." Which is why she instead has Adel's in hand, looking over the golden wrapping paper before she tears into it, revealing a picture of Adel, holding Quinn's own album and flashing a peace sign. She looks at it with a wide smile, before setting it next to her for everyone to see. "That's adorable, Adel. I'll make sure it goes right next t' the print of the album I have hanging on the wall upstairs. Thank you so much."

"Looks like you'll be working late a lot more," Elaine points out, though she offers Tasha a wave as the girl retreats. "Come by and visit anytime!" It's a little sad that Tasha's leaving, but at least she stopped by. Elaine's attention returns to Quinn as she begins to open the present. She beams and hugs Quinn back, gesturing at the vinyls.

"I found some guy having a sale and I couldn't help but get some. He wanted to get rid of the whole box, so I figured you'd enjoy them."

"You're welcome!" Adel says in the middle of eating a cracker with stuff piled on top. It seems like she was hungry too, and with Rock Band coming up next she's eating as much as she can while she can. Before Lene eats it all.

Kincaid doesn't partake in the meals, though, as he smiles at the gift given by Adel, reasonably cheap, but personal. "Adel loves birthdays," he offers, only to get a raspberry blown at him from said girl. "What, that's not even an insult. It's… cute." Or something.

That tongue stays out long enough for her to get cheese and meat piled onto the next cracker. Then she's too busy eating it to stick her tongue out at the older guy.

The gift bag left behind by Tasha includes a few small boxes, all neatly wrapped in hand-drawn wrapping paper adorned with ravens and musical motifs: an iTunes card, a Sephora card, and a Starbucks card, each for varying amounts.

Lene, who had been joined Adel at munching on some food, gives up when it's time for her sort of mother to open the humble offering she's brought. The younger woman nervously chews on her lower lip, fingers twisting in the scarf she swears around her neck, as Quinn makes her way through the small horde of presents. A green and purple package contains a DVD of Hot Tub Time Machine, clearly as a joke. "How do you think we got here?" Lene teases.

A smaller lime green and fuchsia package contains a framed picture of Quinn and Lene taken on Lene's cell phone last time they were together; a turquoise and black package contains a red velvet choker; finally a green and yellow box contains a Good Luck Care Bear t-shirt that says, "Feeling Lucky?" across the chest.

"I would have bought you better stuff if I had more money. Next year will be better since I plan to marry Kincaid for his money now," she announces.

Continuing along with the wrapped presents brings out a very nice, fine looking wrist watch, which is almost immediately set upon Quinn's wrist. "Now we get to take bets on if I'm still late t' work or not," she quips, looking over at Kincaid and then up to Dirk. "I guess I don't really have an excuse anymore. Though if I had one t' begin with, no one really ever bothered t' tell me what it was. Assholes." Giggling, Quinn shakes her head and moves on to Royce's gift, which comes in teh form of a Sam Ash gift card. "Between you and Tasha, I think my excuse for the rest of the week is going t' end up being 'sorry, I spent all my time shopping'. I'm sure whenever Rue gets here, she'll have some kind of clothing or makeup gift card for me t' add t' the mix… and at least now I'll have coffee for all those late nights," she adds, looking over towards Elaine.

Which brings her to Jolene's presents, Quinn being unable to keep down a sort of amusement as she unwraps the hot tub time machine box. "Lord. If you guys came back this way, I wouldn't be surprised," She says with a shake of her head. The rest of the small gifts are appreciated as well, the choker put on despite how it might clash with her outfit and the picture set next to the one of Adel. The shirt can't be put on right now, but it is held in Quinn's lap for the moment. "I didn't figure you for the marryin' for money type, Jolene. You could probably do worse than 'Mr. Moneybags' over her," she says, nudging at Kincaid with her elbow.

Taking a deep breath, she smiles at the amassed gourp and nods, taking ahold of one of the chicken fingers. "Thanks so much you guys, for comin' out. I know it's kinda weird that I threw a party for m'self, but really I just wanted an excuse t' hang out with all of you. I don't think everyone's done showin' up either, but until then, who's up for some Rock Band?"

"Good, that way you won't fall asleep right when you get home. I'll at least get some time with you," Elaine pokes fun at Quinn, though she watches the gift opening with a small smile. The suggestion of marrying for wealth gets a grin. "Well, clearly the only reason I'm marrying Robyn is because of her vast amounts of money." She looks back to Quinn. "I've got dibs on singing, though I might need to get a drink first. Courage, you know!"

Gifts over, Lene meanders back to the food and drink — she has no doubt she'll be made to make a fool of herself at some point on the video game she has no skill or talent for. The alcohol won't make her any better, but it will at least make her failures seem funnier instead of mortifying.

She really doesn't like not being good at something.

"I'd have thrown you a party, but you're better at it than I am. We'd have dollar menu food and Pabst beer or something, if it were me doing it," Lene says around a mouthful of food. "Anyway, Happy Birthday. It's kinda cool to see you have one where we're in the same decade."

"Luckily, Quinn, when you run the place it goes by your watch," Kincaid says with a grin in response to his present, before patting Lene on the head. "Your birthday is coming up soon, so maybe we'll have to throw one for you. Perhaps a pizza party, with lots of streamers and indoor fireworks." Courtesy of the light-bending person rather than actual illegal explodies.

Adel seems excited by the idea. "Oh yes, let's! Lene and I both have double number birthdays. Mine's 9/9 and hers is 10/10. We're double number awesomenesses." Or whatever that is supposed to mean. Course Adel just let slip that her birthday was also this month too. Which is probably why she immediately says, "I'll be right back!" and darts off toward the backroom carrying a stack of crackers. Like she hopes to be disappeared before it processes with the "parents".

"You're only allowed t' sing if you do that one German song. Since, you know, you can, and you sound good singing it," Quinn notes with a point of her finger as she looks at Elaine, before diverting attention to the others. "Well, I suppose that's for the best. We'd hate to deprive all the hipsters of their Pabst after all," she remarks with a grin to Jolene, reaching up (:|) to ruffle the younger girl's hair.

Kincaid gets a tilted look and thoughtful expression. "God. There's a phrase I'm not going t' get used t'. Though I don't think anyone wants to run on my clock. We'd never get anything done. Good thing I'll still have you around t' make sure I stay on track, eh?" Of course, then there's the mentions of birthdays and dates given and wait a second, Adel's was 9/9? She's lucky enough to get away for the moment before that filters it's way through Quinn's mind, but once it does, a devilish look forms on her face.

"Well. Double number awesomeness just means we'll have t' have a double birthday celebration on the tenth, for both you guys!" she proclaims loudly, hoping Adel can hear her. "I still need to wrangle Sable's birthday out of her so that I can do somethin' for her too," she notes, tapping a finger against her chin as she turns to the projector screen and point. "Alright! Royce, get it going! Elaine's on vocals, I'll take guitar, Adel on drums… you two can sit out if you really want. But you better damn well cheer as loud as you can, because tonight's all about having fun, and that sounds just keen t' me."

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