Just Keep Going


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Scene Title Just Keep Going
Synopsis Tamara finally comes to talk to Kaylee. All things considered, there is a distinct lack of information transfer.
Date December 30, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

With the topside of the iconic Grand Central Terminal in ruins, it's its basement level that sees most activity, as covert as such activity may be. Entrances are sealed (at least, to those who don't know any better) to the upper levels leading above ground, whether with rubble, or with manmade additions of gates and blockades, and so most will find their way to this place via the countless tunnels that run like arteries in what could appropriately be termed the heart of Manhattan's train system.

Electric lights shine pallid white in the arching ceilings of the basement concourses and foyers, running off their own generators and so power is only used conservatively. Here, the wide open spaces are used for storage that is destined to be moved either towards the arching doorways opening to platforms and subways for shipping out, or waiting to be dragged down to the subbasements for longer term storage. The floors, the walls, the ceilings are differing kinds of tile and vary in cleanliness.

Tables have also been set up so that supplies can be sorted, shifted, packed properly. Folded cardboard boxes awaiting use can be discovered in most corners. Signs on the walls in the form of crude spray paint indicate where things might go, from food, to clothing, to medical supplies, and some things even more exotic. This is a place of motion and organization.

Last but not least, a makeshift recreation room has been set up for the workers of the Grand Central Station, and this can be found within what used to be known as the Whispering Walls. Famously, this interstitial space was known for its strange acoustics, wherein one could whisper to a companion from one far side of the corner to the other by talking directing into the curving corner, where sound would travel along the curve of the arcing ceiling. This, of course, still works, but now the space is no longer simply a foyer - there's a semi-portable kitchen area offering simple food and beverages, a television (which gets no reception, but is hooked into a VCR and a DVD player, with a modest library for both), a card table, a few comforts such as couches and armchairs.

Upon one of the walls, is a rough but well-meaning mural, a mock up of an aquarium - an addition that came after the Ferrymen claimed this space as theirs. It seems to grow in size every several days, with new aquatic characters added each time.

In the last couple of days, Kaylee has spent spare time at Grand Central, keeping Joseph's dog company and while she's at it, sort though his things and try to think what items would be better to take to David Rivkin to read something from. Already items are tucked near the doorway, a crutch and a brown bag with a few items in them.

Dressed in a soft maroon turtle-necked sweater and a comfortable pair of jeans, Kaylee's back leans against the side of the Pastor's bed, legs stretched out before her, booted feet crossed at the ankles. She silently flips through a bible, her expression thoughtful. Alicia lays along side her legs, head resting on her leg, content as she's recently been fed.

Always in the back of her mind these past days is one thing, Colette's request to seek out Tamara. The telepath is uncertain about the idea, but as she dislodges the dogs head from her lap, and climbs to her feet she's pondering getting out of there and going 'looking' for the woman. After bending down to scratch the dog, Kaylee leaves the Pastor's personal space, stopping long enough to set the bible gently in the bag.

If the telepath is 'listening', there's a sense of noise beyond the door — slightly more ordered than static, but not much more sensical than that, not from a distance. If she isn't, then it's Kaylee's real ears which will pick up the first indication of another presence.

"That should about do it."

The words are lightly spoken; it's the kind of tone that might be used for approving of something as casually superficial as the color of a shirt. The girl from who they come is young, probably younger than Kaylee; jeans speckled faintly with mud (never mind her shoes), burgundy shirt under a dark blue jacket and plum-colored scarf. Her smile is casual, matching her comment; but her blue eyes remain fixed on Kaylee in a more wary fashion, smile not quite touching their depths.

Straightening slowly from the bag, hand still extended from releasing the book, Kaylee looks startled. Her thoughts had been turned inward, so she hadn't been really listening. Hand dropping to rest at her side, the telepath glances around confused. "Um… hello."

Blonde brows dip down slightly into a frown, as she studies the woman. "I haven't seen you around here before." The telepath's words are friendly though, despite having been startled by the younger woman. Offering a smile suddenly, Kaylee asks, "Can I help you with anything? Maybe something to drink? I think Neil put a new pot of coffee on… Or there is water?"

The girl shakes her head, blonde hair sliding forward over her shoulders with the motion. "Shouldn't stay long," she disagrees. Keeping a watch on Kaylee, Tamara steps back from the room's threshold, giving the telepath ample room in which to exit. One hand tucks into the pocket of her jeans, the other fidgeting with the fringe on the trailing end of her scarf. The cords are already frazzled and frayed, suggesting that this is habitual.

Blue eyes narrow slightly, studying Kaylee. "You don't even know what you're looking for, do you?"

Sidling past the young woman, Kaylee ohhs softly. "You won't mind if I get a bottle of water? I don't want to be rude." She tugs the edges of her sweater down, straightening it as she heads for the cooler that holds water bottles.

The question makes Kaylee pause and glance over her shoulder at Joseph's room, breath exhaled in a soft sigh, "Not a clue…. Wait…." Something occurs to her then and the telepath turns to squint at Tamara. "How did you know I was looking for something?"

Tamara smiles faintly, a lopsided quirk of her lips. "Just so long as you aren't listening." Which isn't an answer, for all that it's her reply. The seeress remains in the corridor, one shoulder braced against the wall. She shoves her hair back from her face, continuing to watch Kaylee walk down the hall. Or not, as the telepath turns back. "You were never rude," she assures the young woman. "That's all okay."

Mouth opens as if Kaylee is going to say something and then it closes again with a snap, her expression is curious. "I… never listen if I can help it…." The words trail off and she asks, eyes narrowing at the woman, "Tamara?" Her conversation with Colette still fresh in her own memory. The oddness of it all triggering it. A steps isn't take away from the other blonde, but instead the telepath moves towards her. "You're… Tamara?"

The girl in the hallway lifts her left hand, like it might be an answer in and of itself; and perhaps the glint of silver ring, broken circle a mirror image of one Colette wears, is that. Nonetheless, as Kaylee moves forward, Tamara moves back; maintaining the distance between them, as if they hadn't already established that the telepath won't be peeking. "Kaylee," she states, not disagreeing but with all the formality of exchanged introductions, even if this exchange is in reverse; though her gaze seems to deflect past Kaylee as she says those two syllables, her speech distant and distracted.

"Holy crap, Colette was right." Kaylee says softly, words surprised. "I… I was just thinking…." She trails off softly looking a it dumbstruck, but she does stop when the other moves back. "Ah.. sorry." After a moment of staring at the girl, Kaylee decides it's best to go back to what she's doing, though her eyes are a bit more round. "Ah… Colette thought I should meet you. She was hoping you had something to say or something to me."

Hands pop open the cooler and pauses to add a, "Or not…" Pushing through the mostly melted ice, she locates a bottle and pulls it out. Letting the lid fall shut, she turns to look at Tamara again, "Nice to meet you, by the way. Since I know you mean the world to Colette."

"It isn't the thinking," Tamara points out, though without elaborating on what exactly that means. She watches the cooler lid close, head tilting slightly as her gaze continues to study it. Or something beyond it. Something inside it? Perhaps something a very long ways away indeed. "Words were cheap, and words were priceless. It's never about the answers, but the road taken to reach them. Only the walker can walk, whether they choose it or not." She offers Kaylee another small, lopsided smile, and shrugs one shoulder diffidently; the courtesy in the telepath's final remarks seems to pass unnoticed.

"Not… the… okay… good to know." Kaylee murmurs, uncertain how to deal with Tamara. A deft twist of the cap and it cracks open. "I have… learned a lot about roads in the past several months." A sip is taken to wet a suddenly dry throat. "I've been thrown off some and sent down others.. but… I feel like the way is blurred. So much is uncertain." Her words are soft as she moves to rest her arms on the back of one of the chairs circling the dining table, bottle hanging limply in one hand.

"I thought my road was clear now, but with Joseph missing… and so many other things…. Seems like I'm just walking in a fog. Just hoping there isn't a cliff at the end of the road." The smile the telepath levels at the woman is a bit sheepish. "Which… probably makes no sense… and I dunno why I'm telling you that." Her tone sounds somewhat amused, head ducking down so that she can run fingers through her long hair.

"They're as clear as you let them be," the seeress replies. She steps away from the wall, letting her hands fall to her sides. She walks past the dining table, around behind Kaylee on her way towards the exit. "Everyone hopes not to find a cliff, except those who do." While they're on the subject of nonsense. Tamara appropriates the water from the telepath's hand, taking a drink from it before setting it down on the table's edge. "Just keep going. David was waiting for you."

She said hello; she doesn't say goodbye, simply walks on out of the room.

Blue eyes glance down at the water bottle, as soon as Tamara is out of the room. A hand reaches out and with a light push, sends it toppling off the table. She watches it bounce and rolls across the tiled floor till it bumps into the back of the couch. The words leave her lips in a mere whisper. "And if there is… hopefully some one is there to catch you when you fall."

Would there be some one there when she does finally fall?

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