Just Like Starting Over



Scene Title Just Like Starting Over
Synopsis Released from rehab, the newly unemployed Rebecca Nakano has a plan.
Date October 28, 2009

Rebecca's Apartment

The feeling of her keys in her hand as she pushes the key into her door and opens the door to her apartment. It's been six weeks since she's been inside the place. She remains in the hall for a moment as she remembers the last time she was in this apartment. The night before Elisabeth Harrison found her.

Closing the door behind her, Rebecca clutches the purse to her chest. There are four syringes of Refrain inside. Walking to her couch, she sits down and pulls one out and inserts the needle into her skin..

She shakes her head, trying to snap out of that particular image. She takes a deep breath and steps across the threshold that seperates the hallway from her living room and closes the door behind her.

"You were a good worker, Nakano." She was told. "But we can't take the chance on you falling back." Never mind the fact that cops do rehab and keep their jobs. This is different. Somehow. She doesn't see it. She's not upset. She's understanding. They're doing what they need to do. To be honest, they could probably never use her in court proceedings.

"Weren't you found lying in your apartment strung out on Refrain, Ms. Nakano?"

Unemployed. Yet, she doesn't really seem as devastated by it as she thought she'd be. The surgery was small, but the doctor assured her that she'd have no more headaches due to her visions.

She hasn't taken the time to actually test it. Perhaps one day.

And her parents…

They were not pleased.

"Rebecca, your mother and I want you to come home. To Omaha." As her father spoke, her mother hovered in the background, fretting. "You can work at the department there, if you want. I can make a few calls."

But it's not what she wanted. She'd been thinking about it for some time and now seems like the perfect time to do it. To branch out on her own. With her ability and skills, she could make this change. She laid out her plan for her father who listened. And frowned. It's all she's seen from him lately. That frown. Disappointment. It weighed on her heavy as she spoke about every little detail to show this wasn't a rash decision she'd made. Then her mother finally spoke up.

"What's so important that you must stay here? I read about all the danger in the news. Things are happening here all the time and I don't want to lose.." she stops and turns around and weeps.

Rebecca's plea was heartfelt. This was where her life was. All she needed was money to get it started. She begged her father to listen with his head instead of his heart.

He relented.

Now she just needs to find a place to work from. The investment he gave her will not allow her to afford this apartment, and on her way up, she gave notice to her landlord. She has 30 days to find a place where she can live and work out of. All she needs to do is get licenced and she'll be:

Rebecca Nakano, Private Investigator.

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