Just Some Company


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Scene Title Just Some Company
Synopsis Abby checks in on Elle and offers some company to kill time.
Date November 17, 2010

Redbird Security - Elle's hangout.

Recovering from injuries is never fun. Elle's injuries have left her laid out, without much to do. Richard's been missing, and she's been stressed out over that, on top of the knowledge that she's not going to be able to walk right again if she can't find a healer. As such, she's been moping around the apartment that Peyton was kind enough to set her up with.

She's watched television, and taken up playing Sudoku. It's about all she can do right now. She's lounging on her couch, quietly figuring out one of the number puzzles with a look of intense concentration on her face.

Which is interrupted by a knock on the door. Just like that. Knock, knock, knock

Elle blinks a few times toward the door, brows raising. An unexpected visitor? Huh. "I'll be there in just a minute!" Crutches are grabbed, and Elle slowly gets to her feet. It takes a little bit for her to get to the door, her crutches clicking against the floor, but the door finally opens, revealing a baffled-looking Elle Bishop, who leans heavily against those crutches of hers.

It also reveals the brace over her right knee and the black cast on her right arm, and the general pale-ness that comes with a major injury to the bodily cavity.

Abigail doesn't expect instant recognition. Dark hair in place of blonde and lopped short, Brown eyes in place of blue thanks to contacts, Abigail's standing on the other side of the door, tilting her head when the door opens and it's Elle on the other side and upright. "I could have opened the door" She points out in quite southern drawl. "You didn't need to get up and do it"

Elle blinks a few times, squinting for a moment. Then, as Abby speaks, Elle nods slowly, backing away to allow Abigail entrance. "It's fine." Stubborn Elle is very stubborn. "I'm going a little crazy with all of the inactivity, so I appreciate the opportunity to do something as simple as getting up to answer the door." She lets Abby close the door behind her, crutches clicking as she returns to her couch.

"What brings you out to Redbird? And what's with the hair and eyes?" She smiles faintly over her shoulder to Abby.

"Change. It does a girl good" Abigail looks around the place, not too different from where Liz has Abby holed up in here. "I'm taking care of Molly, in between visits from the doctor. I needed to get up and walk around and I was told you'd been hurt. Was here. I just came to see if you needed any attention too.

Concern passes over Elle's features. "Molly's hurt? What— is she okay?" She frowns quietly, flopping back down on the couch. "And I'm doing alright. It's mostly just a matter of changing my bandages, and this cast freakin' itches." She scratches at the edge of the cast for emphasis. "They say my knee will need surgery."

"You promise not to zap me, I can change the bandages. Not much I can do about your cast or your knee. Maybe if it was like, a year and a half ago, I could have" Abigail lingers near the door, not to uncommon for her when she's in someones home and not used to them. "Molly will be okay. I don't know what's up with her but, she'll be okay" Abigail's faith decides that. Same as some day she can return to her home and be back with her husband. Her thumb unconsciously plays with the gold band settled on her right hand.

"I'm not going to zap you, promise. If I were going to do that, I already would have." As disconcerting as that may sound, Elle says it with a faint, if weak smile. "I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me with the bandages, actually. It's a pain in the ass doing it by myself." She tilts her head to one side. "You can come in and make yourself at home."

"It was a joke, the uh, zapping thing. But I can help. It's awkward sometimes to change your own bandages and all that. If you wanna just point to where the stuff is so that I can go and grab it, I don't want to use the stuff I brought with me, just in case" You know, shit happens and next thing you know you're winding up with a stab wound in the middle of nowhere.

"So, I never expected to see you here. I guess you didn't quite fit in with the institute?"

Elle points toward the bathroom, frowning. "S'in there, on the counter." She tilts her head to one side, peering quietly toward Abby as she scratches at the cast once more. "Thank you." Her good hand is run through her hair, the little blonde sighing softly. "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find any healers other than Linderman, would you?"

Then, she smiles faintly. "No…didn't fit in there at all, I don't think. They're just as bad as the Company was…" she frowns for a moment, before her face flickers back into a smile. "Richard and Liz talked to me…offered me a place here. So…I left the Institute, and went through their memory wipe. Not like it did them any good. I wrote everything down before they did it."

She doesn't mention that huge crush she has on Richard Cardinal, and that she practically worships the ground he walks on.

"I know of one other but you'd want to just let it heal normally before you let him heal. He heals the wounded area into scar tissue." So she's not about to cart over that healer. "I Don't know where he is either. Not since everything happened. I never saw him at the speakeasy" She takes the time to wash her hands clean, water running and the scent of soap before she's bringing over all the gauze, tape and other things needed to change Elle's bandages.

"I just want to avoid surgery. I don't even care if I limp a little." She frowns. "They're saying that my ACL and PCL were torn after I got kicked in the knee." She shrugs a bit. before lifting her shirt to reveal the bandaged and stitched stab wound just above her left hip bone, where the blade went all the way through. "So yeah, that shit in the movies, where they stab a blade all the way through someone? That shit hurts like a bitch."

"Language" It's a quiet chastisement. "please" Getting a look at where Elle got hit, where the stitches are. It looks fine, looks like it will heal fine. "You're going to either need to go in and get it looked at before the damage hits the point where even if you have surgery, you're not gonna be able to walk on it again" But there's nothing that Abby can do to help with it, removing the old coverings and putting them into a pile to the side where all the other used medical stuff will go to be tossed out.

"It all hurts. Being shot, nearly drowning, I've had my ankle pulverized to where I needed surgery on it twice but I lucked out with a healer" Twice. "I'm sure Liz and Cardinal are looking for one. Have faith, and heart"

"Sorry." Elle tilts her head toward Abby, smiling sheepishly. "I'm supposed to go back next Monday to get it looked at, and find out what needs to be done." The blonde sighs, then. "Would I be bad for thinking of going to Linderman? I don't know what he would expect in return for healing…or if he'd even heal me…but it'd be worth a shot, maybe."

As her bandages are removed, Elle turns a frown down to the stiched up stomach wound directly opposite the wound in her back. "I can deal with the broken arm, and the stitches in my head, and I can even deal with the stab wounds…but I don't want to be a cripple."

"Do you know Linderman?" The now brunette inquires of Elle, looking up to her face as if trying to figure out whether the woman really does or…

"Or are you asking me, as in, do I think that I could ask my husband to ask his boss, if he could heal you?" She's grabbing the ointment needed to coat the stitches and set about to changing the white snowy gauze with touch that betrays her education. Elle's being taken care of by someone with some medical experience.

"I don't know him, but I know about him, and I know that he's a healer." Elle tilts her head to one side. "I think he and my dad knew each other, or something." She's careful not to move while being rebandaged, but Abby's skill definitely doesn't go unnoticed, nor does it go unappreciated.

The last part she says prompts Elle to raise her eyebrows. "Your husband works for Linderman? Oh— if he could help me out, that would be wonderful. Even if it's just letting me drop his name, that'd be…"

"I'm on the run Elle. My husband told me I needed to run and come back when it was safe which might be never. I'm a member of the Ferrymen and I can't ask my husband because I can't risk going near him. Besides, he didn't even ask Mr. Linderman to heal my ankle after it was injured the second time and it would be months before I would be back on it"

It seems that if Elle wants Lindermans help, she's going to have to inquire herself. "I'm married to Robert Caliban. Mr. Lindermans PR rep." That guy, married this woman in front of her. "I'm sorry" Murmured as she smoothes medical tape into place, gesturing for the woman to turn enough to tend to the back wound.

Elle frowns, inclining her head toward Abby as she turns so the woman can tend to her back. "I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I didn't even know you were married to his PR rep, promise." She peers back at Abby for a moment, before turning her gaze to the far wall. "I'm hoping that my name alone will be enough to get me up to see him. Even if they want to pump me full of negation drugs or something…I'd do anything to get rid of this knee problem." She sighs.

After a moment of silence, she speaks again. "I broke up with Warren."

She wants to say 'with who' but goes with the more polite and empathic "I'm sorry to hear that" Breaking up with anyone isn't generally an easy thing to do. "Is there anything that I can do, besides changing your bandage here, to help you? I've found myself with… a lot fo time and a need to stay busy" So she doens't just spend her whole day wallowing and crying.

"He was a jerk. He cheated on me." She frowns. "As a plus, I've somehow befriended the girl who he cheated on me with. Funny how that works, huh? She's nice." The blonde tilts her head toward Abby. "I don't have much to do, myself. I'm kind of boring. But I wouldn't mind the company, if you'd like to hide out in here for a while. I don't have anything busy, but I do have plenty of movies to watch, and an XBox 360 that I managed to snag.

"I haven't played the x-box since…" Since she first met Magnes and he tried to introduce her to things like that. " I think I can spar ea littl ebit of time here, before I gotta go back to check on Molly and try to find some other people" This one is easier to do, is done quick as possible and Elle can relax again. "Movies, so long as they're not horror, are all fine too."

"Have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? It's a really good movie. Kind of sad, but it makes you think. It really…speaks to me." And it kind of hits close to home for Elle Bishop. She could watch that one over and over again. Elle holds up the DVD, smiling to Abby. "We can watch this and make some popcorn, if you'd like."

"I can't say that I haven't" But she's willing to give it a try, pray that it isn't bloody, gorey or otherwise horror. Maybe, when Francois returns and she can somehow get in contact with him, she can reccomend it to him. Maybe. "I'll get us something to drink and make the popcorn hmm?" There has to be both, somewhere. It'll kill two hours, with someone. Better than alone.

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