Just Take It Grasshopper


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Scene Title Just Take It Grasshopper
Synopsis Magnes seeks advice, and to try and make friends and bond with Minea. He can't hold his beer and she keeps calling him Grasshopper and advocates just "taking it" and to "stop putting a woman on a pedastal"
Date June 16, 2009

Le Rivage: Minea's Apartment

One of the studio's of the apartment building and located on the top floor, this is the home of a woman who has seen the world and saw fit to bring it back with her. Not cluttered by any means, it is however a studio that is filled with well thought out things and of good quality. From the suede living room set that occupies the main open area, to the tables and chairs where one eats. There's thick plush Persian carpets a fairly modern and large spaced kitchen.

Off to the side in a spacious alcove is a set up of computers and fancy lighting. A drafting board and racks of inks, papers, you name it. There's also a few computer systems and a fairly expensive looking printer. A door off to the side denotes where the bedroom and the bathroom are, and if the doors are open, one can see the influences of southern France in the airy fabrics used for bedding and the decorations about the room.

After having gathered a few more of his movies from storage, he's piled about ten of them up on the coffee table, made some stove-popped popcorn, the kind from a bag, with his own spices and butter. He's got it all set up, popcorn in a bowl next to the movies, a plate of paninis with chicken stir fry and cheese. Now all that's left is Minea. He walks to her studio, knocking a few times, then peeks in. "U-um, Minea, I was wondering, you wanna eat and watch movies, and uh, drink beer?" He's trying to be nice, and he intends to make a real effort!

She's going over files. There's a lot of files. They're been coming home with her over the last few days. They're looked at, then wrapped with an elastic then put into a large portfolio. She'd been like that all afternoon since he'd come in. He's given enough leeway to get to and from Primatech to her place.

Hair back and away from her neck, Minea looks to Magnes. There's a moment where she looks like she might decline. The folder in her hand though is closed and she puts it down, wiping her hands on her thighs. "Sure kid. Why not"

"I'm sorry for treating you like a bad person." Magnes genuinely apologizes walking to the kitchen so he can see if she has beer. Sure, he's not a drinker, but if Tracy taught him anything, it made him more comfortable! "I'm sorry for the butt thing too, it's kinda burned in my head. But really, you're not bad at all, and I really wanna get to know you and be friends."

"You've been treating me like a bad person?" That's news to her. She didn't know that. "Butt thing, that's nothing. It's the human body." She leaves her work behind, heading out into the rest of her place with the younger guy. "Not bad at all as in, I have a kicking body for a old lady, or not bad as in, I'm not bad for the lady who's been kicking your ass" The elastic in her hair is pried out of it, letting the near black curls to fall.

Magnes grabs a six pack from the fridge, closing it so he can walk back to the couch with the popcorn and movies. "A-ah, well, um, both, I guess…" he answers with easily flushed cheeks, then points to the stack of DVDs. Mostly geeky movies, or older movies from the 80s, despite his age. Things like The Wizard, Highlander, a Back to the Future box set, Ferris Bueller, and there's even My Super Ex Girlfriend snuck in there. "Why are you so, uh, confident, about showing yourself? I get nervous just taking my shirt off, and I'm a guy. And you're not old.""

"You're a spring chick, I'm … "Minea shrugs as she takes up a seat and a panini. There's a motion with her free hand for Magnes to pick the movies. Though she's not lost on the fact that he's chosen a lot of them from around her younger years. "I'm old-er" She points out. "I was in the military. I Laos have lived in France and there's lots of nude beaches there. The body is a beautiful thing Magnes, nothing to be ashamed of"

"I-well," Magnes goes to pop in the first Back to the Future, then returns to his seat next to her as he fiddles with a beer can. "I guess I just don't understand. For me it's like, removing that sticker that says 'This will void your warranty', you know, totally forbidden." he tries to explain, quite badly, then takes small sips of his can, wincing in the process.

"Worse than that, you're that tag on the mattress that you're not supposed to take off, so you leave it, lest the mattress police descend and fine you ten thousand dollars because you took off the past, post-consumer purchase. Good choice by the way. I enjoyed this movie" Up comes her legs, bending them and settling her heels to either side, slouching down. Like some teenager. "You do whats comfortable for you kid. It'll stop at some point"

Magnes takes longer sips as he attempts to adapt to the taste, though still doesn't seem to like it too much. "It's like with Delilah, when she uh, stripped her costume off, and she was just in her bra and panties. I couldn't stop looking, but I knew I was supposed to look away, and I think she said something about it being natural too." He shakes his head, reaching out for a panini to possibly mask the taste of beer in between sips. "I don't wanna be immature anymore, but I don't wanna be someone who's not me either, I'm not really sure how a person like me does that."

"You like Delilah?" The opening credits start to roll across the big screen TV. Minea enjoys a few high priced comforts. She could enjoy much more, but she's used to moving around and lives like she might have to pick up and leave at any moment.

"I, uh, well, yeah. I like Abby too, but, that's probably never gonna happen. I like them both for completely different reasons, but I did some stupid things to get Abby to like me, really stupid, and I have to either hope she forgets or never even noticed. But Delilah, well, I think I have a chance there, but she's seventeen, even though she doesn't seem like it, since she's a lot more mature than me." Magnes explains his female situation, not mentioning Xiulan; Minea knows how that went. The conversation causes him to hold his nose and take a long chug now.

"Good god Kid, stop thinking with your little head and just live. You're putting them on pedestals, and by the time you actually get around to popping your cherry, the poor girl you end up doing it with is gonna fail in comparison to the vaulted women you have placed on high" She launches into her panini in earnest now.

"I think I might put Abby on a pedestal, but I don't think I do that with Delilah. I don't know." Magnes takes a deep breath, reaching out to grab a hand full of popcorn, stuffing it into his mouth all at once. "How do you handle a guy you like? I mean, what do you do?" he wonders, after he finally manages to swallow.

"Oh Magnes, you don't want to use me as an example. I just take. Or have you forgotten the other night?"

"Other…" Magnes' face lights up brightly now, blood pressure almost skyrocketing as his heart pounds and he just downs the rest of his can. "Y-you, and someone else, and, the sounds, you…" His eyes are everywhere but her eyes as mental images suddenly flood. "I remember…"

"I see what I want and I ask. Simple as that. But then I don't have the hang ups or a dick to have to contend with that tells me and tries to order me about. I also have a good decade on you. So I've lived longer. Maytag, your a kid, your fresh out of your teens and you got girls on pedestals and one in front of you. Now, I dunno what the legal age here is, maybe you should look into it, but if she's legal, and you're willing and she's willing, Maybe, you need to just take it."

"H-how can you just, I don't know, do it like that? Doesn't it feel weird to just jump right in?" Magnes asks very curiously, popping another can and offering her one in his other hand. "And I really do like Delilah, and she really gives things I like a chance. You know she wore the Firestar costume I made for her, since I went to the convention as Spider-Man?"

"Grasshopper, kid. Your 21. I'm 34. Let it come. If the time is right, the time will be right. I say, go fool around with her if she's legal. If she's amenable. I mean, come on, she stripped down to near nothing in front of you"

"You think that's a good sign?" Because Magnes is completely oblivious, even to the sign of stripping. "I mean, I just thought it was because she does some pin-up modeling. I mean, nothing like, full on naked, but, you know."

"Won't know unless you ask grasshopper" She points out.

"Guess I could try, I mean, I can sorta fly now, a little, and I think girls like that…" Magnes takes another deep breath, then smiles confidently. "I think I'm gonna do it! U-uh, I mean, maybe not it, but I'm gonna do something."

"You'll never know, unless you try. If she turns you down, well, she turns you down. Don't let that stop you grasshopper. Just means, you move on to the next pretty fish in the ocean and try your hand there" The last bite of the panini is finished as the Delorian is hurtling off through time.

"I'll try my best, Minea, god knows Delilah is worth it." Magnes just sits there now, ogling her a bit as he sips his beer, though he does keep watching the movie. Not ogling is hard with beer in your system!

Minea's not ogling, she's watching the movie in front of them. "Hey kid. Grasshopper. If anything happens, you got the key to this place. You go to Len, understood? If I don't show up some day?" She grabs a beer herself, popping the cap. "Shit happens in this job. You never know"

"I will, but um, you'll be alright, just, be careful…" Magnes reassures quite tiredly, then suddenly closes his eyes and falls over, floating. Luckily the beer doesn't spill on her couch, the liquid simply floats weightlessly next to him.

"God kid. Gotta work on holding your alcohol too" When he drifts off. There's a shake of her head as she picks up the floating can, heaves herself off the couch and heads towards the kitchen. It's left to float above the sink and after wiping her hands, she slips back off to her studio. Files picked up again, folders separated, rubber banded and boxed or portfolio'd. "Tomorrow, the sun will come up, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow…"

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