Just Ten More Minutes


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Scene Title Just Ten More Minutes
Synopsis Griffin and Nadira are mushy at each other before he leaves to return to Pollepel.
Date February 3, 2011

Confucius Plaza - Nadira's Apartment

It's early in the morning; the sun hasn't even poked its head up, though the dark sky is beginning to slowly but surely brighten as the day-orb begins to rouse. Most of New York is still asleep in their beds, nice and warm against the cold outside, though the early birds are likely beginning to rouse, against their bodies' natural urges to sleep in and avoid the inevitable cold outside.

Griffin is currently curled up with Nadira, wearing a pair of loose pajama pants and no shirt. He's pretty tightly nestled against his fiancée, his chest resting against her back, with his face nuzzled into the nape of her neck. It's comfortable, and she's warm, and he's happy as a lark right here. He'd spend all day in bed with her, if it weren't for what comes next.

The harsh buzz of an alarm clock breaks the blessed silence, rousing Griffin from his sleep. Shit, is it really 5am already? Griffin doesn't move save to lift his head as his eyes flash white in the darkness. After a moment, the snooze button hits itself, and he nuzzles up closer to Nadira with a slight groan. Just ten more minutes…

It's too dark, too cold, and too early to get up. Nadira's startled by the sound flinching as if struck but relaxing once the buzz disappears into silence and she feels the reassuring arms of a handsome man nestled up against her. Felt good, just being there, the two of them. "Do you have to get up? Can't you stay, for just a bit longer?"

Griffin lets out a low groan of protest at the idea of getting out of bed. It's always so unpleasant to wake up to an alarm. Makes a person want to cling to sleep a bit more. "Mmm." He nuzzles his face against Nadira's neck, planting a few kisses on the back of it, just beneath her hair line. "I c'n stay a little longer." He mumbles this out, squeezing the woman tight.

Clinging to sleep isn't the only sentiment. Nadira would cling to Griffin if she had to, her arms shifting to keep his holding her close. "Then stay a little longer," she murmurs in response. "I like having you here. Having you close. It feels… safe." Really, thinking about it, it's been a long time since she felt like that.

Another growl of protest at the idea of leaving the bed. Of leaving his nice, warm wife-to-be behind while he goes off to the island for another week or so to help out, and to be with his son. Granted, he's elated to see his son again— but he'll miss Nadira horribly. He lets out a soft sigh against her neck, offering a few gentle squeezes around her waist.

Ironically, he's probably one of the most unsafe people to be connected to, these days. They got his sister; who is to say that they won't go after other people he loves? He doesn't give voice to any of these thoughts. Too early for such depressing things. Instead, he snuggles closer. "I like being here with you. You 'n Owain are my little pieces of paradise in the middle of a stormy sea."

"And I suppose I'll have to give you up for a while so he can have time with his father. It'll be nice for you to get to see him. I should check in with Melissa and Perry and see if there's something that could be done to help while I'm here. I'll keep myself busy," Nadira murmurs, but she nestles further into his arms. "I am so lucky to have you."

Griffin lets off a soft 'mmf' sound, planting a few soft kisses on the back of Nadira's neck. "Just for a little while. Then I'll be back, and I'll be all yours again." It's not easy, having to split his time like this, but he certainly can't leave his son alone for too long — he promised not to. "Make sure you send 'em my regards. I'll get in touch once I'm back in town again."

He grunts faintly, a smile forming on his features in the dark, and he leans over her to plant a kiss on her temple, gently brushing her hair away from her face. "And I am lucky to have you, my beautiful desert rose." He thinks it's poetic, at least. Even if it IS stolen off of a song that he used to listen to. "Seriously, you're so good to me."

Nadira smiles, just slightly, turning her face a touch so she can plant a light kiss on his lips. "I know you'll be back. Owain needs you and I can survive a little longer without you than he can. You are what he has right now, and so you need to be there for him. A little boy should not have to grow up without a father, and now that he has you, he doesn't need to… so you will be there for him. Soon enough you can have us both."

Nestling in against him again, Nadira shuts her eyes. "You make me feel like I've got less thorns than I do, if I'm a rose. Somehow you managed to get close and stay there. Not many people have. I trust you. And I don't trust easily, especially not lately. But I trust you, and you've made me happy. I am just being me, Griffin, but I am trying very hard to be good to you."

Griffin smiles faintly, snuggling up to Nadira. He can't get close enough to her, so he just squeezes her, letting out a happy sigh. "You don't have to try hard, y'know." He kisses her shoulder. "You just have t'be you." Another kiss. "And I trust you, and you make me so happy." Then, he's leaning up, curling over her so he can kiss her face and chin.

"I just do not want anything to go wrong," Nadira says, leaning in to kiss him again. "I am not exactly in familiar territory when it comes to a relationship like this. I feel like I should be better at this."

A reassuring smile greets Nadira's concerns, and Griffin plants a few loving kisses over Nadira's face and lips. "Don't worry, Nadi. You are great at this. Don't fret your pretty head over whether or not you make me happy." He's more awake now, though still reluctant to leave his bed.

The Egyptian woman shifts, turning over so she can face Griffin full on. She plants a kiss on his adorably large nose, then one on his lips. "I'm glad I can be great at this. I just… I do not know if I will be good with Owain. He does not hate me, which is good. I am not entirely sure I am good with kids."

Griffin smiles at Nadira, reaching a hand up to run gently through her hair. After a moment, he kisses her forehead, pulling her a little closer. "He doesn't hate you, so that's very good. He's just…unsure, right now. He's got a lot of stuff going on. Give him some time…the first few months are always the hardest." Someone told him that once.

"I think you're great with kids. You're going to be a wonderful mother one day." Is that a subtle hint?

"It just might take pregnancy for me to become a good mother, I think," Nadira notes in response. Maybe that's a hint as well! "I know things are hard for him. They are hard on us all. I only want things to be good. I want to do my best to make him know I am not his mother, nor am I Marjorie, but that I am still there for him. He is a dear boy. He deserves a good life."

Griffin raises his eyebrows. Touche. Motors work in his brain, but he'll save that train of thought for another day. Still…it's something that he'll probably be thinking about quite a bit now that it's been brought up. Hmm. "We'll see about that one." He winks to her, offering a kiss— right as the alarm goes off again. He groans, a vector reaching out to slap the snooze button.

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