Just Your Average Bank Robbery


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Scene Title Just Your Average Bank Robbery
Synopsis Sometimes, even the Evolved can have a really rotten payday.
Date July 07, 2009

A bank in Brooklyn

It's late afternoon on a Tuesday, banks aren't supposed to be busy. But when Adam walks in with a dark haired man at his side, he notices a bit of a line. He shakes his head as he walks into the line for tellers, with his companion accompanying him. There's only two tellers, a manager in a side office and a very old and not very attentive security guard by the door. It's your standard bank, nothing fancy, nothing scuzzy. The doors thick windowed glass and there are, of course, cameras about the bank. Adam shakes his head in an annoyed manner, "Four hundred years and I still have to wait in line at a fucking bank." his eyes glower a bit, "There is no justice in this world."

It is the bank manager Phoebe has been talking to, the philanthropist having stopped by to make certain that promised donations are handled in a prompt and efficient manner. This is, after all, most assuredly -not- the sort of establishment in which she handles her own business. Some things are just better handled on a grander scale. Fortunately, the bank manager seems to be pleasantly agreeable, or so one might presume from the incessant head bobbing he's engaging in as the pair speak quietly.

The fat man is sweating. The brim of a Yankees ball-cap is tugged down to shadow Doyle's face, but it's a poor disguise at best, the puppeteer's distinctive silhouette settled into one of the comfortable seats to wait to be attended to for business beyond a mere teller's assistance. He's hunched forward slightly, fingers fidgeting together around a patent leather wallet as he glances up at the clock, then the line, and generally acts rather flighty, as if uncertain he should even be here. Beads of sweat roll down the back of his fleshy neck, into the collar of his button-down shirt, and he swallows once, checking the clock again.

Alia is standing in line, paycheck in one hand, her baseball cap sans logo on her head, skateboard tucked in behind her backpack as it is her only real way of getting around other than public transport. She seems to be very used to being stuck waiting in line. Her t-shirt and jeans look comfortable enough for a day off during the week. A weary sigh is the only comment from her on the wait.

Running down the sidewalk, Kaylee is cursing up a storm. She's late.. She told him she'd be there at a certain time. Damn that cutie over at hot dog stand.. if she hadn't spent so much time flirting she wouldn't be running late. Nearing the bank she slows down to a walk and quickly combs fingers through her hair and pulls it into a ponytail, as she pushes her way into the bank, with all things.. her butt. Rolling off the door she eyes the area until she spots the target. Taking a deep breath she makes her way over to the line, ducking under the chain to come up next to Adam. "Hi." She whispers, giving the man with him a bright smile as well.

Holly's one of the ones lucky enough to be near the front of the line at this hour, messenger bag hung over one side. Soon enough she's able to get to an ATM that's freed up, the girl cringing as she begins the process of punching up her meager savings, with a beep-beep-beep of the buttons on screen. As she awaits the machine's efforts, she can't help but think perhaps she should have thought the moving back home thing over a bit longer, money is certainly getting tight.

The tellers do their best to keep the lines moving, which in bank terms means every transaction takes two to three minutes. The bank manager, indeed bobs his head placatingly to Phoebe. Meanwhile, Adam is still upset at having to stand in a line like a…peon. And as such, when Kaylee walks up next to him and Michael, Adam doesn't even look at her when he informs her, "You're late." His head turns for a moment to look at Kayle, but he catches a bigger, huffier form near the manager's office. He squints his eyes as he notices Doyle and turns to Michael suddenly, hissing at him in a whisper only he and Kaylee can hear, "Keep the gun in the car, you said. Don't take a gun in the bank you said." Michael…doesn't even seem to know what Adam's pissed off about. Meanwhile, while Adam's distracted, in stroll five men. It's not quite Heat, but it seems well coordinated. They're all dressed in black fatigues, appear to have bullet proof vests and ski masks on. Each is carrying a nasty weapon ranging from an AR-15 to a Mossberg shotgun. The first man who enters, hits the butt of his rifle to the guard's chin just as the guard seems to realize what's going on. There's a disgusting crunch as he hits the wall and then slides down. Another man immediately runs for the manager office with his gun drawn and two others charge the tellers. Their guns are trained and it appears their goal is to keep the employees immobilized so no one goes for an alarm. Meanwhile, the last man shoots a round into the ceiling, yelling, "EVERYONE DOWN, YOU'VE SEEN TV, YOU KNOW HOW THIS GOES." For his part, Adam looks up as the men start charging, gives Michael another dirty look and pushes himself and Kaylee to the floor. As Michael joins him after a mere fraction of a second of debate, Adam says, "You are definitely getting your pay docked." then he pauses and hisses, "Also, I need a new bank."

The sudden appearance of bank robbers stirs a faint frown to touching Phoebe's lips. She does, however, raise her hands and calmly urge the bank manager down to the floor with her. Yes, he's flustered. Yes, it is justifiable. Fortunately, Phoebe does not do business at this institution. More fortunate is the fact that her purse in the limo, safely guarded by her faithful driver.

The sudden crack of a rifle's butt against a man's chin brings Eric Doyle's head up sharply, his eyes widening briefly at the sight of the five armed men, his skin paling… but then the fire off a round, and they start shouting. Oh. They're only bank robbers. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," he grumbles under his breath, both thick hands bracing on the chair's arms as he pushes up from it, then drops down to his knees with a soft thump to the carpeting in the seating area, his head dropping down as he mutters to himself, "It's okay, Eric. It's okay. Just wait until they're done, then walk on out. Just keep your head down…"

Alia jumps at the sound. Then she drops to the floor like anyone with half a brain who's seen that much firepower in the room. She does her best to conceal her paycheck inside her hand, as well as just plain not move or draw attention to herself.

It doesn't take long for Holly to figure out the reasonable course of action for such a situation. She yelps aloud, though quickly seals a hand over her mouth, cowering back against the bank of ATMs and crouching down in an attempt to reassure that she is not any threat to the robbers. The ATM of course chooses the moment her back is turned to spit out her cash, what little she was able to coerce out at any rate.

"I know. I know. I am sooo sorry." Kaylee gives him an apologetic look.. see she means it really. When Adam starts whispering to Micheal, she gives him an odd look and an arched brow. She starts to ask him something when the weirdos come shouting and waving guns. The round going off, makes Kaylee jump and turn wide eyes to the guy doing it. "What the…" And then she's being pulled down to the ground. "Hey.. hey.. I do know how to get down." She hisses at Adam just out of irritation at the turn of events. "Damn it.. I knew I should have flirted with Jose longer.. "

The employees are rightfully subdued before they can get any alarms sounded, at least it seems so. Now the man who fired the shot appears to be the leader, or the spokesperson as he announces, "We are here for the bank's money, not your money. Your money is insured by the federal government. No one needs to be a hero, everyone wants to go home tonight." then he starts walking towards the customers, all told who number about ten, "Everyone against the wall." pointing to the far wall away from the doors. The man who took care of the guard adds his gun to the pointing and convincing of people to move aside. Meanwhile, the manager is accosted by the gunman in his office and he says, "Come on, you know the drill." one man keeps the tellers at bay and says, "Empty the drawers into the bags." that he throws them, "And keep the alarm bundle. No surprises." the other man goes to help the man with the bank manager. Meanwhile, Adam rolls his eyes and makes his way towards the wall, Michael moving along beside him. "I'm too old for this." he announces to no one in particular.

While the bank manager is cast a reassuring look, Phoebe moves away from him to calmly take a spot along the indicated wall. Once settled, of course, she slants a glance toward the bank windows, her chin tilting up faintly as she attempts to catch a glimpse of her car and driver. Fortunately, there is no sign of Mosha being inbound. Unfortunately, if Mosha were in bound, it would be unlikely that he would be spotted. Either way, she wastes no effort on fretting on things outside of her control. Such being the case, she offers another reassuring smile to whomever happens to be next to her now.

A deep breath's drawn in, and Doyle pushes himself slowly back up to his feet from where he'd hit the floor, exhaling that breath in a heavy, shoulder-heaving sigh before he shuffles over towards the wall that the bank's populace of hostages have been indicated towards. A sullen look slanted back towards the robbers, lips pursing tightly between heavy-jowled cheeks, and then he eases himself to lean to the wall indicated and slide slowly down it… unfortunately for him, not terribly far from Adam and friends.

Alia gets back to her feet and backs up to the wall carefully, as if not trusting to have the crooks behind her. She leans against the wall like the others, likely somewhere near Phoebe. She watches the exchange with a poker face, though she seems just a touch nervous about the entire situation.

Moving along on the other side of Adam, Kaylee gives him a look. Whispering she asks, "Does that mean I can start calling you Old Man? Ooo.. I know Gramps." Giving a little nod. "I like that one." Turning she leans up against the wall and just drops down it to sit on her butt again, resting her hands on her lap. Heaving a sigh, she mutters, "Hopefully they will be quick about it." She tilts her head enough to look up and down the row of customers, noting each one curiously.

Holly looks up, taking a moment to listen to the assailants orders and making the quick decision to turn back, snatching up her handful of small bills and stuffing them in her bag before she shuffles along the floor, moving for the wall indicated and the other customers, giving a nervous look to the group of strangers. Definitely time to start keeping cash at home, she notes quietly to herself. Can't trust these bank things anyway.

The manager is taken in bank with two gunman while the tellers are forced to clean out their drawers. Meanwhile, the last two assailants take spots on opposite ends of the bank to watch the hostages. One stays near the door, while the other leans against the counter, "Now, you folks keep nice and orderly and this will all be over soon. Talk amongst yourselves…but just so you know, anyone who gets the dumb idea to be a hero..or decides they need to make a call on their cell phone and you and the person next to you is going to be killed." he says it in a casual tone, like he was explaining the rules to badminton. Meanwhile, Adam shifts so that he and Michael change places. Then he leans over to his new hostage companion and whispers, "Hello, Eric."

"Just stay calm," Phoebe murmurs to Alia. "They will be done and gone before you know it." Unless someone gets stupid, which would be truly unfortunate. Glancing directly at the girl's face, she smiles in a patently motherly fashion before offering, "I'm Phoebe, and yourself?"

Alia wishes she could pull that same trick Wade had shown her earlier of manipulating a phone. He made it look so simple too. She sighed and kept still as she instead spends a few moments memorizing a few details before replying tersely. "Alia. Rough day hmm?"

The puppeteer's arms rest heavy upon his knees, his head slumped forward a bit as he looks down rather than up, that frown only carven deeper into the man's expression, his brow furrowing into deep lines just beneath the edge of his cap's brim. At the continued threats, he flickers a look up, regarding the lead gunman with a sullen look that's at the edge of reaching anger…
…and then there's that whisper from one side, and he slants a look that way, his eyes widening into pale orbs once he recognizes the man who once was a fellow inmate in the custody of the Company. "A-Adam?" A sharp hiss of breath between his teeth, "What the hell are you doing here?"

A roll of the eyes from Holly comes quickly as the assorted co-hostages chatter among themselves quite sociably. Not her, for now at any rate. She curls up against the wall, sitting with her knees tucked rather close up and setting her bag aside. She silently curses her camera left at home; this would make for a few hits on YouTube at any rate.

Listening to th bank robbers with a bored expression, Kaylee rests her head on the wall with a soft thump. "Joy.. " She murmurs and glances at the nearest guard, seeming to consider something when she sees movement out of the corner of her eye. Glancing over she watches Adam move places and begin chatting up the big man.. Hmmm.. interesting. Resting her head on the wall again, she shuts her eyes a clear sign not to talk to her as she tries to hear the whispers of the two men just past Micheal.

Now that order has been established, the robbers appear to be waiting for the men from the back to return. Meanwhile, the drawers have been emptied and the tellers are moved along the far side of the wall with the rest of the customers. Adam notes to Eric, "I was just here to do a bit of banking. Quite surprised to see you here, after all, so many people are looking for you." as if he doesn't recognize Doyle's discomfort or the danger of guns, he leans over Doyle…far over Doyle and says, "Hi Phoebe, Alia. I'm Adam." he smiles as if this was a picnic and then returns to Doyle. Now that he has something to amuse himself with, he doesn't appear at all concerned that there's a hostage situation.

"Mm." Is Phoebe's response to the terse reply. Rather then attempt further conversation, she settles in to watch the bank robbers go about their business whilst occasionally glancing at her watch. Adam's impromptu greeting brings Phoebe's gaze sweeping back up, one brow arching slightly before she responds with a polite, albeit stiff, inclination of her head. "Afternoon, Adam. Eric." May as well be polite, hopefully they can get out of here quickly.

Alia nods to the introductions. She didn't mean to be cutting off of conversation. it's just been a whirlwind of a day for the young lady who is now very stressed. She taps her fingers against her side nervously. Ever notice time goes slowly when your waiting for something to happen?

"It's Jason." The insistence of Doyle's identity is rather firm as it's hissed past his lips, the edge of the whisper directed entirely at Adam, Phoebe just garnering a suspicious - or wary - glance as she offers her quiet greeting. "I'm just— checking my safety deposit box," he mutters lowly, his head leaning back to the wall, eyes rolling upwards towards his cap, and the ceiling above, as he sighs out, "Why me?"

Holly keeps to herself throughout the exchanges, sighing and twiddling her fingers as the thieves go about their business and the strange folk around converse. Never should have moved back to New York~!

Kaylee smirks at the casual conversation, giving her head a small amused shake. Drawing her legs up slowly, she drapes her arms across her knees. The big guy's attempts amuse her and she turns her head a bit to look down the way at the others. "Cause you walked into this bank?" She offers 'Jason' brightly, see.. so helpful. "I imagine there is a Murphy's Law somewhere about it."

There's some noise from the back and then some bangs. But eventually, someone calls out, "Opened, time to bag." and one of the three men disappear into the back. The spokesman assures everyone, "Almost over." Meanwhile, Adam turns to Doyle with an amused smile, "Jason, hm? How interesting." then he glances towards Kaylee for a moment before he turns back to Doyle, "A safety deposit box, hm? That seems unlike you."

At the amused jabbing from the immortal, Doyle's eyes roll to fall upon the other man's face with a, in contrast, rather unamused expression. One hand lifts from his knee, fingers splaying up through the air, then closing tightly to his thumb in a snakes-head mimicry with his hand; gestures followed by subtle threads of unseen power that coil out to forcibly close Adam's mouth and hold it as such.
"It's Jason," he states, his voice flat and somewhat dangerous, "Understood?"

A little jump for the bangs and Kaylee watches the exchange between the robbers. Though since there isn't a ton going on there that really holds her interest, she glances back down the line. There is a bright smile for Adam as he glances at Kaylee, but that's about it. Her brows lift a bit at the big guy's words and she looks a touch curious, but she doesn't say much just glancing at Adam and the other people there.

It appears that the ordeal is over. Without the manager, the three men from the back carry along large dufflebags. They head for the door. Meanwhile, the spokesman says, "See? That wasn't so bad…well, we'll be on our way. It might be fair to give us a few minutes head start." and just like that, they all jog out the door in a hurried pace. Adam gives Doyle a slow look, like there might be more dangerous things Adam can do besides talk. But he just leans back for a moment against the wall. Once the robbers are gone, he stands up from his seat and glances around the room, then immediately heads for the door after them. Michael, kind of unsure what else to do, follows along.

Rolling to her feet, Phoebe dusts off her pants suit, a mild grimace of distaste touching her lips at the fact that there is dust to be had. And, while she glances between 'Jason' and Adam, she doesn't comment, instead opting to make her own way out and toward her waiting car. Places to go, people to see.

There are worse things that Doyle can do than make people stop talking, as well; he wasn't kept all those years on Level Five because he had poor hygiene, after all. The other man's gaze is held for long moments, and then he releases his hold on the man's mouth, letting his hand fall back to his side and twitching a tight smile across his lips. "So good to see you again, Adam."

As the robbers depart, he pushes himself up as well, brushing his pants off and glancing towards the tellers— no, no safety deposit box for him today. Instead, he shuffles towards the door after those others departing. They're probably supposed to wait for the police, but he has his reasons for avoiding that.

Alia sighs… and does something most odd as the thieves leave. She takes her backpack off, and opens it, pulling out a laptop, which she turns on and begins, of all things, drawing a sketch of the whole scene, including the details of the makes of the firearms and heights of the various men.

Blink. Blinkblink. Well, that was certainly..orderly. For a bank robbery, at any rate. Holly rises up, peering around as the men run off, and then quickly moves over to the downed security guards, checking on them to see what kind of state they might be in. She peers around before asking, "Everyone else okay?"

There is a bored roll of her eyes at bank robbers, but Kaylee continues to sit there fingers tapping at mid air while she wait. Of course, Adam's immediate rise to his feet, has her scrambling to get to her own. Glancing at the others, a longer look given to Doyle. Giving a bright smile and a half-assed salute. "Nice being held up with you all." Kaylee hurries to catch up with Adam.

Alia includes in the sketch quick drawings of everyone present. There's no words or other notes as she makes the image, just a quiet thoughtfulness as she waits to give the best report she can to the NYCPD when they arrive.

Adam walks right by the downed security guard. He doesn't address Doyle or anyone on his way out. The tellers start to meekly explain that people should wait for the police as one goes for the phone. No one's checked on the manager yet. At any rate,

Alia is waiting for the police to arrive. the alarm was tripped after the crooks left, pretty much immediately. 15 minute head start their asses. The two tellers are sipping of coffee trying to calm their nerves. Business, such as it was, has ground to a complete halt.

There are uniforms on the way. But the nearest person who's got a scanner on and attending is Fel. Which is why it's not a black and white prowl car that pulls up, but an obviously aged BMW sedan…and a man in a dark suit who shows up to survey the damage. No uniform, but he's pretty much got 'cop' written all over him.

Holly kneels close to the downed security guard, making sure he's well enough with her limited knowledge of first aid - he's the one she saw get hurt the most after all, and so she checks him over enough to ensure he can stand, and helps him to a seat. She dilly-dally's about, getting ice and waiting for the cops to make a statement if needed - a genuine good citizen.

Alia is standing near one of the tables usually used to sign checks. She has a laptop computer plugged into the wall. There's a well drawn image on the screen, of the bank, including the weapons and crooks, as well as pictures of those present in the waiting line, though the later are not nearly as detailed.

Fel flashes his badge, but only specifies that he's with SCOUT. Rather than have all the witnesses start to argue with him about jurisdiction. It's the injured he heads for first, to check them out. Since the staff are apparently mostly out of commission, he looks around, settles on Holly. "What happened?" he asks of her.

Holly peers up when she notices that help has come at last, letting out a sigh of relief as she lets go of the ice bag she was helping the dazed guard hold up, "Oh thank god. These men came in and they..they had guns." Her eye are wide as she explains the situation, going briefly over what she saw, and concludes, "And then they just sorta left when they had what they wanted."

Alia sighs in relief as she pops a CD out of the laptop, which she offers to Fel. She's glad she wasn't asked what happened. Her ability with descriptive terms would have made it a very frustrating scene. There are names linked to each face that did introduce itself, drawn underneath them, on the files on the disc.

The Fed listens to Holly's report, nodding quietly. "How'd they address each other?" he wonders. "Any names? Any distinguishing marks?" HE looks to Alia. "And what's this? You get photos of them?"

Alia shakes her head. "Drawings. No camera. Wore Ski Masks. Warned about alarm bundles." She quickly adds. "Explosion from in back. Haven't seen the manager yet."

Holly frowns and looks back at the back door, "Oh, you're right..someone should go check on that guy." She gets up, as if to run off and check herself, before remembering there's an officer right here who can surely check, "Uhm..they didn't talk all that much. They were..they were really good, kinda..efficient."

"Alarm bundles?" Fel says, quickly, already glancing over to the vault door.

Alia nod. "Told tellers to keep them." She shrugs, having no idea what the hell they were talking about. She just has a good memory for words it seems. She glances back towards the vault as well. "Bad day to be payday."

Holly nods lightly, standing and holding the ice back to the injured security officer's mouth and frowning, "We should get this guy to the hospital as soon as we can. He's not seriously hurt but I think the jaw's broken."

"We've got EMTS on the way. Nobody leave," Fel says, curtly, before heading into the back to inspect the vault, see how it was opened. And presumably find the manager.

Alia remains present and accounted for. Not that it matters much. There isn't much more she has to say on the whole matter.

Holly stays out front and looks through her bag, quickly remembering to fetch her own cash that was hastily stuffed in there, and place it in her wallet. She hums, and looks over to the vault, crossing fingers and hoping!

It's not much longer before there's the wail of sirens in the distance….and both EMTs and uniformed cops come in. Fel hands off the disc Alia's given him, points out the remaining witnesses. No longer his problem directly…..and he looks frankly relieved.

Alia shuts down her laptop, putting it away into her backpack. She waits until the uniformed police are satisfied with the reports, hers highly lacking in anything past the bare bone facts of things. And even those sound strained.

Holly stays as long as she's needed, although she soon finds herself being made obsolete by people with real medical training to look after the security guard. She hums quietly, fidgeting and answering any questions the officers might have.

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