Kain Zarek Dead At 40
Date November 8th, 2010
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New York Times
Sunday, November 14, 2010

In a press release this morning, the Linderman Group revealed tragic news surrounding its head of Public Relations and charity organizer Kain Zarek.

"It is with a solemn heart that we of the Linderman Group are forced to deliver the following news. Kain Zarek, long-time Linderman Group employee and friend to Daniel Linderman, was found murdered in the Linderman Building Offices on the evening of November 8th by Linderman Group building security. An investigation is currently ongoing but at present we have no information to share with the public."

"Zarek was a valuable and beloved member of the Linderman Group family and his passing will be mourned by all of us. Our thoughts go out to Kain's friends and family in this sad hour."

Following the press release, the Linderman Group's publicist office announced that in accordance with Kain Zarek's last will and testament, 1.4 million dollars of Kain's personal finances will be donated to his personal favorite charities: The Lighthouse Orphanage for the Evolved, the Bomb Orphans Fund, the Ronald McDonald Foundation, the Deveaux Society, and the New York Association for Children Surviving Parental Abuse.

The remainder of Mr.Zarek's funds will be divided between his business investments in the Red Bird Security Company and the Chandra Suresh Memorial Center.

Funeral arrangements for Kain Zarek are still being arranged at the time of this writing.

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