Kaleidoscope Colours


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Scene Title Kaleidoscope Colours
Synopsis During the Fellowship Gala, familiar feelings and sights are abundant, along with newfound resolve.
Date April 7. 2018

Yamagato Fellowship Center

Robyn frowns a bit as she watches Richard and Kaylee duck up, expression nonplussed as she takes a deep breath. It fades, though, as she comes to a stop. It takes her a moment to release ELaine's arm, before she looks back at the other woman apologetically. "Sorry, I guess we won't be talking to Richard after all!" She gives a small shrug at that, before turning and look around the gallery.

"When you said you work in translation… this isn't what I thought, or expected. It's really incredible, Elaine." She looks back to her ex-fiance with a wide smile, adjusting the purse on her shoulder. "I'm almost jealous." Mostly by virtue of the fact that Robyn has grown to love history and antiques, as much as she tries to outrun her own.

Green eyes blink as she look back Elaine, and then nods. "Sable's at the bar, last I saw," she notes, before turning so that she can start walking along the various exhibits, no mind paid to most of the rest of the partygoers still in the gallery. "Ygraine's with her."

"Well, it was a nice thought." Elaine remarks as her arm is released. "Maybe you can catch him another time soon." But Robyn's interest in her work soon has her smiling. "There's a good reason I accepted this position. It would be one thing if I were to work simply doing translation for corporate conversations, here… well, I have my hand in a lot of things. It appeals to my love of history as well as my love of language. There's a reason I work as hard as I do."

Elaine turns to look at Robyn a bit, blinking a few times. The mention of Sable and Ygraine is registered distractedly. "I'll have to be sure to drop by and offer a hello to them both. But… Robyn, are your eyes green?" She can't stop staring.

"I mean, yeah, I can see that!" Robyn is oddly excited, still walking as she continues forward, looking at one of the Kensei displays. "When did you-" She stops, Elaine's question finally registering with her. Head tilted slightly askew, she turns back to Elaine with a curious look on her face. "Excuse me?"

Are your eyes green. "Not the last time I checked, but-" And like that, Robyn's eyes widen, and she turns to the purse hanging from her arm. Unzipping it, she reaches in and pulls out a small compact, flipping it open and staring into it for several moments. "Holy shit," she mumbles quietly, staring into the mirror for several moments. Slowly, it clasps shut, and a small, fond smile forms across her lips.

It wavers slightly as she looks back to Elaine. "Anyway, when did you start here anyway? I mean… how long have you been doing this?" It's hard to tell if she doesn't think this is worth talking about, or if she's straight up avoiding it.

But Elaine is having none of this skim-over-the-green-eye thing. She's still staring at Robyn. "You didn't even know your eyes were green? I mean, are you okay, did something happen…?" Her instinct is to see if someone with an ability did something to affect Robyn, but she's really not sure who or what. "Robyn, this is a big deal. Bigger than how long I've been working for Yamagato."

Robyn starts walking again, only to stop when Elaine speaks up in response. A long sigh issues forth, and she turns back to the other woman, reaching up to put her hands on her much taller shoulders.

"Please don't." She swallows, still trying her best to smile. "It's- something about this place. Monica said there's photosensitive gases in the air. I can… I can see again. Like I used to." She takes Elaine's arm. "The pale of your skin," she starts, then she motions down to her dress, "the colour of the cranes," and then finally up to her hair, "the gorgeous red of your hair."

She levels her gaze with Elaine's again and takes a deep breath. "I want to enjoy it while I can. I don't think it'll last once I leave." And - from what Elaine had seen before now, she certainly does seem to be enjoying herself. She almost seemed like her old self again. "Colette said something, too. It's both of us. Photokinetics,"

Elaine studies Robyn carefully. "You can see me? My dress?" She pauses. "I mean, of course you can, but in color. That's incredible, I had no idea that the gases would have that kind of effect on you. If I had known I would have worn a more colorful dress," the last part is said teasingly. She then nods.

"Well, you can always come visit me at work. There are a few times I'm working on the exhibit floor, usually for special foreign tours and the like, so you can come take a real close look at the exhibits and see them for all they are."

Robyn studies Elaine for a moment, her expression slowly dropping. "No," is a quiet response, punctuated with shake of her head. "No, I don't think so. I don't think, after I leave tonight, I'll be back in the Fellowship. This was a pleasant surprise. But… it hurts, too. I thought I was over it. Moved on, accepted who and what I was now. Normal. I only registered Evolved because I had to."

Huffing out a sigh, Robyn grumbles. "Colette's ability messes with me too, but I just… I always figured that was her." She turns, sweeping her arm out theatrically. "But this? This is something else entirely." Still outstretched, her fingers curl back into a fist. "It's still in there, somewhere. But when I leave here… it's going to be life it never happened." She turns, looking back at Elaine with determination. "So I won't come back until I don't have to worry about it fading when I leave."

"Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed you won't drop by work to say hello sometime," Elaine tries to make light of the situation. "But it sounds like you're determined to get it back somehow. But I wouldn't know the first thing about how to get an ability back. Maybe if someone skilled examined your eyes they could see what changed, maybe it'd point you in the direction of what to do…" She shrugs. "I'm just throwing ideas out. But let's at least enjoy things while we can, let you see what you can."

A smile, smaller than earlier, returns to Robyn's face. "I can't just talk to Colette about it." Unfortunately, this is a limitation of her position. She maybe can, but not in the capacity she would like to. "But I have some other thoughts. Hopes. We'll see what happens." Her smile widens a bit. "I wish it was as simple as my eyes. I know what happened. My colour receptors burned out-" And suddenly, she shivers as that memory comes back to her. "Fairly literally. Whatever is causing this…" She look around. "it's not natural." She closes her eyes, looking back to Elaine. "I meant my question. I didn't drag you along to talk about my problems." For once.

"Well, you stick with those hopes and give things a shot when you can. Don't give up, now that you know what's possible." Elaine offers a warm smile. "Besides, you know I'd follow you around even if it was just to talk about your problems. It's good to see you here." She pauses, then moves on.

"I've been working here a little over a year now. I was studying some at Brooklyn College before that, I believe that's how Yamagato found me. I was sort of looking into trying to get my hand into some archaeology… really put my ability to use. I technically graduate in a few months, but it's more a formality at this point. I don't really need a degree to further my career."

"A-archeology?" Robyn seems genuinely taken aback by this, blinking a time or two as she regards Elaine, following it up with a laugh. "A life of adventure, far away from here. Sad, but I think that would've been magnifique." A hand comes to her chin. "I'm so glad you can find something to really stretch your ability. I guess it's not that different from what you used to do, is it?" She grins. "For Mr. Monroe." She never met him, but she heard about him occasional. "But this… this is so… vast, and grand. It's so you, Elaine." WIth that, she turns and starts for one of the exhibits.

"Well, the world's a dangerous and beautiful place, but I like New York. I get to see all kinds of pieces without having to fly around the world and get my hands dirty. Call my way the easy route," Elaine says with a wry grin. "But you're right, it's very much like what I did for Mr. Monroe. It's funny you should mention him, Eve Mas brought up his name while she was ranting in the Gallery earlier." She grins again. "You're right, it is very me. I'm living my near-perfect life."

Robyn smile wavers a bit at that. "That's never good." Said in goof humour of course. "Eve knows everyone. It's… terrifying sometimes." A beat. "Wait, she's here?"" Her head tilts to the side, and then she laughs. "Shouldn't be surprised. Eve is everywhere you want to be, and all the places you don't." She offers a laugh to make it clear she doesn't mean that as an insult. "Are you? I'm glad." Yes, there is a bit of sadness in her voice, but she still does seem happy for Elaine - the fits of uncertainty she's had before don't quite seem to be present. "What're you going to do after the gala?"

Elaine nods. "She's wheeling around in a wheelchair somewhere, Ms. Nisatta didn't look particularly pleased by her rambling." She chuckles lightly. "I couldn't make sense of half of what she said, but the Takezo Kensei exhibit seemed to set her off. It's our most extensive exhibit, I did some work on the translation of some records that aided in the image we have of Kensei today." She taps her chin. "What am I going to do after this? Well, Inger's probably hungry so I'll feed her, probably put on pajamas and have a glass of wine on the couch. My life outside of work is terribly exciting."

"Mm…" Robyn nods, thinking to herself for a moment. "Maybe I'll talk to Eve about it, next time I'm at Cat's Cradle." If only to find out what, exactly, she had to say about Elaine's former employer. "The Kensei exhibits are the most interesting. I can't imagine what she would find so offensive about them." She stops, looking around the gallery again. "I have to decide if I want to ride back to Rochester tonight. Or see if Dirk is still up when I get home, and see what he'd like to do." Maybe do something about some of the words and phrases bouncing around in her head. "Seems rather thrilling to me, personally."

Elaine nods slowly. "The Kensei exhibit is certainly the most popular but Eve was raving about Level 5 and acting like she'd seen Kensei. Which isn't out of the question, of course." She follows Robyn's gaze around the gallery. "You know it's good you have a roommate. There's something weird about living alone. It's enjoyable in some ways, but it's lonely in others. Makes me want to have guests over to liven the place up more often. Maybe I can convince you and Sable to come over sometime. I'll cook dinner, something nice."

Robyn's expression darkens significantly. She would have to have a talk with Eve. "How could that not be out of the question?" A sarcastic laugh follows. "I know we've had our share of time travel, but that might be a bit much." She quirks an eyebrow at Elaine, nodding. "I don't think I would've done well coming here at first without a roommate! Dirk's a sweetheart. Used tow work with me at Studio K. Really… I think most of us at Studio K found a home at SESA." Somehow. That always seemed amusing to her." She's noticeably quiet about the subject of coming to Elaine's for dinner, though. Much less with Sable. "Sable. I feel bad, buying her a drink and then leaving her at the bar. Not sure she even knew it was me, but I…" She rolls her shoulders. "I can't be too friendly with the Hounds, and they took over the bar. Still had some fun with them, though."

"I said she acted like she'd seen him, doesn't mean she was there." Elaine taps her head. "She's got visions, right? Dreams? Maybe she's got visions of the past too. I don't know how her ability works." She looks back to Robyn. "Yes, I remember Dirk, he seemed like an alright fellow then and so I'm sure if he's your roomie he's alright now." It doesn't escape her that Robyn seems to avoid the subject of dinner, so she drops it for the time being.

"I had lunch with her the other day. It was good seeing her again. I'm sure you'll get the chance to talk to her again soon. She's around, now. She's still doing music so maybe the two of you could try something. Like the old days but better." She emphasizes the better part so as not to make Robyn think she wants to pull the past forward carelessly.

"The future," Robyn clarifies. "She sees the future. Dreams it, paints it. I own many of her pieces." A thoughtful look crosses her face as she thinks. "No, I don't think she sees the past. But… you never know." The comment on seeing Sable earns no surprise from Robyn - if anyone was going to see Sable first, it was always going to be Elaine, though perhaps it could've been Ygraine as well. The comment about music though earns a baleful glare from Robyn, stern and stiff - not unlike the one she had given Colette earlier. "No." She says flatly. "If nothing else, I don't have time." She holds that gaze for a moment, before looking away. "I'm sure I'll catch up with her soon. Dunno when. If she leaves the bar, I'll try to stop her tonight."

Elaine knows when to back off and she feels she's pushed a little too far. "Right. Well perhaps the two of you will have something else to talk about. Lots of catching up. I know she said she was going to try and meet up with you at some point." She offers a small smile, doing her best to not look disappointed. Her gaze is a mix of disappointment, fear, and… tiredness. She looks away towards an exhibit. "I'm sure she's looking forward to chatting with you."

A long sigh escapes Robyn's lips, as she looks back to Elaine with a much softer expression. She reaches up, scratching her fingers at Elaine's back in a friendly gesture. "Sorry. I know you mean well. I just- I don't really know what to do with… music anymore, besides listen and appreciate." She smiles fondly at the other woman. "I'm sorry," she repeats. "But I think Sable and I'll have plenty to talk about. It's been years. I hear she spent some time working with Ygraine during the war, so… I think we'll have some things to talk about." Very different ends of the war, but still.

"Well I'm sure you can listen and appreciate Sable's music at least," Elaine suggests, eased by the gesture. She smiles back, though part of her still looks uncertain. "War stories are always fun." It's said in a semi-sarcastic tone—she means it both sarcastically and seriously. "Yeah, she worked with Ygraine. I saw her a decent amount during the war, she came by to see me when she could, I was in a fairly safe area so I sort of served as a home base. I'm sure you'll hear the rest of the story from her."

"Yes! I always have enjoyed talking music with Sable. Being able to talk with her about her music should be a lot of fun. I'd love to hear her play some of Else's last songs, too. Not her speed, but…" Robyn smiles again, still scratching at Elaine's back. "I'm rather interested to what she was up to. I know Ygraine and her folks did a lot of photojournalism and such. I think that's what Royce got into too." She draws in a long breath, leaning a bit against Elaine. "Either way… we'll catch up before too long, I think. It's New York. It's only a matter of time in this city."

Elaine's eyes briefly shut as she enjoys the sensation of the scratching on her back. The open up again and she looks back over at Robyn. "I'm sure Sable would agree to your request should you ask her. She seems like she's just as passionate about music as ever. We didn't talk much about music." She doesn't mention what she did talk about. It's probably better that she didn't. "I think it would be hard not to run into her. New York City's a big place but the Safe Zone has a way of making it feel a lot smaller.

"Yeah…" Robyn's voice is a slight bit more distant at that, contemplating once again how ridiculously small the Safe Zone is. "The whole Gala is like… a who's who of the Safe Zone. These galas always were." She laughs all of a sudden, looking over to where John Logan had fallen, before he was carted off by paramedics and flanked by Nicole Varlane. "Do you remember when we went to one of these things, and- I think it was fucking Sylar who showed up? One of those awful people who used to stalk the streets of New York." She smiles. "I love these things. I wish I'd seen someone from Yamagato to thank them." And not just for the Gala either.

"I think, after a point, social circles are all just degrees of difference from each other. And as time goes on those social circles shrink until it's one big circle where everyone in New York knows everyone else." Elaine may be exaggerating a little bit, but only a little. "There's always something that happens at a gala. Think about it—it's a big cluster of people, something's bound to go wrong." She glances over her shoulder to where the action took place, examining the exhibits to make sure they look to be in order. "If you'd like, I could thank Kam Nisatta for you. She's my boss, the Chairman of the Yamagato Fellowship. I kind of see her a lot, it'd be no trouble to pass along some thanks when I see her next. Or there's Ms. Damaris, in public relations. She organized most of the gala."

"Yes, please," Robyn perks up noticeably. "I'd really appreciate that, actually. I'm sad that Mr. Logan had such a fate befall him here. I lost track of Director Kenner in the bustle. He's quite nice, I think you would've enjoyed speaking with him. He's a nice guy." She looks back over to where Logan had collapsed. "Nicole too. Did you know she changed her name back during the war? It took a long time for me to get used to, but it brings a smile to my face now to call her Nicole Varlane. Thought it was a good tribute." She's not sure if that particular detail has ever floated to Elaine, but she's in a good enough mood not to dance around it for once. She's still scratching at Elaine's back, absently at this point - she doesn't even realise she's doing it anymore. Her smile fades a bit, and she looks on ahead. "I should prbably leave soong," she laments.

"I'll be sure to send along your thanks, I'm sure Ms. Nisatta would be pleased to hear things were wonderful and Ms. Damaris as well." Elaine herself seems pleased that things turned out as well as they did—even with the unfortunate medical emergency. "Perhaps I'll get the opportunity to speak with Director Kenner at some point. I'm certain we'll have another function like this eventually." She didn't, however, catch Nicole's last name until now. She presses her lips together in a firm line, clearly a bit displeased. "Was she a good friend of Magnes' then?" While the last name could be a touching tribute, she doesn't know enough about Nicole to know if it should be touching or weird. But when Robyn mentions leaving her own smile fades a bit. "Ah, yes, I shouldn't keep you. You might want to still see if you can catch Sable."

"She's Colette's sister," should be enough of to set some context. "They were both in Alaska." She catches Elaine's reaction, though, and shakes her head. "I know, it's weird to get used to, but I think it's touching. Took me a bit to get there, though." She falls a bit quiet at that. Maybe now wasn't the best for that. Was she searching for something to talk about? It hadn't really felt like it until now. "I don't think I'll be heading back to the bar," Robyn admits. "Not in public. Not with the Hounds, and such good whiskey. I think I'll head on home, sleep. Get an early start on my trip tomorrow." She glances over at Elaine. "I wouldn't mind an escort out. Dunno if I'll be able to leave on my own." Not without bursting into tears, because she doesn't want to leave this behind.

They were both in Alaska. Well, that puts a little more context to the decision to take the name. Robyn's right, Elaine isn't sure she'll be used to it right away. "It will take some getting used to, but I suppose it doesn't matter what I think, not like I have any sort of say in the matter. She can do as she likes." Her attention, however, is now squarely on Robyn. "You'll just have to catch Sable another time." She moves to take Robyn's arm gently, but she doesn't move towards the exit, not yet. "I want to show you something, since you won't be coming back for a while."

She guides Robyn towards an exhibit, the one Monica had been showing Cesar earlier in the night—a kimono. But she isn't interested in showing Robyn the intricate pieces that make up the full kimono, she's brought her there because of the colors. The vibrant reds, pinks, oranges, the delicate design of chrysanthemums, it's a feast for the eyes. "I figured you might want a peek at this one before we left. Something to crown the night."

Robyn tilts her head a bit as Elaine takes her arm - this isn't exactly the sort of escort that she meant. She doesn't fight it though, rather she leans into it, placing her hand against Elaine's arm as she's lead across the room- wait, across the room? Puzzlement crosses Robyn's face, having been expected to make their back out to the Fellowship's grand entrance way. It didn't feel like it had been that long since she first got there, but a glance down at her watch says overwise.

She lets Elaine lead her quietly, and it's not until she sees the kimono that's she's being led to that she grasp. "Oh my god…" She blinks as they come to a stop in front of it, mouth slightly agape as she looks at it. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be something that does much for her - kimonos are by definition beautiful, particularly ones with designs this ornate. But in this moment, able to see it in eye popping, vivid colours that otherwise escape her, it literally takes her breath away.

Elaine releases Robyn's arm and steps back, wanting to give her a moment to herself to admire the kimono. As she moves backwards, she turns her head a bit so as to hopefully hide misty eyes as she's moved by the sheer beauty of not the kimono, but Robyn's wonderment. That was the Robyn she wanted to see. And for a brief moment, she gets to see it.

Robyn doesn't let Elaine step entirely back - when her her arm is release, she tries to recapture Elaine's hand. It's more a gesture to keep her close rather than anything more, but she's so focused on the kimono that she doesn't even notice the results of the action. Her other hand reaches up, towards the display. She knows she can't touch it and she doesn't intend to, but she reaches for it regardless. Elaine isn't the only one without dry eyes, tears welling up in the corners of hers. She pulls her hand back, wiping away her the moisture as she continues staring at it, silent and smiling.

As Elaine's hand is grasped, she looks down at it for a long moment. She doesn't break it, keeping her hand in Robyn's. The gesture to keep her close is noted, a little surprised that the other woman would even spare a thought to draw her into the moment. She's seen the kimono, she knows what it looks like, so instead she watches Robyn. Out of all the times she's shown people this exhibit, this was the most powerful, the most meaningful. She lets the moment drag on, not moving from her position, instead letting Robyn decide when she was ready to leave.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Robyn lets out a shuddering sigh. With a squeeze of Elaine's hand, she sniffles and nods. "Thank you, Elaine," she says quietly, taking another slow breath. Her smile wavers a slight bit. "I- When I walked in here today I was so overcome with joy. It was- unbelievable, really. I was so happy. Still am. But this?" For the first time since being led to it she takes her eyes off of the kimono, instead looking to Elaine. "I thought seeing your hair again might be the most beautiful thing I saw all night- and, I mean- um." She laughs a bit. "There's a lot of gorgeous dresses and displays tonight. But I always liked your hair. Seeing it again…'

She swallows, instead looking back to the kimono. "But this? I won't forget this." Moisture begins to well up in her eyes again, a pair of tears slipping down her face. "And soon it's going to be gone again. I-I-I just… how? How is this this way?"

"You don't need to thank me at all," Elaine murmurs, squeezing Robyn's hand back. "Already got all the thanks I needed." Watching Robyn be happy was enough for her. As Robyn speaks on her experiences, she nods, laughing a bit at the mention of her hair. "I never thought too much about the color of my hair, but I guess I can see how it would be something to be missed. But I guess I can accept that it's outdone by a kimono." She reaches up to wipe away the other woman's tears before she stops herself. It's not her place.

"Not gone, just delayed. Work hard to find a cure, a way to bring it back. It's clear it's not gone because you can see right now. And you can see Colette too. Therefore there's something in there maybe just blocking off things, something your ability can fix. Maybe there are people who have lost their abilities and gotten them back. You're SESA, you've access to entire databases of Evolved, maybe see if you can find some photokinetics and talk with them. I don't know."

"Using SESA resources for personal gain would be the quickest way to get fired," Robyn opines, attempting to choke back her tears a bit and failing. "And I can't talk to Colette about it." She wipes at her cheeks, before running her hand down her face. ""I'm- sorry. DIdn't mean to get out of sorts. But I'm going to talk to someone about it. Soon. Don't know what they can do it help, if anything. But if anyone has a lead…." It's probably Richard Ray. Besides, he owes her a serious favour, at least in her eyes.

With a sigh, she unzips her purse again, removing the black eyepatch band she wears from within. Another wipe of her cheeks, and she sets about settling it back across her face. It requires her to release Elaine's hand, and she doesn't retake it afterwards. "You should, by the way. It's one of the prettiest reds I've ever seen," is mumbled, circling back to the top of Elaine's hair. "I can't… imagine how I'll feel tomorrow. But I'm glad I came. Learned a lot tonight."

"So get permission. It would help you in your job to have your ability back so put it forward as a job proposal. I'm sure they'll agree." Elaine allows her hand to be released as she watches Robyn prepare herself to leave. "I'm sure you'll feel pretty shitty, not going to lie to you, but I also hope that you feel inspired to do all you can to return to how things were. But I'm glad you came too. And if you need an ear, I'm easy to reach. Just take things one day at a time. You'll figure it out."

"No," is a quick response, though not as flat as her last denial. "Too much scrutiny. Watching over Wolfhound and plying government resources to my personal benefit. No, it's asking for problems." She tries to muster a smile, only half successful. "Good thought, though." She takes a deep breath, looking towards the door back into the main part of the fellowship building. "I don't want to go," she says quietly. "But I guess I don't have a choice." A look back to ELaine, one last smile, and she starts off that way.

Elaine walks with her as far as the door, lingering in the gallery. "It was a thought, at least. If I think of anything more useful, I'll fill you in." She stops aside of the door, letting Robyn exit. "You'll always have your memories of this. Let that carry you forward." She holds her hand up to wave goodbye, even if Robyn's not looking at her by now.

Let this carry you forward. Robyn stops at the door to the gallery, standing there next to Elaine. Thankfully, there's no one else coming or going at this exact moment, so she's not in the way. She's not sure why she hesitates, not at first at least. But it's with a smooth motion that she turns back to Elaine, a hand placed on her shoulder as she leans towards her and places a light peck on her cheek - quick but lingering close. "Thank you," she offers quietly, a whisper this close to Elaine's ears. "Please do."

"Mm." Robyn pulls back, a weak smile on her face as she lets her gaze linger on Elaine for just a few more moments. "I'll call soon," she says quietly, adjusting the purse strap on her arm. "If I'm feeling up to it." Because there's really no promise that she will any time soon. Tonight is going to take it's toll. Her hand slips from Elaine's shoulder, falling limply to her side. It's with an uneven breath that she clenches her hands into fists, and finally makes her way through the doorway and out into the Gala entrance way.

She wouldn't forget this night. She would see it in her dreams, when she closes her eyes - much like how she had seen her imaginary stage less than a week ago, in the spare room of her flat. She trembles a bit as she makes her way back towards the front door, paying little attention to anyone else who might try and stop her along the way.

Elaine lingers in the doorway, having shifted to stand in it as she watches Robyn move away. The promise of a call is enough of a promise for now, and she waits until Robyn's out of her line of sight before she turns and walks back in to the gallery to compose herself and return to work.

As Robyn steps outside, the air stings a bit against her cheeks. A look is cast back over her shoulder, back into the Gala, where she can still see the bright and brilliant kaleidoscope colours that dance in her vision - a pleasure long forgotten before tonight. One hand reaches up, rubbing at her uncovered eye.

She doesn't stop for any lingering reporters. She just makes her way to her ride home, making a point of never looking back to the Fellowship again.

It hurts, to have this back for so briefly, such a vital part of who she once was. A door is pulled open, and she settles into her seat, hands clenching tight into fists.

But for the first time in a long time, she can say she wants to try to overcome this in her own way. Tonight, Robyn Quinn has resolved to get herself back on track, to do whatever it takes to get this back.

Even if it kills her.

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