Kaleidoscope Eyes


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Scene Title Kaleidoscope Eyes
Synopsis Magnes tries to be totally responsible when it comes to news like Delilah's.
Date April 24, 2010

Dorchester Towers: Magnes's Apartment

Having had the pleasure of getting his soul utterly crushed the day before, Magnes has decided to take one giant leap back, and spend the afternoon laying on the couch with a pillow over his head, music audible when one gets close to the apartment door.

Fuck you (Fuck You). Fuck you very, very much. Cause your words don't translate, and it's getting quite late, so please don't stay in touch

She'll find the door cracked open since she got buzzed up, he didn't even bother asking who it was, he's just got the pillow over his head and lays on his stomach again. He's only wearing a pair of blue jeans, and his bare back has a large bruise across the middle, as if someone took a large bat to him, and there's a great deal of bruises all over the side of his torso and all over his arms, from what's visible to her so far.

The apartment makes his little Panucci's room look like a closet. There's two bedrooms, a closet, a bathroom, and this particular room has quite a few geeky posters, though most are in his room. There's the bookcases of graphic novels and regular books, and his entertainment center with the wooden table separating it and the couch. "Lock the door." he mumbles from under the pillow, barely audible with the music playing from the stereo on top of the entertainment center.

He doesn't need to tell Dee, really; she has a habit of locking doors behind her. She gets upstairs without much event, taking a moment to wander and peer around Magnes' new place. When the redhead finally approaches him, it is at a shuffle. He can probably see her if he peeks, but otherwise she is all boots and shifting noises. Dee stops beside the couch, peering down at him covering his head with the pillow. What she does next is poke him hard in the bruise.

"The hell'd you do, babe?"

Magnes groans when she pokes him, then tosses the pillow behind the couch when he hears her voice. "Delilah!" he says someone excitedly, slowly sitting up and groaning at all the movement. She can see that the front of his body is much worse. He's got bruises all over his face, though no swelling, and his stomach is a patchwork of bruises, Ash fight aside, he was hit with a concussive blast from Gabriel on top of them all. "I was training, mostly. God, I get my entire soul crushed yesterday, and then I see you and everything feels better… It's always like that, isn't it?"

Delilah jumps slightly when he turns over, eyebrows raising on her forehead and eyes popping open. "Gee, Magnes. This isn't Dragonball or something, you know. You do have limits, mister super saiyan." Her forearms cross while she watches him, though with a small smile on her face. "Glad I could help."

"Wanna talk about it, or just go on with things?"

"It's just Claire stuff again. Well, that and I rejected a girl, because I had this notion that embracing being hung up on Claire was a good idea. I'm still kind of embracing it, because I'm stupid." Magnes doesn't sound so much upset right now as he's just exhausted. He reaches forward to gently place his hips on her hips, looking up at her. "I missed you, Delilah. You're like my red-headed ball of sanity. And sorry, I fought a guy with an ability that makes him Batman, I didn't really predict the major asskicking I got."

"Well, I may not be offering total sanity for long." She says this only after bringing his head onto her arms to hug him against her. Squeezu. "No more fighting Batman, then. Unless you have to. I hope you're not trolling for fights?" Ironically, he is, and she has no clue at all. But it almost sounds like she does. "Don't get hung up on anybody- not yet, anyhow. You'll have time for that."

Magnes closes his eyes as he rests his head against her, sighing lightly. "I guess I just miss her, it's hard coming to terms with the fact that it's over, that there's not another her." He doesn't comment on trolling for fights, but he does look up at her. "Sometimes I wish we were together, you always understand me."

"I do. But I think that just makes us better friends, actually. You'll always need someone around that's not skewed, huh?" Delilah leans his head back, collecting his jaw in her palms and brushing his hair down, seemingly fussing at him. "Then find someone new. If Claire keeps breaking your heart, that is unhealthy. Especially if you keep going back."

"I don't know." Magnes slides his hands up her arms, trying to gently guide her to sit on the couch next to him. "I don't know how to stop thinking 'But she's not Claire', that's what I always think, and then suddenly dating seems like a bad idea. The crazy thing is, I'd almost moved on from Claire, but then I met her ex boyfriend and he kind of dug everything back up."

"Ever think that it might be her? She's not exactly well adjusted, Sorry." Delilah doesn't sit down, instead patiently moving his hands away from her arms, one after the other. "Let's not talk about how messed up the Claire thing is- I've got some interesting news for you instead."

"Yeah, I should probably focus on something else, so I don't go blasting Lily Allen music all afternoon." Magnes smiles, sitting back to watch her now. "So, what's interesting? You become a model finally?"

"Pfffff. No." Delilah has to laugh, though just after she looks apologetic for doing it. "Not quite. I'm a little over ten weeks pregnant. And I've taken up guitar."

"Wait, what? Pregnant?" Magnes looks surprised at first, eyes wide. "Pregnant?" Then he seems terrified, grabbing his stomach as something drops. "You're pregnant!" This time he's excited, moving to touch her stomach, looking up at her with a wide smile. "I'll marry you, and I'll support you and the baby. I promise I'll take full responsibility. If it's a girl can we name her Lucy?"

She shoulda added something else. Delilah looks down at him almost wistfully, a tiny smile and a bit of a twinkle in her eyes. It's so cute. He's adorable. How could any girl be so awful to him? Poor Magnet. He'll find someone. She puts a few fingertips onto his hand on her middle, trying not to laugh out of flattery. "It's not yours, Magnes. But that was very beautiful of you. Thank you." Though- Lucy- not a bad name. Not at all.

Magnes frowns slightly, disappointment washing over him, but he still keeps gentle hands on her stomach. "I don't know why I'm suddenly sad it's not mine. I think most guys would be happy about that, right?" His hands slowly run up and down her stomach for a moment, then stop again. "If whoever is the father doesn't take responsibility… I still will."

Delilah rests a hand on his hair. "He is. Sort of. It's not exactly what he had in mind, but he did say that he would help me with whatever I needed. I'm not gonna force him into marraige or anything though. That'd be cruel of me, and he is living with his boyfriend who has been nothing but gracious towards me. I would not ruin what they have, and I'm sure they know that. Thank you, Magnes. I don't know why you're so unlucky in love. I really don't."

"Maybe girls just like the bad boys." Magnes offers with a slight shrug and a sigh, staring at her stomach as if he could see the baby. With his ability, who knows what kind of sensory experience this is for him. "He can support the baby, and if he doesn't wanna be the father figure, I'm here. We'll read comics and go to baseball games even though I don't understand them. And if she's a girl, I'll even let her do my hair and paint my nails. No matter what, this kid's gonna have a father, you understand?" he asks, very serious in his declaration.

"I'm not worried about it, Magnes. Honestly." Delilah pats him again, as if she could just settle him right down doing it. "I have so many friends on either side, the baby will have no shortage of role models. I'm not worried about father figures, money, or any of that. I'm more worried about finishing telling people. One already walked out on me, but I think it was the straw that broke the camel's back. He's been so miserable here in the city anyway."

"I don't even know what to say now. Everything else suddenly seems so small. When you think you're a father for a full minute or so…" Magnes smiles, finally releasing her stomach and relaxing against the couch. "I wish life were just this. No abilities, no worrying about the government. I wish this were life, just… this, us, our friends, nothing else. That's what I want, women aside."

"Me too. It's what all of us had, at one point or another. Childhood, for instance. That was simple. Simpler times." Delilah now sits down beside him, patting one hand over his kneecap. "S'why we gotta fix it. For the sake of this." Her hand glances soft over her abdomen, eyes on Magnes. "And Lucy isn't a bad name for a girl. Beatles?"

"Beatles, and the bar, kind of in memory of Isabelle." Magnes elaborates as he slips an arm around her shoulders, then grabs the remote and turns the TV on and the radio off with the other. "I don't know if you knew Isabelle or not. She changed my life a lot, the first person I ever met who really saw some potential in me to be something more than what I am."

"I've been feeling a bit funny, budge up." Delilah bumps at Magnes to scoot over, and she immediately tries to lie down, head on his thigh or near it. "I've heard about her. Stories. Then there's the bar. Lots of memories there. Kinda like Cheers, but that'd be a stupid name for a baby."

"I don't know, I was named after the dictionary word for magnet. My parents were so hell bent on a physicist, they named me Magnet." Magnes has never told anyone that bit of information, stroking her arm when she lays her head on his thigh. "I can't believe you're pregnant, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Um, you're definitely a hundred percent sure it's not mine?"

"Yes. Before ten weeks, you were off doing god knows what, and I wasn't with you til like, a month after you came back. If it was six it would have been, but it's ten. I was out of the country. Didn't find out til I got better from the five-ten and kept getting sick. Morning Sickness, turned out to be." Delilah seems to be trying to decompress a little, almost immediately looking relaxed there. "It'll be easier to fathom next month, when I start showing a bit. After that it's all downhill. Like a snowball. I hope I'm not too huge."

"I really shouldn't be this disappointed that it's not mine. Even though I was with one other girl, you're still the closest I've ever… been with, so I guess it'd just feel right to me, if it were mine. I'd love for you to be the mother of my child…" Magnes moves a hand to stroke her cheek, flipping channels on the TV. "You're an amazing girl, I guess I'd almost feel accomplished."

"I'm hoping no more accidents. But if you ever need a surrogate, I'll keep an open mind." All sorts of things happen. Delilah knows that much. "And for the record I think you'd make a lovely father- in quite a few years." People having babies young shouldn't happen so often, but it does. "You may not be the donor, but it shouldn't matter. Maybe my family was just more open- I dunno. I was raised by the people around me more often than not."

"It doesn't matter." MAgnes assures, moving to take her hand and kiss the back of it. "We're family, Delilah, in a weird kind of incest way, but we're family. " He lays his head back, groaning as bruised muscles in his chest stretch. "Wanna go sleep in my bed? I'm tired and in pain. I'm not asking for sex for once, I don't think I could right now if I wanted to. We can just go and take a nap together."

Delilah makes a noise of confirmation, but she has been slowly and surely slipping away into a doze ever since lying down. "I'll stay on the couch. 'S big enough."

"Alright Delilah. I'll stay here with you." Magnes decides with his head hanging back, eyes closed again. He's relaxed, and that's all he really wants right now. "Thanks for coming over, Delilah…"

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