Kat With Butterfly Wings


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Scene Title Kat With Butterfly Wings
Synopsis Kat tells Veronica of her intent to move out.
Date November 14, 2009

Veronica's Apartment

It's been a busy day for Katherine Marks. She spent the morning studying down the street at the coffee shop, and then taking a trip over to Summer Meadows to put in her rental application and talk to the manager. She still had some savings left. Enough for her first month's rent and deposit, which she turned over to the landlord. She was told she could move in on Monday. She then went to work at the bar. It's the nearing Midnight, when the door to Veronica's apartment is unlocked and entered, as Kat sets some papers down on the table and is actually looking forward to crawling into bed, which would be the couch.

Veronica is still sitting on the couch, laptop on knees, hard at work. Brian's likely already in bed, asleep — or at least on version of him. Brian 2.0. Veronica's in a tank top and pajama bottoms, so the gauze covering her shoulder is only too visible under the thin strap of the burgundy shirt. She glances up at the unlocking of the door and smiles. "Hey, Kat. I'm just finishing up. You can have your bed back." She shuts down the laptop and closes it, setting it on the coffee table nearby. "How was your day?"

Kat is a little startled to see Veronica already up, but she's also a little relieved. She's been wanting to talk to her roommate for a while now, but they just haven't had time to cross paths for any length of time. "Hey Vee. And thanks. I'm beat. But, I did want to talk to you about something. She picks the papers back up and walks over and sits next to Vee on the couch. "I found a place to live. I think it's time I got a place of my own. Sometimes I think that I'm intruding, and I know you won't tell me if I am or not. But, I've overheard a few of the arguments that you and Brian have had and maybe me being around is not being very helpful."

Frowning at Kat's words, Veronica turns to look at the other woman. "You aren't causing us any tension… seriously. The arguments we've had — well, they're about my work and his … plans, and they would occur if you were here or not," she says, putting her hand on the other woman's shoulder and gripping it, as if she'd (gently) squeeze this truth into Kat. "But… I know that it's important to you to be independent and to get on your own feet, and if you think it's time… I'm totally behind you and will help you with what you want." There's a smile at the end of that, a bit of pride and a bit of sadness, too.

Katherine leans into the squeeze on her shoulder and nods. "Thanks. I think it's probably time. Even if I'm not the direct cause of your issues, I think you guys would probably find it easier to work things through if you didn't have me hovering around. Anyway, I put in an application at Summer Meadows and I'm told I can move in on Monday." She doesn't have much as far as stuff goes. Whatever Vee put in storage after Katherine's supposed death, which wasn't much to being with. "I've made some arrangements. My job at Lucy's will be plenty for the apartment." Which might say plenty for the location of the apartment that Katherine has acquired.

"Summer Meadows?" Veronica says. "Why do people always name apartment buildings and housing tracts things — back in California, where I grew up, there's places like 'Garden Grove,' which is nothing but concrete, or 'Lake Forest,' which it has neither of, at least not real ones. There's an artificial lake, but certainly nothing you could call a forest." She smiles. "Where is this place?"

"It's over on Roosevelt Island. It's not perfect, but it'll put me closer to work and school." Kat literally spent part of the day trying to figure out how she'd get from work to school to Summer Meadows to make sure she could do it with minimal issues. "But if you ever need a place to get away, you can always come by. I'll definitely miss seeing you around each evening." Well, most evenings. There are days that go by when they don't cross paths. "I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me. Making sure that I got myself cleaned up. I don't feel so lost anymore and I think that maybe I'm back on the right track now."

"That's good. It's not too far," Veronica says, and then reaches over to hug Kat tightly. "You don't have to thank me for any of it. I'm sorry I haven't been around as much or been as good of a friend as I would like to be." Her voice sounds thick, huskier than her normal huskiness and her eyes are wet against Kat's bobbed hair. "And I'll help you — Brian — will help you move, he can make it really easy." Yet another perk to having a replicator for a boyfriend. More bodies to volunteer for a friend's moving day.

Katherine returns the hug. It's been something she's been uncomfortable with, but with Vee, it seems very familiar. Not at all awkward. She does finally pull back and nods. "That'll be great. I'd appreciate the help." And maybe the stuff pulled from storage will help with some of the gaps in Kat's memory. There are still plenty to be filled in her brain that feels like swiss cheese at some points. But it's too the point now where she doesn't actually mind so much. She has her life and is living it the best way she knows how. Who can know if those things she's forgotten will affect that? "I should get some sleep. You should get some sleep too," she smiles.

"Sure," Veronica says, standing up and beginning to pull the sofa out, to convert it into a bed. "We can go shopping soon for some of the other stuff you need, okay? Promise to ask if you need anything. And you know you're always welcome here, if anything doesn't work out."

The bed is pulled out and Katherine reaches for her nightgown, which seems to have been made from flannel. Walking towards the bathroom as Veronica speaks, turning back to nod. "I promise. Good night. Sleep well." Kat smiles to Vee, then slips into the bathroom to change for bed, knowing that in a couple of days, she'll not have anyone to say goodnight too.

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