Kathleen Brooks
Portrayed By Isabel Lucas
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1)
Ability Dream Manipulation
Age 23
Date of Birth Jul 13, 1988
Occupation Freedom fighter in _pariah
Employed by the _institute
Family Tamara, sister
Significant Other(s) none
First Appearance Interrogation

Character History:

Kathleen was the middle child of three in an eminently average New York family. Her life was perfectly normal, until 2005 came around; then things changed. First, her older brother moved out to live with his girlfriend in an apartment of their own; then her younger sister, Tamara, first became weird and then ran away.

They couldn't find the wayward teen; neither could the police. After several months, the Brooks family started to give up — until Kathleen ran into Tamara, seemingly for no rhyme or reason. Tamara refused to come home again, but occasional encounters during 2006 proved she was still alive, against all odds — and not any more sane.

Kathleen still hoped she would come home and get help, which is why she was the only one to respond to a letter received on November 7th, 2006. In handwriting that was unmistakably Tamara's, it named a place in Harlem; only Kathleen went to meet her sister there, the next day. In doing so, Kathleen survived the explosion that killed the rest of their family.

Kathleen's grief over their deaths could have transmuted into a hatred for all Evolved, were it not for the fact that her sister demonstrated herself as one such. Instead, she's driven to do her part against terrorism — against people who would use their abilities or even conventional weapons to do harm to innocent civilians. Holding peace rallies or educating people about terrorism isn't Kathleen's style; she took the more active approach instead and wormed her way into _pariah. Establishing herself as a low-level member of the organization, she played down her dislike of terrorist activities and bided her time, looking for ways to stop the more aggressive members of the group. Permanently, if possible.

Evolved Human Ability:

Kathleen has the ability to enter, observe, and to limited extent manipulate other peoples' dreams.


09/01/08 Interrogation Three women of PARIAH confront a suspected mole. Eve, Helena, Kathleen, Trask
09/13/08 Calm Before the Storm Allusions are made to missing people (cameo appearance). Kathleen, Peter
12/10/08 There Was No Meeting Kathleen finally abandons pretenses and delivers information she's been working for months to compile. Judah, Kathleen
intervening period Kathleen retreats to pick up the pieces of her real life, including a period of study at MIT.
10/18/11 The Mute Oracle The newest member of the Institute arrives to replace her predecessor, and receives startling revelations. Aria, Edward, Kathleen
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