Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe


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Scene Title Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
Synopsis Adam introduces Zoe to his protege, Amy. Zoe's pet project is discussed.
Date May 27, 2009

Central Park

Adam has spent most of the day with Amy. They've walked along, done some shopping and caught a movie. Now they've returned to the park, currently sitting on a bench as the sun slowly begins to set. After the movie, he called Zoe and suggested she meet one of his proteges, someone he's taken to teaching and told her where they'd be. Right now, they've both got some popcorn and Amy must have said something to offend him because he throws a piece of popcorn at her and laughs.

About half an hour after Adam's call, Zoe can be seen walking up the path, its lights only just beginning to switch on. Spring is turning into summer, and so it's cause for a sundress and a light jacket for when the sun completes its journey and night comes with its coolness. Not having had enough time to do the complex ritual gesture dances that involve putting in contacts, she's in her glasses, and as such, she greets the two of them shyly but with a friendly smile. "Hello, there."

Amy appears clue less about what it may have been that she said that caused the friendly-seeming bout of popcorn throwing, and eeps as the deadly projectile of corny goodness hits her, trying, and failing, to deflect it. "H-hey!" she says, grabbing a few popcorn herself. Of course, instead of throwing them back, she eats them, seeming quite satisfied with that. Yummy. Then, she waves to Zoe, offering her a smile back. "Hiya," she says. "I'm Amy," she says, introducing herself gingerly. "It's nice to meet you!"

Adam looks up and smiles as Zoe presents herself. As Amy introduces herself to Zoe, he chuckles. He grins at Zoe, "Yes indeed. This is Amy. And Amy, this is Zoe." he stands quietly and leans in, kissing her slowly and firmly. One hand presses against her hip and he sits down and he pulls Zoe down onto his lap on the bench, spilling some popcorn onto Amy.

"Hi Amy, I'm Z—" she's promptly kissed and then tugged down onto Adam's lap. She laughes and turns faintly red, but doesn't remove herself from her seat. "So what is it you do, Amy?" she asks, giving the younger woman her attention.

That question causes Amy to pause a little, her eyes darting over to Adam. Can she tell this woman of her ability? "What I do? Well, I…" she hesitates, clearly unsure whether to answer the question as well.

Adam chuckles at the question and the confusion following it, "She follows me around and buys my souvenoirs." he pauses, "I've taken her in, you see." he leans forward to Zoe and says, "When I found her, she was stealing ipods from obnoxious young girls."

Zoe's brows go up at this bit of information, but it registers more as surprise than disapproval. Smirking at Adam, she offers gently to Amy, "I'm a psychometrist. But you don't have to say anything either way. I just - I suppose Adam would call it my soapbox, I've a project I'm hoping to work on concerning Evolved teenagers, and I'm sure me talking about it makes you uncomfortable so, shutting up now." She looks apologetic.

Amy chuckles nervously at that. "Well, I won't be a teenager for that much longer, but…" she seems to think it's alright. "Evolved, I am. I, uh, control water," she says. It seems the topic of her ability is touchy more for the sake of her own safety than any other emotional reason. "Of course, me telling you is a sign of trust that no one else will be told…" she says, carefully. It sounds rather like pleading except a bit less desperate.

Adam smiles a bit and leans in, kissing Zoe gently on her cheek near her lips, "I wouldn't worry about that. Zoe knows how to keep a secret…but.." he pauses, "I wonder, Amy, perhaps you might like to help Zoe with her project…how would you feel about that?"

Zoe shakes her head. "I won't say anything to anyone, Amy. It's your private business how you choose to keep or expose that information, and - oh, Adam. She might want to know what it is, first? Though, and not to make any presumptions on your age and maturity Amy, I would love a younger perspective on it, since that's sort of the target demographic, so to speak."

Amy shrugs a little. "I am nineteen, and people have always called me mature for my age. At least in some manners." She pauses, "I discovered my ability at fifteen…" She shrugs once more. "That's the short version. I wouldn't mind helping you, but I won't be terribly offended if I'm, eh, too old for it, either."

Adam shrugs a bit, "Amy's an eager beaver." he says, "I think she would enjoy having something to do other than just having me tell her what to do. Not that she'll get out of that, but…you know, it's good for a kid to have hobbies."

Zoe snorts, an arm draping around Adam's neck. "Well, you do love telling people what to do." she says, noting to Amy, "Doesn't he?" And then more seriously, "After the mass suicide, I thought about what it must be like, to be a teenager and having an ability. I'd hate to think that others might feel even half as terrified. I came into my ability very, very young, when it was still something to be kept under tight wraps and no one had even heard the term Evolved. Young people with abilities should have some place they can go, people to talk to, so they can feel safe. Maybe get some training to control their abilities. Like a center of some kind, or possibly a movement organization."

Amy listens to Zoe rather intently, tilting her head a little as if thinking on what the woman is saying. "Well, yes. A center for evolved people to learn control and such would be a good idea, I think. It might be a little oppressive but on the other hand, they can feel more secure with their powers and that they won't do anything they'll regret later…" she shrugs a little.

Adam nods as the two begin to talk, "Of course.." he says gently, "Under the current…environment, I'm not sure it's the best thing to start up now." he tilts his head a bit, "I mean, I like the idea, but you've got these Humanis First people walking around, shooting down planes…I imagine such a place would be an easy target.."

"Both of you are right." she admits. "I was admittedly more concerned about teens in general - it seems to me that adults coming into abilities might have more resources available to them then a frightened teenager to scared to tell his or her parents might. But in the present climate…" she trails off, shoulders sagging. "If I hadn't had any guidance when I was younger, I would have gone mad."

Amy chews on her lips a little. "I managed four years without revealing my ability to anyone," she says. "Then again, I was never really frightened of the ability itself…" She shrugs, and shudders a little at the mention of Humanis First. "Now, Humanis First… -that's- something I am afraid of. That there are people who wish me dead simply for being born the way I was…"

Adam nods first to Amy, "Yes. They are a danger." he says, "A serious one. Which is why you've got to be careful about who it is you let in." he pauses, "And for both of you to keep yourself guarded. Especially from me, so I don't want either of you letting on that you know me." he pauses for some moments, "As for the organization. I think it can work, but you'll have to start small. See if you can find some young evolved on your own. Keep the meetings secret, offer them the help you can. Perhaps someday we'll be able to work without interference from others…but for now…well, Amy can help you Zoe. And Zoe, maybe you can help Amy. Lord knows she needs a few more friends. I'll keep an eye out for young evolved who might be in need of guidance and you'll be there to help them, yeah?"

"We'd need a place to meet, Adam." Zoe tells him gently. "But even if it's something small, like a very private, secret support group - yes. Amy - maybe I could talk you into being my scout for it? The frontman, so to speak. Even if you're pushing twenty," a faint grin at that, "You're still closer to their age than I am, and some might trust you if you were to say, give them a card, or a contact number."

Amy pauses at this, lulling the offer over quite a bit. "You know. I'd like that," she says, offering both Adam and Zoe a smile. "I'd like doing that a lot. Not only do I like the cause, but it does give me something other to do than practicing my ability during the slower times." She nods at Adam. "Right?" She seems very excited about the idea.

Adam nods to Amy, "Right." he says. He reaches over and tweaks her hat before he turns to Zoe, "Well…let me see if I can find something." he says, ,"I'm sure in all of New York there has to be a place where we can find a small space for a few kids to meet up at." he pauses, "I'll think of something."

The wattage of Zoe's smile could light up Manhattan when she looks at Adam. "Thank you." she tells him, and she adds for good measure, "And thank you!" to Amy. "I think if we can find a place where kids could meet safely, then the next step will be figuring out how to find them. I know there are message boards, but that seems so chancey."

Amy blinks. "Finding people through a message board would be hard. And.. we might attract attention if we ourselves use them." She frowns a little. "I'm sure we can figure that out somehow, given a little time and some planning." She smirks a little. "I don't think it's supposed to be easy.."

Adam smiles at Amy, a little proudly when she says that it's not supposed to be easy. "You're right, Amy." he turns to Zoe, "For a lot of reasons, you have to be as careful as possible." he pauses, "So you'll have to settle for word of mouth. Keep your eyes open, observe, and when you find someone…well, watch some more." he kisses Zoe's temple, "It'll be slow, but it'll be worth it when you have a safe group for kids to turn to, yeah?"

Zoe nods her confirmation. "First thing's first, though. Adam, find me a location. Amy, you and I can get together and maybe talk about what kind of counsel we can offer these kids, and how best to approach them? Before we leave, I'll give you my address, you can come by."

Amy nods. "Of course. I'll come by soon!" She smiles. "Hopefully, we won't ever have to see another event like that mass-suicide…" she says, not without a hint of sadness in her voice.

Adam nods solemnly, to the mass-suicide comment, "Yeah. It was a massive problem." he pauses as he glances at Amy and then at Zoe, "So.." he says, "Why don't we all go to dinner?" he questions.

"What a lovely idea!" Zoe says brightly, starting to rise from Adam's lap. "I'm sure Adam's sick of sushi. How do you two feel about Indian? Or there's this really good Caribbean place…"

Amy pitches in, getting up to a stand also, her arms coming up in the air as she stretches them. "Caribbean sounds interesting, to me," she says, chuckling. "I don't often try new foods, so, I'm always up for that."

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