Keep Staying Alive


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Scene Title Keep Staying Alive
Synopsis A FRONTLINE officer surprises her former boss.
Date April 18, 2011

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Upper West Side

The evening air is cool but not cold. Curfew is still several hours away, and there are any number of people who are still doing business around the city right now. The Upper West side isn't exactly bustling near the church yard, but it's not entirely deserted either. In the gathering dusk, most people are on their way out. But one has only just arrived. Carrying a handful of lilacs, their purple and white blossoms giving off their distinctive strong scent, the blonde woman moves through the old-fashioned marble headstones purposefully, knowing exactly where she's going.

Stopping at a plot near the edge of the stone wall that surrounds the cemetery, her long blonde hair catching glints of the last rays of sunlight, Elisabeth looks down at the headstones there. A double one that holds engraving reading "Carina Harrison, beloved wife and mother" already has a spray of pink and peach roses in front of it. She kneels down to arrange the lilacs in with those roses, disregarding the fact that she gets her knees wet on the damp ground. She makes the sign of the cross and lowers her head to soak in the silence of the graveyard.

It's been a few weeks now since Hannah Emerson last saw Elisabeth Harrison, just befre eeverything went awry and her former CO's entanglements were blown. For all of the respect and understanding she had had for Harrison, there was one thing Hannah had been smart enough not to do, as much as she had wanted to - seek her out, given her standing obligation to arrest her on sight, and have her join the ranks of people she had been told about - Scott Harkness, Judah Desmkey, others.

Thankfully, Hannah has no intention of following through on those orders.

And while she hadn't sought out Liz before, a large part of it was because she had no idea where to find the other woman. But today… she and Liz had talked before. About family, lives. Well enough that even she knew what today was. And had a good chance she knew where she could find her. So, here she is - a church. A graveyard. Sad, and somewhat fitting, all things considered. She's dressed in a loose hooded sweatshirt, if only to hide her face from onlookers as she approaches, casually picked sneakers sounding on the wet ground as she approaches where Liz knees.

She hesitates, back just a bit behind her as not to disturb her. Not until she thinks there's a proper moment speak/

Of the stones around Elisabeth's mother, some have related names. Patrick Harrison, his wife Maureen. The dates might mark them as Liz's grandparents. The single stone next to her mother's, however, is a name that might surprise. "Richard Cardinal, June 1982- January 2010" with a Celtic cross and knot pattern that Emerson might remember seeing low on Elisabeth's back occasionally when she was in the gym in just a sports bra-top working out. That's about the only time Elisabeth's ink was ever visible. She moves to stand up, going still and slightly tense when she feels someone behind her. Her movements are deceptively casual as she steps forward and to the side, as if moving toward Cardinal's grave, only pivoting to glance behind her when she's in a clear path to run if she needs to.

The glance behind her is what gets Emerson to take a step forward, hesitantly. "I wasn't sure you'd be here,' Hannah say just high enough for her voice to be recognized. She hopes, at least, with Liz's ability that she'd be able to. "I thought I'd stop by in case. See how you've been doing these last few weeks.." Hands in jean pockets, she stops to look at the headstone. It really is a nice one, as nice as something so sombre can get. At least in Hannah’s opinion, she doesn't really see many. Tentatively, she angles her gaze over in Liz's direction. "I'm not here to turn you in or anything, in case you're worried."

Elisabeth tilts her head, recognizing Hannah both by her voice, distinctive enough, and her build. "Christ," she mutters. "The whole goddamn squad's corrupted." It's not an angry sound… her huff of laughter is actually somewhat… rueful. "Every single damn one of you ought to be running my ass in every chance you get. And instead? Apparently I got a great team. If I want to lead a mutiny." She sighs heavily. "I'm…. adjusting, I guess. How're things at the base?" As if she has any right to that answer.

A quiet laugh is what Hannah offers in response, shaking her head a bit as she looks up and out at the other various graves. "I don't know about all of us. Unless you've talked to Dooley and I haven't. I haven't heard a peep out of her on any of the recent… events.' She shrugs a bit - everyone else's opinions aren't exactly what matters to her. "Things are busy. Everything's in… flux for the moment, I guess. They're still working out things since what happened." Her head turns to regard Liz, for just a moment before looking down. "I imagine it's alot to adjust to. I'm glad you're alright, relatively so. Curtis and I are worried. He told me about who he thinks is on the docket to replace you. I'm hoping I get some say in that matter. I don't like it."

The blonde shoves her mass of hair back over her shoulder and rocks a little on the balls of her feet. "Yeah," Elisabeth says quietly. "I've been hoping you guys get some say in the matter myself. I'm pretty sure Kershner's pissed and her credibility is probably shot. I don't really know what that means for her opinion on the leadership, but… I venture to guess it's probably not good." She sighs. "Dooley's….. the only one of you that I haven't run into," she admits softly, with a shrug. "Seems like you guys are everywhere I need to be while I'm laying low," she adds wryly.

Another laugh, this one heartier. It only lasts a moment, though, before a look of seriousness returns to Hannah's face. "I hadn't been sure about coming out here. I… I'm not under investigation, to my knowledge, but I was still scared to be out here. But… I figured we should get in contact, at least once. I wanted to make sure you were doing as good as you could be doing, all things considered." The mention of aria gets a bit of a wince. "I haven't heard anything passed on down from her or anyone else yet. But it's only a matter of time. I know I'm not going to put up with anyone like the man I was told about being in charge, though."

Elisabeth shoves her hands into her pockets. "Well…. I don't really recommend life on the run either." She shrugs a little. "I've got a few things in the mix right now. I'd like to use my notoriety for something. We'll see if it pans out." She glances around the cemetery. "How did you know I'd be here anyway?"

"A guess, really," Hannah admits, as cast down at the ground. "I remembered you'd mentioned your mother, in conversation, and I poked around a bit. I thought maybe it was worth a shot. I didn't know where to find you or contact you, and I'm not going to ask." Plausible deniability and all that. "So, I decided to see if luck was on my side. It's nice to know that it was."

The blonde looks worried. "I…. I don't want you to be put in a position where you have to lie for me, Hannah," Elisabeth tells her quietly. "But if you get in trouble…. trust the guys, okay? I'm trusting the three of you to look out for one another. And … for Dooley if she'll let you."

A hand rises up, patting Liz on the back as Hannah shakes her head. "Elisabeth Harrison, if you weren't probably the best CO I've ever had, I wouldn't be out here. I don't plan to put myself in a position that I need to lie for you. But I would, if I had to." She pats again, before slipping her hand back into her pocket. "Don't worry. We're as on top of things as we can get, for now, and we all have each other's back. You just stay safe, and do what you can from wherever you find yourself now."

With that, Hannah turns. “But I should be going. Just in case anyone is suspicious. I don’t really make a habit of hanging around in graveyards.” She takes a few steps, before looking back over her shoulder. “Be well, Liz. Keep doing whatever you’re doing, and keep staying alive.”

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