Keep You Away?


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Scene Title Keep You Away?
Synopsis Cat and Dani meet up after the events of Accelerant
Date October 10, 2008

A random alleyway

Having made her way with Helena and the unconscious Petrelli to an alley where they took a breather, and with the belief the blonde will have transportation arranged for herself and him, Cat moves away from them and presses the buttons for a number on her phone. She believes Dani would be asleep in there, could be wrong, but just has to make contact. The building and entire area is dark, power having been knocked out during the unexpected lobby adventure.

There in the alley not so far away, she waits for the other end to be picked up.

Dani finally picks up. "H'lo?" SleepyDani.

"Dani, it's Cat," she starts, her voice quietly somber. "You should get up and pack a bag, get clothes for you and I to maybe last a few days. Something happened on the way home from my gig tonight."

That helps bring her awake fast. "Are you alright?" That's the first, most important thing to verify.

"I'm not hurt," Cat replies softly. "But the situation is not ideal." Understatement, very much so. "The building is dark, and the streets around it, there are probably people all over the place or there will be soon." She pauses, taking that time to draw in a slow deep breath, then gives her location and asks "Will you come meet me, Dani?" Hopefulness is in her voice.

Dani stands, and starts moving. "Sure. Give me ten minutes to throw some things in a bag and I'll be there."

"Thanks, Dani," she responds quietly from her end. "I'm sorry about this." Cat taps the screen to end the call and leans against the alley wall to wait, already and again playing the whole thing out in her memory, analyzing for spots where things could've been handled differently, to maybe have a better outcome.

Dani grabs a few quick outfits for each of them, throws them in a suitcase, and then tosses on something other than her PJs before heading out to whatever rendezvous point she was given.

"Over here, Dani," Cat's voice says when the less tall one is in hearing range. She steps forward to wrap her arms around the woman without speaking for a long moment, leaning on her a bit and squeezing gently if she can. It's just good to see her, to have that contact.

Dani looks worried, and is immediately looking Cat up and down. "What's going on?"

There's no sign of injury on her in the dim light where they are now; Cat seems entirely unharmed as she moves to give and enjoy that greeting embrace. "Rock got swept up in an operation that went bad, he got amnesia somehow and became convinced to join a private firm that operates in secrecy." She takes another deep breath, releasing it before she continues. "I was getting back from the gig I played, Helena was with me. We came into the building, and Rock was there with another man. He had a British accent and claimed, falsely, to be a Federal agent. He accused Helena of being Sylar, drew his gun, showed a fake badge, and checked our IDs." Her voice stops there, a chance given for Dani to follow and process what she's hearing.

Dani frowns. "Not good. Is she okay? And you're okay? Have you called the police, or is this not a police issue?"

"We're okay, physically, and police were called. When we left sirens were coming, it was… messy," Cat replies. "It all went to hell from there. I knew he didn't work for any Federal agency, and I had no intention of complying with the guy. For all I know he'd lock us away in some deep dark hole if we let them have any more advantage. He wouldn't believe Helena isn't Sylar, apparently the bastard's got illusion abilities and has been using her face. Then there's the issue where both of us know Rock and could perhaps restore his memories. I doubt they'd want that to happen."

Dani nods. She's moved into practical mode. "Okay…what do we do from here? Where's Helena? Where's Captain Emo?" She looks around, catching sight of neither.

"We're going to lie low for a bit, or at least I am," Cat replies solemnly. "You weren't involved in any of this, you don't have to hide. Helena took Rock to a safe place, I'll be going there soon. I'm sorry this is making a temporary mess of our lives, Dani." Her tone holds sincerity, it isn't just something she's saying to placate. "I called the one with the British accent on his fake badge, he didn't back down, so I told him to put his gun away or I'd start screaming about him being a kidnapper. He wasn't smart enough to do what he was told, so I did. About the same time Helena made the wind blow, it gave us the upper hand. Then a bunch of Rock's abilities started going off all at once, so she knocked him out cold. We grabbed him and left. I took the other man's fake badge and gun. I'm going to check him out. I…" She trails off, making eye contact, her own showing she's torn. "I don't want to be away from you, Dani, but I won't ask you to come with me. It wouldn't be fair."

Dani looks at Cat with a very serious "Get Real" kind of expression. "If you're trying to keep me from going with you, you better hope you got to be a lot better fighter than I think you are. Cause otherwise there's no way I'm letting you out of my sight."

"Keep you away?" Cat manages a quiet chuckle. "I knew you wouldn't. I just had to say you don't have to turn everything upside down over this, y'know? Let you make that choice, instead of just assuming or demanding anything."

Danielle grins. "So where are we going?"

"I'm not sure of the address, it's a place Helena has to take cover and regroup in," Cat answers. She fumes a bit. "I'm going to make that other guy's life hell for this. Idiot should've done what I told him. When we made our move I shouted he was a rapist trying to kidnap Helena and I, and when she made the winds happen I blamed it on him being a dangerous Evolved person. It might've worked," she explains, "until Helena raised her hands and made another burst of powerful wind. So now I'm going to claim there was someone present using illusion abilities to make it look that way. I might even be able to string this into a story you can submit somehow."

Dani softly smiles. "Except I'm not a reporter anymore, remember?" Sad look a bit. "But, that just puts other tools at my disposal."

"Main thing is this can be made to work for us, we won't have to lay low very long," Cat replies with complete belief in what she says. "It's only a question of how." She goes quiet, choosing to draw Dani in and enjoy the contact again. Her head tilts, a gentle kiss is attempted.

The shorter woman nods. "So what can I do to —" And then there's kissing. That's better than questioning, and so she indulges in that a bit.

Other things will be thought about later, brainstormed over. Right now there's just needing to get to shelter where they'll link with others, being glad to not be in a deep dark hole, and Dani. Cat indulges.

October 10th: Accelerant

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