Keep Your Enemies Close...


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Scene Title Keep Your Enemies Close…
Synopsis Brians hanging out at Abby's work discussing stuff when Niki walks in, the original personality that Jessica belongs to and Abby's kidnapper.
Date December 16, 2008

Old Lucy's

The hair dye gods were nice with Abby. The shade of brown she was, was stripped away and they managed to get her back to a blonde color that when it grows out, won't be too off her own shade. She's behind the bar, the night crowd not having filled the place to the brim yet, so her side of the bar is empty, save for possibly Brian, her savior of perpetual copies. The workbook on the bar, chewing on the eraser end of a pencil, studying the booklet before her, and writing down answers. "A jigger…."

Brian sits near Abby, tossing a boll up and down idly. "What's a jigger?" He asks. The young man seems bored, though he's trying to keep himself entertained as much he can. Leaning back somewhat he stretches his arm out.

The door opens, and in comes a blonde, familiar to Abby at least. Tall and slender, she's dressed simply in a pair of nice slacks, blouse, and flats. She starts to approach the bar, heading in Abby's direction, which also brings her Brianwards.
Brian has reconnected.

Abby holds up a metals thing, that looks like an hourglass, save that it's open and one end is bigger than the other. "Funny name really, measures ounces. Teaching me stuff the others already know… shit…" The last word said when Abby looks up and recognizes the woman. Or at least thinks she does. The desire to suddenly hide in the back is great, but Brian is there. "Hey uh.. you know that woman… who took me… I think she just walked in… maybe. Try not to beat her up till I find out if its her, or her sister…" And with those words uttered to brian on the downlo, Abby's straightening her tank top and belt. "Welcome to Old Lucy's …"

Brian shoves himself off the bar and turns around quickly to face the new entrant. It's not often that Abby uses language that is less than proper. He drops his hand behind the bar, so Jessica would be unable to see it. His hand searches for Abby's to give it a gentle squeeze. "I have more on the way." Brian whispers softly to her, that gun in the back of his pants practically itching him to death. "Welcome." He repeats, with a little smile. Forced.

The blonde seems unaware of the quiet comments, though the more audible ones draw a smile. "Hi there." She certainly seems more animated, more pleasant than Jessica did even in her nicest moments. "I was hoping to find out if they might be taking applications?" she asks Abby, sounding hopeful.

"Isabelle is always looking for good help. What's your name if I can ask?" there's an inward prayer that it's not Jessica. If it's Jessice.. well. "I'm Abigail and this is a regular customer, Brian" Well he is… Abby offers her hand to the blonde.
Brian has partially disconnected.

Brian tips his chin down a bit to the woman. He says nothing, watching the woman. "I'm her fiancee." Brian says, holding back a smirk. Flicking a quick glance to Abby, before looking back to Jessica.

The blonde smiles. "Niki." she says, shaking the offered hand. "It's nice to meet you both." She tucks back a stray lock of blonde hair.
Fiancee. Abby rolls her eyes. It also elicts some catcalls from her fellow co-workers down the bar. Though there's no ring to back up that Claim. Niki though. Visibly, Abby seems to relax. "I know a girl who looks like you, her name is Jessica. Thought for a moment you might be her" ABby holds her hand out for the resumee. "I don't do the hiring but I can pass it to someone who does. Have experience working bars before?" There's a look to brian and a shake of her head as if to say call off the hounds.

Brian grins and then steps back to lean against the wall. He just watches Niki passively, letting his hands fall to his side.
Niki shows no recognition at the namedrop. "Sorry, no one I know." she says, and passes over a copy of her resume. "Actually, not bars, but I've worked restaurants…I was hoping they might need a waitress?" It's said a little sheepishly. "Just trying to find something."

"You'll probably have to take a bartending course, but, I don't see an issue. Your obviously older than me, and I was a waitress before, if I can do it, you can do it" Inwardly, the urge to rip the resumee up and stuff it in the trash is strong, but another part of her tweaks at the whole heyyyy her multiple personality is a cutthroat bitch… the protection would be good. "Brian, want that drink now?"

What drink.."Sure." He murmurs, going back to tossing that ball up and down. Brian eyes Niki one last time before taking a few steps forward to stand at Abby's side again.

Niki looks a bit abashed at the whole "obviously older" thing. She manages a smile, and says "Thanks. I really appreciate it. And sure, I'm willing to take whatever classes I need to, once a paycheck or two rolls in. Thanks for the help." With that, she seems ready to depart, no malice intended.

Abby reaches out, putting her hand on the other womans arm. "I didn't mean that in a rude way at all, just, i'm 19, and, your obviously not 19. but, i'll give it to isabelle. She can always use more help, even if it's ferrying drinks from one end to the other and she pays good" She has no heart to be rude, or mean to this woman. "Your a friend of Elisabeth's right?"

Niki looks surprised. "Yes, I am." She hadn't mentioned Elisabeth. "Wow, small world. She was the one who helped get me settled in when I got out of the hospital."

"She's good people. That'll help I think, with your application. i'm sure she'll be in touch. Take care Niki. It was nice to meet you" There's sincerity in that comment.

Niki smiles. "All right. Likewise." And with that, she turns and heads out.

Abby waits, watching Niki walk off, waiting till the womans far out of hearing before looking to Brian.

Brian catches the ball and places it on the bar, looking over to Abby. "You sure that's her?" He asks, sidling up next to her so their arms are touching. "I mean—.. what was that all about?"

"It's her" Abby stares, unashamedly. "She's the sister… She's nothing like Jessica, it's like, mirror opposites…" Abby looks to Brian. 'and if that rouse of Fiancee is gonna keep up, I need to go buy myself a fake ring. Maybe it'll keep the customers from hitting on me" back to the door that Niki left out of, Abby frowns. "Don't know whether it's good or not that she came and applied here"

"Maybe you should stop working.." Brian suggests softly, looking up at her. "I mean, it's dangerous for you. With so many people after you, to be at a place you have to go to everyday. A place that people would know they could find you." He slowly gathers himself to make eye contact. "And if anyone is going to buy you a fake ring, it's going to be me." He smirks.

"Can't afford to stop working. I'm safe here. Besides, I seem to have you as my bodyguard. Until someone swilling to pay my rent and my share of the bills and feed me, I need to work. And I refuse to be cow'd. People want my help, they can ask for it, instead of snatching me" There's an exasperated sigh. "Maybe work will be sacred since church obviously isn't and no, i'll find myself a ring. Something simple. Gonna have to if you keep calling me your finacee"

Brian gives her as charming a look as he can. "I work three jobs, Abby. That's three jobs to support one person. I could take up more if I need to. I could support you." He suggests. "If you're comfortable with it, you could take the extra room in my apartment." A little shrug. "But at least let me protect you. Keep you out of harms way. I can support you."

Abby nearly drops the jigger, glad for the quiet on her end of the bar. "Brian, that's… So admirable, I really really thank you, from the bottom of my heart for that offer but… " But she doesn't want to be a kept woman. Feel indebted? "I'm not comfortable with it. I don't have an issue right now, claiming to be your fiancee, but.. I like.. making my own money, paying my own bills, I like.. my independence" There's a soft exhale. "You'll make someone a good husband some day Brian. A lucky woman" She offers her hand out to him.

His eyes roll up to hers and he gives a little shrug. He doesn't answer verbally just yet, he glances away from her not going to take her hand just now. "I wasn't proposing marriage Abby. I'm just trying to keep you safe, don't read too deep into it." He sounds slightly hurt.
"I can't sit in a gilded cage brian. Even you know that. I can't be like Teo's Pila. and I wasn't thinking you were proposing marriage for real, I was saying that, literally, the day you do marry Brian, she will be a lucky woman. I know she'll be the safest person in the world and you'll go to the depths of hell and back for her"

"I'm not saying you have to sit inside all day Abby, I'm just saying going to the same place every day where someone can find you and be waiting for you. That's just not safe." Brian urges, looking at her out of his peripherals. He shrugs off the insistence about his future wife.

"If I told you Brian, that woe to the person who comes for me here, they're suffer the fires of hell, would you believe me? That i'll be safe here, working here" Abby watches him.

"Abby," Brian murmurs, his tone frustrated. "These guys aren't stupid, nor are they weak. They don't have to jump you here, they can follow you home from here, they can spy on you. Don't you understand? Please, even if you don't see the danger, just listen to me for my sake." He pleads, now moving his hand to take hers.

"And that's why your here. That's why it seems since Jessica took me Brian" her voice has dropped to only thier very immediate area. "Someone's been with me to take me home. I can't give up my job, i'd disappoint my boss and for once, I feel safe where I work. The odds of her" A gesture at the door. "Coming through here. IT's another layer. Woe to the person, if she gets a job here, who tries to start trouble. She's mulitple personality. Her sister, is in her head, but when that sister come so out, she's hurling heavy hospital cart like they're a peanut shell. I have you, I have teo, alexander, Conrad, I think I have some sort of military guy who's also keeping an eye out for me. i got Ben to boot" Her hand closes around his. "I need this job Brian. I really need this job, I need something stable in my life, I need a point of reference or i'm going to go crazy and god won't be able to help me"

Frowning at her, Brian lowers his gaze for a moment. "God will always be able to help you, Abby." He assures, "And so will I." His gray eyes flick back up to hers. Despite all the arguments he has, despite the logic, he doesn't argue further. "If you get yourself killed here, I'll kill you." Comes the empty threat, his hand weakly tugging on hers to pull her closer.

"You'll have permission to hunt me down in heaven and torture me with a hundred of your friends. I promise. Now, get a drink and scoot to the back so I can do my work or come back at 3. I need to get to work okay, like, real work" She's grinning at him. "And don't make it too big. I have skinny fingers. I don't want anything gaudy or big"

Grinning he gives a little nod, before going to release her hand. Brian then goes to back off. "Alright." He murmurs, though his cheerful demeanor visibly deflates as he walks away from her.

"Teo's gonna tease us if he finds out Brian!" But then Abby turns back to swipe her card and clock in, getting set for the night proper. 'Teo's gonna bust a gut and then slaughter me"

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