Keeping In Touch


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Scene Title Keeping in Touch
Synopsis Magnes invites Melissa over. They talk about Kendall, girls, and geeky things.
Date March 20, 2010

Dorchester Towers - Magnes's Apartment

It's a fairly boring evening, there's an unopened PS3 box sitting next to his modest entertainment system, and he's sitting on the couch in his red shirt with a small Spider-Man symbol on the front, and some blue jeans with no shoes on. The living room in this rather expensive Dorchester Towers apartment is pretty spacious, with a lot of posters mixing in music legends and comic as well as Sci-Fi characters, likely a little of Sable's touch shining in. There's also the bookcases full of graphic novels and containers of comics next to them on the floor. This is definitely a step up from his Panucci's place, and there's even a few doors, suggesting there's probably at least two bedrooms.

He called Melissa over to keep him company since he has to stay in and make sure Kendall doesn't leave, though he's sleeping soundly at the moment. When she knocks, she's let in, and he goes right back to the couch, flipping channels as he explores the wonders of satelite. "Hey, Melissa. Come take a seat." he smiles, gesturing to the spot next to him.

Melissa heads towards the couch, taking off her outerwear, which shows a white bandage on her forehead. "Hey. What's going on?" she asks, glancing around curiously. And looking for signs of Kendall, since she knows he's staying with Magnes for the time being.

"Kendall's sleeping, I let him sleep in Sable's room for now, so he doesn't spread germs or anything. I'm still not sure if she's Evolved or not. So now I'm just relaxing, being kind of bored, and making sure he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and walk out." Magnes groans slightly, laying back with a bit of an exhausted expression, but for once he doesn't look stressed. "I think I'll stay up all night, to make sure he doesn't sneak out or something."

"Why would he sneak out?" Melissa asks curiously, dropping her things over the arm of the couch before she flops down onto it. "How's he doing anyway? I know some of the people who've gotten sick look like hell warmed over."

"He's doing pretty terrible, getting worse, he even lost his ability now. I was making him draw something at least once a day, so I'd know when his ability went, then I'd know it got worse." Magnes frowns, looking vaguely disappointed for whatever reason, then cants his head over to stare at her head. "What happened to you? Are you alright?"

"You be careful so you don't catch it too. It gets bad," Melissa warns. Her hand lifts at his staring, fingers brushing the bandage. "Mmm…I am, mostly. Head hurts, but I'll be alright."

"I've been taking precautions and calling Abby when I'm not sure what to do." Magnes smiles, offering her the remote since he apparently can't figure out what to watch. "Such a long day today, but it was pretty good. I may not be in a happy place, but, I'm relaxed…"

Melissa takes the remote and starts channel surfing. "You thought about letting me take him? I've got a place where a couple of people are helping take care of sick people."

"Abby told me a place I could take him. And I don't want him to think I'm just pawning him off on someone, so I'd rather take him somewhere myself." Magnes yawns, looking over at her, just kind of staring. "What'd you do today?"

"The place she told you about is my place," Melissa points out. "She told me she pointed you there, actually. But we can leave it up to him. Still don't get why he might sneak out though." She shrugs then, pausing on one channel. "Not much though. Played with Jerry. Worked. Visited with Abby for a bit."

"He's really sick, he can't even remember sneaking out. And yeah, I'm sure you could help me talk to him, he said he wanted a hot nurse anyway." Magnes turns away, staring at the TV now, taking a deep breath. "I had a long boring meeting this morning where I had to remember lots of poll statistics. Then I saved someone from an abandoned building, then caught up with Claire over lunch."

"You saved them from an abandoned building? What, did it come to life and try to eat them?" Melissa asks, lips curving. "How was the chat with Claire though?"

"No, no, this lady wandered in from her car, then she got snowed into it. I was mostly flying around to see if anyone was having trouble in the blizzard, I've been doing that lately. Kind of feeling like I'm not living up to the responsibility of my ability lately, so I've been trying to make up for it." Magnes pulls his legs up on the couch, crossing them as it seems bags are vaguely noticeable under his eyes from the long day. "We had some of the usual emotional stuff to begin with, then we just ate and I told her about old memories and stuff. It was pretty nice. I know it sounds weird, but talking to Claire, getting the old memories out, it makes me feel better than getting her back would, I think."

Melissa shrugs. "Don't know that it sounds weird, since you'd already started to move on and all," she decides. "Glad you're feeling better though. And good job with saving the lady. What the hell was she doing in an abandoned building though?"

"She was cold, don't think she was expecting her car to get stopped by snow. I think she's been out of the city or something. But um, Claire told me something, and I wanted to know what you thought, I think…" Magnes gives that a brief pause, then shakes his head. "I told her I didn't wanna take risks by getting into other relationships, even getting back with her. But she told me I should take risks, and that it'll hurt, over and over, but that's the only way I'll be happy with someone else, to take risks."

Now that has Melissa looking highly amused. And a little exasperated. "How do I keep getting involved in relationship discussions? But I think she's right. You should take risks. If you don't take the leap, you can never fall." She pauses, looking thoughtful for a moment, then she grins. "That was damn poetic!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I still don't feel like that, even though I know you're right. I'm just not gonna worry about it, it's not important. I don't even want sex all that much lately, Delilah's kind of AWOL so it pretty much forced me to go cold turkey." Magnes laughs, starting to float a bit from the couch as he seems to get more relaxed, not even noticing what's happening. It's like someone just pumped him full of air. "Between work and flying around in a blizard everyday, I think I'm slowly forgetting the whole desire for human affection." Or at least doing a good job of going into denial about it.

Melissa eyes floating man with an arched brow. "Yeah, she's pretty sick. Grumpy about it, but she'll live," she says, nodding. "And see, you're thinking about it again. Didn't we go over this last time? Thinking about not thinking about it does you no good."

Magnes' body suddenly thumps back down to the couch, legs still crossed, though he doesn't seem to outwardly react to it. "Well I've gotta tell myself something. You don't sleep with two smoking hot girls in two months and then just kind of cut yourself off, y'know? But that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm keeping myself busy so I don't become one of those guys who lurk in seedy bars trying to pick up women for random drunken flings."

Melissa sighs and rubs at her temple. Or, well, she starts to, then lets her hand drop when she touches the bandage. Rubbing would probably not be entirely pleasant at the moment. "Keeping busy is fine, Magnes. It's the constantly thinking about women or thinking of how you're not thinking about women that makes it all…Dude. You're addicted. And not in a good way."

"I'm not constantly thinking about it. Other than seeing Miss Strauss earlier today, I haven't thought about sex until, well, now." Magnes looks over in the direction of the kitchen, which is just another section of the apartment with no door. "You want something to eat?"

Melissa shakes her head. "Nah, I had pizza with Abby. Thanks though. And who's this Strauss chick?" she asks curiously.

"She's my boss, but I knew her a while before that. She's, well, a little older than you. I don't have a thing for her or anything, it's mostly just kind of raw attraction. She carries herself with all this power and stuff. Once I got drunk, a long while before I worked for her, and when I woke up she was French kissing me, first one I ever had." Magnes puts his hands to his lips, having quite a vivid memory of that. "So, yeah, sometimes I can't help but think about sex around her."

Melissa stares for a moment. "You woke up and she was already making out with you? Seriously? That's…depending on when and what sort of relationship you guys had, it might be kinda creepy," she says, shaking her head.

"Well, this was before I even had a girlfriend. She was kind of messing with my head. She told me we had sex the night before and everything. Right after she kissed me, I freaked out and jumped from the window. I was a bit more awkward back then…" Magnes laughs, sounding more amused than creeped out or anything. "I certainly wasn't complaining, I mean, if you see a picture of her, you'll know why."

Melissa rolls her eyes. "I don't give a damn what she looks like, Mags. But seriously…you ever think or talk about anything that isn't playing hero or girls?"

"Yeah, but you wouldn't be interested. My range of topics is pretty limited when I have to censor all the geeky stuff out of my mind. Once that's gone, all I've got are girls and hero stuff." Magnes answers with a shrug. "If you think I'm immature now, you should hear me when I'm not trying to be mature."

"Maybe…but if you have to pretend anything around friends - not feel you have to, but have to - then maybe those people aren't really your friends," Melissa suggests. "I mean, I may not be into like…comic books, but everyone has some sort of geeky interest."

"The only person I'm completely myself around and don't really have to hide anything from is Sable, and to some extent, Delilah, but even her I keep parts of myself from. I talk to you about the only things I don't think you'd immediately tell me to shut up about." Magnes slumps a little, his demeanor growing a little defeated. "I'm writing a song with Sable, about Midtown, and a made up man who explodes. I'm trying to practice producing music to go along with my piano playing, since we don't have anyone else in our band and need to make up for it. That's the least geeky thing I could think of, I mean, everyone likes music…"

"Rather than assuming I'll just tell you to shut up, why don't you find out for sure first?" Melissa suggests with an arched brow. "And a man who explodes? Sounds…interesting." She grins. "And not /everyone/ likes music, but most people. I think I heard that the Amish don't like music."

"Some Amish learn to play traditional instruments, like harmonicas or accordions, just not in public. They usually sing in church without instruments to back them up, or something like that." Magnes says as if reciting some random book he remembers, shrugging. "That woman I saved is gonna help me fix up my car. The car I bought is a fixer-upper, it doesn't even work, but it's one of those Impalas from Supernatural, so it's pretty much one of the coolest cars you can possibly get."

"Okay, see, that? That was geeky. But no need to shut up. See how well that worked?" Melissa asks with a faint smile. "I'm thinking about getting something, maybe a motorcycle. Though that'll have to wait until after the snow isn't as tall as I am."

"Yeah, I guess that wasn't so bad… I'm just used to everyone judging me and having to watch what I say so I can protect my image. I should have learned by now that you're not everyone else, sorry." Magnes' apology sounds sincere, and he even briefly looks her in the eyes to say it, though quickly turns back to the TV. Lately he seems to try not to stare too long, so clearly he still has some insecurities, or at least just doesn't wanna be rude. "I don't think I'd want you to ride a motorcycle, but I guess that's just because I'd be worried."

Melissa shrugs. "It can't be any dangerous than the rest of my life. Hell, probably even be safer than some parts of it. But I should probably get going," she says, rising to her feet.

"Oh. Man, that's the part I hate most about you coming over." Magnes snickers, then slowly floats over to grab the knob. "Alright, I'll see you later then." he reluctantly says while unlocking the door.

"What, me leaving?" Melissa asks as she heads towards the door. "I gotta leave sometime. Work and puppy and…yanno…just having a life. Means I go a lot of places."

"Yeah, I like having you around. You make me feel like less of a loser, and us talking is one of the rare times I feel like someone's talking to me like I'm on the same level as they are." Magnes opens the door, still not landing. Whatever's up with his exhaustion seems to make him fly around a lot more. "I just don't like to see you go 'cause it's like turning off the nightlight when it's time to go to sleep as a kid."

Melissa pauses at that, studying him with a slight frown. "Huh. Didn't know. But uh…I'm glad." Uncertain would be more like it. "Anyway, see ya, Mags."

"And stop sounding like I just said something totally awkward." Magnes teases, then just watches her leave with a deep yawn. He looks like he's about ready to pass out.

"I make no promises," Mel says, tugging her hat back on, then heading on out.

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