Kill Only This One


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Scene Title Kill Only This One
Synopsis While out getting food for Coren, Cassidy has Mortimer meet up with her at the docks. There she pretty much gives him permission to kill just one guy.
Date June 01, 2009

The Docks

After getting a phonecall from his main squeeze, Mortimer shows up at the docks with 21 and 24, all three of them wearing long brown trenchcoats, despite 21 and 24 still having their helmets on. It's rather silly, but they are clearly playing upon secret meeting tropes. 21 is a short pudgy biker, standing to Mortimer's left, and 24 is a tall rather lanky man standing on his right, all waiting vigilantly for Cassidy's arrival.

"When she shows up, do not embarass me, a girl like her doesn't come along too often." Mortimer warns, giving them both a look.

24 says, far more bravely than anyone would normally see his men speak, "Yeah yeah, that's what you said about the foreign girl who worked in that grocery store."

21 snickers, adding, "That was a good month…" before getting promptly smacked in the front of his red numbered helmet by the back of Mortimer's prosthetic hand.

Driving unfortunately gives a person too much time to think, so when Cassidy went out to get Breakfast for Coren she found herself thinking. Thinking about what happened, Thinking about what she wanted to do to the guy. Next thing she knew she needed to talk to someone.. That someone ended up being her crazy stalker boyfriend.

So here she was walking down the dock, devoid of her normal coat.. no badge and no gun. That's different. Wearing a button down shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, her eyes covered by a stylish pair of sunglasses. There is no smile on her face as she gets closer. "Hello Mortimer." She says affectionately. Her head turns a bit to look at each masked man in turn. "Boys." She greets giving them a humorless smile, before turning her attention back to the big guy. "Thanks for taking the chance to see me."

"Ah don't worry, I'd just blow up the dock if you were followed." Mortimer affectionately reassures, reaching out to wrap his arms around her, then give her a rather passionate kiss. "I have ten guys tracking down that serial killer, but no leads so far. I'd use more man power, but I'm tracking down this John Logan guy, some asian kid, and I've got some other stuff on my plate too."

Draping arms behind his neck, Cassidy ignores the other two guys and kisses Mortimer again after he speaks, and does so quite throughly letting out a lot of pent up emotions. When the kiss finally breaks she let's out a deep breath and nods, though she doesn't step away yet. "Thank you.. ten is more then I was expecting." There is a flash of anger in the woman, making her jaw clench. "That bastard shot my partner.. I want him down." She brings a hand around and pushes the sunglasses up on her head. "Preferably alive.. but.." Her eyes full of anger and emotions she's been holding back. "I won't cry if he's not breathing when you bring him to the PD. And I sure as hell won't get mad at you." It's like handing the man an execution order.

"Are you saying I can…" Mortimer almost gets a gleem in his eye, hugging her tightly and even lifting her up to twirl her in a quick circle. "You're the greatest girlfriend I've ever had."

24 speaks up rather sarcastically, "Aww, look at the cute couple. You gonna introduce us or what?"

Mortimer sighs, lowering her with a content smile. "These are my senior hench guys, 21 and 24, the only two members from when my gang first started, before there were was even a number 40. 21 and 24, this is Cassidy, my girlfriend."

She didn't expect the twirl, so when he let's her down she can't help but grin at him. "You'd think I just gave you the best gift in the world." Each guy is given a scrutinizing look. "21.. 24…" Her tone amused. "Nice to meet you both." She turns back to Mortimer and pokes a finger agianst his chest. "But only this one guy." She warn. She glances at the two senior members and turns thoughtful. "I am sure you have guys throughout the city.. Have them keep an ear out too, if they can?"

21, giving Cassidy an official salute, says in his somewhat geeky sounding late 20s to early 30s voice, "We're keeping our eyes and ears out! We'll hang the guy who cockblocked Boss!"

Mortimer groans and waves for them to be quiet, staring down at Cassidy again, "Ah, well, I didn't say it exactly like that…"

Flashback to a few days ago.

"Some fucking serial killer cockblocked me!"

Now, back to the present.

He runs his fingers through her hair, leaning down to whisper softly. "So, maybe we can go back to your place for an hour or two…?"

Cassidy's turn bright red as she hears that, her head ducking down and her cheeks reddening "Damn Mortimer.. " She murmurs sounding just embarrassed. "Your men don't have to hear every detail of our relationship. " Giving him a pointed look when she lifts her head again. When he runs fingers through her hair, she leans her head into his hand, but his question gets a shake of her head. "I took a risk coming here." Leaning against him, she rests her head on his chest. "I just needed to see you." Someone that she be comforted by. "It's been a hell of a night.. But…" She sighs heavily. "Coren's waiting for his breakfast. He's already going to wonder why I took so long." She reaches up to press a hand to his cheek. "Don't worry… you'll get your time. Patience."

"Sorry, I won't tell them things like that anymore." Mortimer sincerely apologizes, his eyes almost lost in hers as he leans in again. "If you need anything, just call me, I'll be there."

21 and 24 have meanwhile began to ignore them, seeming to be in a bit of an argument. "Hitler would have totally kicked the snot out of Stalin." But 24 is quite to retort, "Are you kidding me? Communists were totally roided up, were your eyes just closed through Rocky 4 or what?"

"Thank you, handsome." Cassidy's hand moves from his cheek to hook it behind his head, so that she could pull him into a final kiss. Hard to believe that a few weeks ago, she was scared to death of the man. Breaking the kiss she steps back and slips her sunglasses on again. She gives Mortimer a gentle smile. "Good Luck, Mortimer.. And stay safe when you do wherever you all got going."

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