Killed Me With A Sword


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Scene Title Killed Me With A Sword
Synopsis A report crosses Jane's desk that leads her to grabbing a recovering Audrey to check it out. Sylar is the carrot.
Date November 27, 2010

Crime Scene

I sang her songs while she dried my hair

Jane, divided, but I can't decide which side I'm on
Jane decided only cowards stay, while traitors run
Jane, Jane

I'd bring her gold and frankincense and myrrh
She thought that I was making fun of her
She made me feel I was fourteen again
That's why she thinks it's cooler if we'd just stay friends
Jane doesn't think a man could ever be faithful
Jane isn't giving me a chance to be shameful

Audrey's in ye olde black SUV, driving seat even, Jane Pak in the passenger side, the little blue light on the dashboard going round and round, same for the special lights installed in the front that flicker that strange strobe light blue. Get out of the way, move to the side, special business coming through.

'Remind me again why I picked you up for this?" She wasn't supposed to be back till Monday, but supposedly there was quite possibly an incident in the city that may be going on right now in someone's home in the city that involved the sylar copy cat. Maybe. There had been rumors about decapitation in a hallway and someone being held hostage in an apartment.

Jane, Jane

Audrey doesn't tend to listen to music in her car. If anything, she listens to case notes or she's on her phone hands free and listening to someone reading stuff to her and working on cases.

wrote a letter, she should have got it yesterday
That life could be better by being together
Is what I cannot explain to Jane.

And Jane sits with a burrito. Specifically, eating the burrito. "Because you're bored and I can only sit behind a desk for so long before I get cabin fever and start throwing things at co-workers. I am saving the government a ton in worker's comp. And now, so are you."

Jane is, clearly a bad influence on Audrey. Her feet are even up on the dash. "Plus, this might really be something and I knew you'd want to be there if it was. And how sad would you be if it was Sylar and you were busy being on medical leave?"
"Uhuh. You just want to actually flash your badge at someone and walk past the barricades and get your ass sex-rayed by some pimply faced cop fresh from the academy" Audrey shoots a look to that Burrito and the bean paste that is making an alarming escape run if Jane doesn't use her finger. "I'd be sad enough that no amount of puppy dog looks and chauvinistic comments from Cooper would have kept me from pulling him away from his vacation with his daughter"

They're a couple blocks away, and some jerk in a white van from some florist is taking his sweet time to pull over and let them pass, even after liberal application of palm heel to horn from Audrey. "Flash lights you jerk, means you move over and let me pass"

"I've been working out this week, Hanson! It is an ass worth sex-raying today." Tomorrow it may not be! Seize the day. Jane does catch that leak, as she turns her head to smile over at Audrey. "I buffed my badge just for this. You wouldn't deny it it's chance to shine, would you? Oh, and hey, I might work in a roll if we end up going in."

The scary thing is… she might not be just teasing there.

When their way is blocked, Jane rolls down the window, to lean out as she bangs her palm against the car door. "'Ey! Move it, buddy! We're not here to watch the grass grow!"

Whether it's the honking horn, lights, yelling asian woman with a burrito bellowing out the window, perhaps all three, buddy in the florist van moves to the side to let them pass. "Deny it? If I even thought of denying you the chance to flash your pretty blue badge, I'd be finding coal in my stocking from Santa and less a partner down at the gym, of which, we're on next week. Go easy on me, I'm still moving stiff" Not so stiff that she needs a cane, but she won't be doing any running.

"Damn straight. I would steal your presents and leave you bad porn in it's place," Jane says as she leans back into the car to take a bite. "And don't worry, I'll go easy on you. I have that old man from tuesday nights lined up for raquetball and everything. You know the one. Shiny blue shorts all the time…"

"God" She knows who Jane is talking about. "He's just… they need to talk to him. Really. I mean, they almost qualify as a speedo I would swear" Audrey murmurs, the destination just up ahead and slowing down as they start to hit parked vehicles of many an agency, cops, and even a swat van. But it looks like the fun is all over since swats heading back towards their vehicle and one could almost imagine dejection on their face.

"Damn, five dollars Pak, what do you want to bet it wasn't he who shall not be named, and just a domestic?"

"Oh, come on. Don't you admire his self esteem? His courage in challenging the social norms?" Jane flashes the other agent a broad smile and everything. She glances toward the scene of the crime, a frown on her face. "I'll put down a week of TV dinners," she says, ever hopeful!

"Long as it's not the lean cuisines. I don't know how you eat those things, not enough in them to feed a bird, let alone a mouse" WHat can she say, she likes to eat, and she can put it away. The brakes applied, pulled over into a spot and put into park, it's time for the both of them to put their badges into use, and go see what has come about to transpire in the apartment building that warranted a call to DoEA and then DHS.

"Alright, fine. Nothing healthy." Jane does shine her badge a little more as they climb out, sliding her jacket on and everything. When she's got her serious face on, she actually does pull off the authority figure look and everything. "Alright, Hanson. Let's do this," she says as they head for the building.

'Damn straight nothing healthy" Audrey mutters, easing out of the vehicle herself. Gun secured, check, badge, check, flashing it to get past the barricade as she and Jane head forth to see why SWAT is taking their leave and looking very much like someone away their toys. "Get ready for the sex-ray" Audrey stage whispers to Jane as they approach the door to the apartment building, people peering and craning their necks in the hope that they might get a look at what's going on.

In the distance is an ambulance, it's careening wail warning people to part like the red seas even as Audrey eases in, no sex-ray for her, but Pak does get an eyeful from the young green cop who waves her on through. "Four oh Two" He says, eye's down and on Jane's chest.

"I've been ready for it all day," Jane says, her smirk is just an aside for Audrey before she turns the business back on as they head in. Of course, when he does end up staring at her chest, there's a little *ahem* to bring his attention back up, but conversely, as she heads to the apartment in question, there's a sway. Oooh mixed signals.

Poor green is so confused. He ends up looking away, out towards the crowd even as there's a scowly faced detective who's coming down the stairs of the not so prestigious apartment building that they found themselves in. "Nothing here for you guys" Spoken like someone who just doesn't plain want something taken away from him, whether there is something or not. "You both can get back in your car and find another case to crash, they shouldn't have called you" Audrey jsut raises her brow, looking at the detective and then to Jane, letting her handle this one.

Jane just smiles at those words, perhaps a little impishness in that expression. "Now that's an amusing stance to take on the matter," she says, not stopping on her way up the stairs. "But I'll just check it out, for thoroughness' sake. You know how the government is abotu their paperwork. They want every detail in triplicate. But I appreciate your concern for my wasted time! What a lovely man."
"Listen sweet cheeks" Sweet cheeks. "It's just a guy who got a little crazy with his wife. Took a sword to her head. I dunno why they thought it was evo related that they had to go and call in you guys, but that's the way it is" He looks smug, like he expects that the both of them will just turn around and walk away. Little women after all.

Audrey's blonde brows rise, looking over to Jane. "He just call you Sweet CHeeks Pak? That's like, sexual harassment, pretty sure, last I looked, that's considered sexual harassment"

"Weakest sexual harassment I've ever gotten," Jane says as she steps up to the man's level. "Look, I know. You're intimidated by women in positions of authority. And you hate the idea of one such case coming in and taking your toys away. And maybe, on any other day, I would let you be. But sexism? Really pisses me off. So now I'm going to be all over your case with a fine toothed comb. Now play nice or I'll give it to the FBI." She flashes a smile there and reaches over to pat him on the arm. "Plus, if it's really just a guy and a sword, then you have nothing to worry about! Right?"

He looks like he might object, might try to block their way, but in the end, he doesn't, just steps to the side to let the two women in, Audrey letting Jane take the lead because stairs are still giving her a bit of trouble and she's slower on them. The upside to living and working in a building with elevators.

A man in handcuffs is being led out of the forth floor apartment when they get up there, blood on his hands and fighting his police escort the whole way, causeing no small amount of commotion that prompts neighbours to poke their heads out and watch the drama unfolding. Blood covering the front of him, there's surely enough of it to support what the detective said.

Jane looks over the man in the cuffs and blood (very fashionable!), but she doesn't interrupt his being carted off. If she needs to talk to him, she'll storm in later. Plus, he's probably not very talkative just now anyway. But she does take note of him, his state, before she steps to the side and lets them pass. "Watch out, DHS is on the stairs," she notes with a teasing tone. Likely more for Audrey than them. But then, she heads toward the apartment itself, to get a look at the crime scene.

"Definitely Hot Shit" Audrey Murmurs to Jane. "What's DoEA stand for?" She's out of the way of the officers who are taking the man out, and frankly, if it's what the Detective says, just a vanilla crime, then they won't be investigating further. There's police tape, more cops standing around the door and keeping neighbors at bay, taking witness accounting's, you name it.

They have to flash badges again, peer in, take a look, another detective there and it's quite possible that this is the man who called up the DoEA when it looked like it might be evo related, possibly the serial killer copy cat.

Only Audrey can tell from a mile off that it isn't. Not even close. Though, there is decapitation, just not her kind. If one has a kind. "Agents!" Younger, skinnier, more excited detective. Eager. "Detective" Audrey gravels out, looking around.

"It stands for badass, is what it stands for," Jane says with a chuckle. When they get to look over the crime scene, she gets in and looks around, checking things out. She's not the Sylar expert Audrey is, though, so ultimately, she ends up looking to the other agent for her opinion.

But then they're being hollered at. Jane steps back over to Audrey's side, her hands going to her hips. "Hey there, Champ. How's it hanging? We hear they found a sword on site." As in… why they hell did you call us in if there was a sword?

"Cause I have a call out on all crimes that have cranial trauma" Audrey supplies for Jane, even before the poor detective can answer. "That involve registered evolved or suspected evolved. I suppose it triggered both when it came down your alley"

The detective nods, leading the two of them to the kitchen though there seems to be blood everywhere and a clear path of where it is okay to walk. In the kitchen is the is the weapon, camera's going off, flash lighting up the room. A body too, covered by a sheet. "Lady is the guys wife. I guess he just found out she was evolved, wouldn't you know right, and to hear him raving, you'd think that he didn't like it. I guess he collects the swords, anyways, he went at her. An ambulance took away the neighbour who rammed open the door and tried to protect her. He's clear lost his hand and then the guy went after her. Hacked at her head" This, he doesn't say, with glee but more sorrow."

he turns to look at the two women, Audrey is already putting a hand on Jane's arm so that she can have some support as she squats to lift the sheet and take a look, pinched face even more pinched, peering beneath. She needs to make sure.

"Oh, well. Goodness, you're thorough," Jane says to Audrey before she settles in to listen to the detective. "Jesus. Gruesome." She's not as moved by it all, though. But she's been in war, son. Blood, guts, the whole nine. She supports Audrey when she goes to look, peering a bit herself, because… morbid curiosity maybe. "Well, detective, if you could send me copies of whatever reports you boys make on this, I'd appreciate it."

"Oh shut it Pak. I have to look, make sure. So far I'm not seeing any ash residue. Which is a big indicator that it's him" She murmurs to the DoEA agent. But the hack and slash job is nowhere near the signature of either Gray and so the already bloodied sheet that was put over the woman is dropped back down and Jane's help in getting back up.

"Sure thing Agent Pak. I'll make sure you get what you need. Sorry thing." A gesture to the deceased woman. 'Sorry for dragging you both down here. I appreciate it though"

"I was complimenting your dedication!" Of course she was. Jane looks up at the detective, giving him a nod. "No need to say sorry. Did your job and that's a good thing. If anything I need to know comes up, give my office a call." She looks over to Audrey, a hand going to her hip. "I guess I owe you dinner now."

'Right, and I'm the queen of England Pak. I know you" Audrey mutters, nodding her head to the detective as she starts to head out, giving one last look over and around. Just in case. You never know really. Things can change, things can be hidden.

But when they hid the doors and start to head for the stairs, there's a snort. "Yup. I choose Thai, again. I want Thai. Thursday, your place this time instead of mine, I need my exercise and your getting a little soft around the arms and the chin"

Jane does her last sweep as well, making mental notes for her own report, before she heads out, too. "What, my chin?" She lifts a hand to pinch at what is, indeed, soft there. "I was going for two, see? I like my first one so much." She gives Audrey a grin, though, and nods, "Thai. Don't worry, I know a great place. The Windsor Knot. And their take away window, the Half Windsor. There's better food, but the name amuses me so much…"

"Pak, anything amuses you" She takes the stairs carefully, not willing to push anything too far. Not wanting to push her luck too far. "She loved it so much, she went for two. That, is what I'll say at your funeral then. That and 'she died with a smile on her face"

"What can I say! I'm fond of smile lines, too." Jane looks over at Audrey, going at the other woman's pace without making a fuss over it. "I shall endeavor to make that statement as true as possible. Chins. Slices of pie. Drinks. Men…"

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