Killers In A Previous Life


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Scene Title Killers In A Previous Life
Synopsis Counter-terrorism is work and play.
Date 2018 (?)

Tel Aviv, Israel


The sun blazes brightly down upon the city of Isarel. There is nobody in sight, the streets empty. It must be time to pray for the people because nobody can be seen, or heard. In a nearby alley there is seemingly nothing going on. That is until..


The wall of one of the buildings in the alley crumbles within. Fire and smoke rise to the air. Barreling out from the building is a figure, dressed in all black. Hair flying in the wind. Light grey eyes scan the area around her as she tumbles away from the smoke. More figures can be seen coming from the building. It's clear that they are /not/ friends. "Shit." She swears in Italian.

At Eve's shoulder, her radio unit ticks and crackles static on a level almost lost underneath the belching groan of gutted masonry and licking flames. Not that static is especially worth listening to by itself. Another abrupt spate of electronic noise, and then a familiar voice, masculine and washed accentless by to much travel, filters into the cloyed air: "Four behind you, two out of the alley," he says. Teo. "Get out and across the street. I'm here."

"Thank you." Eve says soft enough for Teo to hear and she whips out her handgun from her thigh holster. Four bullets are fired towards the group of people as Eve begins to run out of the alley. Her feet pounding on the ground, she looks behind her shoulder and fires off another round while she runs. Her hair which is in a ponytail bounces up and down, she slides out of the alley as the men that weren't hit by her bullets open fire. Her arms are pumping as she makes her way to where Teo said he is.

Out of the wavering screen of smoke, the street opens out in front of Eve— no main causeway, with public transportation routes or anything to have to worry about— but broad enough a stretch of asphalt to leave her feeling somewhat uncovered. She is.

Her back is exposed to her probable pursuers and, aside from a street lamp here and graffiti-scrawled mailbox there, she is the only relief against flat, white planes. Ponytail zagging behind her and boots drubbing the bleached asphalt, she stands out: an easy target. One that the man leading the charge after her is determined to drop, before his cell gets made. He has no way of knowing that it already has been. He raises his Barak, squares it at her back—

And his forehead erupts, ruptured by a sniper round. The second plows into the wall to his right, tearing out a trail of cheap plaster and bricking the size of a child's arm. Shouting erupts in Hebrew behind. Sniper. Sniper.

"Damn right." Eve mutters to herself and grins as she turns around to see the man go down. It only takes another round of bullets from her gun to put down the other two that were following the man. As the bullets rip clean through their bodies and make impact also in the walls behind them.

Eve's eyes travel left to right and she spots the other two that Teo was talking about. One of them a man with a AK-47 crouches down and begins to open fire on Eve. The bullets just narrowly miss the seer as she rolls behind the old mailbox. Curling herself into a little ball, Eve shouts, "Take him for me?" a question she knows she doesn't have to ask. When the man stops to reload, she fires off her own round of bullets, one hits the man in the knee, but that doesn't slow him down. Eve's eyes travel to where she /thinks/ Teo's vantage point is. She'll get to him later. Right now, there are some baddies to take care of.

It's either promising or not, that these men are apparently used to getting shot. Carrying a slug around in your leg is never fun, but it takes a little doing to walk it off. Where 'doing' is 'training,' 'mental discipline,' and a stubborn degree of passion that may well operate to the detriment of one's enemies.

The next sniper round takes an apple-sized bite out of the corner of the building, and sends both the AK-47 and its wielder stumbling into retreat. They have smelled a trap. It took a little doing, with all the reek of smoke and fire, but they smelled it. Annoying for the visiting team, if not completely hopeless. There's a flicker of movement in Eve's peripheral, a knot of lean, khaki-clad limbs swinging up out of a window in the building across the street, monkey-footed, his armored torso stretching long against the outer wall the instant before he drops to the sidewalk.

"They're falling back," Teo says into the radio. Easier and wiser than shouting twenty feet across the street. "Cops and civvies incoming soon. Let's finish off their supply cache and get out of here."

"Take what can for ourselves?" A question she knows the answer to already, but it never hurts to ask.. right? Eve walks over the rubble and nudges a piece of rock over. The fire still burns somewhat and she peers through the various supplies, among them she finds a dagger. And it's a nice looking one too. Not large, but curved and it has an inscription on the side in Hebrew. "Yahtzee." She says softly as she slides the dagger into her boot sheath.

A look is given to Teo as she picks up an explosive and pulls the wire out so that the bomb is basically dead and cannot be used. "They were planning on a little party I see."

The smoke is annoying as fuck, but it's rising rapidly enough to leave the alleyway largely open and clear for examination and breathing through thin fabric isn't too bad. Teo swivels on a foot, stops with his back to the building for a fraction of a second. Looking; thinking; before he steps backward around the jagged-edged hole, moves toward the filing cabinet.

A long, skinny metal pick comes out of his sleeve, pushes into the lock. "Take what you want," he answers.

Metal rasps metal, unseen tumblers shifting and squeaking against each other. A wrench, and a long, choppy row of suspended files rolls out toward him, bangs to a halt at the end of its measure. He runs his fingers lightly over the tabs, once, abandons it in favor of cracking one computer harddrive loose with a knife of his own.

"She'll want this, you think?" Eve takes a memory chip from a laptop lying on the table and holds it up to Teo before sliding into a safe place for later. /Who/ else would want something from computers? The woman shakes her head after not finding anything else and she comes to stand next to Teo, her eyes drift from his rifle to his face. "Got it?" she raises an eyebrow and looks at the files in the cabinet.

Though Wireless generally has easy access to laptops, there's a nod. "Might as well," Teo replies with some semblence of good cheer. He guts the desktop as expediently as he would a person, handles the flat, delicate circuitry of memory in between two stiff leather panels— a remodeled book cover— for protection, strapping them shut. A brusque shove secures it in his jacket.

"Si." Setting the sole of one boot against the little wheeled chair right near, Teo sends it flying into the door. Crashes it open, and he follows, striding away from the wobbling soundwaves of impending sirens. "Fire department's coming."

"Then let's get a move on." Eve follows after Teo, light on her feet. She turns her head to look back at the room they were just in. "Just another day.." she whispers and then breaks out into a jog after Teo.

By the time they beeline out of the far end of the building, a crowd has massed up on the other side. Silhouetted limbs through the belching cloy of smoke like a young forest riffled by a foggy wind, and voices carry, fall short. The way ahead is certain, if not easy, and no real matter of agility.

Forty yards from the compound, a smile finally cants Teo's mouth.

His pace slows; he tosses his rifle at his companion, opens his arms out behind him, a gesture familiar to her by now. He catches her when she runs up and leaps, arms hooking piggyback under her knees. The sun is still bright as they depart into the shadows of labyrinthine alleyways.

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