Killing Me Softly



Scene Title Killing Me Softly
Synopsis In 1996 Eve Mas manifests for the first time, unknowing of the significance of that vision.
Date Winter 1996

Mas Mechanics

The sun hung high in the sky on this afternoon. Though the snowstorm had stopped, the snow still sat thick and heavy around the city. Not as bad as the blizzard of ’74 but people were trapped in their homes for a time. Some even in their places of work.

The doors of Mas Mechanics are closed, Eric had just been able to get them closed before the storm got to bad sending the rest of the workers home before it got too bad. Some didn't have any other better place to be though and so there they waited.

A tan hand goes to wipe at his brow as Eric Mas surveys the work area of the warehouse. A few cars sit in various states of repair two mechanics among them. Idle hands, so they are using the downtime to work on their cars though a bottle of brandy sits atop of a shelf half empty. Who says you can't get drunk during a blizzard when you're stuck at work with your boss?

Gray eyes flick to the office as Eric puts a hand loosely on his hip, “Eve! Get down here!” The man shakes his head where the hell is his daughter? She had been more mischievous lately taking to hiding in the bowels of the warehouse and not being found for hours sometimes way past closing.


But the young teen was not in the office or even in the basement, painting. The roof of her dad’s warehouse had always been a place of peace for Eve. She didn't like to be home much, her mother wasn't always the most pleasant to be around. Eve understood, Mama had to do things she didn't want to so she could survive. Though Eve now mused if her mother just liked complaining about being a stripper. It didn't make much sense since her father had started to do so well lately.

She remembers hushed fights the couple would have when they thought Eve was asleep but the walls weren't thick in that cheap apartment.

“You can't be serious, it's over, Val. There are no answers there, baby.”

“Eric! He's still there. Every Thursday. I can't just leave… I have to know..”

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song

Words echo out of a boombox sitting at a young woman’s black booted feet. A simple cotton dress of a blue color sits on her body. A thick coat sitting over her shoulders as she sits with her back to the wall leading to the doorway downstairs. Eve isn't bothered by the cold though. She rather likes it. She's bobbing her head to the sound of Lauryn’s voice mouthing the words. Her raven black curls short and loose, she had just taken a pair of scissors to her hair much to her mother’s dismay.

In one hand an almost finished doobie is smoking. “I heard he sang… a good song…” she sings softly as she crushes the doobie into the snow watching as it sizzles and goes out. Smoke trailing up to her pale heart shaped face.

Light gray eyes matching her father's flutter as she lays head back and closes them a moment later. Maybe just a nap, she can help her father in a bit… it's not like their going anywhere…

In Dreams

The sky is clear, cloudless and dim, a twilight or dusk that can't be determined. The horizon is cast a brilliant shade of pink and purple, and more stars than Eve has ever seen in her life shine overhead.

But it isn't dawn, or dusk, or any twilight hour she's ever experienced. The sun hangs like a dead stone overhead, jet black and ringed with brilliant gold in a fiery eclipse. Around the sun shift curtains of light more beautiful than the stars, shimmering and ephemeral waves of green that fade to blue, like the hem of a goddess' dress extending down from the firmament.

A child stands atop a grassy hill below the sun, no more than two years old and as naked as the day they were born, cast in a shroud of innocence in ways only children can be. The child raises a tanned arm over their head, fingers splayed, and the wind changes to swirl their dark hair about. They stare up into the eclipse, tears streaming down their cheeks.

Then, a golden light rises around the child's body like a cloud of luminescent gold filaments cast into the air. The child's skin sheds warm light, and their irises glow with brilliant gold, as though they were mirroring the eclipse.

Lips parted, the child smiles.

The sun explodes with light, coruscating bands of energy the color of fire wash across the darkness of the sky, turn to seething waves of blue and green, and the heavens are set ablaze.

A voice, as if calling from deep inside a cave echoes in Eve's mind.


Eve doesn't speak Sumerian. But she knows the phrase regardless.



The young woman jumps as she hears her father's voice behind her. Her eyes a milk white color as they snap open. She leans forward with a gasp choking and trying to catch her breath. The milkiness fades as she looks over her shoulder at her father with a sheepish smile. “Sorry dad! I uh… I was listening to Lauryn… and I fell asleep.” She blushes as her father's gaze goes to the disposed of joint.

“Eve did you go into my stash again?”

“No I just took a peek-”

“I told you if you want to get baked do it with your friends with your own pot!”

Eric shakes his head and turns his back to head back downstairs. “Come on you owe me some labor for stealing my shit kiddo.”

With a loud sigh Eve lays her head back on the wall before climbing to her feet, switching off the song midplay. She hefts the boombox and goes to follow her father.

Stopping a moment she turns to look at the view of the city behind her. An eyebrow quirks as she rubs her temple. She's tired… but she just took a cat nap… that doesn't make much sense to the young woman.

With a light shrug she steps down the stairs slowly her dress flaring in the wind as she descends.

A high pitched whistle pierces the air as she goes down the steps and the door slams behind her echoing off into the distance.

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