Portrayed By Michelle Trachtenberg
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Empathy
Age 23
Date of Birth November 6, 1985
Date of Death
Occupation Childcare
Family Parents Egan and Amity Savage, siblings Bethany, Finnegan, Gypsy, Bogart, Tylerann
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Kimberlynn Savage is a nice girl who's just a little bit lazy and complacent when it comes to achieving her dreams. She comes from a horse farm in Kentucky, where she learned all kinds of nifty things about animals, kids, and sewing, but she grew up sheltered so she's a little naive about some things. However, life in the big city is helping her grow up some more. She tends kids for her meager living and volunteers at St. Luke's in the children's ward. She wants to be a writer, but can't manage her time or discipline herself enough to be successful. With her free time, Kimber manages to have herself a lot of fun, going out with friends and such. But, her free time is limited, so when she does have some, it's precious.

Character History:

My parents own and work a horse ranch. My dad inherited the land from his father, and my mom, who was a vet tech, married him. It worked out nicely, a horse rancher and a vet tech, because vet techs know how to handle themselves around horses and other animals, and can administer medicines that the horses need. Dad can do that, too, but it's much easier for Mom, or for Dad to do it with Mom helping. Either way, it's a suitable arrangement that started with romance.

A couple of years later, I was born. November 6, 1985, to be exact. Mom had grand plans for me. Read to me when I was in the womb, even, and every day after, until I was old enough to choose to read for myself. By then, she and I were taking turns reading to the younger kids. There were six of us in all. Me, Bethany, Finnegan, Gypsy, Bogart, and Tylerann. Yes, Tylerann's a girl. No, I don't understand my mother's fascination with weird names, why do you ask? Anyway, we were all homeschooled, and all of us were introduced to books before we were born. Music, too, but some of us weren't as interested in classical later on. Same with books, I guess. The point is, As the oldest, I got to babysit all the time (like it's a privilege). Also got to help the younger kids with their schoolwork. Or…homeschoolwork. Whatever, I had a lot of responsibility simply because I'm the oldest.

Lucky for me, book studying wasn't constant. It can't be on a farm, or a ranch. There's practicality to consider. I mean, you have horses being born, you have lots of ranch stuff to take care of. And the summers…summers were for learning other things. Like 4H. 4H was fantastic. It was a chance for me to learn stuff on my own. Well, with sewing, anyway. I was enough older than my sibs that they wouldn't be in the same class as me. That kept me in 4H. I did animal projects, raising rabbits, goats, sheep, even some cattle. I did horse riding, horse care, and that kind of stuff. I also did sewing. You might think they don't mesh well, and maybe they don't. But sewing was kind of a creative outlet for me, something that was all my own, and I didn't have to share it. I still like it, I still like animals. But …I really can only sew these days, what with having no money to care for horses, let alone smaller animals.

And even out in the boondocks, we had the internet. It was DSL, because cable didn't reach where we lived. We could've gotten a satellite uplink, but …I guess it was more monetarily efficient to go with DSL. So when I was a kid, I started playing on computers. And when I got older, I started learning how to manage them. It wasn't that hard, to be honest. I mean, if I just paid attention to things the helpdesk techs said, I learned a lot. I used books, too. You can learn anything from a book if you set your mind to it. Pretty soon, I was in charge of the home network. Mom even put me in charge of making sure nobody was visiting sites they shouldn't…you know, the ones where you have to be over 18, and often pay money for. Yeah, that was fun. Good times.

Well, once I had learned all I could from the homeschool program, it was time for college. I took the big tests and applied…and applied and applied and applied. I guess I wasn't smart enough to go to a place like UCLA or Berkeley or Stanford. Certainly not Ivy League material, and I gave up on that dream real quick. I finally settled on the local school, University of Kentucky. The Wildcats. College was…kind of crazy! Dorm life was busy, classes were hard, and I just didn't know what to do with myself when it came to getting up and having to look GOOD to go someplace other than the stables. I guess I did have a leg up, though, because I was used to getting up at oh-dark-thirty, so I could always beat the other girls to the showers. It was the night life that made me crazy, really. Parties, parties…more parties, studying till all hours of the morning, dating…I never really dated much while I lived at home. You should be able to figure out why. I mean, homeschooling, the farm life…there's not much chance to meet people. Well, there was church, I guess, but not many guys my age. You'd think with all I'm talking about, I neglected schoolwork. I didn't really. I just got distracted a little easier than when I was at home. Really, I spent most of my time working on my laptop. See, I studied creative writing and computers at university. I was either working on a writing assignment or a computer assignment. Mostly, I prefer taking the computers apart and putting them back together, and setting them up with a network…but you have to do some programming in college. I'd like to keep it that all the programming I do will be what I did in college. Not the most fun ever.

It was in an internet chat room that I met Malone Fraser. Yeah, it was while I was in college. No, I shouldn't have been in a chat room, I should have been writing that dissertation on /The Rime of the Ancient Mariner/. Ugh! You know, it's a great poem, but I don't think that having to read the mind of my professor and put down what HE thinks it meant is what Coleridge had in mind when he wrote it. But that's beside the point. I met Malone. I think the reason we clicked so well is that neither of us tried to hide anything from the other. You'd think that it would be the opposite online, and that you put your best face forward, and no one ever sees the darker side of you. Well, I don't know what my darker side is, but I guess Malone decided he could stand whatever I had to offer, and I decided the same. I had 1.5 semesters of college left before graduation, but when faced with "true love," I just HAD to go be with him, didn't I? Wouldn't you?

That was in March 2006. I guess the big argument that brought me to live with Malone in Midtown, New York City, was that I'd be close to agents and publishers and everyone that could help me succeed in the writing business. I figure, with my ideas and talent for it, I could be the next Stephenie Meyer. You know, that chick who wrote the /Twilight/ novels? Yeah, only I wouldn't use sparkly vampires. I have a bunch of ideas involving ghosts. I think it would be so much fun to write some of the ideas I've had, and I've started! I have! I started writing once I moved to New York in 2006. But after I'd been in town a short time, Malone, who happened to be a millionaire day trader, reintroduced me to night life. Dinners out, dancing, clubs, bars, shows, shmoozing and networking…it was all this big blur of humanity and entertainment. I can't say I was drunk the whole time, because I really, REALLY don't like how I feel when I'm drunk. There were just so many people to meet and try to remember, that I can't recall them all.

After a while, I decided it was time to find myself. I never intended to separate from Malone. Not at all! But I needed to do something on my own. He worked from home, doing his stocks stuff, and so did I, doing my writing. But in order to get out on my own, I started volunteering at St. Luke's Hospital. /That/ was what I needed, I tell ya. I started working with the kids, entertaining them, telling them stories, singing to them, just being their friend! Outside of working with animals, I think working with kids is probably the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Maybe it's even more rewarding than working with animals. I dunno, it's close.

That's where I was when…I lost everything. I know, I'm not the only one who did, that day. That's when a LOT of people lost everything. November 8, 2006. At least it waited two days so it didn't happen on my birthday. That explosion took so much of Midtown. It took my home, my Malone, my …everything, except my laptop, which I had with me. It really sucks that Malone didn't trust me enough to put me in his will. Or that he didn't love me enough to put me in his will. Maybe I'd have some bank account or something to fall back on. As it is, I'm stuck in the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm. I had nowhere else to go. I couldn't afford to go home. And in this economy, with my parents having to sell off horses in order to make it, they couldn't help me get home, either. It's a rough world, and we have to live in it.

I kind of like what I do now, even if I don't have time to write. Who does have time to live their dreams any more, anyway? I take care of kids. I'm starting to think it's what I was born to do, rather than be the next great novel-writing fad. The kids here, in the trailer farm, they have nowhere to turn to with their parents away at work. Most of them are single-parent homes, single-income, too. I do what I can to help out. I take care of the younger ones, at the home of one of the moms. I'd take care of them at my place, but I just don't have kid-friendly stuff. Especially my sewing machine. I'd just die if one of the kids started playing with it, and sewed the needle through his hand. I'd never be able to use it again, and that sewing machine was hard-won. I scrimped and saved for ages to get that thing, and…I'm not about to let something bad happen to it, not if I can help it. But that's beside the point. I tend the kids, little ones during the day, and the older kids come over after school. I get paid in services and little pittances here and there, but it's not enough to make a living on. So I get help from the government. I guess it's okay. I get by.

You know after that explosion, the one I was just talking about? Yeah, well, after that was when all this stuff came out, like super powers and stuff. I wouldn't mind having a super power. I don't know what I'd choose, but I guess I wouldn't get to, would I? Point is, I guess after all this Evolved business started up, and I started talking with nurses and doctors at St. Luke's about it…Really, it was the most interesting thing to talk about, and far less depressing than kids with cancer who were going to die. One day, this doctor came up to me, and started talking to me about stuff. Random stuff, really, and then he asked me to dinner. At first I was floored. Then when I joined him for dinner at his place, it turns out he isn't interested in ME as a person, but in me as a helper. He told me about these people who call themselves the Ferrymen. After talking long into the night, I decided that I'd join up, help out. I still don't know that I'm particularly useful, but…if I can help people who need it, people who are either going to be put into prison for their special abilities, or even killed, I'll help. Maybe if it comes down to survival of the fittest, I'll be on the right side. I know that's a mercenary attitude, and it's not really how I feel. But how can I explain that I'm just that nice a person, through and through?

Evolved Human Ability:

Receptive empathy: Kimberlynn can perceive the emotions of people around her. At first, she will "feel" them against her will, but she will learn to tune them out, without expending a lot of extra mental energy. She will be able to understand only emotions, and not the thoughts, of people around her, and will be able to focus in on some folks, especially if they're in the same room.

Projective empathy: Kim can focus her mental and emotional energy, so that others around her will feel a specific emotion. Until she gets the knack of her ability, her stronger emotions will project, without control, to those in the vicinity. But she will discover she can force people at close range to feel what she wants them to feel, whether she's feeling that way or not.


Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

  • Kimberlynn's ability has yet to manifest.
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