Kimiko Nakamura
Kimiko Nakamura
Portrayed By Saemi Nakamura
Sex Female
Status Non-Evolved
Ability None
Age 30
Date of Birth 1979
Date of Death
Occupation President of the Yamagato Fellowship
Family Kaito Nakamura (father, deceased), Ishi Nakamura (mother, deceased), Hiro Nakamura (younger brother)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance On The Horizon
Last Appearance

Kimiko Nakamura has an impressive resume. She is a former division head, VP, and eventual CEO of Yamagato Industries, and is currently the President of the Yamagato Fellowship. She is the daughter of the formidable Kaito Nakamura, and older sister of Hiro Nakamura. She has been tasked by her father to come to New York City in order to help her brother. She is the only member of the Nakamura family who is non-Evolved, though she is not aware that her mother had an ability as well as her father and brother.

Character History:

Kimiko Nakamura is the eldest child of Ishi and Kaito Nakamura. Her younger brother, Hiro, was born when she was four years old, and though she has never lacked for her father's love, it was clear from his birth that Kaito saw in Hiro all the great future potential he could hope for. It was Hiro who was treated to stories of the great Takezo Kensei, the mighty hero of Japan, while Kimiko's care was left mainly to her mother, Ishi. When her mother passed away, Kimiko was in her early teens, and along with the rest of her family, she was devastated. Most of the affection Kimiko was given throughout her life came from Ishi, and now she had been robbed of that connection.

Kimiko was still required to meet her father's exacting standards growing up, attending top schools and pursuing business courses when she went into higher education. It was there she met Fumio Fukazawa, a fellow student who was attending business courses under the pressure of his family. He was a bit of a bad boy, and at first, Kimiko was rather drawn to him. But his wild ways were not something she could endure for long, and not much time past after Kimiko broke up with him, though he seemed to obssess over her for a long time after she left him. Kimiko graduated with top honors, and promptly took on employment in the family business - Yamagato Industries.

She started at the bottom, as one should, so as to earn her way up. She rose quickly, and she had very little personal life - every now and then she would bump into Fumio, who had rejected the expectations of his family and fallen in with the hierarchy of one of Tokyo's most notorious gangs. The more she rejected him, the more ardently he pursued her, stopping just short of the need for some form of restraining order. By the time her brother Hiro entered Yamagato himself, she'd become a division head. She turned many male heads at Yamagato, including that of Hiro's best friend Ando, who she'd really only met in passing and didn't give much thought to. Her work was her life, really. At least until Hiro disapeared, the first time.

When he and Hiro ran off to America, Kimiko was shocked. She knew he'd been unhappy, but there was little she could do for him, and he was an adult, responsible for his own life. But Kaito was furious and insistent that she accompany him to America and assist in catching up with Hiro and Ando, where as part of his demands for bringing Hiro home, Kaito informed him that he would be made a Vice President of Yamagato Industries. Now while Kimiko loved her younger brother, he had absolutely no head for business, and Hiro assured her that he would set things as they should be. Hiro's pronouncements about what he'd do with YI caused Kimiko to interceed and protest in front of their father, who finally saw, after so many years, that as far as business acumen was concerned, it was Kimiko who was truly her father's heir.

In 2006, the explosion in New York City shocked the world, and Kimiko was saddened to hear that Ando, Hiro's best and dearest friend, was one of those who died. When the truth came out about the Evolved, Kaito then revealed his own ability - and Hiro's - to his daughter. He's never mentioned Ishi's ability though, perhaps so Kimiko doesn't ever feel as if she was the odd one out in an otherwise genetically gifted family. It may be that something's lurking in her genes, but if there is, it has yet to make itself known. Kimiko doesn't mind thinking she is more like Ishi than Kaito in this way, for it was primarily her mother who raised her. Hiro is no longer part of Yamagato Industries - not in any public way at least, but seems to have found direction, and for this she is thankful. Her own life seems to be on course as well, especially after Kaito shifted Kimiko's attentions from being a VP of Yamagato Industries to being the President of the Yamagato Fellowship.


[Biker Girl] During her time at university, Kimiko's boyfriend was a big bike nut, and so she got into it, too. Fumio taught her how to ride street bikes, and if there's one thing she enjoys that is incongruous with her otherwise cool, competent business persona, it's Kimiko's love for speed. Small surprise she dumped the guy but kept the hobby.

[Business] This was Kimiko's course of study at university, and her studies in secondary school were all focused with this intent. She has served in supervisory, managerial, and high level corporate positions within the Yamagato umbrella of companies, and quite successfully so. Though she lacks his ability's, as far as the realm of the Nakamura family's financial empire, it is Kimiko who is Kaito's true heir.

[Culture] As a child of Japanese culture, Kimiko was raised with a particular collection of mannerisms, skills, and cultural mores unique to the island nation. For example, she was taught the art of ikebana - a spiritual effort focusing on the arrangement of flowers - and grew up hearing tales of the legendary hero Takezo Kensei. She is well versed in many aspects of her native culture and history.

[Languages] In addition to speaking her native Japanese, Kimiko also speaks English at much the same comprehension level as her father does, clearly, but with accent.

[Self-Defense] Kimiko is well acquainted in how to handle herself. While she is no commando, she can manage quite nicely against your average Tokyo street thug in a hand to hand situation, and wield a katana with efficiency, though she is not as familiar in its use as Hiro, nor has she had the need to use it with such deadly effect as he has.



Hiro - In some ways, Hiro will forever be the geeky little brother Kimiko has always loved, even when he was the despair of her teenage years. Their father has always favored him despite all her accomplishments. He has grown into a man that she is very proud of.
Ishi - Kimiko's mother is a fundamental force in her life, even after she died. When Kaito was doting on Hiro when they were children, Ishi's focus was on her daughter. Ishi was a gentle soul who saw the good in everyone, even those who perhaps cannot be redeemed. Kimiko misses her terribly.
Kaito - Kimiko's relationship with her father was complex. She loved him and wanted him to see her worth. Until recently, Kimiko had wondered if her father would ever realize how much his daughter was very much like himself in some ways. His death grieves her more than she allows anyone except perhaps Hiro to see.


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Trivia and Notes:

  • Kimiko can make awesome waffles.
  • Sample.
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