Kinda Like Scrubs


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Scene Title Kinda Like Scrubs
Synopsis Okay, not really, but there is a Doctor Cox, who works to bring a teenager into the Ferryman fold with the help of his Nurse Kaitlyn.
Date December 9, 2010

St. Luke's Hospital

Hospitals are always busy now. Looking at hospitals is depressing. Particularly if you're of the opinion that the Evolved should be free. But anti-registration views are extremely justified when waltzing the hallways St.Luke's. How many injured have been here since November 8th? Or longer than that? Evolved brawls, wreckless use of powers, added to the haze of everyday pandamonium. At least it's a good time to be a doctor.

A great time to be a doctor, especially for this particular doctor. Doctor Cox brings his clipboard up, glancing over it briefly. Studying the paper, he glances to the side to view the nurse standing next to him. A light grin climbs up his lips.

The nightshift isn't a desired shift by far. Especially in this city. But with the amount of action this town sees, it's not like the hospital is dead during the night. Plenty doctors, patients, and nurses alike roam the hallways madly.

One such pairing is 'Doctor Cox' and his Irish nurse. Brian places the clipboard in the crook of his elbow and starts walking with a purpose down the hallway. His white coat fits nicely over his green scrubs. His nurse, Quinn strolling beside him at the same pace. "I don't know if you've learned this. But as long as you walk like you know what you're doing… No one will ever question you. Just give them a look as if daring them to talk to you. And they won't." He smiles lightly. "Her room is coming up on the left. Might have a guard. I put him down, or would you like to?"

"I think you should handle that," "Nurse Kaitlyn" replies dryly, though quietly. "I can blind 'em, I dunno about take 'em down. I'm still bein' taught that stuff." She returns the smile though, trying her best to look like they're talking about something important as they move down the halls of St. Luke’s.

Personally, St. Luke's isn't a place Quinn ever wanted to be again, having been trapped in it's walls for over a month during the great snowstorm earlier in the year. THe plus side of this was that she was now rather intimately familiar with most of the layout of the hospital - even with her spotty memory, spending a month getting bored and wandering it's hallways tends to do a good job of etching things into one's memory.

"This is only my second thing like this," she admits quietly. "Last one wasn't anythin' like this." She doesn't carry a clipboard, but as she talks she uses exaggerated hand motions, as if trying to make something clear, or to prove a point - but making it clear that something important is being discussed. "But this'll go fine, I'm sure of it." Fine enough that they're posing, but honestly, outside of the risks if it goes awry, it's kind of fun for Robyn!

Koshka is just as she'd been left all day, mostly. No longer occupying the bed and left to her own devices for amusement, the teen has taken command of the wheeled stool and whiled away the hours she was alone by pushing off door and riding across to the opposite wall. What else is she to do? The magazines, several months old at best, have all the crosswords completed already. Back and forth, stopping only when someone entered to give then an accusatory look. But at the moment, she's alone.

Feet press against the door to her room and send the youth sliding and spinning toward the opposite wall. The stool hits first with a light clatter, something those outside the room have taken to ignoring. Good thing, too, Koshka hasn't been speaking to them since she got here. Feet against the wall and back she goes again, into the door.

"You get used to it. It'll be boss." He pauses smiling lightly. "I just decided to use that word. It fits right? I heard some kid say it. I think that's what kids say now. Boss. This is going to be boss. Boss. Boss." The last two are just his mouth practicing the word.

"Alright. From the files I saw over the counter, it looks like she has the room alone. Probably a bored out of his mind cop either sleeping or reading outside the room. Blind his ass. We'll get in without him knowing anything. I'll start talking, you get in get handsy, you know all comforting with your womanly wiles. Unblind the guard, I'll bring him into the room take him out. We need to get her down to the second floor, then we can go out through the window. Sound like a plan chief?"

Rounding the corner, Brian motions to the guard standing outside Koshka's room. "Make it happen Cap'n."

'Kaitlyn' peers at the Doctor, wrinkling her nose. "It's not- like, he's blind t' just us, it'll totally black out his vision," she warns, having not been entirely expecting to have to use her ability. "I can also turn you invisible, but you'll basically be blind too." Which honestly doesn't help much. And maybe, being new to this, she doesn't quite understand how quickly things are going to happen here, so for the moment, she's going to go with the plan laid out for the moment. There should be a time to put an end to it if there's objections, anyway.

Furtively as she can- still keeping her head towards her companion as she concentrates, so it looks their speaking, her finger points out just a bit in the direction of the guard, her finger swirling in the air. What goes to work is a combination of the blacking out techniques taught to her by Colette, and the fine precision and control taught to her by Ygraine. It's just the guard's eyes, largely unnoticeable to those around him, that begin to black out, rendering him blind.

Largely unaware of the events about to take place, Koshka wheels herself across the room once again. Back at the wall, she lets out a sigh and gives the seat a small spin. Once facing the wall again, the girl gives another push, sending herself back toward the door. A hand out catches the bed and sets herself spinning slowly once more.

"I've been doing this for a while. Trust me." Brian murmurs before bringing up his finger to his lips. Shh. Walking with purpose towards the doors, Brian's steps suddenly become much quieter. Nothing much changes about his posture or his waltz. Yet the change of audibility is definite. Training has taught him how to sneak with speed.

Not many people get to experience sudden blindness. So this decently sized bald asian man gets to bask in the chance of a lifetime. When you suddenly lose a sense, it's not like you get the immediate benefit of heightened other benefits. Initially losing one sense, you might as well lose them all. In other words, Cop boy goes nuts. It starts with a rapid blinking of his eyes, hands going out, then up to his face. Scrubbing, leaving his post at the wall.

By the time he starts cursing, Brian and Quinn have slipped into the door. Closing it behind them silently, Winters waves his hand for his nurse to move in silently. "Good evening Koshka. My name is Doctor Seymour Cox, this is nurse Kaitlyn O'McCallagullicutty. You may recognize her voice from Touched By An Angel." Yes Brian tried to shove every Irish last name into one. And in his eyes, it works wonderfully. "We're here to get you.." A thumb jerks over his shoulder, before his finger goes over his lips.

"Nurse O'Hallahdonnel, go ahead and cut him off. And do explain to our little angel the details of the situation while I take care of.." He waves a dismissive hand. "Things."

A few moments later, Brian is taking the clipboard into both hands. "Excuse me, officer! We have a problem in here! Quickly!" He glances back to Quinn. "Go ahead and make her disappear for a second."

It's a much easier measure to end the temporary blindness than it is to hold it. The feat, particularly at that kind of precision, still requires a good portion of Quinn's concentration, which had had her almost walking in backwards so she could keep an eye on her target, keep that connected sense of concentration as she seeped the light from before his eyes. But that break of direct visual contact brings with it the restoration of the cop's sight.

"A pleasure t' meet you, Koshka," Quinn replies with a wide grin as she strides her way over to the young woman in question. "I hope you don't mind the intrusion at all, but…" She looks back at the door, and where Brian has stepped back out. "We're here t' help you," she says with a wide smile. "But, you'll have t' bare with us a second. You're going t; loose vision for a moment, but don't flip out. Everythin's normal, I assure you.

A hand is pressed down on Koshka's shoulder, and there's a ripple of light as it bounces away from Koshka and renders her invisible to the naked eye - and envelops her, from her point of view, in a curtain of pure blackness, as if her vision had entirely failed her. "We're from the Ferrymen," she whispers quietly into where she approximates Koshka's ear should be." The Irishwoman Nurse winces a bit, though, rubbing at her eyes.

As could be predicted, Koshka's activities halt as soon as the door's been opened. Her expression the same near glower she'd been treating everyone with. That unpleasant look changes, becoming puzzled as the 'doctor' offers introductions, starting with the use of her name. These must be Doctor Brennan's friends. She hopes they're his friends. Her brows raise at the nurse's label, a questioning look directed at the woman.

Relief spreads as those unspoken questions are answered by the 'nurse'. Koshka offers Quinn a small grin, something that turns uneasy as she's told she'll be blind. That's a scary thought, but… as long as she doesn't puke. The teen steels herself with a breath and a nod just as Quinn's hand touches her shoulder. She takes comfort in the steady pressure at her shoulder, and more at the whispered words, as blackness takes over her. It's still an effort to remain calm though, and her breathing does quicken as she loses sight of, well, everything.

The wobbly cop, totally unsure of what the fuck is going on has no choice but to obey. Normalcy balances out the strange oddness. And if someone is asking him to do his job in an emergency, that is a way to cope with the sudden loss then return of vision. Slapping the door open, the officer stumbles his way in, looking this way then that.

"She's gone! How could you let her leave! She's gone!" Brian exclaims frantically. "Look!" He gestures with his chin over to the bed. "Gone!" The cop takes a confused step forward towards Koshka's abandoned bed. And that's when…


The clipboard held with both hands is driven powerfully into the back of the man's skull. Having driven himself off of his hip and practically leaping into the attack, there is more than enough force to deliver the man to the ground. Tucking the clipboard under his arm again, Doctor Seymour Cox glances to Quinn and the invisible Koshka. "Excellent work Nurse Fahlalalfash." Now he's not even trying. "Well Koshka." Looking at his clipboard, Brian flips a paper. "I see nothing here that indicates you should be in a hospital. Why don't we get you out of here!" He pipes happily. Turning and setting his clipboard on the counter. Brian searches for something… And then. Brian grabs a few things, going through drawers, opening cabinets, stealing. Anything with liquid is popped open, sprayed down at the floor. Making a puddle of random gels and lotions and other liquids he can find around the man's feet.

Glancing up to Quinn, he nods at the puddle satisfied with his work. "Is she ready? We should really get going? How long can you keep her invisible? If you can hold it while we walk, that would make this next part super easy. Do you mind if you stay blind for a little bit Koshka? Just stick your hand in Nurse McGullicutty's pocket and she'll be your guide."

"D-Did you just call me a Falafel?" Quinn responds incredulously, a smile on her face - though in truth she's kinda a little scared, having jumped back a bit as the officer had been struck by Brian, wincing again when the unfortunate man, in the wrong place at the wrong time, hits the ground. She can't help but sigh, shaking her head at Brian. Quinn squeezes Koshka's shoulder again, leaning down to speak to her once more. "Are you fine to go? I can guide you along just fine, don't worry."

Looking back up at Brian, Quinn nods. "I can- I don't know exactly how long, I've never pushed it for too long before, but as long as I'm with her I should be able t' keep it up as long as we need it t' be." She hopes, at least. "But if we're doin' it that way, the quicker we go, the better." Because the last time she held invisible for any meaningful period of time, she blew out her ability to properly see half the colours in the rainbow.

Koshka startles at the sound, instinctively stepping closer to Quinn while turning to look at the source. Of course she can't see it, and hopefully neither can they. Next her head turns to the sound of the 'nurse's' voice and she nods to the question. "Yeah," the girl replies, though she sounds nervous about the whole thing. Can they hear her even if they can't see her?

Not even sure if she's faced the right direction, Koshka waits for the departure to begin. She may be uncomfortable, locked away in darkness, but at least it isn't like escape with Ygraine. So long as she's not going up walls and around windows, she'll be fine.

The puddle satisfies Brian. He gives a solid nod and a smile. "Oookay." A surprisingly chipper sound from the young 'doctor.' "So, here we go. Nurse falafel, make sure you don't slip in that puddle like poor Officer..Billy." He nods soundly, that's a good as name as any for the man. Going to open the door, he gestures for Quinn and Koshka to follow. "Okay. Hang on little K. Things are about to get dicey."

And then Brian is springing into the hallway, "Quick! That girl, that girl is gone! I think the cop slipped! I don't know, he's on the ground! Someone check on him! Aaaaaa!" The last yell is monotone and lacking intensity, but it doesn't matter. People are already making their way to Koshka's room. "What is going on in the world!" Brian yells without much passion, throwing his clipboard up into the air. Papers flying out and falling slowly behind the departing nurse and doctor.. and their invisible friend. Making their way hastily away from the scene, Brian leads the group for the stairwell. Immediately opening the door, Winters signals the two in. Stepping behind the door, he picks up a backpack right behind the open door. See? He prepared and everything. Immediately opening the backpack, "Make her come back." The backpack is held out in front of Koshka. "There's hats, and hoodies, and sweatpants in there! Get dressed as much as you can while we go down the stairs. Promise I won't look~"

Asking Quinn not to slip in a puddle isn't something she can entirely promise, klutz that she is. Nodding to Brian, Quinn reaches her hand down from Koshka's shoulder, lifting her arm up until she finds her hand, slipping it into her own pocket. A bit awkward, but it's certainly a good way to make sure that the teen doesn't lose track of her or vice versa - which would be rather awkward in the even her invisibility does wear off.

And with that monotone yell, Quinn is feigning looking around the room frantically, as best as she can without losing Koshka. Her performance is more genuine than Brian’s monotone call, hopefully lending some credence to the situation. "She was just here," she enthuses to anyone who will hear, trying her best to drum up an American accent - poorly, but whatever it is she produces doesn't really sound like she normally does.

As the papers scatter, she slips out behind Brian with a scowl on her face, eyes lowered down towards the ground and shaking her head as she follows behind the doctor. Into the stairwell, and Quinn lets out a long sigh, head hanging a bit as she complies with Brian and returns Koshka to full visibility, at the same time restoring the young teen's vision. "How does it feel t' be invisible?" she inquires in an amused tone, even if she grimaces and rubs at her eyes again.

Koshka clings to that pocket as though it were here lifeline as she's led. This time, she doesn't bother looking around, surely the scene is laughable though in her blinded and invisible state she has only her imagination to play off the sounds of panic. It draws an amused grin, but wisely she remains quiet as she's pulled along.

Blue eyes squeeze shut then open again the instant Koshka's vision is returned. "Freaking crazy," she says with an amazed laugh. She's surprised she even got out of that room. Now that she can see again, she looks up at Brian then Quinn, then she takes the backpack and draws down the zipper. Hoodie and hat are easiest and that's where she begins, with the former being tugged over her t-shirt and the latter pulled down to help obscure her face. Sweatpants come last, wrestled into with much hopping and tugging to cover the clothing she'd come in wearing, but finally she's changed.

As they make their way down the stairs, Brian's coat comes off as well as his scrubs top. A white t-shirt is under, and when Koshka is done with the backpack, Winters takes it stuffing his own stuff into it. Finally the bottoms come off to reveal the jeans he wears underneath. "You did great Quinn." Brian flashes her a little smile, completely oblivious that she might be annoyed with him. Looking over to Koshka, his face lights up. "Awesome right? Wait til we get outside, we're going to ride a rocket pack."

Unfortunately the trio do not get to ride rocket packs. Fortunately, they do get away from the hospital unscathed. With clothing in the backpack for Quinn as well, the three are able to escape without much incident. The hospital didn't go under lock down.. After all it was probably just an accident and the girl got spooked, right?

Getting in the rental car, the three make their way from the hospital towards the safehouse. Soon Koshka's stay at St.Luke's will be just a bad memory and the slightly better experience of staying at the Garden shall be forthcoming.

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