King And Queen Of The Mountain


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Scene Title King And Queen Of The Mountain
Synopsis Ygraine's gone and Audrey and Cooper look over a video of what Ygraine did during her interview and set another trap in motion. One that both of them, hope won't actually be sprung.
Date March 25, 2011

DHS Building

"She went for it"

Audrey is parked in a room with Cooper, going over footage shot in her office, leaning with him at the screen and watching Ygraine as she picks through donuts, but her sleeve moves papers around, the placement of the box over the memo and subsequent texting on her cellphone that they can't see.

"Jesus. She went for it. Who goes for that? If she's really one of those Ferrymen, if they're all Ferrymen, I mean.. that screams planted"

Audrey looks over to Cooper before reaching for her coffee, rewinding the scene so the can look at it again.

Perched on a corner of a table, one foot swinging freely as he leans over to watch the video. Cooper takes a bite of the donut he has, this one is a strawberry cake donut. Grabbed out of the break room, since his powder ones got all nommed.

"Huh…" He says around the bite. He tucks the cakey goodness into his mouth to hold and stands up a little so that he can take out his wallet. Thomas Cooper thumbs out a few $20's and offers them over. Brows twitching up in an impressed way. Taking the donut out of his mouth, once the wallet is back here it goes he adds, "Guys down on the forth floor owe you as well. Damn Hanson, remind me not to make bets with you… how many have I lost now?

"No sticking it in Daisy's g-string." He adds as a good natured tease, before going serious. "You think her buddies are gonna take the bait as well?" Cooper doesn't seems overly convinced. "I mean… you'd think it was obvious. Your right."

The hundred dollars is taken, she's cleaning up thanks to Ygraine, the bills tucked into a back pocket. She'll be nice, buy take out later and invite Cooper over to watch the game. "We'll find out soon enough. It's not like these folks are actually being transferred. Just the names that the uppers gave me to work with. We'll be posting someone to keep an eye on Mortlock's place, get some pictures of those coming in and out of his place. Since i doubt they're be dumb enough to hide a safehouse right in the Dorchester"

But that leaves two others. Graeme and Harrison.

"You heard her, Spurling only mentioned Fitzroy and Mortlock. So I don't know if Cormac is in on it. But that leaves us with the Frontliner" Elisabeth. "If anything spawns from this, I'll probably toss her to Jane, since she's on Harrison's case. But the DoEA wanted Harrison nowhere near Davingnon"

And that's why Cooper will probably be betting again.

An evening with a buddy and not an empty apartment.

Not that he'd tell her that, but hey… she's an agent. She'll figure it out. "And deeper into the rabbit hole we go." Cooper comments with a mock brightness. "And you do know that the best place to hide something is where you think is stupid. Cause a lot of the time they won't look there." It's pointed out simply. "So yeah, I can see them being dumb enough. And no.. not betting on it. I was wrong about Fitzroy."

Brows lower a bit when it comes to Harrison, he knows her from when they were both cops. "You think she's one of them? Or… working with them?" He's curious. "I've heard rumors and all…" The fact Liz is in the position she is has many down at the old PD scratching their heads.

"I can't say exactly, Cooper, but I can say this regarding Harrison. She's got a 1 degree of 'Kevin Bacon' from a handful of the wanted individuals in the Ferryman." All through Apollo. Apollo where most of them got clean slates and then… promptly got them all dirty again.

The video carries on, here comes Audrey back in the room, and she points to Ygraine on the video. "See how she won't look over there? Even when I offer her a donut, doesn't look over there. Her entire interview Cooper, you heard her. She went into so much unecessary detail, as if trying to bury pertinent things, distracts us from asking questions that would force her to lie" or omit.

"I just thought she talked a lot, personally." Cooper adds as his two cents, though he did see what she said too. Fingers pulls the last bit of donut in half, popping one in his mouth.

"So… we watch the one place for suspicious activity. And we wait and see if they show up that appointed day… keeping FRONTLINE out of the loop? I say we include them the day of, at the moment of." One can't help but be curious how this will all play out. "Would put Harrison in a hell of a spot if she is involved."

"I just thought she talked a lot, personally." Cooper adds as his two cents, though he did see what she said too. Fingers pulls the last bit of donut in half, popping one in his mouth.

"So… we watch the one place for suspicious activity." Cooper starts thoughtfully watching the flickering screen. "And we wait and see if they show up that appointed day… keeping FRONTLINE out of the loop? I say we include them. Make it a double set up… if we can keep them in the dark of whether the targets are in that transport when it's our guys playing the part." One can't help but be curious how this will all play out. "Would put Harrison in a hell of a spot if she is involved and this goes down."

The agent is quiet a moment and adds, "Piss her off royally, too." He motions at Aurdey with that last bit of donut, "Too bad we can feed them something… see if it leaks through."

"We could"

Audrey looks over, as if seeing how Serious Cooper is about setting out a trap for the head of the Frontline 2. "If Fitzroy did take the bait, if this gets passed to the Ferry, then they'll show up at some point and we'll know it's her. What if we split them?" Audrey turns in her seat, leaning back, hand pressed to her abdomen.

"Two prisoners, two locations. We could leak it, last second, to Harrison, that they're being split up. We need two agents for escort for the second." Audrey grabs a pad, sketching it out. "Frontline, for Harkness, at the 'second' locations. Demsky to the first. If we have partisan's show up at the second…"

"We got Harrison's tata's in a vise." Cooper provides rather solemnly, even if it's meant to be amusing. He's very serious about this, returning her look with an upwards til of his brows. What?

He gives a bit of a shrug of shoulders, not being a funny guy for once. The man might have the rep of not being serious about anything, but that's not true. Proven with moments like this. Cooper's eyes are drawn back to the screen. "We take down some of the terrorists and flush out a little bit of the corruption in the system as well.

"Sounds win win to me, Hanson."

"Can you do it though?" Audrey asks, barreling over that elephant. "It's Harrison, old buddy from the force. It's not easy, something like this Cooper. It's never easy. If she prooves, to be in collusion…"

Then comes the first flicker of uncertainty, a glance at his partner out of the corner of his eye. Brows tip down a little. Still he says — a little sharper then he likes — but he says it, "She would have done it to herself. Now wouldn't she?"

He finally looks straight at her, brows lifted high on his forehead, as if asking her to prove him wrong.

"She wasn't a buddy anyhow… think she could barely stand me from what I can tell." Cooper pushes to his feet, giving a shrug in an attempt to be nonchalant. "Her and Nash." A small sarcastic smile touches his lips. "I ever tell you that after she left, Nash refused me as a partner?" Tucking a hand in his pocket he, shakes his other finger and adds, "And we know what happened with Nash as well.

"This is something I think is probably a long time coming, Audrey." Using her first name is a rarity, but he's being honest with his partner. "I get my ass handed to me all the time for telling someone they look nice, but I still try to be an honest cop… agent… whatever. Yet, here is someone that's been doing some really shady stuff and look where she's sitting." He glances at the video and back to Hanson. "I still think we need to do this, because if it's real… this is fucking huge."

"Look where you are Cooper. You got me, Who doesn't mind the ass comments, steals your donuts but makes sure the last one is still there for you. You got a dog named after you and the hours are nicer, the office nicer, your own office and…" And isn't being investigated by the DoEA for a whole slew of things.

"Lets just not get distracted. We're helping out or bosses with this little side trip. We still got the big fish and his dad, that we're trying to catch. That's our real goal. Lets catch them Cooper and t hen…" She pats his shoulder. "Then we'll show them who's the king and Queen of the mountain"

He gives a bit of a grunt and scoops up his coffee and sits on the edge of the table again, but then he glances at her with a bit of a smirk. "Don't worry. I haven't forgotten the bigger goal here." Cooper takes a deep cleansing breath and lets it out slowly. "This whole thing," cup in his hand vaguely waves at the video screen, "is just a bonus. And a satisfying one if it goes down the way we think."

Thomas takes a sip of his coffee making a bit of a face at the fact it's cooled. "That doesn't mean I don't hope we're wrong about Harrison." He studies his cup, before looking at Audrey again. "It wouldn't be a bad thing to be wrong about."

Audrey nods, heading for the door out after collecting the disc. "It's a bad thing to be right about too"

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